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Guest editor Ronan Harrington introduces this week's theme: Spirituality and Visionary Politics.

Ronan is a freelance political strategist and co-creator of Alter Ego, a gathering exploring the future of progressive politics.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The paradox of the Syrian conflict and its politics

While the French president has won public approval and international backing for the fight against IS, differences persist about the necessity of coordinating with Russia.

The left isn’t dead yet in Venezuela

With a catastrophic economic situation, Chavism is running out of time. Much will depend on how Maduro deals with this unprecedented situation of having a parliament fully controlled by the opposition. Português.

A esquerda ainda não está morta na Venezuela

Numa situação económica catastrófica, o Chavismo está a correr contra o tempo. Muito dependerá de como Maduro lide com um Parlamento controlado pela oposição, uma situação sem precedentes na história recente da Venezuela. English.

Where do we stand as we seek the balance between freedom and control?

As leaders, we have to overcome all of our historical, political, cultural divides and work towards building trust between communities.” Interview.

“We are seeing you”: protesting violent democracies in Kosova

Within Kosova there is a general feeling that these international actors prize stability above all else, enabling them to overlook the kind of police violence they see in their social media.

Turkey: from “role model” to “illiberal democracy”

If the west sees Turkey as a dumping ground for refugees, ignoring its transformation into an authoritarian regime allegedly assisting jihadist groups, an even more chaotic Middle East will ensue. 

Paris – 3 weeks on

"It is fundamental to search for explanations within our society, notably the social and economic exclusion of part of the population in France."

The Islamic State that isn’t

Why do western media call a barbaric terrorist group the ‘Islamic State’ when it is neither Islamic nor a state?

The UN is imperfect, but we need it more than ever

The disconnect between the public and the UN has given it an increasingly opaque image, compounded by dark scandals and media bias. But would the world be as safe without it?

Special Report: Gangs in Honduras

A new report based on extensive field research describes how the modus operandi of Honduras' two largest gangs (MS13 and Barrio18) has resulted in staggering levels of violence and extortion. Español.

Informe especial: Pandillas en Honduras

Un informe basado en un extenso trabajo de campo describe cómo funcionan las dos principales pandillas de Honduras, la MS13 y Barrio 18. Los niveles de violencia y extorsión son inauditos. English.

La violencia contra las mujeres en España: ¿a quién le importa?

Ante las elecciones, todos los partidos políticos en España han hecho comentarios sobre la  violencia contra las mujeres. Pero la preocupación de los españoles por esta tragedia sigue siendo baja. English.

Integrated education in Europe: privilege or right?

This international human rights day, the deep-rooted stereotype that implies that Romani families do not value education contributes substantially to a general lack of awareness in working to ensure equality in education for all. 

The tale of a Brazilian betrayal: the mining and environmental tragedy in Itabira

As long as environmental policies in Brazil continue to be filtered through corruption and electoral accountability, large scale mining companies will carry on their highly profitable but dangerous extraction with impunity. Español. Português.

Tragedia minera y el medioambiente en Itabira: historia de una traición brasileña

Mientras la política ambiental esté sometida a la corrupción y evite la rendición de cuentas electorales, las grandes compañías mineras seguirán con su extracción, tan rentable como peligrosa, con toda impunidad. English. Português

Tragédia mineira e meio-ambiente em Itabira: história de uma traição Brasileira

Enquanto a política ambiental passar pelo filtro da corrupção e da rendição de contas eleitoral, as grandes empresas seguirão com a sua extração, tao rentável como perigosa, com toda a impunidade. Español. English

Why it would be sheer folly to redraw Middle East borders along ethnic lines

However groundless the Sykes-Picot Agreement, is a Balkanisation of Syria and Iraq really the way forward?

Southeast Asia: a new refugee crisis looming?

Southeast Asia is seeing persecuted minorities fleeing their homeland. As in Europe, lack of political consensus has exacerbated the situation – and a new wave of migration is just about to start.

How ISIS provincialised Europe

A politics of blame, of ‘us’ versus ‘them’, serves only to endorse ISIS’s Manichean worldview. Only an ethos of intercultural dialogue can help produce the "strange multiplicity" that an irreversibly multiethnic Europe so urgently needs.

Salvando al Edén mexicano: resistencia frente al gigante petrolero

La compañía nacional de petróleos de México, ha alterado y dañado los medios de vida en Tabasco. Los indígenas luchan para que rinda cuentas de sus acciones. English.

China es un “impulsor importante” de degradación medioambiental en América Latina

China lanzó su estrategia “de expansión global” hace una década, invirtiendo más de US$ 120,000 millones en Latinoamérica, más que cualquier otro país. Pero esto tiene un alto precio medioambiental. English. Português.

China is a “major driver” of environmental degradation in Latin America

China launched its “go global” strategy over a decade ago, and has funneled upwards of US$ 120 billion into Latin America, more than any other country. Bu this comes to an environmental price. Español. Português.

China é “forte promotora” da degradação ambiental na América Latina

A China lançou sua estratégia de “expansão global”, há uma década, e já aportou mais de US$ 120 bilhões à América Latina, mais do que qualquer outro país. Mas isto implica um alto preço meio-ambiental. English. Español.

No peace and quiet for Israel until the occupation ends

Palestinian activists are faced with knowing that their unarmed resistance, whilst it has attracted international civil society support, has failed to exercise any leverage over Israel.

Body counting and precision bombing in failed states

The words ‘precision-guided missiles’ are used to make us think that British warplanes can go there and help the good guys, the so-called moderate rebels, without much, if any, collateral damage. 

Turkey: from conservative democracy to popular authoritarianism

Turkey is experiencing a popular authoritarian moment. Defeating it requires relentless bottom-up work in an increasingly hostile environment toward criticism.

Los desafíos de la Venezuela post-Chávez

La Revolución Bolivariana celebra elecciones parlamentarias en un contexto de crisis. El descontento alcanza incluso a los “chavistas no maduristas". English.

The challenges of post-Chávez Venezuela

With high expectations nurtured by the opposition, the Bolivarian Revolution is facing parliamentary elections on December 6. The whole region is looking at how post-chavism will play down. Español

With winter fast approaching the refugee crisis could become a medical disaster

As temperatures drop in eastern Europe, western attitudes to refugees cool. The Paris attacks have hardened many hearts, yet still the migrants arrive, at medical camps and aid agencies.

Colombia: La confusión en Saludcoop

Tras conocerse denuncias sobre desvíos de fondos, la principal Entidad Proveedora de salud del país fue intervenida por el Estado. La historia completa, que implica corrupción y salud pública, es kafkiana. English. Português.

Colômbia: a confusão na Saludcoop

O Governo colombiano resgatou a principal Entidade Provedora de Saúde do país imediatamente depois de ter conhecimento das denúncias sobre desvios de fundos em benefício de alguns dos seus administradores. Contudo, a história completa é kafkiana. English. Español.

Syria: to bomb or not to bomb? That is not the question

Recognise and accept the hard reality that there is no quick fix to the ISIS problem, no one solution: bombing is not the only option.

UK activists’ report on the struggle for autonomy in Silvan

When the city of Farqîn or Silvan declared autonomy, the Turkish state responded with violence and curfews: a firsthand account of residents' experiences.

The thinking behind a mental health workers pledge for Palestine

Concerned professionals may need to move beyond their accustomed professional roles to support a genuine transformation in Israel and occupied Palestine that respects the human needs and rights of all who live there.

Saludcoop: Colombian-style confusion

After allegations were made that funds had been diverted, the government took control of the main healthcare provider in Colombia. The full story, involving corruption and public health, is Kafkaesque. Español. Português.

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