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Phoebe Braithwaite is openDemocracy’s submissions editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Virtue-signalling as a route to social status: instances from the semi-periphery

Two Budapest-based activists give a vivid account of the ideological constraints they are working under, not helped by certain fashionable forms of ‘intersectionality’.

Towards an inclusive and pluralistic citizenship in Syria

Talk about building a new form of citizenship in Syria might seem unrealistic today, but in fact, it should be seen as a long-term strategy.

Participation and foresight: putting people at the heart of the future

The demise of the Commission at the stroke of a Minister’s pen demonstrated the fragility of such bodies. So Welsh Government set out to incorporate the Commission’s function within legislation.

Multiple entanglements

“My presence in a public space holding a notebook let alone a voice recorder or camera would cause immediate suspicion.”

From civil rights to the occupy movement: talking across issues in independent media

Interest in the dynamics of collaboration, alliance-building, coordination, and networking point to intersectionalities in participants, issues, and tactics that movements have always faced. DemocracyNow! is a good example.

Recuperar a política

Em tempos como estes de revolução cultural, agitada pela omnipresença das TIC, as práticas sociais deparam-se com sistemas de governo criados e pensados no século XIX. English Español

Recuperar la política

En tiempos como estos de revolución cultural, agitada por la omnipresencia de las TIC, las prácticas sociales se topan con sistemas de gobierno creados y pensados en el siglo XIX. English Português 

Taking back politics in Latin America – and beyond

We are living in a period of cultural revolution agitated by the omnipresence of ICTs, where social practices run into systems of government designed and created in the 19th century. Español Português

French tragedy or farce - 2: A ‘republican front’ against Marine Le Pen?

The truth is that the former economy minister has no solid constituency backing him, and no real popularity.

A guerra argentina contra o crime poderia ser contraproducente

As abordagens de linha dura para combater a violência criminosa não são novas na Argentina. Mas marcam uma mudança em relação à década anterior. English Español 

En Argentina, la guerra contra el crimen podría ser contraproducente

Los enfoques de línea dura para combatir la violencia criminal no son nuevos en la Argentina. Pero marcan un cambio con respecto a la década anterior. English Português

Argentina´s war on crime could backfire

Hard-line approaches to combating criminal violence are hardly new to Argentina. But they do mark a change from the previous decade. Español Português

Citizens’ participation key to an inclusive and sustainable future

Collective action at all levels and balanced multi-stakeholder participation are prerequisites for generating more sustainable solutions.

Not “one of us”: the French presidential elections

So, this new situation which looked simple with a choice between two different types of societies, has to face once again a bitter resistance from entrenched political interests from all sides.

É a crise na Venezuela negociável?

A tempestade ainda pode ser evitada. Existe ainda uma pequena janela de oportunidade para resolver a crise venezuelana através de meios políticos e negociados. O tempo é o elemento chave. English Español  

La crisis en Venezuela, ¿es negociable?

La tormenta todavía puede evitarse. Hay aún una pequeña ventana de oportunidad para resolver la crisis venezolana por medios políticos y negociados. El tiempo es el factor clave. English Português

Is the crisis in Venezuela still negotiable?

Turmoil can still be avoided. There is still a small window of opportunity to resolve the Venezuelan crisis by political, negotiated means. Time is key. Español Português

Foresight in an ageing world

With social cohesion a cultural priority, Israel has long been a leader in ensuring that its citizens are able to remain active within their communities as they age.

Bolsonaro y la extrema derecha brasileña

Le llaman "el Mito". El diputado federal Bolsonaro, estrella de la extrema derecha y uno de los políticos más populares de Brasil, aspira a presidir el país en 2018. English

Bolsonaro and the Brazilian far right

They call him “the Myth”. Federal congressman Bolsonaro is Brazil’s far-right star and a presidential hopeful. He is also one of the most popular politicians in Brazil. Español

The indigenous and afro-Colombian communities risk to fall out of the peace agreement implementation

Time might be the enemy for the ethnic populations in Colombia, as the implementation of the peace agreement risks under-delivering on its commitments. Español

Comunidades indígenas y afrocolombianas frente a la implementación del acuerdo de paz

El tiempo juega en contra de las comunidades indígenas y afrocolombianas, que corren el riesgo de quedarse fuera de  los compromisos de la implementación del acuerdo de paz. English

“You black bastard” Offensive, friendly banter, somewhere in between or both?

“There is no justification for racial discrimination, in theory or in practice, anywhere” and certainly not in Britain or Australia.

To be or not to be: the future of opposition in post-referendum Turkey

In post-referendum Turkey, it is not just Erdoğan and his supporters but the opposition as well who refuse to recognize their adversaries as legitimate – an explosive formula.

Refugee crisis and Central and Eastern Europe: what solidarity do we need?

There is a disconnect between law and practice whereby the EU is continually reforming the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) but seems incapable of implementing it.

From insecurity to insecurity: Black and Ethnic Minority Europeans in the UK

“If all the Europeans leave, who work so hard and they pay taxes, how are they going to manage to keep the benefit system in the first place?”

¿Quién pone las armas de fuego en las manos de los muchachos?

La presencia de armas de fuego en los barrios más vulnerados de Santa Fe, Argentina, forma parte de un mercado ilegal que no es ajeno a la policía.

Reflections on post-humanitarianism in dark times

British opposition to search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean and Polish pseudo-theological justifications not to help refugees exploit the insecurities of the humanitarian movement.

The masses have spoken, but not all hope is lost, for Turkey’s democracy

This inherent ability to cancel itself out is democracy’s paradox:  to “sow the seeds of its own destruction”, succumbing to the electoral will of the majority.

Backsliding on civic space in democracies

An open civic space is a key ingredient of a successful and rights respecting democracy. Sadly, there’s a gaping hole between principle and practice. Español  

Retroceso global del espacio cívico en las democracias

En todo el mundo, el espacio cívico - un ingrediente clave para una democracia exitosa y respetuosa con los derechos - está amenazado. English

Novas ideias precisam de edifícios antigos

A Criatividade é um recurso renovável, o Património não. Potenciar a criatividade dos cidadãos é um processo de empoderamento, mas não devemos esquecer que novas ideias precisam de edifícios antigos. Entrevista English

New ideas need old buildings

Creativity is a renewable resource, heritage is not. Unleashing the creativity of citizens is an empowering process, but we should not forget that new ideas need old buildings. Interview Português

O Banco dos BRICS precisa de uma estratégia sólida e participativa para o desenvolvimento sustentável

O NBD tem trabalhado até agora no escuro, com pouca ou nenhuma transparência sobre os projetos propostos ou um verdadeiro compromisso com a sociedade civil. English Español

The BRICS Bank needs a bold and participatory strategy for sustainable development

The NDB has up until now operated largely in the dark, with little to no transparency about proposed projects or real engagement with civil society. Español Português

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