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Rosemary Bechler edits openDemocracy's main site.

Parvati Nair directs the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility.


Cameron Thibos edits Mediterranean Journeys in Hope.

En Liang Khong is assistant editor at openDemocracy.

Alex Sakalis is the editor of Can Europe Make It?

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Terremoto no Brasil

Lula da Silva está a ser interrogado pela sua alegada participação em práticas de lavagem de dinheiro, corrupção e suposta fraude. A sua detenção levanta suspeitas sobre manipulação política. English

The Brazilian earthquake

Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva is being questioned in connection to money laundering, corruption and suspected dissimulation of assets. His detention has sparked suspicions of political manipulation. Português

The gentrification-education cycle in Istanbul’s gated communities

Any encounters that exist between newcomers and long-term inhabitants end at the school gate.

Why airstrikes on ISIS in Libya could worsen the situation in Tunisia

Concerns that bombing ISIS in Libya might destabilise Tunisia were tragically confirmed last week, as ISIS militants assaulted military and security facilities in Ben Guerdane, killing more than 50 people.

Why many young Arabs join violent radical groups

The key to combating extremism is prevention. But what are the conditions that lead youth to become radicalised?

Conscience in the datasphere

Hobbes’s bargain appears to be unravelling. In truth, we don’t know who is supposed to protect us from whom.

Las políticas de drogas operan como una caja de Pandora.

Unas políticas que deberían ser estrategias sanitarias terminaron convertidas en un  sistema punitivo, ampliando la violencia y las brechas sociales, las inequidades económicas, las diferencias políticas y las asimetrías internacionales. English

Libertad de expresión y libertad “post-expresión” en Mozambique

A pesar del asesinato de un activista, del procesamiento de un académico o de la intervención sistemática de analistas a favor del régimen, la libertad de expresión en Mozambique empieza a ser posible. Português

Liberdade de expressão e liberdade pós-expressão em Moçambique

Apesar do assassinato dum ativista, do julgamento dum académico ou da intervenção sistemática de analistas a favor do regime, a liberdade de expressão em Moçambique começa a tornar-se numa possibilidade. Español

Honduras: the White River, dyed with indigenous blood

The murder of Berta Cáceres, a high-profile opponent of a hydroelectric project in Honduras, confirms the perverse connection between a private company, Chinese capital and the absolute contempt of local communities’ life. Español Português

Honduras: o Río Blanco, tingido de sangre indígena

O assassinato da líder hondurenha Berta Cáceres, dirigente indígena, evidencia a conexão perversa que existe entre interesses privados, o capital chinês e o desprezo absoluto pela vida da comunidade local. English Español

Honduras: el Río Blanco, teñido de sangre indígena

El asesinato de la líder hondureña Berta Cáceres, dirigente indígena, pone en evidencia la conexión perversa entre intereses privados, capital chino y desprecio absoluto por la vida de la comunidad local. Português English

Ending impunity in Europe?

The International Criminal Court needs support in order to succeed with its investigation of Georgia and Russia.

9 things we’ve learned from a 50-year war on drugs

Across the Americas, the model of prohibition has fuelled inequality, bloodshed, and the mass violation of human rights. We need to understand why it has failed. Español

Myths, moralism, and hypocrisy drive the international drug control system

Why are Colombia and Bolivia acceptable theatres for violent weaponised counter-narcotics operations, and not Poland or Canada? Our international drug policies reflect a bias towards the global north, with damaging consequences for the south. Español

"Nobody wants to live in a drug-free world": an interview with Carl Hart

"There has never been a drug-free world, and there never will be one." In this exclusive video-interview, professor Carl Hart discusses the sensationalism and race panic behind the war on drugs in the United States. (17:25 minutes).

Pandora’s box: the real impact of drug policies

Policies that should simply have been health strategies, have actually opened the door to a punitive system which has accelerated violence, socio-economic gaps, and international asymmetries. Can we close ‘Pandora’s box’? Español

Unravelling the human cost of global drug policy

Why has drug prohibition had so many negative effects on communities and human rights? What changes are needed? openDemocracy and the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS) introduce a new partnership.

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (9): o potencial internacional da paz

Uma Colômbia em paz devolve ao plano regional um vizinho importante e com tarefas hemisféricas de primeira ordem pela frente. English Español

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (8): Da Havana às aulas

Educar para a paz implica transformar os imaginários que justificam a violência, gerar um ambiente onde a solução pacífica dos conflitos seja a regra e as diferenças coexistam harmonicamente. Español English

Nonviolent strategies to defeat totalitarians such as ISIS

Military might has little success against violent terror organizations. If nonviolent strategies seem impractical, it is an even greater naiveté to think armed solutions can be the answer.

The tragedy of Cologne and its aftermath – the depletion of civility

This is a vicious circle of harassment, animosity, and aggressive and uncivilized behavior that seriously undermines the resource which is crucial for successful integration.

Postconflicto en Colombia (9) El potencial internacional de la paz

Una Colombia en paz devuelve al barrio a un vecino relevante y con tareas hemisféricas de primer orden por delante. Português English

Post-conflict in Colombia (9) The international potential of peace

A Colombia in peace should be welcomed by the region because it means the return to the neighbourhood of an important, relevant resident, with first-order hemispheric tasks ahead. Português Español

Japan after Japan

Post-Fukushima social movements, the rebirth of history and tacit futures. An interview.

Obama, Argentina y los derechos humanos

El relanzamiento de las relaciones entre los Estados Unidos y Argentina tiene un pilar en el que debiera sostenerse: los derechos humanos. English Português

Postconflicto en Colombia (8) De La Habana a las aulas

Educar para la paz implica transformar los imaginarios que justifican la violencia, generar un ambiente donde la solución pacífica de los conflictos sea la norma y las diferencias coexistan armónicamente. English Português

Post-conflict in Colombia (8) From Havana to the classrooms

Educating citizens for peace implies transforming the world views that justify violence, generating an environment where the peaceful solution to conflicts is the norm, and where differences coexist in harmony. Español Português

Defeating Israel

Mohammed Al Qiq has recently ended a record 94-day hunger strike protesting his so-called administrative detention, a procedure Israel uses disproportionately against Palestinians, holding them without charges or due process.

Is there any hope for a peaceful result to the Geneva talks on Syria?

If a lasting peace is to be achieved, the main motivation behind the talks cannot be simply ‘to restore political order.’

Is #LetThemStay Australia’s anti-apartheid moment?

People inside and outside of Australia stand up to challenge a system that seeks to construct physical and imagined borders that separate people based primarily on their race and creed.

India falters in battle of ideas with Pakistan

The religious extremists in Pakistan love any outbreak of sectarian violence in India because that makes their task easier.

Hard times for Europe

European democracy matters in the world but it matters, particularly, in Latin America. Both regions should stick with defending the values they share, and keep on strengthening each other. Español Português

Tempos difíceis na Europa

A democracia Europeia é importante para o mundo, mas sobretudo para a América Latina. Num momento decisivo para ambas regiões, as mesmas devem continuar a defender os valores que partilham e continuar a reforçar-se mutuamente. Español English

Europa en horas bajas

La democracia europea importa al mundo. Pero sobre todo importa a América Latina. En momentos decisivos, ambas regiones deben seguir defendiendo los valores que comparten, y reforzarse mutuamente. English Português

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