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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Bolivia’s lithium boom: dream or nightmare?

Bolivia stores around 70% of the world’s lithium reserves, but the environmental impacts of extracting it represent a risk of massive contamination. Español. Português.

Bolívia, sonhos e pesadelos em função do boom do lítio

A Bolívia possua 70% das reservas de lítio do planeta, mais os impactos ambientais da extração representan un perigo de contaminação maciça. Español. English.

Bolivia, sueños y pesadillas por el boom del litio

Bolivia posee el 70% de las reservas de litio a nivel mundial, pero el impacto ambiental de su explotación supone un riesgo de contaminación masiva. Português. English.

Pós-conflito na Colômbia (1): Adeus às armas

2015 termina com avanços de vital importância para as negociações. Uma vez acordado o tema das vítimas, o abandono das armas é um dos mais difíceis pontos sobre os quais as partes ainda tem que chegar a acordo. English. Español

Spain’s December 20 General Elections: start of a new historical cycle

Being able to foster ‘real’ change in favour of the oppressed while, at the same time, responding to their need for security would be a great achievement for any political entity. Español

Volver a Sonreír

Para aquellos que están decepcionados con las perspectivas que ofrecía la supuesta “crisis del capitalismo”, Podemos representa más que una bocanada de aire fresco. Es un chute de adrenalina. English.

Facing violence: thoughts from Geneva

To counter ISIS and address the other crucial crises that poison our days we need a regime change – at home.

”Famine” in Ethiopia: key facts

The usual scapegoat returns, with fears that the land tenure system is the main culprit for low production and thus food shortages in a crisis, when it is not.

The need for national action on US gun reform

We passively accept, perhaps as a result of successive frustrations, that even the majority is powerless in the face of special interest groups that choke off the channels of change.

Podemos: radical blueprint for democratic reform

Iglesias' party proposes a radical opening up of the state through citizen participation in decision-making, and administration as a weapon against oligarchic power. 

The 'invisibilisation' of US police violence

Accurate accounts of racial violence will be essential for any kind of political reckoning. So why are statistics on the US police's use of deadly force being suppressed? 

PODEMOS en el Debate de las ‘Izquierdas’: Elecciones y Aspiraciones de Cambio en los Tiempos del ‘Fin de la Historia’

Podemos no ha renunciado a formar parte de la izquierda. Simplemente, ha renunciado a fromar parte de esta izquierda que se conforma una y otra vez con perder. English.

Podemos in the debate of the ‘Left(s)’: elections and aspirations for change at the ‘End of History’

Podemos has not given up on being part of the left, it has simply renounced being part of this left that can be content with losing, time after time. Español.

Intervención en el Fórum Europa: “La política debe tener ética y ser humanista”

No hay sitio donde yo pueda hablar. Y esto porque lo tenéis todo súper controlado. Los medios están al servicio del poder; un poder corrupto, esto está más que demostrado. English.

De la descafeinización de Podemos como fuerza de contrapoder en el contexto español y europeo

No hay manera de conciliar la abierta contradicción que existe entre los “altos eslabones” de Podemos y sus políticas estatistas, y los ciudadanos, que propulsan al partido desde abajo. English.

On the decaffeination of Podemos as an anti-Establishment force

There is no way of concealing the increasingly open contradiction that exists between Podemos’s ‘upper echelons’ with their statist policies, and the citizens that propel the party from below. Español.

John Kerry, where are women’s voices in the Syria peace talks?

The US may be tempted to congratulate itself for wrangling Russia to the table for the meeting on Syria’s peace talks. Yet an indispensable party is missing: Syrian women.

How have the international media covered migration in 2015?

Moving Stories, reviews media coverage of migration in the European Union and in 14 countries across the globe and finds that journalists routinely fall into propaganda traps laid by politicians.

Tunisia: the irresistible flow

Five years ago, today, it began. The uprisings had no master narrative – they were a series of micronarratives produced by ordinary people. 

"A Gramscian party in a non-Gramscian world." An interview with Paul Mason

#ThisIsACoup, a four-part documentary series that sets out to ‘tell the story of how the European Union destroyed the first radical left government in modern history’, premiered on Tuesday. An interview.

A vote of no confidence: explaining the Danish EU referendum

The six parties endorsing a yes-vote represented more than 60% of the parliamentary mandates. Still, they were rejected by an electorate fundamentally divided from them on EU-issues. 

Skunk water: stench as a weapon of war

In 2004, the Israel Defense Forces began using putrid water called “Skunk” to incapacitate Palestinian protestors. But this weapon, though non-lethal, is far more dehumanising than it first appears.

Invirtiendo la pirámide invertida: breve genealogía del origen, emergencia y desarrollo de Podemos

El deber de un revolucionario no es simplemente ganar, sino conseguir transformar la sociedad, empezando por la transformación ética de uno mismo. English.

Reversing the inverted pyramid: a brief genealogy of Podemos’ origins and development

The duty of a revolutionary is not simply to win, but to forge the transformation of society, beginning from an ethical transformation of oneself. Español.

Comunicación Política, Transformación Social y Alternativas Democráticas: Crítica y Límites de la Experiencia PODEMOS

Desde el punto de vista de la economía política de la comunicación, fiar toda la comunicación política a los media es una apuesta equivocada. English.

Political communication, social transformation and democratic alternatives: critique of the Podemos experiment

To mortgage all political communication to media is a mistaken deal, from a perspective informed by the political economy of communication. Español

Exceptional Israel: the case for BDS

case for BDS by other means.

Postconflicto en Colombia (1). Adiós a las armas

2015 termina con avances de vital importancia para la negociación. Acordado el punto sobre víctimas, la dejación de las armas es ahora uno de los más dificultosos que quedan por acordar. English. Português. 

Post-conflict in Colombia (1). A farewell to arms

2015 ends with crucial progress in the negotiation process. Once the victims' viewpoint has been agreed, the laying down of arms is now one of the most difficult remaining points. Português. Español. 

Post-conflict perspectives in Colombia

2016 will be a crucial year for the peace process. As a contribution to progress along the road, jointly with the Fundación Ideas para la Paz in Bogotá we are launching a series on the post-conflict perspectives. Español. Português. 

Idomeni, Grécia – sem saída

O campo de refugiados de Idomeni foi, durante as últimas três semanas, o epicentro do conflito da entrada dos refugiados na Europa. A distinção feita na fronteira entre migrantes e refugiados fez a violência escalar. English

Idomeni, Greece – dead end

Idomeni refugee camp was,over the last three weeks, the epicentre of the refugee crisis in Europe. The growing violence in the camp arose from the closure of the border.  Português.

Paris COP21: the worst deal in the history of global climate negotiations

The role of technology in solving the climate change challenge was completely ignored by world leaders at the Paris conference.

To be, or not to be: Europe under siege

In the short term, Europe can only survive as a way of solving common problems, worth having insofar as the EU stabilises crises and protects the economic wellbeing of its citizens.

El asalto a los cielos: ¿De arriba abajo o de abajo arriba? Las relaciones entre el movimiento municipalista y Podemos

Entre los errores de Podemos está el entender a sus comités locales (los famosos círculos), junto a iniciativas municipalistas, como meros generadores de reivindicaciones, y no como lugares de construcción colectiva y de creatividad política. English.

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