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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Politics of fear in South Sudan

This is a country where a considerable number of citizens are crammed into UN protection camps out of fear of their own government.

The fluidity of identity among Jordanian foreign fighters in Syria

Jordanian volunteers in Syria come from diverse ideological backgrounds that do not necessarily align with the groups they join.

¿La CIA en Ecuador? De la NED, la corrupción, y el sistema judicial

La falta de transparencia y el control del sistema judicial en Ecuador crean las condiciones en las que agencias de EE.UU. pueden operar con mayor libertad. English

Turkey: of coups and popular resistance

The construct of ‘the people’  thrives on and demands homogeneity of values and unity of purpose and banishes diversity and difference to the realm of the evil ‘other’.

Brazil: “Without women, there is no democracy”

Amid the cries of “Fora, Temer!” (Out with Temer), feminists are reminding Brazil of the need to re-instate Rousseff, and guarantee human rights and social dignity. Español Português

Cinco razones para temer la innovación

Innovación es una palabra de moda en el sector de los derechos humanos. El concepto es enfatizado cada vez más por financiadores y las ONG están comenzando a prestarle atención. English Português

Not Hitler or Augustus, but a hybrid that shows what the American polity is becoming

“Our national crisis isn’t really about Trump; it’s about what’s happening to the American people.” Long essay.

El descalabro de la democracia que queríamos para Brasil

Gradualmente, se volvieron a introducir los viejos mecanismos de la democracia oligárquica, incluyendo la desafección entre los derechos de representación de la élite y los derechos de participación de la gente en general. English Português

Civil society under attack in Latin America

Core civil society rights have been violated in at least 14 Latin American countries in 2015, says Civicus’ annual report on civil society. Español

La sociedad civil, atacada en América Latina

Según el informe anual de Civicus sobre la sociedad civil en el mundo, se violan derechos fundamentales en al menos 14 países de América Latina. English

Radiografía del narco en México

Según datos oficiales, existen en el país 9 grupos del crimen organizado y 37 células delictivas aliadas con presencia en el 60% de los estados. Esta es la geografía del crimen sobre territorio mexicano. English

Failed coup attempt in Turkey: the victory of democracy?

Who was the aggressor and who the victim? Who was protecting whom? From whom?

Mapping Mexico's current organized crime landscape

According to official data, 9 organized crime groups and 37 allied criminal cells are currently operating in 60% of the country’s states. Find our Mexico’s geography of crime. Español

Very Turkish abduction from the seraglio and crocodile tears of the ‘West’

The international “friends of Turkey” bear a great deal of responsibility for Turkey’s predicament, a fact that the crocodile tears they shed today could not easily conceal.

Turkey coup aftermath: between neo-fascism and Bonapartism

Predictions about the consequences of Turkey’s failed coup focus on how it fulfils Erdoğan’s desire for an omnipotent presidency. But the danger that awaits is much greater than that.

Sur: against state violence in Turkey - an interview with former mayor Abdullah Demirbas

As a richly articulated living history, Sur shattered the stereotype of the Middle East as intellectually backwards and culturally empty. A call for international support.

Pode a comprovação de dados salvar a democracia – e o jornalismo?

A comprovação de dados é um serviço público que beneficia tanto a audiência como os jornalistas, como ficou claro durante a Cimeira Mundial celebrada em Buenos Aires (#GlobalFact3, 9-10 de junho). English Español

The United Kingdom is sleepwalking into renewing humanity’s deadliest weapons

The British public are tired of simplified, polarising campaign messages, and are fast losing faith in their elected representatives, setting the stage for a renewal of Trident by default.

UN talks on multilateral disarmament: you can run but cannot hide

As debate in the UK is pre-occupied with renewal of Trident there is an apparent lack of awareness that the world of non-proliferation and disarmament is changing around us.

Coup d'état attempt: Turkey’s Reichstag fire?

We are witnessing the consolidation of a new form of authoritarianism with a populist streak.

My thoughts on BREXIT: History is written by the victors

Brexit has revealed a culture war, which the left has been quietly losing.

Duro aterrizaje en Venezuela

Venezuela está al borde del precipicio. La acción concertada puede aún evitar su caída. Pero cuanto más se retrase, más venezolanos morirán por falta de medicinas, por malnutrición o por violencia. Português English

Venezuela’s hard landing

Venezuela is on the edge of the precipice. Concerted action may yet pull it back. But the longer it is delayed, the more Venezuelans will die from lack of medicines, malnutrition or violence. Português Español

Chilcot: all peaceful options were not exhausted

Tony Blair told Chilcot Saddam Hussein was, “a man to whom a last chance to do right is just a further opportunity to do wrong. He is blind to reason.” 

Brexit: a dismantling moment

We have reached a turning point with an uncertain outcome, in which the British and European dimensions are two sides of the same coin.

The persistence of elite control in Syria

If lasting political change is to occur in Syria, the experience of its neighbours must be heeded.

China e América Latina: relações estratégias em tempos de mudança

É palpável a preocupação na China pelas incertezas que geram as crises económicas e políticas, assim como as alterações na América Latina. English Español

DemocraciaAberta: primeiro ano

Selecionámos 10 artigos de entre os mais exitosos para os nossos leitores durante este primeiro ano. São bons exemplos do que a DemocraciaAberta está a construir. Español English

Who are they, these revolutionary Rojava women?

Meredith Tax just had to find out who they were - the revolutionary women of Rojava, bearing arms against ISIS, building a new world...she had to find their story, for herself, and in her new book, for us.

Zimbabwe in turmoil: from the trenches

Despite constant harassment and brutal repression, one by one all sectors of society are expressing their discontent publicly.

Paris after Orlando: gay prisoners of racial prejudice

This erasure by journalists and politicians has highlighted the lasting homophobia of French society. It served also as a reminder of how fragile the tenuous progress made for gay rights is.

From funerals to freedom for Kashmir: undoing the Great Indian Democracy

Indian desperation to possess the territory of Kashmir in its entirety, even if it means sacrificing all Kashmiri, and many Indian, lives, is a blot on Indian democracy.

Brexit to nowhere? Finding hope in convivial institutions

People want control of their lives back. Given the right institutions to work with, they can care for each other and so begin to heal a divided nation.

DemocraciaAbierta: primer año

Hemos seleccionado 10 artículos de entre los más exitosos para nuestros lectores en este primer año. Son buenos ejemplos de lo que DemocraciaAbierta está construyendo. Português English

The covert drone war in Yemen

The United States’ covert drone war in Yemen - at least 15 years old now – continues. European countries are directly and indirectly involved.

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