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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Levanta, Brazil!

Não está na hora de um grande NÃO? Não só a ele, mas a todo esse cavalo de pau que botou o Brasil voltado para o passado. Español

Sophia de Mello Breyner: when art is not free, people are not free

Poetry is a form of resistance against indignity. The responsibility of the writer is not only to interpret life, but to shape how we understand and inhabit our societies. Português.

Sophia de Mello Breyner: quando a arte não é livre, as pessoas não são livres

A poesia é uma forma de resistência contra a indignidade. A obrigação do escritor não é apenas interpretar a vida, mas também moldar a forma como habitamos as nossas sociedades. English

¡Levántate, Brasil!

¿No es hora de decir un gran NO? No sólo a Bolsonaro, sino a todo el giro radical que colocó a Brasil rumbo al pasado. Português

A tale of two events, and two cultures

The Science Congress and Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF), held in India every January, are the largest events of their kind in the world. This year a curious kind of osmosis took place.

Steve Martin: Changing your ways is easier than changing your mind

The author of international bestseller 'Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive' joins us to answer the question he dreaded – what had he changed his mind on?

‘Muslim women are stuck between Islamophobes and Islamic fundamentalists’

From France to Malaysia, Muslim women’s rights activists are challenging those who ask them to ‘choose between being a Muslim and a feminist’.

Open letter to the women of the world from Leyla Güven

"All the women of the world need to be saying enough to fascism, enough to dictatorship!"

Me metí en un "campamento juvenil" organizado por activistas antiaborto en Colombia

En un campamento que ofrece una mezcla de deportes extremos y retórica extrema, vi cómo están entrenando a adolescentes para que se integren en la lucha contra los derechos reproductivos. English.

National dialogue: post-Brexit, we need a UK-wide coming together

National dialogues operate outside the permanent institutions of government; moving beyond the Westminster bubble to listen to the communities who feel disconnected from government.

Resilient Hinduism has endured upheavals

It was not always like this. Hinduism neutralised competing elements by absorbing them. This faith tradition was strong enough to let internal theological differences and dissent be aired.

On the hollowness of the contemporary radical populist right and what to do about it

For decades, radical right-wing populism has been accompanied by a narrative warning of the fundamental threat these parties pose to liberal democracy. The effect has been close to zero.

Remainers! beware demographic arguments

We need to change minds with a positive message like DIEM25’s proposal of a European Green New Deal.

Now streaming: censorship

How should companies like Netflix respond when repressive governments order the removal of critical content?

Political protest not for sale!

Why the Homeland Hack is not a commodity.

Why Jo Swinson changed her mind about all-women shortlists

The deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats talks about getting more women into politcs.

Rising roar of faux faith in poll-bound India

Read the newspapers, listen to the TV “debates” and see the WhatsApp-trained ignorant armies clash day and night.

La democracia digital y el futuro de los ciudadanos

¿Disponemos de suficiente información como para poder regular la actividad de los proveedores de datos que tienen hoy un rol clave en el desarrollo de las campañas electorales y de nuestras democracias? English

“We create space for freedom”: battling sexism in Ukraine’s media

Gender stereotypes are widespread in the Ukrainian media. I talked to activist Oleksandra Golub about campaigns to change this.

Pro-Europe and anti-EU? Reviewing the far right’s view of Europe

The far right’s claim to be attached to ‘Europe’, not the EU, suggests that ‘European identity’ may pose a challenge rather than an opportunity for the European Union.

Has social media changed Brazil?

Bolsonaro's election does not stem only from the use of social media, yet social media was indeed paramount to allow a speech of hate, violence and discrimination to come to light. Portuguese

Sapiens, Homo Deus, 21 Lecciones, y las ficciones inconfesadas de Yuval Harari

El profesor Harari influye en los más poderosos y ha vendido millones de ejemplares, pero no se enfrentan los problemas existenciales de la tierra sustituyendo un conjunto de mitos por otro. English

Leaving the white nationalist movement with Derek Black

We talk to Derek about what catalysed this change, if others are likely to follow in his footsteps and the role white nationalism is playing in politics in 2019.

Sowing division: caste is crucial in Indian elections

Of course, politicians did not create the powerful Hindu caste system. They merely exploit this fault-line, exacerbating the caste animosities to build vote banks.

¿Qué hay después del final abrupto del fin de la historia?

El ciclo Seis contradicciones y el fin del presente del Centro de Estudios del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, nació evocando la urgencia de volver a imaginar un horizonte de transformación.

Which municipalism? Let's be choosy

What exactly are we talking about when we refer to the “new municipalism” or “municipalist transformation” as defined by the Fearless Cities movement? Español.

Gilets Jaunes and the two faces of Facebook

Facebook design allows popular ideas to be shared and expanded on – the dream of everyone having an equal political voice is very much alive in these digital citizens’ assemblies.

Empieza el 2019, y soplan vientos contrarios a la democracia

La toma de posesión de Jair Bolsonaro como presidente de Brasil marca el inicio del año político internacional. La recomposición del orden mundial en marcha no se presenta favorable a las democracias. English

Changed My Mind: "I thought devolution didn't work, now I'm a big fan"

Small business consultant and lobbyist Craig Beaumont talks about his changing views on devolution.

#EleccionesAbiertas2018: Earthquake in Brazil and Mexico, tremors in Colombia

The presidential elections in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil were carried out in a context of polarisation and misinformation, alerting us to potential democratic setbacks in the region. Español

A People’s Vote without a People’s Debate won’t bring about Another Europe

An open letter to Another Europe Is Possible on the democratic component fatally lacking from the Brexit process hitherto.

#2018: Victories and defeats of the Latin American feminist movement

2018 has been a year of great achievements and challenges for the women’s rights movement. The absolution of Imelda Cortez, the Green Tide and Bolsonaro in Brazil represent simultaneous progression and digression. Español

Europe faces a "welcoming crisis" when it comes to migrants and refugees. It's not fair.

"Anti-migrant sentiment is at fever pitch." Seeing ourselves as others see us.

La libertad se reclama, no se concede

La resistencia de centroamericanos y palestinos a la existencia de fronteras es, sin duda, una coincidencia histórica. English

#2018: Victorias y derrotas del movimiento feminista latinoamericano

2018 ha sido un año de grandes logros y grandes desafíos para los derechos de la mujer. La absolución de Imelda Cortez, la Marea Verde y Bolsonaro en Brasil representan avances y retrocesos simultáneos. English

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