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The process in the participants’ own words...

Three and half days of debate - a chronology

The thirty participants came together to address the question below. They agreed twelve topics for the key debates, each one being discussed three times on successive days in the same groups of five, helped by their five ‘critics' and by the observers who also circulated their ideas. Here the participants talk about 1. How they found the opening question and 2. What they thought of the discussions. 3. From the debrief sessions, you can see how four discussions changed from ‘I' to ‘we’ and from speeches to a conversation over the three days. 4. Visit the final presentations in three videos here.

1. Addressing the opening question

2. The 12 topic discussions


3. From left to right, ‘I’ to ‘we’ over three days

Religion and secularism
Emergence of the far right
Politics and patriarchy
Transform and rebuild the left

4. See the final presentations in three videos here


Exit Interviews

Some of the participants found the time to talk to Cameron Thibos about their experiences from June 18 - 22. In the end he couldn’t do more exit interviews because people really wanted to talk. When the delivery team left Barcelona, some of the participants were still talking. As Cameron who is a doyen of conferences commented, that’s not what usually happens - you usually like to get away.

In particular, there is a lot of thinking going on here about the process and the rare experience that it offered these participants, collectively and as very different individuals. We include at the end, Cecilia Milesi’s independent evaluation of Team Syntegrity 2017.

Kate Farrell Marley Morris David Stefanoski Michael Weatherhead Magdalena Malińska Rhiannon White Rebecca Fitzgerald Birgitta Jónsdóttir Joan Pedro-Carañana Aya Haidar Lofa Ullah Markha Valenta Richard Bartlett

Rosemary Bechler, diary of an organiser

Cecilia Milesi, independent evaluation

What they said

Here are a few of the participants’ comments on their fellow participants, on some of their discoveries, and some of their frustrations.

Fellow participants






Cameron Thibos

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