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Constitutional conventions: best practice

IslamExpo: building bridges or burning them down?

IslamExpo 2008 was marketed as a cultural event "building bridges" between Islam and the west. Yet the event was a controversial one, with critics alleging links between IslamExpo and organisations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The dimensions of terrorism

Attending the launch of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence, Anthony Barnett weighs both the prevailing and unconventional wisdom on fighting terrorism

The perils of oversight

Fighting radicalism by regulating mosques is a problematic strategy

Pakistan: prospects and perils

What's in store for Pakistan? Anatol Lieven forecasts. Listen now

The so-called "war on terror"

In this excerpt from "Civil Paths to Peace", a report of the Commonwealth Commission on Respect and Understanding, the Commission urges dialogue and understanding in confronting militant violence

Secularism confronts Islam

The vigorous debate about Muslims in Europe and their relationship to the west's understanding of itself needs to be informed by an understanding of history's duality and the present's fluidity, says Olivier Roy.

The danger of culture talk

In over-culturalising the debate about terrorism, real politics and causes risk being ignored

Muslim liberals: epistles of moderation

The second letter of a group of Muslim notables to Christian leaders is a case-study in both the state of religious thinking and the democratisation of sovereignty in the global arena, says Faisal Devji.

Al-Qaida: from centre to periphery

The choice between fighting smarter against and negotiating with al-Qaida is rendered false by the movement's own dispersal, say Ram Manikkalingam & Pablo Policzer.

Al-Qaida in India

As India celebrates its 60th birthday, the bubble of liberal Indian Islam may burst under pressure from without and within

Treading softly in Afghanistan

To fight the Taliban effectively, international forces must brush up on their anthropology.

Understanding suicide attacks

Policy-makers and the mainstream media dangerously oversimplify the motivations and implications of suicide bombings.

The Islamic reformation

Though many critics demand that Islam "modernise", Iranian-American scholar Reza Aslan argues that the Islamic reformation is already well under way.

Histories of abduction

Though symbolically resonant, the history of western captivity at Arab and Muslim hands has more to do with strategic choice than cultural difference.

Wars of "religion"

Though modern conflicts are often framed in religious terms, Manali Desai argues that "religion" is an essentially useless category in understanding what drives groups against each other.

Iran's political persuasions

With Iran at once resolute in its foreign policy and fragmented in its internal politics, the US cannot approach Tehran crudely.

The coming of the desert

The "Arabization" of a previously hybrid faith has given rise to extremism and militancy in Indonesia.

Is Britishness under threat?

A civilised and humanist state must value diversity and try to include its minorities in public life.

Undoing Londonistan

Melanie Phillips argues that an overhaul of the UK's feeble multicultural approach is necessary not only to defend British security, but British civilisation.

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