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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Post-exit Britain: democracy or autocracy?

The people have voted on what they don’t want. Nobody has voted on what we do next. A general election must be called before Article 50 is triggered.

Boicot, conflicto y cambio. ¿Podrá Venezuela destituir pacíficamente a su presidente?

Asistimos a  un ataque sistemático a la Asamblea Nacional por parte del régimen del presidente Nicolás Maduro y sus instituciones.  La tensión insoportable obliga a negociar una salida electoral. English

Como en 1977: ¿Argentina en el túnel del tiempo?

Revisionismo histórico, censura y guerra contra la memoria. El lenguaje y las políticas – aunque no los medios - en la Argentina de Macri recuerdan los días oscuros de la dictadura. English

El Brexit, visto desde el sur del Sur

El Reino des-Unido y sin poder de veto dentro de la UE, está solo y aislado en su incumplimiento de las 41 Resoluciones de Naciones Unidas que exhortan a reiniciar las negociaciones con Argentina. English

European leaders should recognize their own mistakes

Positive momentum for a stronger and better Europe is a process that could start in Britain. Remarks to European Parliament, expanded version, June 30, 2016

Brexit, as seen from the Southern Cone

The dis-United Kingdom, now lacking a veto in the EU, is alone and isolated in its failure to respect the 41 UN resolutions demanding a resumption of negotiations with Argentina. Español

Defensores del medio ambiente en terreno peligroso en América Latina

El año pasado fue el más letal para los defensores del medio ambiente, según cifras de la ONG Global Witness. La tasa de homicidios es hoy de tres por semana. English Português

Defensores do meio ambiente em terreno perigoso na América Latina

O ano passado foi o mais letal para os defensores do meio-ambiente, de acordo com as estatísticas da ONG Global Witness. A taxa de homicídios é a dia de hoje de três por semana. Español English

EU-Israel relations: time for reflection

The EU must confront Israel with the fundamental choice: continuing its occupation and systematic violations of international law, or being a full and respected member of the international community.

Demolitions in the West Bank

The Bedouin and rural communities in the Jordan Valley are remote from the conflict, yet key victims of a campaign of oppression.

Can Islamism provide deliverance?

Maged Mandour

Modern day Islamism represents the interests of a specific social class that has few qualms about current social and economic structures.

Violencia sin justicia en México: la guerra y sus consecuencias

Independientemente de su relación con el narcotráfico, la guerra desencadenada en México es una guerra civil contra y entre ciudadanos, de consecuencias demoledoras para la población y el Estado. English

Violence without justice: Mexico’s War and its consequences

Mexico’s War is a civil war against and amongst citizens, regardless of where they stand on the drug business, of devastating consequences for the population and the state. Español

Pós-conflito na Colômbia (15): Participação cidadã, chave para a paz sustentável

A participação cidadã é chave para pôr em prática os acordos assinados entre o governo e as FARC e para a negociação com o ELN. Español English

Fog in Channel – history cut off

What has happened to Britain’s historic duty in helping out other nations formerly under its yoke? There is no such thing as an inner citadel.

Are we Spaniards better off five years afterwards?

On the eve of the elections, an audit of the political and social outcomes of the square occupation and the rise of the Podemos party in Spain.

Figuring (out) Omar Mateen

Mateen killed 49 people, wounding 53 others, in a mass shooting at the Pulse gay bar in Orlando, Florida, before being killed in a shootout with local police. But who was he?

Spain’s political draw: a problem of programme or image?

Sunday, June 26, Spanish elections. A new alliance between Podemos and Izquierda Unida aims to unlock the political stalemate that occurred in the last elections. What is the calculation behind it?

Britain riding the tectonic plates

The referendum is at the centre of these shifting plates. It is the crack which can become a chasm in the postwar order.

Postconflict in Colombia (15). Citizen participation, key for a sustainable peace

To encourage citizen participation in the peace process, demographic and socioeconomic factors of territory, capital, institutional capacities, and the nature of the power groups are key. Português Español

Postconflicto en Colombia (15). Participación ciudadana, clave para la paz sustentable

La participación ciudadana es clave para poner en práctica los acuerdos firmados entre el gobierno y las FARC y para la negociación con el ELN. Português English

En vez de negar crímenes de lesa humanidad, México debe comprometerse a alternativas en políticas de drogas

Un informe de Open Society Foundations denuncia las atrocidades sistemáticas cometidas en México al amparo de la guerra contra las drogas. No reconocerlo dificulta acabar con este baño de sangre. English

Instead of denying crimes against humanity, Mexico should commit to drug policy alternatives

A report from Open Society Foundations denounces the systematic atrocities carried out in México under the cloak of the war on drugs. To deny this makes more difficult to end this bloodbath. Español

Trident or the EU: which is better for peace and security?

Mutual security and deterrence with fewer risks has been a conscious, crucial, and underestimated role of the EU.  A Brexit vote would put this at risk and make Britain less secure.

The June 1981 coup: the stolen narrative of the Iranian revolution

We can fundamentally transform our understanding of the Iranian revolution by letting the untold stories to be told.

The EU-Turkey migration agreement and its humanitarian masquerade

The binding of security to humanitarianism, as is the case with this EU-Turkey agreement, exposes its underlying aim of maintaining the economic trade integrity of the Union.

Argentina’s honeymoon with Macri is over

An aggressive implementation of harsh neoliberal economic policy measures in Argentina has ended up awakening strong internal opposition to  president Mauricio Macri. Español

Fin de la luna de miel entre el presidente Macri y el país real

La aplicación agresiva de medidas de política económica de fuerte corte neoliberal en Argentina ha acabado por despertar una fuerte oposición interior a Macri.  English

If the EU didn’t exist, we would have to invent it

A serious attempt at democracy, in the sense of being able to influence the decisions that affect our lives, can only be done through solidarity with those in the European Union. Interview.

We must understand threats in the technology we use every day

Like everyone else, human rights activists use mobile phones, email and social networks to connect. Unlike most people, they criticise states, challenging their actions. As such, they attract their attention.

Internet governance as seen from the Right to Development

Participatory democracy has been hijacked by business-led multistakeholderism, and 'presence and power' are replaced as tokens of people's political involvement.

Gaza: a city no one wants

The Gazans have been abandoned and left in the hands of Hamas to do with them as they please. This policy is transforming Gaza slowly but steadily into a hotbed of radicals.

Deconstructing nuclear deterrence

Military and political leaders who might seriously threaten the UK are simply unlikely to be deterred by the threat to destroy their cities.

Grexit to Brexit: “Be careful what you wish for!”

There is an ironic parallel in the methodology of emotion and national dignity employed by both the left-wing Syriza in Greece and the right wing leave camp in Britain.

Who is afraid of the urban poor?

Maged MandourIn Egypt, both the ruling elites and the urban middle class cling to the military regime, in the hope that they will be protected from a seemingly inevitable tide of social unrest.

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