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The following participants came together with our Team Syntegrity team in Barcelona this June, to address the question:

In the context of several major interconnected global crises, how can civil society help to renew our democracies to rise to the challenge?

Together they made recommendations under twelve topic headings that we want to explore further with them and our readers and partners over the coming months. See the initial results here.


The decline and fall of the European Union: is it time to rip it up and start again?

There was no distinction in EU politics between friend and foe. Everything worked so nicely. But this was also the reason why nobody was greatly interested. This has definitely changed now. 

Embracing the dissenting Jew (from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv)

Should Tel Aviv become the sister city of Amsterdam? And if Amsterdam says no, is the city giving in to anti-Semitic forces - or daring to embrace critical Jewish voices in a way Israel no longer can?

Populist snapshots: Front National (FN) in the European Parliament

This article looks at the basic framing devices of France's Front National rhetoric in the European parliament, and some of their debates. It is taken from a Counterpoint series on populist rhetoric leading up to the European elections.

Saving Europe: reformulating the rules

A Europe of welfare states, relatively free and democratic, with social provisions that allow for more emancipation and personal sovereignty: this must be saved, through a citizens’ pact to strive for more democracy. But first, we must face up to the full scale of the crisis. (Video, 25 minutes).

The Canary Islands, Spain’s paradise lost

The country’s hard-won welfare state system is in reverse gear, with rights and social justice being handed back to charities, as was the case in pre-constitutional Spain, over 35 years ago.

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