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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The making of an open and democratic Europe: reading Brexit through E.P. Thompson

There is no room for Britain’s turning away from Europe to a fantasy mid-Atlantic or neo-Commonwealth position of the kind floated, typically unseriously, by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

A case for demilitarizing the US military

15 years after the global war on terror was launched, America faces a deeply embedded (remarkably unsuccessful) version of militarism, and a seldom recognized crisis in civil-military relations.

It can’t happen here... can it?

Try listing similarities and differences between the US today and Weimar Germany in the 1920s -30s. At this edgy moment, the similarities, of course, tend to jump out at you.

Syrian lives matter

The suffering of Syrians is seen through four distorted lenses. But to find a sustainable political solution in Syria, we must move beyond clichés. 

Guerra contra la memoria en Argentina

Coincidiendo con la llegada de Obama a Buenos Aires, una operación de des-ideologización y desmemoria está en marcha en Argentina. English

The war on memory begins in Argentina

Coinciding with Obama's arrival in Buenos Aires, an operation of de-ideologization and forgetfulness is under way in Argentina. Español

A Venezuela, petróleo de graça e muito CO2

A Venezuela é o país latino-americano - não incluindo as nações do Caribe - com o consumo mais elevado per capita de combustíveis derivados do petróleo. Con a gasolina practicamente a zero dólares, a contaminação é massiva. Español English

The chilling effect on India’s academic freedom

The language of anti-nationalism has worked to put forth a monolithic vision of the nation state, and simultaneously sought to erase diverse voices from the discursive space.

Manifesto for civil liberties

The origins of the manifesto, its elaboration and dissemination, followed by a brief history of the struggle for civil liberties in Europe and the main threats to those freedoms. Español

Good camps, bad camps. What’s wrong with the ‘Jungle’?

The ‘Jungle’ has come to symbolise the negative mirror image of a refugee camp, its ‘Other’ in which power and civilisation are twisted and virtually turned upside down.

“Era pura mentira lo que estaban diciendo”. Una superviviente de la masacre de Tlatlaya (México) contesta la versión oficial

“El gobierno, el Estado, quería que todo quedara impune. Pues pensaban que yo nunca iba a hablar”, denuncia la testigo ocular Clara Gómez González. English

Brasil en caída libre

En vez de vivir el año triunfal que había previsto, Brasil ha entrado en el año de la ingobernabilidad. English

Brazil in free fall

This was supposed to be a triumphal year for Brazil. Instead, Brazil has entered the year of ungovernability. Español

“We have created a monster”

On the recent electoral successes of Germany's extreme right and its ideological background.

After Germany’s Super Sunday

Recent elections in three German states were widely considered a referendum on chancellor Merkel’s immigration policies, much to the benefit of her own supporters and her nationalist critics. Any place for solidarity with refugees?

There is no refugee crisis in Europe

Let us be clear what we should be fighting against, and for.

Zombie politics: Europe, Turkey and the disposable human

Who will think of the EU as a global actor with normative power, now that it finds itself in the role of rubberstamping and in fact facilitating Turkey's slide into the abyss?

Europe in despair: refugee crisis and press freedom in Turkey

Europe needs to show that it actually cares about the cornerstones of democracy by putting pressure on Ankara to restore the free flow of information and ideas. 

Políticas de drogas y derechos humanos: superando el desencuentro

El enfoque prohibicionista ha ocasionado violaciones sistemáticas de derechos humanos y sufrimientos innecesarios. UNGASS 2016 es una oportunidad para un nuevo enfoque, basado en los derechos humanos y la agenda de desarrollo. English

¿Entró Argentina en la guerra contra las drogas?

Uno de los peligros de las medidas antidrogas del nuevo gobierno es que podrían permitir la intervención militar en tareas de seguridad interior. Un camino que, una vez emprendido, es difícil desandar. English

The untouchables: Egypt’s petty security officials

Maged Mandour

The regime has unleashed a wave of repression that it can no longer control. Power now lies in the hands of those that police local communities: Egypt’s new untouchables, the petty security officials.   

“They were telling pure lies”: a survivor of Mexico’s Tlatlaya massacre shatters the official account

“Everyone in the government, the state, wanted this to go unpunished. They thought I would never talk.” Eyewitness Clara Gómez González speaks out. Español

Meet the Brazilian sociologist fighting back against the 'war on drugs'

"We have to stop the war on drugs if we want to live in a safer and more just society". (3:53 minutes)

The ‘SYRIZA experience’: lessons and adaptations

SYRIZA did what the traditional way of doing politics dictates: supported social movements, built alliances, won a majority in the parliament, formed a government. We all know the results.

Donald Trump defines the term, authentic populist

Populism, in other words, is the idea of a certain democracy in which illiberalism trumps liberalism.

Extend-and-pretend comes to the refugee crisis

Erdogan is not doing this just for the money. Turkey is legitimately concerned about its security situation and needs European and American help to resolve it.

Bunkers: the nature of power and democracy

On occasion of the publication of Bunkers by Manuel Montobbio, a book on the totalitarian experience, we propose a conversation about the nature and the limits of power. Español

Búnkeres: la naturaleza del poder y de la democracia

A raíz de la publicación del libro “Búnkeres” de Manuel Montobbio, sobre la experiencia totalitaria, planteamos una conversación sobre la naturaleza y los límites del poder. English

El capitalismo, motor de la guerra contra las drogas

En las Américas,  con la excusa de la lucha anti-drogas, las políticas gubernamentales llevan al terror y al desplazamiento. Esta violencia terrorífica favorece al capital transnacional de una manera abrumadora. English

Youngsters and refugees, or how exile changes eastern Europe

Official anticommunism never contented itself with making an equation between fascism and communism. It gravitated toward depicting communism as an absolute evil, whose enemies became new role models.

What’s really behind the ‘failure’ of the US ‘war on drugs’ in Afghanistan?

Although drug production has not been reduced, this has not really been a failure. The drug war’s true function lies in reinforcing western support for the war.

Drones, drugs and death

The war on terror’s methods of mass surveillance and remote warfare are not unique. The US is also addicted to covert tools in its ‘war on drugs’, with disastrous consequences.

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (10): investir na equidade de género

Um ponto de vista corporativo centrado na igualdade de género evidencia que o investimento no capital humano da mulher equivale a investir no desenvolvimento de empresas fortes em sociedades pacíficas. English Español

Postconflict in Colombia (10): investing in gender equality

A corporate perspective with a focus on gender equality makes obvious that investing in the human capital of women equates to investing in the development of strong businesses in peaceful societies. Español Português

DiEM25 in the footsteps of Altiero Spinelli?

Democratising Europe is not about reinventing the wheel. A study of Altiero Spinelli's efforts, especially the Congress of the European People, may increase our chances of success.

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