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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

One year after the Kunduz hospital airstrike, we’re still bombing the hell out of humanitarianism

The wretched truth is that if the Geneva Conventions did not exist today, no one would invent them.

Note on Shimon Peres: from domination to hegemony and back again

The outpouring of grief following his departure represents global recognition of the cover provided by Peres.

Central and eastern Europe as playground of a conservative avant-garde

Central and eastern European hard right parties have more rapid success than their western counterparts, due to these countries’ subjection to the worst effects of neoliberalism and financialisation.

The arts and humanities: tackling the challenges of mass displacement

When we let people die rather than provide safety, we face not a ‘refugee crisis’ but a crisis of values. The arts help define those values which shape the kinds of societies we want to live in. 

Thai youthful thinking on education and democracy

A message from Thai youth to the World Forum for Democracy 2016 on ‘Democracy and equality – does education matter?’. Yes it does.

Anti-Immigration Referendum Sunday in Hungary

Our first major interview on openDemocracy was on the ‘Post-Fascism’ thesis recently expounded by the Hungarian philosopher in the year 2000. Here, Tamás regretfully revisits concept and reality. LeftEast interview. Serbo-Croat.

Post-humanitarianism in situ: Moria in flames

Did ultra-nationalist locals burn down the hotspot, was it the migrants themselves who did it, or was it the result of agent provocateur actions?

Unsafe Turkey, unsafe Europe

We need to look at the profound political, legal and ethical costs of reducing refugee flows.

رياضة وثورة وسياسة: كيف أثر نادي الألتراس على الوعي المصري؟

هذا الجزء الأول من أربعة أجزاء تتعمّق في تاريخ ما يُعرف بـ"الألتراس"، أي المشجعين الرياضيين المتطرفين، وتأثيرهم على المجتمع المصري. الجزء الأول: مَن هم الألتراس؟ English

Post-conflict in Colombia (19) Uncertainty and fears after the war

After the signing of the peace agreements, doubts remain about their true reach in the context of the country's complex social and security situation. Español

Postconflicto en Colombia (19) Incertidumbre y temores después de la guerra

Tras la firma de los acuerdos de paz, persisten las dudas sobre su verdadero alcance ante la compleja situación social y de seguridad  en que se encuentra Colombia. English

European refugees and Twitter

The political parties, professions and media that were registered as the most active in the Twitter storm #DiaMundialdelosRefugiados were those from the centre left.

Gloria Steinem: toward a feminist foreign policy

Feminism, when you look at it as Gloria Steinem does, as the recognition of the full humanity and full equality of both men and women, is peace work

Whose work was the inspiration for the first nuke-free country?

New Zealand was the first country in the world to pass national nuclear-free legislation. Marilyn Waring reflects on how Dr. Helen Caldicott’s influence culminated in the passage of the cornerstone of New Zealand’s foreign policy.

La verdadera prueba para la paz en Colombia empieza después del proceso de desmovilización. ¿Por qué?

El presidente colombiano Juan Manuel Santos y Timoleón Jiménez, líder de las FARC, firmaron formalmente un acuerdo de paz histórico, esperando poner fin a 52 años de guerra civil en Colombia. English

Peace is possible… if we remember 4 lessons

By 2014, people were fighting 40 wars, with terrorism reaching an all-time high and battle deaths reaching a 25-year high. As International Peace Day passes, what lessons are there?

Sports, politics, revolution: how a hardcore football fan club impacted Egyptian consciousness

This is the first in a four-part series that delves into the history of the Ultras and their impact on Egyptian society. Part One: Introducing Egypt's Ultras. عربي

Colombia: paz real en tiempos de guerras tramposas

Mientras se rumorea que un "nuevo Plan Cóndor" acecha en América Latina, Colombia podría necesitar en los próximos años algo más que una mirada de reojo de sus ensimismados vecinos. English

Um golpe contra a política

Ao retirar uma presidente eleita por razões evidentemente políticas, o impedimento da Dilma é um golpe contra a democracia. Español English

Why the real test for Colombia’s peace begins after the demobilization process

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Timoleon Jimenez, leader of FARC, have formally signed a historic peace deal, hoping to end 52 years of civil war in Colombia. Español

ماذا حدث للمصريين؟ الجزء الرابع: مشروع أرستقراطيين

ما الذي يثير قلق أغنياء مصر ويشعرهم بعدم الأمان؟ لماذا يريدون الهرب فجأة؟ لمَ نخيفهم؟ English

Sports diplomacy: Bahrain’s martial arts venture distracts from human rights abuses

While the use of successful sporting events is a persuasive approach to international relations, it is limited in its ability to disguise Bahrain's true nature.

Israel’s right to exist

The reason why the claimed ‘right to exist’ is problematic is a question of definition, not of dematerialisation. A reply to Mary Davis’ reply.

Un golpe a la brasileña

La destitución de la presidenta elegida, ostensiblemente por razones políticas, es un golpe contra la democracia. Português English

Colombia: real peace in an era of phony war

While a "new Condor Plan" is rumoured to be stalking the region, Colombia might need more than a sideways glance from self-absorbed neighbours in the years to come .Español

Post-conflict in Colombia (18) Amnesty and pardon in the peace process

The complex system of justice created at the negotiating table in Havana will require a great deal of effort for its implementation to meet the expectations. Español Português

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (18): Amnistias e indultos no processo de paz

O sistema de justiça criado na mesa de negociações para prestar contas é complexo e exigirá um grande esforço para que a sua implementação cumpra as expetativas criadas. English Español

Postconflicto en Colombia (18) Amnistías e indultos en el proceso de paz

El sistema de justicia creado en la mesa de negociaciones para rendir cuentas es complejo y requerirá un gran esfuerzo para que su implementación cumpla las expectativas creadas. English Português

Sudan: the government and its obsession with pornography

"They kept asking me if I have a boyfriend; when I was kissed last …they threatened to take naked pictures of me or create a porn film featuring me." 

Whose revolution?

The Egyptian mass protests can only be classified as a reform movement that had hoped to create a liberal order. A modest goal that has degenerated into a full-spectrum military autocracy.

As cimeiras mundiais sobre migrações, de alto risco e grande transcendência

O resultado das cimeiras sobre os refugiados desta semana em Nova Iorque deveria consistir em partilhar responsabilidades, não em eludi-las ou modifica-las. Español English

From "wear what you want" to reclaiming freedom, equality and solidarity

City activists across Europe have thrown beach parties against France’s burkini ban and the abuse of laïcité as a justification for the crackdown.

New data visualization explores city fragility around the world

One of the world´s most comprehensive city mapping platforms was launched in the Hague and Stockholm last week

Escaping from asylum to act as citizens: political mobilization of refugees in Europe

These forms of protest (except for the Sans Papiers movement in France) were for many years largely ignored by a wider public. This changed fundamentally in 2012.

Chile: the philosophical question

The global trend against humanities is hitting Chile, a country where thousands of students regularly take to the streets demanding not only free but better education. Español

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