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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Avoiding a precedent in Syria and the Balkanisation of the Middle East

A key part of resolving the Syrian conflict lies in establishing a more coherent military-diplomatic dynamic and in post-conflict planning, and the solution is heavily dependent on perceptions.

Crying wolf?

A cavalier use of evidence in the UK’s latest Home Affairs Committee report is feeding a moral panic about antisemitism, rather than dealing with an increasingly racist, intolerant society.

Portrait of the artist and The Confession, Part One

An interview with the director of The Confession, Moazzam Begg’s story commissioned by BBC Storyville and the BFI - one of the most resonant modern stories for our times.

Turkey’s Mosul dream: showing up uninvited to a party or having prepared its seat well in advance?

Turkey is already shouldering the greatest portion of the burden for Syrian refugees.  It should temper its approach regarding Mosul accordingly.

¿Hacia dónde va la defensa en Argentina?

Borrando la distinción entre defensa y seguridad pública, el gobierno de Macri está planeando utilizar a las fuerzas armadas para combatir el crimen organizado y otras "nuevas amenazas". English

Where is Argentina’s defense heading?

Blurring the distinction between defense and public security, Mauricio Macri’s government is now planning to use the armed forces for fighting organized crime and other “new threats”. Español

The fight for Mosul: the danger of arming Sunni opponents to Daesh and the Sunni/Shia power struggle

The liberation of Mosul, backed up by Sunni powers, themselves backed up by western powers, will only add to the general feeling of injustice experienced by Shias and will only benefit Iran and its conspiracy theories.

The cyber-war on WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is not only influencing the US elections, but transforming the US elections – as they should have been from the very beginning – into a global debate.

Next steps in the democracy argument

Any engagement approach not focused on getting the widest possible range of voices, and creating multiple environments in which they feel comfortable will be no improvement on the current system.

La paz en Colombia tiene que desarmar el miedo al género

Un voto emitido con el propósito de rechazar explícitamente el marco de referencia del género en el acuerdo de paz con las FARC, es un voto motivado por la ignorancia y el miedo. English

Whatever is happening to the Egyptians, Pt. 5: colonizing Egyptian bodies

This is an invitation to every Egyptian to review what s/he really wants and make active personal choices that transcend the inherited imperialist norms.

Who broke the Syria ceasefire?

Rely on the UK media for your information about Syria, and you probably think it was Russia and Assad. Here is what goes unreported.

La democracia brasileña ha sido atacada

“Las elites brasileñas nunca demostraron interés alguno por la democracia. Tendremos que realizar un esfuerzo sobrehumano para revalorizar la democracia”, dice Jucá Ferreira, ex ministro de Cultura de Brasil. English Português

Jackie Walker: a suspense mystery

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, to be suspended once may be regarded as a misfortune; twice looks like carelessness. But whose?

Slovakia: when seeing means myopia

Observation is one tool for approaching an understanding of socio-economic marginality – especially in its racialised forms – but mere observation is not enough.

Nonlethal security – supporting peace by reducing the damage of war

Military technologies are becoming increasingly lethal and unpredictable year by year and month by month. There’s more than one alternative.

Kingdom of arbitrary detention: how Saudi Arabia shuts down its most vocal critics

The institutionalised repression practiced by Saudi authorities is exposed by the fight led by one of the Kingdom’s most respected human rights organisations, the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA).

Postconflicto en Colombia (20): Paz territorial, descentralización y participación ciudadana

El final del conflicto armado es una oportunidad para redirigir las agendas complementarias de descentralización y participación ciudadana de forma a contribuir a la construcción de una paz estable y duradera. English 

Postconflict in Colombia (20): 'Paz territorial', decentralisation and citizen participation

The end of the armed conflict is the opportunity to re-route the complementary agendas of decentralisation and citizen participation so as to contribute to building a stable and lasting peace. Español

The lynching of Jackie Walker

The attacks on Jackie Walker and others are political, a determined effort by the Israel lobby to make Britain’s Labour Party safe for Israel and Zionism. 

Shia militias can be a greater threat to Iraq’s stability than Islamic State

The current security situation in Iraq is likely to worsen if the abuses of civilians by Shia militias within the PMF are not officially recognised and appropriately responded to.

Was a peace agreement ever possible in a country as complicated as Colombia?

Easy to imagine the president sizing up how that Nobel Prize would look on his mantelpiece. But the impact of the No vote will only become known in the fullness of time.

Turkey’s largest environmental legal case

In addition to the incompetence of the Turkish legal system, this case illustrates how twenty first century power politics is being played out in the arena of environmental projects.

Can the fabric of a diverse society be undone? Diary of an EU citizen in the UK

“A few days later the PM and the Health Secretary, Hunt, have ready a proposal to train more British doctors - the same Hunt who has upset the majority of British doctors.”

The Mexican graveyard

Every 22 hours, a member of the press is attacked in Mexico. Always going too far to find the truth comes with the job description. Being shot, however, should not. Español

El cementerio mexicano

Cada 22 horas, un miembro de la prensa es atacado en México. Ir demasiado lejos buscando la verdad es parte de su trabajo, pero acabar recibiendo un tiro no debería. English

Por qué Colombia ha votado no y qué significa

El domingo 2 de octubre, los colombianos rechazaron el reciente acuerdo de paz logrado entre el gobierno y las FARC después de 52 años de conflicto. English

Colombia, healing the rift

The peace process in Colombia has just suffered a huge blow. We should be thinking, with honesty and courage, how to start healing the rifts that the referendum has opened. Español Português

Fechar a brecha colombiana

O processo de paz na Colômbia acaba de sofrer um contratempo duríssimo. Temos que pensar, com honestidade e valentia, como fechar a brecha aberta. English Español

Starving Yemen

Is the forgotten war turning into a forgotten famine? What answers will we give when the next generation ask how we could watch these tragedies and do nothing?

Cerrar la brecha colombiana

El proceso de paz en Colombia acaba de sufrir un revés durísimo. Habrá que pensar, con honestidad y valentía, cómo empezar a cerrar la brecha abierta. English Português

From torture to de-radicalisation: towards public accountability of secret policies designed to prevent terrorism

To penetrate walls of official secrecy and eddies of highly selective information provision, civil society might use the proposed benchmark of accountability demands to help navigate this difficult area.

Colombia just voted no on its plebiscite for peace. Here’s why and what it means.

On Sunday, the Colombian people rejected the recent peace deal that the Colombian government had reached with the FARC after 52 years of civil war. Español

Trump y el populismo machista

El trato que Donald Trump dispensa a las mujeres no es un tema de estilo: proviene de ideas populistas y fascistas que exaltan el poder masculino y promueven la misoginia. English

One year after the Kunduz hospital airstrike, we’re still bombing the hell out of humanitarianism

The wretched truth is that if the Geneva Conventions did not exist today, no one would invent them.

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