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Tom Rowley is editor of oDR, covering the progressive agenda in Eurasia.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Peronism's existential crisis

Peronism is good at recognising social moods. Today its leaders are carefully analysing the weakening of Kirchnerism, the electoral triumphs of Macri’s Cambiemos and the financial needs of local governments. Español

Temístocles Machado se suma a la larga lista de defensores de los derechos humanos asesinados en Colombia

A pesar de las muchas dificultades, y del número inaceptable de líderes sociales asesinados, es importante mantenerse optimista sobre las posibilidades creadas por el proceso de paz. English 

Temistocles Machado adds to the long list of human rights defenders murdered in Colombia

Despite many difficulties, and the unacceptable number of social leaders assassinated, it is important to stay optimistic about the possibilities created by the peace process. Español

La crisis existencial del peronismo

El peronismo suele olfatear bien el humor social. Hoy sus dirigentes observan el debilitamiento del espacio kirchnerista, los triunfos electorales de Cambiemos y la necesidades de financiación de sus gobiernos locales. English

The ordinary virtues of cities

Talking to Phil Wood, co-founder of the intercultural cities model, last November, about love of cities, intercultural city planning, innovative local government, human rights and ‘ordinary virtues’. Interview.

Oslo: the small hotels where we meet

Talking to Geir Lippestad, then Vice-Mayor of Oslo, at an Intercultural Cities Milestone Event last November, about hatred of multiculturalism, diversity advantages, the responsibility of politicians, and win-win cities. Interview.

How will a Syrian child delete the image of his poverty from search engines?

Media professionals should contribute to respecting the privacy of individuals or groups who are subjects of their news articles, especially when it concerns children and their privacy. عربي

Clashing scales in Brexit Britain, or why we just can’t get along

The first of three essays contemplating the “complete reimagination of politics” which is the drama of Brexit. 

Drowning Belgrade: the Belgrade waterfront project in context

As Belgrade goes to the polls in today's municipal elections, the state is playing a fundamental role in the transition to neoliberal economics. Hence the undemocratic procedures bedevilling 'The Project'.

The 2018 Italian election campaign viewed from Twitter

We have followed 1,579 candidates and tracked their Twitter conversations for two weeks now. Also, we collected 400,000 citizens’ retweets and replies to candidates’ tweets.

Brazil's political carnival

In the midst of the country’s haunting political crisis, more than ever before Carnival in Brazil has become an occasion for criticism, parody and political caricature . Español Português 

Violence against women at Sudan’s universities has been tolerated for far too long

Western agencies have focused on female genital mutilation in Sudan, but this isn't the only women’s rights battle that needs support in our country.

Buying and selling politics in America

The midterm elections are an opportunity for voters to stand up to the National Rifle Association and remove from office those who place their political aspirations above children’s lives.

Xenofobia y populismo: armas electorales en Italia

El discurso del odio hacia el inmigrante está protagonizando la campaña. Pero las iniciativas dedicadas a la contrainformación también siguen en pie de guerra. English

La democracia nos necesita: menos redes sociales y más interacciones personales

Facebook controla y filtra nuestra información en formas que pueden ser perjudiciales para la democracia. Habrá que reconstruir comunidades locales para contrarrestar sus efectos políticos negativos. English

Italy is haemorrhaging youth and has no idea how to stem the flow, but there's still hope

Isolating itself – like Britain is doing – would be the end. Italy couldn't afford it. That is the one thing everyone agrees on…

معترك جديد

المجتمع المدني القوي والنقابات القوية تعني دولة قوية، ولذلك، تدعيم استقلالية المجتمع المدني وقوته، ومن ضمنه النقابات، هو تقوية ودعم للدولة، عكس ما تروجّه السلطة وأجهزتها.

La ayuda y el sexo

Sobre una cascada de dimisiones de altos ejecutivos de grandes ONGs humanitarias, hay que mirar a los ojos a cómo ha sido tratado el tema del abuso sexual. Es un escándalo, pero cuidado con utilizarlo para legitimar recortes. English

Sex and Charity

Regarding the massive scandal involving chief executives of big NGOs, the situation must be considered through the lens of how we have dealt with sexual abuse. But we must be wary of how this is used to justify budget cuts. Español

The Backlash podcast episode 1: Women and the far right

We talk to three women who know more about the far right than most: councillor Jolene Bunting in Northern Ireland, researcher Marilyn Mayo in the US, and Akanksha Mehta at the University of Sussex.

Elections and the Egyptian movement of 2011: thinking with Alain Badiou about the current situation

For French philosopher Alain Badiou, elections pose a more important question for the movement in Egypt beyond the issue of participation. العربية

الانتخابات وحركة ٢٠١١ في مصر: التفكير مع آلان باديو عن الوضع الحالي

بالنسبة للمفكر الفرنسي آلان باديو تطرح الانتتخابات سؤالًا  مهمًا للحركة في مصر، سؤال يتجاوز مسألة المشاركة أو عدم المشاركة. English

تونس: النسوية الانتقائية وتهميش كِفاحات النساء

حان الوقت للتصدّي لنهج الدولة التقليدي في استخدام حقوق النساء كأداة لتحقيق أغراض سياسية.  English

Wives of ‘muhajirin’: who’s your husband?

Upon arriving in Syria, the first step a foreign fighter takes is to find a woman to marry. Why do Syrian women accept such marriages? عربي

Crisis in Ethiopia: elections, and fast!

What is urgent is to bring down the tension by focusing the hopes and energies of the activists on a political way out, in the form of a tested, unchallengeable mechanism.

التونسيون يعترضون على قرارات صندوق النقد الدولي

يبرز نضال الطبقة العاملة التونسية ضدّ الفقر والفساد والبطالة الآن أكثر من أيّ وقت مضى. English

Santiago Maldonado: el malogrado viajero infinito

Sebastián Ortega y Emilia Erbetta escribieron un perfil de Santiago Maldonado, que se puede leer en la revista Rolling Stone online aquí. Aquí presentamos un fragmento de ese texto: la parte de los viajes. English

Sacrifice zones in rural and non-metro USA: fertile soil for authoritarian populism

Sacrifice zones – abandoned, economically shattered places – are spreading in historically white rural areas and small towns across the United States. Rural decline fosters regressive authoritarian politics. 

La seguridad ciudadana en el Perú tras la crisis política de 2017

El establecimiento de objetivos para distintos períodos de la legislatura, común en otros países, pero no en Perú , es un importante avance.

¿Joven, y en México?: riesgo permanente de desaparición forzada

En México, sea uno culpable o inocente, víctima o victimario, se sabe que lo mejor es alejarse lo más posible de la policía. English

Sri Lanka local elections: the return of Rajapaksa

After his recent win, Mahinda Rajapaksa urged his voters not to attack the losing side, saying: “No matter what they did to us we must set an example”.        

Evangelicals in South Africa are 'broadcasting hate masked as morality'

Christian right groups are adding to an already dangerous environment for women and LGBTQI individuals, by pushing 'family values'  but not for everyone.

If young, you are forever at risk of forced disappearance

In Mexico, whether guilty or innocent, victim or victimizer, everybody knows that it is best to stay as far away as possible from the police. Español

En Bolivia lo hacemos así

Bolivia tiene experiencia en lograr que salgan elegidos los “no elegibles”. Los movimientos sociales en el Reino Unido podrían sacar algunas lecciones sobre ello. Entrevista. English

Neoliberalism and Iran’s protest movement

The protests in Iran, like those elsewhere, are the outcome of discontent in our circumstance and the present situation in the world.

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