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Tom Rowley is editor of oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Belling the trolls: free expression, online abuse and gender

Freedom of expression is fundamentally about power: about who gets to speak or express themselves and on what terms and platforms.

A flashpoint in South Asia?

“You question India’s territorial integrity, I will question Pakistan’s. You interfere in our internal affairs, we will interfere in yours.”

Un niño en un bus: democracia, neoliberalismo y hablarle a extraños

En el acto de salir del individualismo excluyente, y romper la idea de que cada uno puede mejorar su vida por sí solo sin contemplar a los demás, hay un gran paso. English

The genealogy of the Effendy

Undeterred by the regime's actions that have steadily pushed the Egyptian economy to the brink, the middle class seem intent on supporting the military.

A brief guide to the Don Dale scandal

The shock of politicians was always hard to take seriously. The problem is not a lack of knowledge. It’s that Australian governments refuse to act on what we do know.

Evictions in Greece: dozens of people convicted. Their crime? Solidarity

The function of these squats was to provide shelter for economic and political refugees, while the needs of the people staying there were met through solidarity networks and local communities.

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: Violencia sin justicia en México: la guerra y sus consecuencias

Independientemente de su relación con el narcotráfico, la guerra desencadenada en México es una guerra civil contra y entre ciudadanos, de consecuencias demoledoras para la población y el Estado. 

The 'Burkini Battle': France’s capitulation to extremism

Reduced to symbols of national identity, women are caught in the center of a tug-of-war in which any amount of violence, of coercion and regulation of their bodies is justified in order to win the battle.

Two visions of politics in Turkey: authoritarian and revolutionary

Politics is not a mere choice between white and black, but rather a creative way of people running their daily lives in all their colourful richness.

To inhabit democratic cities

Anyone who remains outside of democratic cities, who doesn't accept the open rationale oriented towards the common good, will have one name: the enemy of democracy. Español

Habitar las ciudades democráticas

Quien se quede fuera de las ciudades democráticas, quien no acepte su lógica abierta orientada al bien común, tendrá un nombre: enemigo de la democracia. English 

America’s criminal injustice system

Think of the author as today’s Sam Spade, taking you deep into an American world in which justice couldn’t be blinder.

The allure of war: the motivations of Jordanian foreign fighters in Syria

Broadly speaking, religious motivations are the primary draw for Jordanian volunteers in Syria.

Organized crime and elites in Colombia: an InSightCrime report

On the eve of a historical peace agreement, an InSightCrime report sheds some light on the dark sides of the Colombian society, now facing a complex and potentially violent post-conflict scenario. Español

Élites y crimen organizado en Colombia: un informe de InSightCrime

 En vísperas de una acuerdo de paz histórico, un informe de InSightCrime arroja luz sobre aspectos oscuros de la sociedad colombiana, que ahora se enfrenta a un complejo y potencialmente violento escenario post-conflicto. English

Innovation policy trends in Latin America: citizen’s leadership

Throughout Latin America, practices and performances of great political innovation can contribute to amplify democracy and strengthen the struggle for rights. Español Português

Should Jeremy Corbyn learn from Hillary Clinton’s education plan?

Student debt is as American as apple pie. But the system is in crisis, which is why Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is proposing to scrap university tuition fees.

تركيا 2016 ومصر 2013: سياسة الوقت

ليست القدرة على تمييز اللحظة التاريخية عن غيرها من اللحظات هي التي تفرّق المسار التركي عن المسار المصري وإنّما هي اللحظة التاريخية بحدّ ذاتها وما تمثّله. English

Kurdish women’s battle continues against state and patriarchy, says first female co-mayor of Diyarbakir. Interview

After this military coup, the government may use this as an excuse to strengthen their sexist, militarist and anti-democratic policies further. We face this danger now.

‘The map precedes the territory’: Pokémon Go through the eyes of Jean Baudrillard

When war memorials transform into spinning Pokéstops, and a Pikachu hides behind the next supermarket aisle, has the French philosopher’s warning of a hyper-mediated society reached a critical turning point?

¿Hay razones para celebrar el Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas en América Latina?

El 9 de agosto debió ser una fecha para reflexionar sobre la deuda moral que los países de América Latina acumulan, año tras año, con los pueblos indígenas. English

Are there reasons to celebrate the International Day of Worlds’ Indigenous Peoples in Latin America?

9 of August should have been a date to reflect on the moral debt that the countries of Latin America accumulate, year after year, with their indigenous peoples. Español

Understanding transversality

It is essential that we always remember that activist spaces are a means and not an end in themselves, to reach the broad social majority that needs us.

Interview with Adrian Zandberg, Partia Razem

If you don't have a Left that is able to question unjust social relations and give viable perspectives on changing the world for the better, then politics dies.

متفرّجة مصرية في تركيا

إذا كنّا نحبّ الديمقراطية، يجب أن نتمنّاها للجميع بغضّ النظر عن عقائدهم. يجب أن نقف في وجه الطغاة، سواء كانوا يرتدون بذّات عسكرية أو كانوا إسلاميين أو مستبدّين مدنيين. English

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: América Latina 2000-2015: un balance provisional

La gran insuficiencia de los líderes mesiánicos fue no haber entendido la raíz de su propia postura, tan latinoamericana, de no asumir que los ciclos se agotan inevitablemente.

Seven reasons why a second EU referendum looks unlikely

Debate is not focused on the UK’s retreat from solidarity, partnership, voice, influence and the multiple connecting ties of the EU.

The moment the revolution broke down in tears

Globally, it seems that younger generations are on the losing side of the battles for more democratic, progressive and inclusive policies and societies.

An Egyptian bystander in Turkey

If we love democracy we should wish it upon everyone, regardless of ideologies. Stand against oppressors whether they are in military uniform, are civil autocrats or Islamists. عربي

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: Ficciocracia: la democracia como ilusión

Latinoamérica, con sus dificultades para consolidar el estado de derecho, es la región de la democracia como ilusión. Ilusión que relatan los gobiernos y democracia capturada por la corrupción y el delito. 

Regeni and cosmopolitanism: the false question of national belonging

"Where are you from? - Italy." "Ah, you have Regeni. We have thousands of Regeni in Syria."

The future of civil society in Erdoğan’s Turkey: between control and co-option

Methods of state repression include tactics such as excessive fining of independent organisations on the basis of questionable audits, and attacking organisations in the state media. Then there is state co-option.

“Minarets (and cell towers) are our bayonets”: reflections on the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey

"Finally on a TV appearance on July 30, Erdogan declared his desire to bring the vigils to an end with a massive rally in Yenikapi, Istanbul on August 7."

Lessons from the UK’s Chilcot Report for Turkey’s post-coup response

Chilcot says the state must put in place measures to systematically challenge the basic assumptions of the executive, however plausible they appear. No organ of the Turkish state can do that.

More than black and white: a report from Istanbul

A critical engagement with the question of the ‘right’ relationship between religion and politics, would immensely benefit analysis of the events in Turkey, as well as future European political decision-making.

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