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Manuel Serrano

Manuel Serrano is junior editor at DemocraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Innovación abierta en el sector público

La demanda de modelos participativos más abiertos conlleva la creación de espacios más digitalizados, transparentes, horizontales y abiertos en el sector público, pero también el empoderamiento de todos los agentes sociales. English Português

Open innovation in the public sector

The demand for more open participatory models entails the creation of more digitized, transparent, horizontal and open spaces in the public sector, but also the empowerment of all social agents. Español Português

Inovação aberta no sector público

A exigência de modelos participativos mais abertos supõe a criação de espaços mais digitalizados, transparentes, horizontais e abertos no sector público, mas também o apoderamento de todos os agentes sociais. English Español 

O México na encruzilhada de 2018

Em 2018, o México celebrará eleições presidenciais num contexto de profunda crise de legitimidade, no qual a urgência de reagir perante as mudanças necessárias dever ser uma prioridade absoluta. Español English

México ante la encrucijada del 2018

En 2018 México celebrará elecciones presidenciales en un contexto de profunda crisis de legitimidad, en el que la urgencia de hacer frente a los cambios necesarios debe ser prioridad absoluta. Português English

Mexico at the crossroads

Mexico is facing a deep legitimacy crisis. Presidential elections will be held next year in a context where the urgency of facing necessary changes must be an absolute priority. Español Português

El ecosistema de la democracia abierta

La emergencia del poder relacional, transversal y participativo impulsa el protagonismo de la tecnopolítica, base sobre la cual se conceptualiza una nueva visión de la democracia - abierta, directa e interactiva. English Português

O ecossistema da democracia aberta

O aparecimento do poder relacional, transversal e participativo impulsa o protagonismo da tecnopolítica, base sobre a qual se conceitualiza uma nova visão de democracia – aberta, direta e interativa. English Español 

The ecosystem of an open democracy

The emergence of relational, cross-over, participative power is what gives technopolitics its meaning and prominence, the basis on which a new vision of democracy – open, direct, interactive - is being developed. Español Português

COP21: the climate movement’s last summit?

In Paris, by trying to lift off ‘planet summit’, its gravity became truly noticeable for the first time.

Stop Trump – definitely! But then what?

Resisting Trump should involve asking the UK government to reconsider its approach to global security alliances.

Mining in South Africa: radical resistance

The oppression and exploitation of mining communities means that even within our democracy, the legacy of the apartheid and colonial era mining regimes continues.

10 anos de guerra: repensar o narcotráfico

Se o México quiser ser um país menos violento, tem que repensar os conceitos que o levaram a adotar estratégias que tiveram resultados inaceitáveis. Tem que pensar nos grupos criminosos mais além das histórias de narcos. English Español 

Adhocracy helps create a future of political engagement

For us, it is already a democratic achievement if you have the possibility to participate.

10 years at war: rethinking drug trafficking

If Mexico is to be a less violent country, it has to rethink the concepts that have led it to adopt strategies which have produced unacceptable results. It needs to think of criminal groups as organizations, beyond the narco tales. Português Español

10 años de guerra: repensar el narcotráfico

Si México quiere ser un país menos violento, tiene que repensar los conceptos que le han llevado a adoptar unas estrategias que han tenido resultados inaceptables. Tiene que pensar en los grupos criminales más allá de las historias de narcos. Português English 

Why people vote against themselves - a lesson From Colombia

The outcome of the referendum on the peace agreement in Colombia was as surprising as Brexit. Why do people around the world vote against choices that obviously make sense? Español

Por qué la gente vota contra sí misma - una lección de Colombia

El resultado del referéndum sobre los acuerdos de paz en Colombia fue tan sorprendente como el Brexit. ¿Por qué hay personas que votan en contra de opciones que tienen sentido? English

Por qué la gente vota contra sí misma - una lección colombiana

El resultado del referéndum sobre los acuerdos de paz en Colombia fue tan sorprendente como el Brexit. ¿Por qué hay personas que votan en contra de opciones que tienen sentido? English

The sociology and psychology of xenophobia

In votes for Brexit, and in Trump, we are hearing an indivisible claim for a national, ethnic, gender and class identity. But the claim emerges not from pride, but from shame.

Defender a democracia na América Latina. Mas, que democracia?

Contra quem temos que defender a democracia? Quem devemos proteger? A incerteza na região, mas sobretudo nos Estados Unidos e na Europa, altera hoje a resposta a estas perguntas. English Español 

Defending democracy in Latin America… but which democracy?

Against whom must democracy be defended? Who must be protected? Today, uncertainty in the region, but especially in the United States and Europe, reshapes the answer to these questions. Español Português

Defender la democracia en América Latina… pero ¿qué democracia?

¿Contra quién hay que defender la democracia? ¿A quién debe protegerse? La incertidumbre en la región, pero sobre todo en Estados Unidos y Europa, altera hoy la respuesta a estas preguntas. Português English

From the Gasolinazo to Vibra México: the trivialization of resentment

After decades of outrage and violence, exclusion and inequality, what is taking thousands of Mexicans to the streets is an oil hike and Trump’s executive orders. Español

Del gasolinazo a “Vibra México”: la banalización del resentimiento

Tras décadas de atropellos y violencia, exclusión y desigualdad, lo que está sacando a miles de mexicanos a la calle es el precio de la gasolina y las amenazas del vecino Trump. English

Egypt without Egyptians: the story of the Red Sea islands

Egyptian nationalism, as an ideology nurtured by the military elites and embraced by the middle class, marginalizes the mass of Egyptians.

"Europe's fate is in our hands: we, the 89ers, must defend it."

Young Europeans must assume a leading role in charting Europe's future, as it will ultimately fall on them to defend an open, tolerant and liberal society. Interview. Español Português

"El futuro de Europa está en nuestras manos: nosotros, los del 89, tenemos que defenderlo."

Los jóvenes europeos deben protagonizar el diseño del futuro de Europa, ya que en última instancia recaerá sobre ellos la defensa de una sociedad abierta, tolerante y liberal. Entrevista. English Português

“O futuro da Europa está nas nossas mãos: nós, a geração de 89, temos que defendê-lo”.

Os jovens europeus devem assumir a liderança da Europa, uma vez que recairá sobre eles a responsabilidade de defender uma sociedade aberta, tolerante e liberal. Entrevista. English Español

The victims of tyranny and the need for transitional justice in Tunisia

It is important that a law be enacted to criminalize the whitening of dictatorships so that those longing for the past stop their hopeless ventures of trying to falsify history.

“No birthdays here”

For the forgotten children of the refugee crisis, school brings a transient normality to life in the camps.

How to hold up a sky that is falling in South Sudan

The government must end military campaigns and invest in dialogues with affected communities.

The polarized politics of Islamophobia

Human rights defenders are out in the cold at this moment: we have compromised allies on the left and the right.

Chilling effects: the politics of anti-semitism in the UK

A former specialist adviser to the House of Commons Social Services Committee has written a detailed critique of the Home Affairs Committee’s Report on anti-Semitism. We find out why.

140journos: after the coup attempt

An interview with the founder of 140journos about working in Turkey after the coup attempt, and a call to Europeans to provide a platform for the truth. Part two.

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