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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Founder, Director and Editor of democraciaAbierta

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Resultados en Colombia 2018: lo posible que no fue pero podrá ser

Los resultados de las elecciones colombianas llaman a la oposición a organizarse para la resistencia y el cambio, y a salvar los escollos de las derechas, el miedo y el «extremo centro».

Yarmouk: a late obituary for the capital of the Palestinian diaspora

The story of the Palestinian refugee camp besieged, destroyed, and emptied it of its people before being looted by Syrian regime soldiers.

Homo homini lupus est: trauma, niños enjaulados, y política de refugiados en EE.UU.

Las imágenes de niños aterrorizados encerrados en jaulas perturbaron al mundo. Y entonces Trump sonrió, continuó su cínico show y firmó ante las cámaras una orden ejecutiva para mantener unidas a las familias de refugiados. English

Homo homini lupus est: trauma and child abuse in U.S. refugee policy

Terrified children kept in cages disturbed the world. And then, president Trump, on camera, resumed his cynical show, smiled, and signed an executive order to keep refugee families together. Español

Russia’s cautious role in Syria

How far would Russia risk its international relations to protect the regime of Bashar Al Assad?

Can the Turkish Opposition beat Erdoğan?

The most likely challenger on June 24 is the CHP’s candidate Muharrem İnce who will have an uphill battle.

The terrible price of zero tolerance immigration

The US Attorney General claims these separations are justified by the Bible and will deter illegal immigration, though there is no evidence backing either claim. His is a minority position.

¿Por qué parece tan difícil la salida de Ortega/Murillo?

En Nicaragua no se ha logrado todavía asentar la visión de que existen seis millones de personas con capacidad de gobernar los destinos del país. Pero ahora urge convocar elecciones. English

Turkey’s three-dimensional populism, three leaders and three blocs

The election is therefore offered a choice between three blocs, each of which mobilises people in terms of a different type of populism as expounded by their respective charismatic leader.

El Salvador: los evangélicos se suman a la batalla contra los derechos reproductivos de las mujeres

El panorama religioso cambiante en un país históricamente católico como El Salvador ha sido una mala noticia para las mujeres, que viven bajo una de las leyes antiaborto más duras del mundo. English

I am from Salamiya but none of this applies to me

In Syria, one could notice some of the significant remarks denigrating others based on their religion, sect, race or color. العربية

American students as teachers: facing the world adults are wrecking

“I’m glad to see corporate America standing with me and the other students of Parkland and everybody else,” he said, “because when we work together we can accomplish anything.”

أنا من السلَمية... لكني لست ممن في هذا المقال

"عبادة الفرج" كتهمة تتخذ بعدين اثنين. فهي من جهة تنكر عليهم "عبادة الله" كمسلمين، وهي من جهة ثانية تحقّر المعتقد الإسماعيلي إلى مستوى "عبادة الفرج"، بحيث يكون الكفر أو الإلحاد أو الشرك بالله "تهمة" لطيفة جداً. English

Nicaragua: Ortega/Murillo's tough exit from power

In Nicaragua, the idea that its own inhabitants are capable of running their own country and determining their destiny is not yet an established one. Urgent elections are needed. Español

Petro vs. Duque: Colombian elections, war and peace

The presidential election on June 17 is exceptional. For the first time in many years there is an option on the left that oposes the decades-long right-wing hegemony in Colombia. Español

An agora on the European political space: why is Europe the decisive political space for the Left?

All countries within the European Union – and beyond – face the epochal challenge that there is no longer a shared conception of what a state is. A starting point and an invitation.

Buenos Aires, Argentina:, 13-14 de Junio 2018: 24 horas haciendo historia

Pasaron casi 24 horas de debate en el Congreso Argentino. Todos los pronósticos anunciaban que la ley del aborto no salía. Pero todo dio un vuelco al final: 129 a favor y 125 en contra.

God votes in India, abstains in Britain, Part II

Unlike in India, British democracy, distorted by Mammon, is spared by God.

Incertidumbre en Colombia: La paz en tiempos de elecciones

Es de temer que el resultado suponga un retroceso significativo en la implementación de los acuerdos de paz.

Petro vs. Duque: Las presidenciales colombianas, frente a la guerra y la paz

Esta es la primera vez en décadas que un candidato progresista llega a la segunda vuelta de una elecciones presidenciales en Colombia con algunas aspiraciones de ganarlas. English

The Great Return March and the women of Gaza

Why are Palestine’s feminists fighting on two fronts?

Our Sectarianism – not just the regime’s creation

Talking about sectarianism in Syria is like standing on the line of fire. How can we talk about sectarianism without perpetuating it? العربية

طائفيتنا التي لم ينتجها النظام

يبدو الحديث عن الطائفية في سوريا أشبه بالوقوف على خط النار، إذ كيف يمكن الحديث عن الطائفية دون تأبيدها؟ English

Why shouldn’t Venezuela take back control too?

Economic crisis, western hostility and Venezuela's Presidential Election, as observed by a sympathetic election monitor.

John Tusa: a thoroughly enjoyable noise

London is the theatre where John Tusa has been “making a noise” ever since he arrived, at the tender age of six, in 1939, from his native Zlin. Book review.

Aumenta la desigualdad, peligran los derechos humanos

Los retos que plantea la desigualdad económica para los derechos humanos no son una sentencia de muerte para el movimiento, sino una llamada de atención para adoptar un enfoque más integral. English

Hostile environment: border guards and border guardees

Border checks are no longer one-off encounters… but… a myriad of micro-encounters. They have penetrated the everyday, mundane interactions in people’s daily lives and imposed new meaning on them.

Las sanciones no ayudan al pueblo venezolano

La retahíla de sanciones impuestas en primer lugar por Estados Unidos y luego replicadas por la Unión Europea y Canadá entre otras, contra Venezuela, está generando consecuencias irreversibles. English

Sanctions don’t help the Venezuelan people

The endless string of sanctions imposed on Venezuela first by the US and later followed by the EU and Canada, is generating irreversible consequences. Español

Europa, América Latina y la globalización de las campañas contra el género

Los movimientos transnacionales antigénero en Europa y América Latina crean alianzas poco probables entre populismos a derecha e izquierda, que es necesario empezar a comprender. English

Brexit, Parliament and the British Constitution: why a People’s Vote is the only legitimate constitutional means of resolving Brexit

" If... the people legitimately... set parliament and government the task of working out a way of leaving the EU, then... the people should also be able mark their homework and pass a verdict on their efforts."

God votes in India, abstains in Britain. Part 1

Once Britain moved beyond religious nationalism, religion itself became a spent force, though not one prevented from speaking truth to power. Contrast India.

The jihadogenous urban structure

These individuals feel coerced by the predicament of being neither French nor Arab, neither Pakistani nor English... they bear the stigma of double ‘non-identity’.

La deriva nicaragüense hacia una dictadura brutal

El recurso a la violencia extrema ha hecho que el régimen de Ortega/Murillo, que opera como una brutal dictadura, haya empezado a perder el apoyo del gran empresariado, en medio de un baño de sangre.

In memory of Razan al Najjar: Steve Bell's cartoon

An Israeli army sniper shot the 21-year-old nurse while she was trying to care for injured protestors in Gaza. This is Steve Bell's tribute to her.

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