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Mairi Mackay is openDemocracy’s senior editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Shame on those who try to justify Giulio Regeni’s assassination

Claims that Regeni’s supervisors bear responsibility for sending him into danger are outrageous, betraying both ignorance of the facts and a severe lack of empathy.

What kind of hope is a promise?

“If progressives focus too much on the institutional sphere, the right wing can take the streets – they’ve done it before. If we don’t, someone else will.” Interview with the author of Hope is a Promise. (5,800 words)

Can the Kurdish question be settled by killing people in Sur?

"Allow us, let us take these people out alive. The state will lose nothing if a civilian group is involved."

The transience and persistence of the ‘jungle’ in Calais

It is at once an informal encampment of makeshift shelters; a town under construction, with shops, restaurants and schools; and, a space subject to institutional violence, at risk of imminent destruction.

Plan Canal in Brussels: Belgium vs Molenbeek

The Belgian government has unveiled a multi-million euro plan to combat radical extremism in 'Molenbeekistan'. But does it ignore Islam altogether?

Women in post-conflict Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan does much better on women’s rights issues in comparison to the rest of Iraq, yet many challenges remain.

Coalition air strikes and the Sunni 'endgame' in Syria, Iraq

The pattern of strikes by the disjointed US-led coalition of Operation Inherent Resolve remains the best and most reliable public indicator of intentions and future operations in the short-term.

Floating or sinking? The state of democracy in Turkey and the rise of the HDP

This just serves to highlight the pessimistic state of Turkish democracy today. What is more, it should certainly not be assumed that the HDP are the great democratic hope of Turkish politics.

Las bases sociales de las nuevas derechas en América Latina

La nueva derecha en América Latina tiene una base social inédita: las clases medias (y una parte de los sectores populares), modelados culturalmente por el extractivismo. English

When you’re standing in the rain, you can’t expect not to get wet

Although violence is considered a societal threat in Norway, inclusion of the violence faced by sex workers is not high on the agenda.

The billionaire, big data and net neutrality: Facebook and democracy in India

“One user even said Facebook sent him a notification that his deceased uncle had supported Free Basics and so he should too.” 

A realignment of Irish politics?

On February 26 the Irish people take to the polls for the first general election since 2011.

Is Bolivia outsourcing too much to China?

Bolivian president Evo Morales has cultivated a close relationship with China since taking office in 2006, but many deals with Chinese firms are under scrutiny. Español Português

A turning point for Turkey’s Kurds and parliamentary democracy

Ultimately, the fate of Turkish democracy appears to be intertwined with that of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP).

Rise and fall of the dream called HDP

President Erdoğan's readiness to circumvent elections shows that promises to end the conflict were contingent on securing a mathematically permanent conservative-nationalist electoral bloc.

Da resistência ao poder: a experiência latino-americana

Uma conversa entre o secretário político de Podemos e uma referente da esquerda pós-marxista reflete o potencial impacto das ideias e práticas latino-americanas na esquerda europeia. English Español

De la resistencia al poder: la experiencia latinoamericana

Una conversación entre el secretario político de Podemos y un referente de la izquierda postmarxista muestra el impacto potencial de las ideas y prácticas latinoamericanas en la izquierda europea. English Português

Latin American conquest of the state

A conversation between the political strategist of Podemos and a theoretical referent of the postmarxist left shows the potential impact of the Latin-American political ideas and practices. Español Português

Anti-Muslim hatred from the margins to the mainstream

Whatever local Muslim communities do to remind society that these extremists don’t represent them, there are media commentators, as well as right-wing politicians, constantly fostering a narrative of collective responsibility.

‘First respect, then assess!’: anti-research assessment protest in Italian universities (#NoVQR)

How can you ask to judge the quality of a system while you are also subjecting it to the most massive disinvestment in the history of the Italian state?

2013-2016: polarização e protestos no Brasil

A redução de uma ampla e complexa reconfiguração da sociedade brasileira a “fascistas” e “bolivarianos” é mostra da exasperação da conjuntura atual. Español English

2013-2016: polarización y protestas en Brasil

La reducción de una amplia y compleja reconfiguración de la sociedad brasileña a “fascistas” y “bolivarianos” demuestra la exasperación de la coyuntura actual. English Português

2013-2016: polarization and protests in Brazil

The reduction of a broad and complex reconfiguration of Brazilian society to a matter of “Fascists” versus “Bolivarians” is a sign of the exasperation caused by the current conjuncture. Español Português

Beyond powerlessness

If we want to escape from our situation of powerlessness and anxiety, we must re-examine our relationship to the political, and strive to produce new types of political practice. Français.

Cizre, don’t forgive us!

Nobody asks who those are in the basement, or why the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H) would open fıre on an ambulance which comes to pick up those wounded people.

Batalha digital em Angola

O “eterno” Presidente de Angola está preocupado pela falta de mecanismos estatais para controlar os meios de comunicação digitais. José Eduardo dos Santos está disposto a criminalizar a internet para mantê-los sob vigilância. Español English

Batalla digital en Angola

El incombustible Presidente de Angola está preocupado por la falta de mecanismos estatales para controlar los medios de comunicación digitales. Está dispuesto a criminalizar internet para mantenerlos bajo vigilancia. English Português

Angola´s digital last frontier

Angola´s long-standing president is worried about the lack of state mechanisms to control social media. By criminalizing the internet, he is determined to do something about it . Español Português

In Turkey, the regime slides from soft to hard totalitarianism

The resemblances to interwar Italy are unmistakable, and the results are gradually turning out to be almost as fatal.

Estudantes latinos: deportados para uma "morte certa"?

Vários estudantes latino-americanos da Carolina do Norte foram detidos e, pese à forte oposição das autoridades educativas, poderiam acabar por ser deportados. Español English

Why does Latin America have the world's highest female murder rates?

Most female murders on earth occur in Latin America, a phenomenon partly due to organized crime activities such as human trafficking and gang violence, says InSight Crime. Español

¿Por qué Latinoamérica tiene las tasas de feminicidios más elevadas del mundo?

Latinoamérica es la región del planeta donde más se asesina a mujeres, en parte debido a actividades criminales como la trata de personas y la violencia de pandillas, según InSight Crime. English

Latino high schoolers could be deported to "certain death"

Several North Carolina Latino high schoolers have been arrested and are expected to be deported, despite strong opposition from both the teachers and school boards throughout the state. Español Português

Estudiantes latinos ¿deportados a una "muerte segura"?

Varios estudiantes latinos de Carolina del Norte han sido detenidos y, pese a la fuerte oposición de las autoridades educativas en todo el estado, podrían acabar siendo deportados. English Português

Global South, beyond the State

Global South's emancipatory practices are demanding the renewal of the 'Spirit of Bandung' that gave birth to the South-South cooperation. Español

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