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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Founder, Director and Editor of democraciaAbierta

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Argentinian Green Tide: the right to abort is being won on the streets

Feminist activism in Argentina has managed to introduce a series of public hearings on reproductive rights on the legislative agenda. The debate reached the nation's Congress. Español 

La recuperación de justicia en Guatemala tiene rostro de mujer

Las mujeres son las protagonistas del esfuerzo de devolución de los derechos hurtados y de la recusación de culpas que deben asumir los culpables verdaderos en Guatemala. English 

Ushering in a new school of principled politics

“The reason we formed DiEM25 was the diagnosis that old wine in new bottles will not help revive the spirits of progressives in Italy or in the rest of Europe.” Interview.

Chile criminalizes Mapuche defenders of land and water

The infamous Counter-Terrorist Act recently applied to three Mapuche defendants is a reminder of this continuing state of injustice against a native American people. Spanish

Chile criminaliza a los defensores de la tierra y el agua mapuches

La infame Ley Antiterrorista aplicada a tres acusados refleja el estado de injusticia continua que vive esta comunidad indígena. English

A ‘creeping annexation’ of identity, culture, history and memory

The Nakba lives on in the constellation of measures enacted by the State of Israel – often in violation of international law – to drastically reduce public spaces for Palestinians.  

Las organizaciones de paz en Colombia ante la segunda vuelta de las elecciones

¿Qué significará para los Acuerdos de Paz una victoria de Iván Duque o de Gustavo Petro? English

“Why would Assad do it?” Debunking the abstract theories surrounding Syria’s chemical attacks

The April chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma provoked widely-circulated theories questioning why the Assad regime would use chemical weaponry. But do they really hold?

Gaza regeneration: we all need dreams for the future

 The question now is not only how to respond to recent conflict on the border, but to address the underlying causes that produced these disturbing events. 

The dominoes are falling: could "Quitaly" prove one too many for the EU?

Italy's head of state, while predominantly a governor-general figure rather than a president in the American sense, is willing to have a go at riding the populists out.

Spain’s historic motion of no-confidence: how can we understand the ousting of seemingly indestructible Mariano Rajoy, in just 72 hours?

Electoral considerations aside, for now, many of those who fought so hard for this day to come will take comfort from being able to oust the PP from power. Español

German social democrats have alienated their base and fractured Europe

Unable to generate a domestic consensus and powerless to counter the priorities dictated by the euro, social democracy must continue to fail at home while divisions among EU nations deepen.

Iran gripped by strikes and protests

The triangle of domestic uprising, regional readiness to confront an expansionist regime, and a growing international willingness to take on Tehran, at least by the United States, is creating conducive circumstances for change.

The biggest loser? State of the left in the age of right-wing populism

While Europe’s renewed rightwards turn presents the Left with a range of difficult challenges, it also creates opportunities. Español

Mental health in conflict: ‘occupation therapy’ needed for Palestinians

Analysing the mental health of Palestinians living in a context of ongoing military occupation and conflict exemplifies why aid and development programmes in fragile states must address psychological needs. 

Progressive psychoanalytic organization splits, silencing members over a Tel Aviv conference

Both the supporters and the opponents of a Tel Aviv conference are getting ready for the IARPP 2018 conference in NYC. All have been invited to an open discussion on Israel-Palestine.

An Open Letter to Federica Mogherini and the European imperative to save the Iran nuclear deal

Failure is not an option. The alternative path is simply too costly, not only for the present generation, but for posterity as well. 


Dangers of vaccine hesitancy: where does the EU stand?

In 2017, Europe observed a 4-fold increase in measles cases compared to 2016.

Cuba and Europe getting closer

Leaving behind a long, troubled history, today the European Union and Cuba are building a strong relationship. Progress is happening against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s mounting hostility towards the island. Español

Israel’s wars: decisions for the few

In many ways this is a “nation in arms”, in a constant situation of no war, no peace. Now, the Prime Minister and his Defense Minister can wage war without consultation.

Cuba y Europa, más cerca

A pesar de una vieja historia conflictiva, la Unión Europea y Cuba están construyendo relaciones sólidas. Los avances se producen en un contexto de recrudecimiento de las políticas de Donald Trump contra la isla. English

Foreign investment flods Colombia’s Pacific

Colombia’s Pacific is a neglected part of the country. Foreign investment is now heading there, fostering a type of development which breeds inequality and brings little benefit to the locals. Español

La inversión extranjera inunda el Pacífico colombiano

El Pacífico colombiano es una zona del país en histórico abandono. La inversión extranjera se dirige hoy allí, fomentando un tipo de desarrollo basado en el extractivismo que genera desigualdad y discriminación. English

Is this the way democracy dies in Europe? A projection

Reflections on a dystopian future which might be becoming a reality, reflecting the dreams and hopes of political extremists.

The daunting task of repair

“Let’s agree on essentials: on what liberalism is and isn’t, on how liberalism is failing and on how much tougher liberals ought to be in their own defence.”

Israel and Palestine: a story of modern colonialism

The foundations of Israel are rooted in a colonial project that has modernized its face but continues to subject Palestinians to military occupation, land dispossession and unequal rights. 

A Syrian game of thrones: infotainment and New York Times’ spectacular coverage

The ‘catchiest’ New York Times’ articles about Syria since 2011, reveal an obsession with the spectacle, a failure in understanding the conflict itself but success in understanding the spectators of the conflict.

Colombia and Venezuela: Criminal Siamese Twins

Colombia and Venezuela have shared criminal dynamics for decades, cocaine going in one direction and contraband fuel in the other. But today the criminal links are increasingly symbiotic. Español

Colombia y Venezuela, hermanas siamesas

Colombia y Venezuela han compartido dinámicas delictivas durante años, con la cocaína yendo en una dirección y el petróleo de contrabando en la otra. Pero la relación es cada vez más simbiótica. English 

Listen England, it is Ireland talking

Brexit is fuelled by an English nationalism as crude and self-deluded as Irish nationalism used to be. The best response is to follow Ireland's journey to an inclusive, pluralist vision of patriotism.

The EU response to the Libyan crisis: shallow impact with a short-term vision

By securitizing migration, EU leaders have appeared to address the needs of European audiences more than those of Libyan stakeholders

Turkey’s snap elections: a level playing field?

The question remains whether the next elections will be free and fair. In light of Turkey’s recent political development, this is highly unlikely: the end of democracy sometimes comes not with a coup but with a vote. 

Erdogan’s latest move towards autocracy

Elections do not equal democracy. Snap elections give opposition parties no time to recuperate, to groom candidates or to build a base of support. 

Why Turkey’s Erdoğan might actually lose the June 24 snap elections

The rise of authoritarianism in Turkey has gone hand in hand with a de-institutionalization, in favour of what many call the “one man regime”. How long can that last?

A tale of Rojava and Europe: no time for dried-up dreams

Rojava is a project born of a historical experience, built and fought for by people who have understood that the only future is that which begins today.

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