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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

El gobierno argentino y la Doctrina de Inseguridad Nacional

El presidente argentino Mauricio Macri habilitó recientemente que las Fuerzas Armadas se involucren en tareas de seguridad interior. Su política responde a un cambio en las doctrinas militares internacionales promovidas por Estados Unidos. English

The Argentine government and the National Insecurity Doctrine

Argentine President Mauricio Macri has recently enabled the armed forces' involvement in home security tasks. His decision responds to a change in the international military doctrines promoted by the US. Español

Explaining Chomsky’s strange science: a reply to Randy Allen Harris

“I am attempting to explain Chomsky’s part in the postwar overthrow of behaviourism and the dramatic triumph of the so-called ‘cognitive revolution’.”

Will Salvini copy Orbán in the fight against NGOs?

Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini, admirer of Orbán, has harshly criticized NGOs whose ships save migrants from the Mediterranean sea. Will Italy follow the Hungarian path to illiberal democracy?

Ecuador’s not-so-pink tide: a Citizen’s Revolution against its citizens

The Citizen Revolution has strengthened the State at the detriment of the public, and its authoritarian hand has legitimized the political Right. Today, few dare identifying with the Left anymore. Español

La marea (no tan) rosa de Ecuador: una Revolución Ciudadana contra los ciudadanos

La Revolución Ciudadana ha fortalecido al Estado en detrimento de la población y su autoritarismo ha legitimado a la derecha política. Hoy, pocos son los que se atreven a identificarse con la izquierda. English

Techlash: why Facebook’s approach to #FakeNews ultimately fails

Zuckerberg needs to take a step back and allow institutions to flourish. There are only bigger waves looming ahead.

AMLO and Mexican women’s fight for equality

The next Mexican cabinet will be gender equal. But it is unclear whether Andrés Manuel López Obrador will give the feminist agenda a central role. Español

AMLO y la lucha de las mujeres por la igualdad

El próximo gabinete mexicano tendrá cuotas igualitarias entre varones y mujeres. Sin embargo, no está claro que AMLO le otorgue un lugar central a la agenda feminista. English

The first commune in Kobane: construction and challenges

A story of the creation of the first commune in Kobane, and the struggle against authoritarianism within.

The US-Turkey stand-off in context: the US and the weaponisation of global finance

The US, a declining superpower, is trying to use the power of the dollar as a weapon to punish Turkey and other disobedient actors in the international system.

Reina la Impunidad: el Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional de Guatemala, amenazado

Uno de los mayores archivos de documentación relacionada con los 36 años de conflicto armado en Guatemala y las guerras sucias en América Latina se encuentra en peligro. English

Impunity Reigns: Threats to the Historical Archive of the National Police in Guatemala

The future of one of the largest archives containing documents related to the 36 years of internal armed conflict in Guatemala and the dirty wars in Latin America is currently at risk. Español

The IMF abetted the European Union’s subversion of Greek democracy

Who was accountable and who is accountable to the Greek people? European handling of the Greek crisis takes economic colonialism to a twenty-first-century high-water mark.

Crisis cambiaria en la Argentina: el tango del FMI

Una tremenda crisis cambiaria ha sacudido la economía argentina, determinando un fuerte aumento de la inflación acompañado por una dura recesión. El gobierno ha solicitado asistencia financiera al FMI. English

The currency crisis in Argentina and the dawning of the IMF

The Argentine government has requested financial assistance from the IMF to tackle the consequences of a huge foreign exchange crisis. Doubts about the country's foreseeable future are re-emerging. Español

Belfast is welcoming refugees with a radical new approach: speaking to them

We’re having different conversations about immigration, race and community. They are successful, and fun, and they could change the world.

The theatre group challenging Bosnia's ethnic divisions

I was imprisoned in Omarska concentration camp. There's a growing danger it could happen again. That's why I’m working with young people to help stop it.

#AMLO in Mexico: What are the two greatest challenges of the new president?

Among the greatest challenges that new Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador faces, violence and corruption come out on top. How he addresses these issues will determine his presidency. Español

La marea (no tan) rosa de Brasil, y su legado

El dilema político en Brasil hoy es el siguiente: aunque los gobiernos de la marea rosa no fueron eficientes a la hora de reducir las desigualdades sociales, cualquiera de las alternativas políticas existentes es mucho peor. English

El fracaso del megacanal nicaragüense, una buena noticia para las comunidades indígenas

El proyecto del megacanal es muy revelador de cómo Daniel Ortega trata los asuntos públicos y en particular los que afectan de manera directa a las comunidades indígenas. English

Is the Nicaraguan mega-canal failure good news for indigenous communities?

The issue of the mega-canal project is very telling of how Nicaragua's ruler, Daniel Ortega, deals with public affairs, and particularly with indigenous communities. Español

Understanding the mainstreaming of the far right

It is essential to move beyond electoral politics to understand the way the far right is being mainstreamed. It involves asking, “ is there any such thing as public opinion” ?

عندما كنت مُستمعاً

واليوم وبعد سنوات طوال من مسيرتي في الإذاعة بين مستمع لها وعامل بها، أيقنت أن للإذاعة حضور قد لا تستطيع التغلب عليه وسائل الإعلام الأخرى.

Apropos of AMLO: It's time to leave behind the term "populism"

That the term populism has become so commonly used does not mean, however, that it is useful for those who want to understand our changing political reality. On the contrary, if anything the term hampers understanding of that reality. Español

A propósito de AMLO: es hora de dejar atrás el término “populismo”

La popularidad del concepto de populismo no significa que éste sea un término útil para quienes desean entender nuestra cambiante realidad política. Por el contrario, el término nos ayuda poco a entender esta realidad. English

Colombia: reglamentar la protesta, ordenar la conciencia

El nuevo presidente colombiano ha llamado a “dejar atrás los odios”, y a “unir fuerzas” para emprender un nuevo capitulo en la historia política del país. Sin embargo, este transformado discurso unitario resulta en un acto de inevitable coerción política. English

Colombia: Regulating protests, organizing consciences

The incoming Colombian president has called for "leaving hatred behind" and "joining forces" to undertake a new chapter in Colombian political history. However, this unitary discourse results in an act of inevitable political coercion. Español

Ahed Tamimi: illegally blond

The racialisation of blond operates on many levels in Israeli society and is related to a complex and multilayered structure of oppression. 

Reconocimiento colombiano a Palestina: el ángulo histórico

En noviembre de 1947, la comunidad internacional aprobó el despiece de Palestina para crear dos Estados como posible solución al conflicto entre los nacionalismos judío y árabe. Pero Colombia se abstuvo de la votación. English

Pacified politics or risk of disintegration? A race against time in Ethiopia

The dramatic changes of the last months have moved Ethiopia away from “the gates of hell ”, but all options are still on the table, from the worst to the best.

Derechos humanos e inteligencia artificial: el reto de una era

Un nuevo conjunto de principios, la Declaración de Toronto, tiene como objetivo que los derechos humanos ocupen el primer plano en el desarrollo y la aplicación de tecnologías de aprendizaje automático. English

A call for an international right of hospitality on World Humanitarian Day

In the current situation there is a crying need to limit the arbitrariness of States by confronting them with legitimate and internationally recognized counter-powers.

When liberals have had enough: a new wave of protests in Romania

Whereas the stereotypical pro-government voter consumes partisan local media; by contrast, the stereotypical protester in Bucharest owns an iPhone and reads international newspapers online.

Appeal from a political economist: the left internationalist case for a second referendum on Brexit

The critical consideration is the strategic interests of that sector of the global corporate and wealth elites who want the dissolution of the EU as a bulwark against unfettered capitalism.

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