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Tom Rowley is editor of oDR, covering the progressive agenda in Eurasia.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

“In every conflict there is always room for negotiation”

There is no rule saying that some conflicts have no solution. The dynamics, the interests and the timings keep on changing and opening up possibilities for resolving them. Interview. Español

"En todo conflicto hay siempre posibilidades de negociación"

No existe una regla según la cual hay conflictos sin solución. Hay dinámicas, intereses y tiempos que van cambiando y abriendo posibilidades para su resolución. Entrevista. English

Inciting soldiers to rape in the Philippines

Duterte offered immunity to soldiers that commit rape in the current anti-terror campaign in Mindanao. It could make him liable for indictment for war crimes.

Get out and vote say immigrants. For your future and ours

Refugees and migrants test Britain’s claim to be a representative democracy, a test which Britain is not passing. 

Refugees: the Trojan horse of terrorism?

Why are leaders in the EU and US reluctant to admit that the main terrorist threat to western countries comes from home-grown extremists?

My Three Day war: a memoir

“With so much land captured, aren’t you ideally placed to offer the Arab nations a peace deal?” “King Hussein has my number – let him call me!”

50 years of occupation will not kill hope for a free Palestine

On its 40th day, the mass hunger strike by Palestinian political prisoners was suspended after an agreement was reached to allow two visits per month.

Palestine: Imperial failures and their consequences

The Nakba, central to Palestinian nationhood as much as the Holocaust is for Jews and slavery is for African-Americans, is the living reminder of the profound injustice inflicted upon the Palestinians.

Nicolás Maduro and Perón’s widow

The kind of leadership exercised by charismatic leaders disempowers the institutions and the opposition. This makes it all the more difficult to produce a successor and heightens the feeling of abyss. Español Português

Nicolás Maduro e a viúva de Perón

Os lideres carismáticos exercem um tipo de liderança que esvazia de poder as instituições e os opositores. Isto reforça a incapacidade de gerar sucessores e reafirma a sensação de abismo. English Español 

Nicolás Maduro y la Viuda de Perón

Los líderes carismáticos ejercen un tipo de liderazgo que vacía de poder a instituciones y opositores. Esto refuerza la incapacidad de generar sucesores y reafirma la sensación de abismo. English Português

The 'success' of political Islam in the Kurdish context

We need to go beyond the dichotomy between radical and moderate Islam to see how Islamist movements impose hegemony at local, national and international levels.

“A homeland that wants to kill us”

"This hatred overdose and systematic lynch campaign is something that none of us were prepared for. We are civilian citizens whose only 'crime' is to demand peace." An open letter.

Turkey’s presidential referendum and the (not so) curious case of the Turkish diaspora in Europe

Maybe it is time Europe looked at itself in the mirror and started discussing why more and more people, including Europeans, are walking away from the much-vaunted “liberal European values”.

"It was women who made the color of the referendum purple and its spirit NO!"

The secondary position to which women were relegated was endorsed, not silently and privately, but publicly and vocally, by high-profile dignitaries of the AKP, including Erdogan himself. This helped violence.

Mexico: the press under threat

In Mexico, the job of investigative journalist has become dangerous. Murders and pressures from the powers that be are making the specialist press nervous. Español

Colombia Negra: Abandono, vida civil y furia en la ciudad portuaria de Buenaventura

¿Qué tipo de protesta es necesario para que las demandas de las personas negras se conviertan en demandas de la democracia en Colombia? English

Tunisi’s dream, Erdogan’s nightmare

“Our principles remind us that not justice, but oppression will inevitably result from an unrestrained one-man rule that is unaccountable, unchecked and unstoppable…”.

Turkey’s united front against Kurds and democracy

The political success of the Kurds – the colonized – has intimidated not just the authoritarian AKP and ultranationalist MHP but also the nationalist, secularist, so-called social democratic CHP.

Will the feline Macron succeed?

“Enthusiasm for his victory is drawing investment into European equities. And French private sector employment has just reached a post-crisis high, giving a boost to wages.”

The Ala-Turca presidency: old wine in new bottles in the Kurdish case

Erdogan may require a more pragmatic approach to the US and Russia, hence indirectly with the PYD and Assad, to open up space for himself in the region’s politics.

Venezuela: a blueprint for strife

An undemocratic proposal for a new constitution and an increasingly isolated Venezuela’s withdrawal from the OAS are two developments of an increasingly upsetting crisis. Español

Venezuela, the day after

There are three dimensions to the conflict: one, in the streets; another, at the international community level; and the third in the economic-financial sphere. Español

On the absence of Arab intellectuals: a class under siege

The urban middle class in Egypt is averse to situations where class conflict is heightened and thus justifies repression by the state.

The refugee crisis: demilitarising masculinities

Photos emerging from the borders of Europe weave a new narrative around what it means to be vulnerable, to be a man, to say no to war and to be a refugee.

Whatever happened to peace? Arms, oil and war by proxy

We're living in a new era of proxy warfare, where multiple powers fund local proxies with disastrous consequences. We need to break the cycle.

Britain would have been safer with Corbyn in charge

Jeremy Corbyn consistently voted against wars of choice that Britain could have refrained from taking part in, now regarded as strategic failures, promoting, not reducing, international terrorism.

الحوثيين وإيران: تحالفات السياسة وتوترات المذهب

لايزال الدور الإيراني في اليمن وطبيعة العلاقة مع الحوثيين مسألة مثيرة للجدل، يميل البعض إمّا لانكارها بالكامل والتقليل بشدّة من حقيقة وجود تحالف بينهما أو المبالغة في تقدير العلاقة وتقديم الحوثيين كألعوبة بيد الإيرانيين.English

Yoga en Bogotá: mujeres combatientes de las FARC miran el futuro desde la cárcel

En una prisión de mujeres, en Bogotá, docenas de combatientes de las FARC permanecen entre rejas. Esto no les impide planear sus transiciones políticas y personales para cuando salgan. English

Yoga in Bogotá: imprisoned female FARC combatants look to the future

In a Bogotá women's prison, dozens of FARC combatants remain behind bars – but that hasn’t stopped them from making plans for political, and personal, transitions ahead. Español

Return of football to Aleppo highlights regime’s political theatrics

On January 28, locals from western Aleppo gathered to watch a football match, as a testament to how powerful the effect of a single strategically positioned match can be on a dictator’s image.

Elegía a Javier Valdez Cárdenas, periodista

No hay un periodista en el mundo que merezca serlo si no hace propia hoy la entereza con la que Javier llevó adelante nuestra profesión.

Veracruz – or what we (should) talk about when we talk about corruption

What Veracruz merely provides is a glimpse into the criminal corruption that thrives behind the façade of Mexico’s nominal democracy. Español

We are not your case study: weaving transnational solidarities across the semi-peripheries

As transnational activists navigating this intricate landscape we need self-criticism, paying careful attention to systems of exclusion we are not immune to. But we need criticism that is generative.

Lessons from farmers and indigenous women: cultivate democracy

Learning to live in harmony with the land is co-constituent to human rights activism. Jennifer Allsopp reports for 50.50 from the second day of the 2017 Nobel Women's Initiative conference. 

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