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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A eleição aleatória, o G1000, e a deliberação para mudar Madrid

É a eleição aleatória de representantes essencial para revitalizar a democracia? Mil madrilenos escolhidos aleatoriamente foram convocados pelo G1000 de Madrid para reflectir sobre a cidade que querem. English Español

The EU’s self-inflicted traps undermine its ability to respond to Turkey’s creeping authoritarianism

European mainstream leaders often forget that the fight against far-right appeal requires a rather more systematic approach, with or without the cooperation of Turkey in tackling Syrian refugees.

The new apathy: emotional break-off from Turkey

Young people are experiencing a numbness and profound disconnect from Turkey. Strict policies of repression and totalitarian changes in the country's constitution threaten to undo Turkish society altogether.

La elección al azar, el G1000, y la deliberación para cambiar Madrid

¿Es la elección al azar de representantes la clave para revitalizar la democracia? Mil madrileños elegidos al azar fueron convocados al G1000 de Madrid para reflexionar y debatir sobre la ciudad que quieren. Português English

Random election, the G1000 and deliberation to change Madrid

Is random election of representatives the key to revive democracy? One thousand madrileños selected at random were called to the Madrid G1000 to reflect and debate over the city they want. Português Español

The five poverties of inequality

Despite billions spent in official aid to fight poverty, the number of poor people in the world is not diminishing. And Latin America remains the most unequal region in the world. Español Português

Las cinco pobrezas de la inequidad

A pesar de los miles de millones gastados en combatir la pobreza, no disminuye el número de pobres en el mundo. Y América Latina sigue siendo la región más desigual del mundo. English Português

As cinco pobrezas da iniquidade

Apesar dos milhares de milhões gastos em combater a pobreza, não diminui o número de pobres no mundo. E a América Latina continua a ser a região mais desigual do mundo. English Español

Me, Turkey and our uncertainty

The trial of the Turkey representative of Reporters Without Borders resumes in Istanbul on March 21. Together with the head of Turkey’s Human Rights Foundation and the writer Ahmet Nesin, Erol stands accused of “terrorist propaganda”.

Egypt: the deep state’s war on journalism

The state is aware that free press means more accountability and their fear of being monitored, exposed, or held accountable indicates how fragile and insecure they are.

Salir de la caja de resonancia en la política

¿Cómo puede ser que gente que pasa su vida hablando de política esté tan a menudo tan alejada de lo que pasa en realidad? English 

The EU must keep up with new technologies

Surveillance technologies infiltrating computer systems of human rights activists can result in their imprisonment or death. There will be a hearing on dual-use exports in the European Parliament, March 21, 2017.

Across Latin America, violence against women fuels more crime

The incredibly high levels of violence against women in Latin America have long been denounced by NGOs and the media. This form of violence helps lay the groundwork for criminal behaviour. Español

The fragility of the European project

One Dutch voter fears Holland's rejection of populism might be short-lived.

'More royal than the king': an encounter with French Zionism

The fabrication of lies and false accusations to intimidate their opponents is only to be expected from those willing to legitimize killing and torture in support of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

الحركة العمالية: صعود جديد يدفعه الإفقار ويعوقه القمع

محاولة عاملات المحلة الإضراب في مطلع فبرايريمكن اعتبارها أحد إرهاصات وبوادر صعود جديد للحركة العمالية في مصر.

Dutch elections: little to celebrate

It is the normalisation of racist liberalism that is the key to what is happening. While many have argued that Wilders is a break from Dutch liberalism, Wilders is actually a continuation by other means.

Ethnography in a time of upheaval – Egypt before and after the ‘Arab spring’

Even within the narrower parameters of public spaces, debates which might lead to issues around accountability and transparency are not hugely popular in the public eye.

Send them to Egypt

When Giulio was murdered, it had a profound impact on me and others not just because of the shocking injustice, but also because it tore down the illusions of our own defences.

El año en que el periodismo se perdió

Tal vez es el momento de asumir en serio que la realidad dura (política, justicia, economía) requiere y exige periodismo de farándula: emocional, espectacular, colorido, con historias y sin coherencia…

Paper tiger law forbidding FGM in Sudan

While the law is a political compromise cleverly designed to please stakeholders, girls at risk of undergoing FGM remain unprotected.

In troubled Hebron, an innovative programme of activism training brings new hope

The organisation that filmed the notorious incident of an Israeli medic shooting a wounded Palestinian teenager in the head, is at the crest of an exciting new wave of creative resistance.

Políticas extractivas y silenciamiento de la disidencia en Ecuador

Expertos de la ONU señalan que la práctica del gobierno de Ecuador de silenciar a las ONG que cuestionan sus políticas y programas es una estrategia para asfixiar a la sociedad civil. English

Ecuador’s extractive policies and the silencing of dissent

Ecuador's policy of silencing NGOs that question government policies and programs has gotten the world's attention. UN experts on human rights claim it is a strategy to asphyxiate civil society. Español

Impunity and human rights violations in Mexico continue unabated

Human rights violations and the lack of an adequate response by the state remain the rule rather than the exception. The time has come for Mexico’s judiciary to react. Español Português

En México continúan la impunidad y las graves violaciones de derechos

Las violaciones de derechos humanos y la falta de respuesta adecuada del Estado siguen siendo la regla y no la excepción. Ha llegado el momento del poder judicial mexicano. English Português

A impunidade e as graves violações dos direitos continuam no México

As violações dos direitos humanos e a falta de respostas adequadas por parte do Estado continuam a ser a regra, e não a excepção. Chegou o momento do poder judicial mexicano. English Español

El corredor de la cocaína en Centroamérica, a todo gas

La región sigue siendo el principal corredor de la cocaína que llega a los mercados estadounidenses, lo cual confirma la importancia de Centroamérica en la cadena del narcotráfico internacional. English

The Central American cocaine corridor, at full throttle

The region continues to be the main cocaine corridor for US markets, confirming the importance of Central America in the international drug trade. Español

The Dutch elections – making sense of its fractures

It was the al Qaeda attacks in 2001, followed in quick succession by two political murders, that completely altered not just the landscape but the logic of Dutch politics.

Turkey, sick man of Europe, reappears?

This is not a call for Europeans to do the work on the Turks’ or Kurds’ behalf - but a call to show solidarity with democratic forces of the country at a critical time.

Venezuela: voces silenciadas

La dureza con la que Maduro trata a la oposición, y las formas de tortura que esperan en las abarrotadas prisiones del país, son síntomas del fuerte deterioro que vive la democracia venezolana. Português English

Venezuela’s silenced voices

The harsh treatment of political opposition in society, and the forms of torture that await them in the country’s overcrowded prisons, are a worrying sign for the year ahead in Venezuela. Português Español

The erosion of Dutch democracy

Ahead of Wednesday’s general election, an electoral campaign characterized by populism has masked efforts to grant arbitrary powers to the government that infringe on the rule of law.

An Arendtian approach to post-truth politics

Arendt warns that a claim to absolute truth in the political sphere, with no support from opinion, would threaten to asphyxiate politics. For debate constitutes the essence of the political. 

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