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Julian Richards

Julian Richards is managing editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Unsympathetic people: the overwhelming success of Poland's exclusionary agenda

Three elements seem to have played a decisive role in this: voluntary servitude, the Polish brand of inferiority complex, and a deep-seated Polish anti-Semitism, and more general exclusivism.

Darkest Hour: another film about 1940

Is this film any better at history than Dunkirk? Does it matter when you have such a multi-faceted central character as this ‘real war leader ’? Review.

Whose human rights? The marginalisation of dissent in France and spreading

The use of human rights to criminalize the French Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) campaign sends out a warning alert.

Costa Rica's next President lacks a plan to tackle rising insecurity

Voters in Costa Rica just chose their next president, but the incoming head of state doesn’t seem to have a coherent plan for tackling record levels of violence in the country related to its growing role in the regional drug trade. Español

El Presidente electo de Costa Rica carece de plan para enfrentar la creciente inseguridad

El presidente electo de Costa Rica no parece tener un plan coherente para hacer frente a los altos niveles de violencia sin precedentes en la nación, relacionados con el creciente papel del país en el tráfico de drogas a nivel regional. English

El vía crucis de los migrantes

La marcha anual que se organiza en Semana Santa para llamar la atención sobre la situación en la que se vive en Centroamérica ha conseguido este año suscitar interés internacional. English

Mexico in the time of the caravan

Central American migrants march through Mexico once again this Easter to protest against the conditions they face in their home countries, but this year they have gained international attention. Español

Justicia transicional: es hora de un replanteamiento

El conjunto de herramientas de justicia transicional se desarrolló para circunstancias distintas de la mayoría de los conflictos violentos actuales. Es necesario reconsiderarlo para generar resultados en los temas de mayor interés para las víctimas. English

Who is the winner in post-ISIS Syria?

ISIS may have been defeated, but the battle for Syria's political soul is far from over.

Gassing and selective applications of a ‘Red Line’: lest we forget

The gassing of people is considered exceptionally inhumane, officially a categorical “red line” dividing good from evil. This belief now threatens to trigger an escalation with unpredictable consequences.

El caso contra Lula: una chapuza legal

El problema con la condena de Lula es el uso de procesos judiciales como herramienta política al servicio de una agenda autoritaria. English  Português 

‘Orbán, get lost to the tulipy cunt.’ Hungary threatens the European Union – a photo essay from Budapest

"I joined a massive demonstration against the Orbán supremacy a week after the election, on Saturday afternoon 14 March. It completely filled Budapest’s wide avenues between the Opera and Parliament."

Syria: stop asking questions!

Who gets to decide who is involved in pseudoscience and misdirection? Who asks the questions and who gets bamboozled? What role should the media play?

US withdrawal: what next?

With the war on the "Islamic state" in both Syria and Iraq almost over, the eye is now turned to the two superpowers; the United States of America and Russia. العربية

Por que a decisão contra Lula representa uma limitação ao Estado de direito?

O problema da condenação de Lula é o uso de processos criminais como um conjunto de ferramentas políticas com uma agenda autoritária. English Español

Why does the conviction against Lula threaten the rule of law?

The problem with Lula's conviction is the use of criminal proceedings as a political toolset with a long-standing authoritarian agenda. Español Português 

انسحاب أمريكا: ما التالي؟

أَمَا وإنّ الحرب على تنظيم "الدولة الإسلاميّة"في كلّ من سوريا والعراق قد انتهت، أو تكاد، تتجه الأنظار الآن إلى الهدف التالي لكلّ من القوتين العظميين، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكيّة، وروسيا. English 

A redneck revolt? Radical responses to Trumpism in the rural US

There are radical responses to Trumpism in rural and working class white communities. The story of one of them, called Redneck Revolt, reveals important lessons for the US left.

Chomsky's linguistics and military funding: a non-issue

There is no evidence that Chomsky’s research program has been driven by a desire to devise a theory that is devoid of any potential military applications.

Precariat spring: Spanish social movements get ready for a new cycle of mobilisation

During the last month pensioners, women and housing activists suffering from precarious conditions have taken to the streets with one key demand: an end to the precarity of their lives. Español

Why the EU condones human rights violations of refugees in Hungary

While politicians such as Merkel polish their shining armour, the dirty job done at Europe’s periphery shelters them from actually having to apply their principles on their own territory. 

The misuse of abuse: fears of potentially abusive litigation are overriding the reality of abusive companies in Europe

It’s time to look to the future of collective redress in the EU on the basis of the evidence, for victims of corporate abuse in all member states and for all types of harm.

Is symbolic politics an impediment to economic equality?

The politics of representation are mostly symbolic. In Canada, we have seen over the past two years such a politics of representation at work in the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau.

Shooting Lula

Developments in Brazil show that the fight against corruption can coexist with a weakening of democratic and republican values, in a climate of social revenge and advancing inequality. Español

Todo contra Lula

El caso brasileño muestra que la lucha contra la corrupción puede utilizarse para el debilitamiento republicano y democrático. Las denuncias reales conviven con un clima de venganza social y avances desigualitarios. English

The Congolese Government is at war with its people

Six million Congolese have died from conflict-related causes over the past two decades – making the conflict in Congo the world’s deadliest since World War II. 

Twofold crisis in Ethiopia: the elites and the street

Ultimately, the only route to its successful end is regulation through institutional mechanisms, which means elections, whether early or within the normal electoral cycle.

A Operação Lava Jato e a destruição do Estado de Direito

A luta contra a corrupção implicaria uma reforma política que limitaria a influência do poder econômico nas eleições e na política, mas isso não pode ser feito sem respeito pelas leis. Español, English

Operación Lava Jato y la destrucción del Estado de derecho

La lucha contra la corrupción en Brasil implicaría una reforma política que limitase la influencia del poder económico en las elecciones y la política, pero esto nunca puede hacerse sin respetar las leyes. Português, English

From Land Day to the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, Palestinians have plenty to protest

The murderously disproportionate violence meted out against demonstrating Palestinians is only the latest in a long series of deadly responses to popular protests. 

Morocco’s World Cup bid and the last colony in Africa

Awarding Morocco the World Cup would send the message that the injustices in Western Sahara can continue without repercussions. 

Migration bottleneck in southern Mexico

Hundreds of thousands of Central Americans flee their countries, beset by extreme poverty and intolerable violence, collapsing the southern border. Mexico and the US must do much more. Interview. Español

Re-thinking EU-Turkey co-operation over migration

Turkey’s military offensive in Afrin is also an example of how refugees are instrumentalized to gain domestic support for foreign policy ambitions.

Cuello de botella migratorio al sur de México

Cientos de miles de centroamericanos huyen de sus países hacia el norte, acosados por una pobreza extrema y por una violencia intolerable. México y EEUU deben hacer mucho más. Entrevista. English

Hungary’s regime is proof that capitalism can be deeply authoritarian

Blaming citizens for their alleged populist or anti-democratic turn is misleading. Without the active involvement of the economic elite, both foreign and domestic, authoritarian capitalism could not have emerged in Hungary.

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