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Ray Filar

Ray Filar is co-editor of Transformation and a freelance journalist.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why Australia can’t keep its prime ministers

Enter our new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. Let's be clear: the right's program will not change now that its leader has.

Urgent letter to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

“You are in the best position to save your country, as was your great enemy in Syria.  Is the lesson of his misrule playing no part in your current thinking?”  

A climate of conspiracy

What the Tea Party and Occupy movements have in common is that they don’t accept the official version of events any more.

Climate change versus conspiracy theory in India

A key aspect of the counter-narratives to the climate change explanations for man-eaters has underlined and originates from this feeling of being-forgotten.

Europe's refugee-love

Fear pushes us to know the social and political determinations of refugees from a right-wing perspective ('are they potential ISIS militants?'). But compassion works by blinding us to it.

Mantra for 9/11: improbable world, fourteen years later

Fourteen years later and do you even believe it? Did we actually live it? Are we still living it? And how improbable is that?

Crisis de refugiados en Europa. Recordad América Latina.

Esta crisis no es sólo europea, sino global. Debemos tratarla como tal, involucrando a naciones de todo el mundo en su solución. Como hiciera en el pasado, América Latina puede ayudar. English. Português.

ISIS, identity and the destruction of antiquities

Confronted with the suffering of Syrian refugees, mourning world heritage seems academic at best. But Islamic State must not succeed in its cultural cleansing.

Crise de refugiados na Europa: recordando a América Latina

Esta não é apenas uma crise Europeia, mas global, e que deve ser abordada como tal, envolvendo as nações de todo o mundo na sua solução. À semelhança do que fez no passado, a América Latina pode contribuir. English, Español

Outside the box: is the Islamic State close to victory?

Many facts belie the myth that Islamic State is on its back heel, and its longevity, proximity to Damascus, as well as the weakness of its enemies mean that it may wreak yet more havoc.

Better to be a dog than a Bedouin

The demolition of Umm Al Hiran and displacement of its Bedouin residents is the beginning of the Prawer Plan under another name.

Por que se rebelam as comunidades indígenas?

Ao suprimir a autonomia indígena educativa, o governo empobreceu o carácter plurinacional e multicultural do Estado equatoriano. Español. English.

'Something wicked this way comes': the Arab transitions (part 1)

An excerpt from a NOREF report on the background to the current situation in the Middle East, focusing on the aftermath of the 'Arab Spring'. Part one: North Africa, Egypt and the Gulf.

Bolivia: how many more dead women are needed for us to change?

With cases of women killed piling up, Bolivian society finds itself at a crucial turning point: to change and leave aside its pernicious ways, or to turn a blind eye and consider Andrea yet another statistical datum of femicide.Português.

Bolivia: Quantas mais mulheres têm que morrer para que mudemos?

A nossa sociedade encontra-se num ponto crucial: mudar e deixar de lado os nossos nocivos costumes, ou fazer de Andrea uma vítima mais e um dado estatístico do feminicidio. English.

Where to now? Governing the migration crisis in the Mediterranean

It is through dialogue, not wars, that Europe can work towards alleviating the humanitarian crisis that is apparent on its shores.

El dinero sucio corroe la democracia: ¿Qué hacer?

Los fondos ilícitos pueden perjudicar gravemente a las instituciones democráticas en todos sus niveles y en todo el mundo, de Pakistán a Perú, de Mali a Myanmar. Pero hay maneras de impedir el daño, o al menos mitigarlo.  English. Português.

Dinheiro sujo, democracia ferida: que fazer?

Os fundos ilícitos podem danificar as instituições democráticas a vários níveis e em todas as regiões do mundo, do Paquistão ao Peru, do Mali ao Myanmar. Mas há maneiras de impedir ou ao menos limitar dito dano. English. Español.

Why do indigenous communities rise up?

By eliminating indigenous educational autonomy, the government impoverishes the plurinational and multicultural character of the Ecuadorian State. Español Português

¿Por qué se levantan las comunidades indígenas?

Al suprimir la autonomía indígena educativa, el gobierno empobreció el carácter plurinacional y multicultural del Estado ecuatoriano. English Português.

La población civil, víctima de la crisis fronteriza entre Colombia y Venezuela

La cobertura mediática de la crisis fronteriza entre Colombia y Venezuela se centra en el presidente Maduro, olvidando a su primera víctima: la población civil. Hacen falta políticas de desarrollo estructurales que construyan un futuro para la región. English.

The Colombia-Venezuela border crisis: the civilian backdrop

The Colombia-Venezuela border crisis' media coverage should focus on the affected populations rather than in a Maduro/Santos dispute. Structural development policies should be deployed to build a future for the crossborder region. Español.

Terrorist slippery slope

The UK government should look to what is happening to free expression in Egypt and Turkey before broadening terrorist laws to include those who "spread hate".

Fazendo um balanço do progressismo

O ciclo progressista na América Latina parece viver os seus últimos dias enquanto que o estado de debilidade dos movimentos sociais augura tempos difíceis para os setores populares. Español. English 

Taking stock of ‘Progresismo’

As the cycle of Latin American progressive politics appears to be coming to an end, the weakened state of the social movements that made it possible portend a difficult time for popular sectors. Español. Português. 

The Hurricane and the Empire

On the tenth anniversary of Katrina, we republish an invitation to ponder the incapacity of the US government to respond to the disaster in New Orleans. What was at the root of that paralysis? From the archive, September 5, 2005.

Death of a peace process: martial law returns to Turkey

Turkey has placed the Kurds and their struggle for human rights within a state of exception – outside the protections of due process of law.

Mobilising for peace and freedom: from aspiration to lasting change

The 2015 WILPF manifesto outlines how those who choose peace over conflict must act, and recognises that negotiations on a treaty making transnational corporations accountable for violation of human rights is part of the way forward.  

Bombs in Bangkok: how will Thailand’s military junta react?

Regardless of the perpetrator's motivation, it is certain that Thailand’s military rulers will use the Bangkok bombing to further delay democratic elections.  

Politics and diplomacy in Turkey: time to talk

Beset by domestic and regional crises, Turkey has adopted a defensive posture where dialogue would be preferable.

Brasil: El relato del PT en el laberinto neoliberal

Desde el 2014, el gobierno de Dilma Rousseff forzó la polarización estratégica entre “la izquierda” y “la derecha”. Sin embargo, entre su relato progresista y su real politik neoliberal hay un abismo. Português. English.

Mexico’s deadly truths

The brutal murder of photojournalist Rubén Espinosa is the latest in a long line of executions. But the international community continues to misunderstand the roots of Mexico’s political violence.

How Israeli impunity threatens Palestinian children

Israel should ensure justice for the murders of Ali and Saad Dawabshe, but its policies must fundamentally change if other Palestinian children are to have a future.

Brasil: o relato do PT no labirinto neoliberal

Desde 2014, o governo de Dilma Rousseff forçou a polarização estratégica entre “a esquerda” e “a direita”. No entanto, entre o seu relato progressista e a sua real politik neoliberal há um abismo. Español. English.

Dusting off the Sangatte playbook: a humane, practical course of action in Calais

Increased security at Calais might prevent migrants risking life and limb to get to the UK, but it will not deal with the migrants currently living rough in the Pas de Calais, nor the wider problem of refugee and migrant flows into the EU.

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