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Adam Ramsay

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracy UK

Constitutional conventions: best practice

When liberals have had enough: a new wave of protests in Romania

Whereas the stereotypical pro-government voter consumes partisan local media; by contrast, the stereotypical protester in Bucharest owns an iPhone and reads international newspapers online.

The danger of nationalisms today: a four-part essay on the lethal logic of the Monocultural National Us

Nationalisms of one kind or another have been with modern human society for centuries. Why write now to urge new attention to the current upsurge in nationalisms?

#LulaLivre: 4 things you should know

The campaign for the up and coming presidential elections in Brazil officially began on the 15th of August, in a context of political chaos and uncertainty. What can we expect given the current circumstances? Español

Disobedient democracies on Europe’s periphery: why are these crucial for rebuilding the left?

Rebuilding the left and reversing the democratic erosion which we are currently witnessing across Europe and the US are one and the same project.

BBC Diversity – getting through The Moral Maze

"This story starts with an invitation to appear as witness on “The Morality of Diversity” in the BBC Radio 4 “The Moral Maze” series, presented by Michael Buerk..."

No, the racial diversity of a country does not perfectly predict pro-immigrant attitudes

Given the political salience of immigration and how affected we are by our own perceptions of immigration, it is critical that we get the details right.

New President, the extreme right and popular resistance in Colombia

The outcome of the Colombian presidential elections will have dire political consequences, visible even before the new president took office last August 7. Español

América Latina: la región más mortífera para los defensores del medio ambiente

Más activistas medioambientales fueron asesinados en América Latina el año pasado que en cualquier otro lugar del mundo, según un nuevo informe de Global Witness. English

Latin America is the deadliest region for environmental activists

More land and environmental activists were killed in Latin America last year than anywhere else in the world, according to a new report by watchdog group Global Witness. Español

La generación del milenio y la política: ¿hay esperanzas?

Los millennials se encuentran con unos sistemas políticos que no se parecen en nada a como son ellos, que no hablan su mismo idioma y que no abordan sus principales preocupaciones. Pero todo esto podría estar cambiando. English

Multicultural Nationalism

Does multicultural nationalism represent the political idea and tendency most likely to offer a feasible alternative rallying point to monocultural nationalism?

Facebook and journalism. Part two

Facebook has fundamentally changed the news ecosystem and has, in fact, jeopardised press freedom and plurality – whether willingly or not.

The neo-fascist moment of neoliberalism

How can we understand the simultaneous rise of the far right and the authoritarian evolution of neoliberalism? We need an antifascism that can highlight the latter’s role in this “neo-fascist moment.”

Democracy eats its parents!

"If a principled yet powerful leader does emerge, he can only come from yesterday’s disempowered classes."

Meet the women poets preserving indigenous languages in Mexico

“When you lose a language, you lose a whole culture," says Ana Chino Miguel, one of the women working to prevent this through storytelling and poetry.

#SomosIndígenas: Logros y desafíos de la lucha indígena

En el Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas es importante reconocer la incansable lucha por sus derechos, por la protección de sus tradiciones y la defensa de lo que queda de sus territorios.

¿Golpe fallido en Nicaragua?

Aunque la presión internacional continúa, a mediados de julio quedó claro que, de momento, la oposición en Nicaragua no cuenta con el apoyo local suficiente para lograr sus objetivos. English

Nicaragua’s failed coup

While the international pressure continues, by mid-July it became clear that, for the time being at least, the opposition in Nicaragua no longer has sufficient local support to achieve its goal. Español

How the lethal logic of the Monocultural National Us is at work in Zionism and Brexit

The Monocultural National Us wreaks havoc all over the world. How do we loosen its grip on our imaginations, and what might this mean for the defence of our democracies? Pt.3 of 4.

Pensar el aborto desde la experiencia vital. Habla Laura Klein

La Ley de Interrupción Voluntaria del Embarazo se vota el 8 de agosto en el senado Argentino. Laura Klein sostiene que el debate no debe centrarse en la definición biológica o científica de la «vida».

Duque presidente, ultra derecha y resistencia popular

El resultado de las elecciones en Colombia tiene consecuencias, en muchos casos preocupantes, que comenzaron a hacerse visibles incluso antes de la posesión del nuevo presidente. English

#SOSVenezuela: migrants or refugees?

The Venezuelan migratory crisis has the potential to surpass that of Syria. We are faced with a huge regional refugee crisis, not a mere wave of economic migration. Español

Everything that is wrong is the fault of '68: regaining cultural hegemony by trashing the left

In the burgeoning literature on the populist right, smouldering resentment has so far not been sufficiently appreciated and expressed.

The image of Arabs in Kurdish oral heritage

Jazira’s Kurds have a rich oral heritage targeting their Arab neighbours. العربية

عن صورة العرب في الموروث الشفاهي الكردي

التجاور الجغرافي ووحدة الحال بين العرب والكرد لم تحل دون تشكّل صور نمطية وقاموس لفظي وقصص وأمثال ومحكيات تنحو في مدلولاتها المباشرة والمضمرة نحو تكريس صور نمطية عن الآخر. English

The hard right and the open left

One of the main reasons liberal democracy appears to be imploding is that the liberal international capitalist order on which it has been based for the last seventy years is imploding.

España, último campo de pruebas de la socialdemocracia europea

En resumidas cuentas, el futuro de los partidos socialdemócratas de la UE depende muy probablemente de cómo el PSOE aborde el tema de la inmigración. English

On the wrong side of history: the dangers facing Brexitland

"Britain is sadly leading the way in a regressive, narrow-minded and divisive politics... I am leaving behind a Brexit Britain that is rudderless, leaderless and completely hollow within."

Which conflicts strengthen a democracy, and which tear it apart? How Europe is finding out

Outlining a couple of debates, and the concept of the Monocultural National Us. Why should we be on the look out for its presence in our lives? Pt.1 of 4.

Recovering human dignity: Richard Bernstein on the relevance of Hannah Arendt today

Arendt’s fundamental insight was that humans are not born equal; rather, a political construction is needed to create equality of public voice. Review.

Subverting democracy without vote-rigging

Recent events in some prominent democratic nations have highlighted the internal threats that are hard to see and even harder to counter. A military dictator can be identified.

“The revolution will be feminist, or it will be nothing". Dirty laundry to the streets of Chile

This is one of the many statements circulating today in Santiago de Chile’s streets following the feminist movement installed in several Chilean universities. Español

Chile: “La revolución será feminista o no será”.

Este es uno de los tantos slogans que circulan hoy por las calles de Santiago, depués de que el movimiento feminista se instalara en las distintas universidades chilenas. English

Ecuador y el caso del asilo de Assange

Seis años después de que Assange entrara en su embajada en Londres, los temores de persecución política que inicialmente albergó Ecuador, lejos de ser infundados, se han revelado acertados. English

We should bridge the earnings gulf between legal aid and commercial lawyers

Much of the income of City law firms comes directly from the public purse at many times legal aid rates. How can this be justified?

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