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Constitutional conventions: best practice

El fantasma que recorre América Latina hoy se llama antiprogresismo

El antiprogresismo, la demonización de la tolerancia, la diversidad y el progreso social, no se limita a Brasil. Se expande por toda la región y pone en riesgo los avances democráticos de las últimas décadas. English

Anti-progressivism: a ghost that haunts Latin America

Anti-progressivism is not restricted to Brazil. It is expanding throughout the region and putting at risk the democratic advances of the last decades. Español

Nosotros, los industrializados, y los derechos internacionales de la naturaleza

En 2008, Ecuador incorporó el derecho de la naturaleza en su constitución. Diez años más tarde, se celebraba en Quito el Simposio por los Derechos Internacionales de la Naturaleza. English

We, the industrialized ones, and the International Rights of Nature

In 2008, Ecuador incorporated the Right of Nature in its constitution. Ten years later, an international symposium on the Rights of Nature has just been held in Quito. Español

Race, porn, and education: will the UK’s 2020 sex education update rise to the challenge?

The state must abandon all prudery in the interest of rectifying the time-lag leaving a whole generation of young people open to the unfettered excesses of the porn industry.

The appeal of populist nationalism in the age of accelerated change

What drives support for the populist, radical right and what do the actors offer their voters?  The endangered nation is a key trope.

Una red internacional de narco-hooligans

El arresto de varios miembros de una organización internacional de narcotráfico formada por hooligans de fútbol en Argentina evidencia la creciente participación de estos grupos en el crimen organizado. English

An international drug-trafficking soccer hooligan network

The arrest of several members of an international drug trafficking organization made up of soccer hooligans in Argentina adds to mounting evidence of the involvement of these groups in organized crime. Español

Creativity must operate across borders

DiEMVoice took to the stage at Central Saint Martins in London this October, to share its creative vision for Europe in a time of culture war. Short speech.

Good Bye, Gandhi!

Writing on Gandhi in an India stricken by faux patriotism and jingoism causes gloom. A poem in Indian English provides an antidote.

Cincuenta años después, los nietos del 68 se movilizan en México

Las manifestaciones masivas contra la violencia de septiembre de 2018 en la Ciudad de México evidencian que los estudiantes de hoy enfrentan problemas similares a los de hace cincuenta años. English

Brasil: uma catástrofe evitável

Para enfrentar a onda de autoritarismo que está surgindo será necessário que todos os democratas, independente do lado, façam uma frente única para evitar tamanha catástrofe. Español English

Fifty years after the Tlatelolco massacre of 1968

Massive student demonstrations against violence have swept through Mexico City in September. Today's students face similar issues to those faced by protesters fifty years ago. Español

What happened to Uruguay and its Pink Tide?

Is further change possible in Uruguay? Today, the economic situation is less favourable, ideological affinity with other governments in the region is lower, and neighbours have become distant. Español

‘Go Home?’ – five years on

On bordering, the referendum and Windrush: "It might be a dangerous moment but it is a moment when the old tricks of government cannot be repeated." Chain letter between UK researchers, June – September, 2018.

¿Qué pasó con Uruguay y la Marea Rosa?

Es improbable que una continuidad de izquierda en Uruguay pueda profundizar cambios. La coyuntura económica es menos favorable, la proximidad con los gobiernos regionales es menor y los vecinos amigos están peor. English

Acuerdo de Escazú: justicia ambiental para América Latina

La sociedad civil de América Latina y el Caribe se organizó y trabajó durante años para convencer a los gobiernos de adoptar un tratado sobre democracia ambiental. El ahora reto es hacer que el tratado se respete.

Romanians didn’t show up to an anti-LGBT referendum. But the battle for equality continues

A vote to make legalising equal marriage even harder was defeated this weekend. It’s a victory for progressive politics, but the fight isn’t over.

When an Alawite man and a Sunni woman put love to the test

We should opt for a more genuine and balanced approach to identity, beginning with acknowledging differences and their importance for our social composition. العربية

كيف سيكمل "علوي" و"سنية" طريق الحب؟

استعادة ذاكرتنا عن الآخر السوري اليوم لا تشكل الدليل على هذا التجذر فحسب، بل تفتح باب الخروج من شعارات "الشعب السوري الواحد" إلى توازن هوياتي أكثر صدقاً. English

Are women the last line of defence against Brazil’s authoritarian shift?

In a matter of days, 2.5 million Brazilian women had gathered on Facebook to discuss how to best present their case against Bolsonaro and how to take their action offline and organise themselves locally. Español

¿Son las mujeres la última línea de defensa contra la deriva autoritaria brasileña?

Si algo puede detener al ultraderechista Bolsonaro, es el hecho de que una proporción de mujeres más alta que la media - más de la mitad de las encuestadas - rechaza con fuerza su candidatura a la presidencia de Brasil. English

Rio of darkness: a war of excluding narratives

Without direction, trapped within a paradoxical temporality, Brazil has lost control. Brazilian society is caught up in a war of excluding narratives. Español

Río de tinieblas: una guerra de narrativas excluyentes

Sin dirección, atrapado en una temporalidad paradójica, Brasil ha perdido el control. La sociedad brasileña está capturada por una guerra de narrativas excluyentes. English

Brazil elections: an avoidable catastrophe

Whoever passes through to the second round, they must recognise that to face up to authoritarianism, all democrats must create a common front to close the path towards catastrophe. Español Português

Es el fin del Brasil tal como lo conocemos

Es el final de Brasil tal como lo conocíamos. La izquierda, global y nacional, ha perdido el norte. ¿Cómo reconstruir la izquierda global? ¿Cómo redescubrir la izquierda nacional? English

A new Brazil, a new left

It is the end of Brazil as we know it. The left, both globally and nationally, has lost its way. How do we reconstruct the first, and how do we rediscover the second? Español

'Sexual liberation, socialist style': an overlooked women's rights story?

New research by Kateřina Lišková places eastern bloc countries at forefront of twentieth century push for gender equality.

Feminism gone bad? Women’s organisations and the hard right in Germany

What kind of campaigning could outweigh the increasing power of implicit and explicit alliances by far-right actors and certain anti-Muslim German feminists?

Latinx: el reconocimiento de una nueva identidad política

Una nueva identidad fluida, multirracial y multicultural está emergiendo en la política estadounidense. English

#JusticiaParaBerta: More than 900 days without environmental activist Berta Cáceres

2 and a half years after Honduran environmental activist Berta Cáceres was shot dead, her family are still fighting for a fair trial. Today, Berta symbolises the voice of environmental activism and the defence of indigenous territories throughout the Americas. Español

Catalonia and postfascism

A legacy that never went away has risen to the surface in Catalonia. And it explains why the independence movement in Catalonia will not be broken easily. Catalana.

Time for the BBC to be brave, bold and courageous – developing a manifesto for change

“My aim is to take the debate about the BBC beyond the need for platform prominence and to address how it can add value to British life and British interests overseas in the twenty-first century.”

Matteo Salvini, renaturalizing the racial and sexual boundaries of democracy

In Italy, Salvini has set out to expand the independentist and regionalist dimension that formerly characterized his party, turning it into a xenophobic force with a national calling.

Hyper-extremism tends to follow extremism

The Hindutva storm-troopers would feel let down, having been trained to abuse the secular Hindus, liberals, intellectuals, dissenting writers and a minority community.

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