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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

IslamExpo: building bridges or burning them down?

IslamExpo 2008 was marketed as a cultural event "building bridges" between Islam and the west. Yet the event was a controversial one, with critics alleging links between IslamExpo and organisations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ugly geopolitics surface in Kabul bombing

Pakistan should draw the right lesson from the carnage of yesterday's blast at the Indian embassy in Kabul, says Kanishk Tharoor

Hamas: talk to them

A scrutiny of Hamas's history, thinking, internal politics and relation to the Palestinian public makes the case for dialogue with the movement, says Jeroen Gunning.

Relighting the peace pipe

Local responses wrestle with global consequences as Pashtun secularists in Pakistan's northwest have begun talks with Islamist militants.

The dimensions of terrorism

Attending the launch of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence, Anthony Barnett weighs both the prevailing and unconventional wisdom on fighting terrorism

Deaths in Iraq: the numbers game, revisited

The question of how many Iraqis have died since 2003 has been reopened. In answering it, it is vital to clarify the criteria in making a scientific assessment, says Michel Thieren.

Benazir murdered: what next?

With global scrutiny once more on Pakistan, Kanishk Tharoor offers a guide through the fall-out of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto

The resurgence of the neo-Taliban

A potent mix of ideology, ethnicity, strategy and social discontent fuels intensifying insurgency in Afghanistan, says Antonio Giustozzi.

The perils of oversight

Fighting radicalism by regulating mosques is a problematic strategy

India: states of insecurity

A fresh bombing wave in Uttar Pradesh and land-confrontation in West Bengal expose the Indian polity's security failures, says Ajai Sahni.

Pakistan: prospects and perils

What's in store for Pakistan? Anatol Lieven forecasts. Listen now

The so-called "war on terror"

In this excerpt from "Civil Paths to Peace", a report of the Commonwealth Commission on Respect and Understanding, the Commission urges dialogue and understanding in confronting militant violence

Walled in?

By resisting the construction of the wall, Palestinians reaffirm their right to politics

Europe and terrorism: the wrong path

A strategy to counter terrorism that reinforces the exclusion of and discrimination against young Muslims won't work. An approach based on the establishment of trust and legitimacy is needed, says Mats Engström.

Europe, terrorism and the internet

The European Union counter-terror strategy loses its way in cyberspace, says Johnny Ryan.

Pakistan: farewell to democracy

The Pervez Musharraf-Benazir Bhutto deal in Pakistan is part of the problem rather than the solution to a crisis of legitimate governance, says Shaun Gregory.

(This article was first published on 29 October 2007)

"Overcoming Extremism"

A conference in Washington suggests the US policy establishment is opening itself more to the world

Secularism confronts Islam

The vigorous debate about Muslims in Europe and their relationship to the west's understanding of itself needs to be informed by an understanding of history's duality and the present's fluidity, says Olivier Roy.

Afghanistan: necessity and impossibility

Geopolitics will make needed negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban impossible

Brown's moral offensive

The battle of ideas requires policies and serious dialogue, not just rhetoric

The quest for peace

In a fragmented political landscape, peace is a long way off in the southern Philippines

Learning from the past

In fighting terrorism, the White House and Downing Street need to brush up on their history

Al-Qaida in India

As India celebrates its 60th birthday, the bubble of liberal Indian Islam may burst under pressure from without and within

Attacking the victims

Blaming the Kurds for the dispute over Kirkuk is to miss the forest for the trees, says Kani Xulam in his response to Sheth Jerjis

A necessary act

The new Human Security Act allows the Philippines to combat terrorism while preventing human rights violations

The fate of a city

With Kerkuk's contentious fate to be decided in December, Sheth Jerjis lays out the Turkmen case against the referendum

Determining factors

The right of the Moro people to self-determination need not fracture the Philippines.

Britain's terror trials

As a London court delivers its verdicts on the 21/7 bombers, toD looks at the UK's recent history of terrorism trials

The Madrid bombing trial draws to a close

With sentencing scheduled for October, the procedural phase of Europe's largest terrorism trial ends.

Is the "war on terror" being won? (II)

The second in toD's roundtables on the state of the so-called "war-on-terror".

Is the "war on terror" being won?

Scholars and policy-makers probe the conduct of global counterterrorism.

Lost in translation

Spanish language experts grapple with problems of translation as the Madrid bombing trial nears its end.

US counterterrorism critiqued

Martin Scheinin, UN special rapporteur on human rights and terrorism, warns the Bush administration that its policies may do more harm than good.

India's democracy deficit in Kashmir

Farooq Siddiqui, chairman of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, argues that the European Union and members of the international community must remind India of its democratic hypocrisy in Kashmir.

"Iraq and Afghanistan don't matter to us"

As it continued its meticulous and methodical work, the Madrid bombing trial endured an unexpected hunger strike by 14 of the 29 defendants.

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