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Mairi Mackay is openDemocracy’s senior editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Targeted killings through drones are war crimes

The threat that terrorists pose to US interests and security did not create killing drones: rather the technical feasibility of killing drones has generated imagined terrorist threats. Book review.

Human rights at the World Forum for Democracy 2015

The Council for Europe's commissioner for human rights warns that Europe’s new security-oriented turn restricts fundamental human rights, a success for terrorists who want us to abandon our lifestyle and live in fear. Short interview.

Who's missing from Syria's peace talks?

Those organising Syria’s peace talks must go beyond merely ticking the gender representation box. It's essential to move towards real inclusion of women peace advocates and larger civil society.

Can the Saudi-led coalition win the war in Yemen?

Those deciding for war in March 2015 gave little thought to Yemeni realities, military, logistic, topographic, social or political, human cost, or an exit strategy. But questions are being raised.

Fujimori 2.0

Keiko Fujimori, daughter of the former Peruvian dictator, today imprisoned for corruption, has been campaigning since she lost in 2011. She now represents the strongest right-wing populism in Latin America. Español

Emotion and protest in Turkey: what happened on 19 January, 2007?

Those gathering spontaneously after the assassination of Hrant Dink have been part of the Gezi movement — in a non-violent way, manifesting their desire to be the Subjects of their own lives.

The streets are talking a lot, but democracy advances very little

Participation in Brazil has grown, but so far it has not come with an increase in democratic quality through a more consistent public debate or a better functioning political system. Español Português

‘Policed multiculturalism’ and predicting disaster

Counter-radicalisation in France draws on British and Dutch policies developed in the mid-2000s. It extends police action to areas of diversity management such as education, religion and social policy. With what results? Interview.

Peace: a meaningless concept?

Netanyahu and suicide bombers represent two sides of the same coin; both lethal and unstoppable.

Limpieza social en El Salvador

En el país más violento del mundo, la juventud se mata entre ella, el Estado está en pie de guerra, y los asesinatos extrajudiciales siguen en aumento. Esto no puede continuar así. English

Macri and the judges

By deciding to unilaterally fill two vacancies on the Supreme Court of National Justice by decree, adducing necessity and urgency, the new Argentine president is at odds with his electoral promises. Español.

Macri y los jueces

Al decidir designar de forma unilateral, vía decreto de necesidad y urgencia, a dos magistrados en la Corte Suprema de Justicia Nacional, el nuevo presidente argentino contradice sus promesas electorales. English.

Sur: urban renewal in the Southeast Anatolian war zone

While the Turkish government claims that all original residents will be able to return to Sur, it is likely that, similar to what happened in New Orleans, many of those who have fled will not come back.

Smear campaign against Academics for Peace

A peace manifesto circulated by many Turkish academicians against the political war being conducted by the Turkish Government in the Kurdish region of Turkey has prompted a severe reaction. 

The re-emergence of social cleansing in El Salvador

In the most violent country in the world, youth is killing youth, the state is in a state of war and extrajudicial killings are on the rise. This cannot continue unabated. Español.

Japan's military sexual slavery: whose agreement?

The South Korea-Japan agreement on Japan’s military sexual slavery was announced on 28 December, 2015, but it ignores the  efforts by the victim-survivors movement to seek justice for their suffering. 

How to fight impunity in Mexico

The assassination of social activists, human rights militants, journalists and politicians in Mexico is a continuing criminal affair. It feeds on the total impunity that the government guarantees its partners. Español

Rebuilding Kobanê

A report from the war-torn city of Kobanê about the people trying to rebuild what Daesh and US bombs have destroyed.

Turkish academics deserve solidarity: the fight for academic freedom is global

One can only conclude that the Turkish Government’s heavy-handed reaction to petitions supporting arrested academics is the continuation of a wider trend of restricting civil liberties and freedom of speech.

In Ethiopia, famine stalks the land once again

The answer to famine is not increased levels of food aid, but strategic planning to enable communities to survive the impact of extreme weather, made more acute by climate change.

Escaping ISIS, facing insecurity

A first-hand account of a family's escape from an ISIS-held village, only a few kilometres from the front line with the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

Guatemala: juicio por violaciones de mujeres indígenas

El caso de las mujeres indígenas de Sepur Zarco, víctimas de violencia sexual, será por fin juzgado en febrero. Para acabar con la impunidad, ellas darán su testimonio. English. 

An intimate intifada

Recognizing and understanding Palestinian women’s unprecedented engagement in the latest wave of violence in Israel and the West Bank is a small but important step in ending this new uprising.

Belated tourists of a postponed-revolution

A close look at the KMU Trade Union Centre in the Philippines suggests that joining the ITUC has buried any alternative labour internationalism of the kind dreamed of in 1990.

Worried about the return of fascism? Six things a dissenter can do in 2016

Commentary misses the point: the legitimacy of Trump or Le Pen comes not from the sudden appeal of a new brand of right-wing populism, but their legitimisation by mainstream politics.

The reckless power behind the throne

King Salman's son Mohammad seems to be piloting Saudi Arabia into a series of ever more risky adventures.

Perspectivas del postconflicto en Colombia

2016 será decisivo para el proceso de paz que vive Colombia. Para avanzar en el camino que se abre, conjuntamente con Fundación Ideas para la Paz en Bogotá presentamos una serie de artículos sobre las perspectivas del postconflicto. English. Português.

Estados Unidos y las deportaciones de refugiados centroamericanos

Las deportaciones que Estados Unidos intensifica a partir de este mes de enero condenan a miles de centroamericanos a regresar a la violencia de la que había huído. English.

Stepping up deportations of Central American refugees from the US

By intensifying deportations of Central Americans in 2016, the US is condemning thousands to return to the violence they fled from. Español.

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (3): a paz, meio século depois

As negociações com as FARC estão demasiado avançadas para que alguém possa dar um passo atrás. Español. English

Fragmentación a la española

España se enfrenta a semanas de parálisis política antes que, con nuevas elecciones o sin ellas, alguien consiga formar gobierno. Pero la fragmentación y las disfunciones continuarán en los próximos años. English

The state of health in Ecuador

If in the good times the state has taken the option of a public-private healthcare system, what will happen in lean times like now? Español.

Pós-conflito na Colômbia (2). Além do dinheiro.

A experiência colombiana, bem como as diversas experiências internacionais, demonstram que as iniciativas económicas para a paz trazem com ela uma mudança real na dinâmica e na narrativa que envolve o conflito. English. Español.

Considerações sobre o pós-conflito na Colômbia

2016 será um ano decisivo para o processo de paz, na Colômbia. Juntamente com a Fundación Ideas para la Paz en Bogotá, apresentamos uma série de artigos acerca das circunstâncias do pós-conflito. English. Español.

Saudi executions: beyond the numbers

The inability to recognise an affront to the rule of law, regardless of the identity of the perpetrator, reveals the region’s dire state of affairs, politically, morally, and intellectually. Arabic

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