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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A small picture in the big picture of Erdogan’s Turkey

The judicial arm of the Erdogan leadership has decided to make an example of her: even the most moderate critics will not be tolerated.

Inside Basmane

Basmane is a district within the city of Izmir (western Turkey), where due to its multicultural heritage and solidarity, many refugees have found safe haven. Photo-essay.

UK counter-extremism agenda: ‘Safeguarding’ as routine punishment and collective self-policing

The programme’s operation depends on collective self-policing through fear of punishment. These practices become yet another bureaucratic performance indicator.

Bauman's legacy

Zygmunt understood the crisis of a social democracy built on solid jobs, fixed identities and bounded within nation states, and paved the way for thinking about the need for progressive alliances. Español

El ocaso de la primavera centroamericana

2017 empieza con un sabor agridulce: el del éxito —y los fracasos— de la lucha anticorrupción y contra el crimen organizado en el Triángulo Norte de Centroamérica. English

Sunset of the Central American Spring

2017 starts with a bitter-sweet taste: that of the successes and failures of the fight against corruption, impunity and organized crime in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador). Español

Two states in one homeland: solving the riddle of Resolution 2334

A two-state solution has international legitimacy, while a deeply integrated polity seems the only realistic option on-the-ground. Does Two States One Homeland square the circle while giving dignity and human rights a chance

Otro gasoducto en tierras indígenas – esta vez en México

Un nuevo gasoducto en construcción en el norte de México ha desencadenado una importante controversia y enfrentamientos al afectar tierras que pertenecen a la comunidad yaqui. Português English

Pain and torture: state violence in Egypt

The root of state violence and torture is not poor police training, nor a political decision that can be reversed, it is the nature of the regime and the political order it has created.

Colombia: the new killings

20 rural leaders have been killed since the definitive bilateral ceasefire. The suspected killers are the same "dark forces" that have not stopped operating in Colombia under different names. Português Español

Colômbia: a nova matança

Provavelmente, por detrás dos crimes estão as mesmas “forças escuras” que não deixaram de atuar pese às suas sucessivas mudanças de nome. English Español

Las narcotelenovelas en México: más allá de una apología del narcotráfico

Las narcotelenovelas están siendo cada vez más criticadas con el argumento de que éstas debilitan el tejido social del país. Pero la narcocultura goza de una popularidad creciente en México. English

Tango and the gender question

Someone has said that tango is condensed life. Today, the quintessential element of Argentinian culture opens up to diversity and inclusion and welcomes the LGBT community. Español

Make Russia great again? Aleppo and a plea from another world

During the last days of December, Russia will host a round of diplomatic talks with Iran and Turkey.

Political eruption in Guatemala

Innovation cannot be understood without its context. Recent developments in Guatemala help to explain emerging innovative proposals. Español Português

Community Philanthropy must reflect on power

“Modelling a different kind of participatory philanthropy, where ordinary people can feel their power through the act of cooperation is a very powerful idea”, says Jenny Hodgson in Johannesburg. Interview. Español

La filantropía comunitaria debe reflexionar sobre el poder

"Modelar un tipo distinto de filantropía participativa, en el que la gente común pueda sentir su poder a través de acciones de cooperación es una idea muy poderosa", dice Jenny Hodgson en Johannesburgo. Entrevista. English

Femicidio en México y Guatemala

El término “feminicidio” ha sido utilizado por feministas en México, y el término "femicidio" lo ha sido en Guatemala, para referirse a la complicidad del Estado con el asesinato de mujeres. English

In community philanthropy, relying on existing local institutions is the answer

‘Assuming the fact that local communities have a better understanding of what their exigencies and needs are, is what ‘shifting the power’ really means’ says Gerry Salole in Johannesburg. InterviewEspañol

The battle of governments against extremism has to be credible

Byrne writes, ‘the starting point for radicalisation may in fact be rage rather than religion…it’s not the madrassa that is the problem, it’s your mates.’ Book review.

India and Israel - bedfellows indeed

The Israeli treatment of Palestinians might serve as an ideal vantage point to scrutinize Indian rule over Kashmir.

Rojava, where water is twice as expensive as oil

Turkey is now in Jarablus town with Special Forces personnel and heavy weapons including tanks, and making advances enabling it to control a strategic part of the region.

Catalonian lessons: civil society has something to offer on the gaming tables of governance

A statement made before the Catalan Parliamentary Committee for the Study of Anti-Corruption Measures and for Democratic Regeneration.

Turkey’s draft constitutional amendments: harking back to 1876?

Detailed regulations in the draft raise the prospect of a possible perpetual state of emergency hinging on a perception of personal threat.

Catalonia revisited: farewell to great expectations?

On the eve of 2017, author of ‘Catalonia vs. Spain - a clash of two nationalisms’ has second thoughts about what’s possible.

The deadly consequences of Europe’s border militarization

Refugees are using other, often more dangerous, routes, contributing to the increase in migrant deaths that we have seen in 2016.

The regional implications of the fall of Aleppo

The lesson Arab autocrats are likely to learn from Syria is simple: under the current international climate the use of severe repression is effective.

De la Cuba de Castro a Trumplandia

Una visita a Cuba, coincidiendo con la muerte de Fidel Castro y la victoria de Donald Trump, pone en perspectiva los logros y las carencias de ambas sociedades. Português English

From Castro’s Cuba to Trumplandia

A visit to Cuba, coinciding with the death of Fidel Castro and the victory of Donald Trump, puts into perspective the achievements and shortcomings of both societies. Português Español

Prosecuting politics: the judicial assault on Bahrain’s opposition

If the government fails to inject real politics back into Bahraini society rather than relentless prosecution, the prognosis looks anything but positive.

Egypt's Copts between terror and discrimination

Until equality and justice are within reach to all, what can Copts do to survive and how much more will they be forced to bear?

Autoritarismo vs. derechos humanos en Nicaragua

Tras la reelección de Daniel Ortega, el país se encuentra en un momento decisivo, a punto de convertirse en un régimen de partido único. Defensores nicaragüenses de los derechos humanos lo denuncian. English

Human rights vs. authoritarianism in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan human rights defenders denounce that, after the re-election of Daniel Ortega, the country is in a decisive moment, on the verge of becoming a single party authoritarian regime. Español

UK National Security Strategy: security for whom?

To make real progress on tackling insecurity, there needs to be far greater commitment by the British government to addressing its causes, and not just its symptoms.

In Yemen, the war goes on and on and on...

As people in Europe get ready for their end of year celebrations, more than 20 million Yemenis are getting ready to face the next disaster coming their way: mass starvation.

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