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Claire Provost

Claire Provost is editor of 50.50 covering gender, sexuality and social justice.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Feminist comedians are laughing at privilege – and it’s funny

Comedy that targets oppressed groups is outdated. These feminists are using humour to speak truth to power.

Del fascismo al populismo. Aclaraciones indispensables

El fascismo no ha muerto, siempre ha estado allí. Pero no es el populismo. No puede utilizarse el término para descalificar sin reparar en las diferencias. Entrevista

La política de la protesta en Argentina

La vida política de la Argentina está marcada por una activa práctica de la protesta social, elemento clave para entender la dinámica política del país durante lo que va del siglo XXI. English

The politics of protest in Argentina

Political life in Argentina is characterized by a particularly active culture of social protest. This is a key element to understanding political dynamics throughout the 21st century. Español

#ArchivoDemoAbierta2018: a year of environmental challenges

The protection of the environment is so crucial for upholding democracy that however the subject is approached, it is often impossible to express the real magnitude of the issue. That’s why we present some of the most important environmental conflicts of 2018. Español

Yellow fever in France

Almost everyone agrees on the analysis of what caused this movement: the growth of inequalities, the marginalization of certain regions and social categories, austerity and neoliberal politics. Then accounts diverge.

Marching with Dabrowski – what the centenary of Polish Independence can tell us about the radical right?

“I could not think of a better way to grasp what is behind the nationalist frenzy than to take part in their public events. On November 11, Poland celebrated National Independence Day.”

Argentina, el G20 y las movilizaciones en su contra

Cuando entramos en una nueva fase de neoliberalismo autoritario marcado por el avance del neofascismo es esencial que sigamos fortaleciendo los lazos entre los movimientos que luchan contra las estructuras de opresión.  English

Argentina, the G20, and the mobilisations against it

As we are entering a new phase of authoritarian neoliberalism it is essential that we continue strengthening ties between movements fighting the structures of oppression and advance in the construction of better worlds.

The antisemitic turn of the “Alternative for Germany” party

The AfD wants to use Israel to exploit the false notion that whoever is pro-Israel could not be antisemitic, and to find strategic allies in its fight against Muslim immigration.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70

Heed Monday’s anniversary, for talk of rights is increasingly becoming hazardous to health in vast parts of the globe

Demands of France's yellow vests as uploaded by France Bleu, November 29

"MPs from France, we inform you of the People's Directives for you to transpose them into LAW. "

Message from Commercy: the time of the communes still rings out!

Commercy's Yellow Vests offer a political solution to the movement: autonomous local committees, direct democracy, sovereign general assembly, delegates with a precise mandate revocable at any time, rotating responsibilities.

4 días de trabajo, 3 días de ocio: ¿ha llegado la hora de reclamar la semana laboral de 4 días en Europa?

Las exigencias del neoliberalismo ponen en grave peligro el tiempo libre del que disponemos. Pero los trabajadores, los sindicatos y los activistas de toda Europa están organizando el contraataque. English

Para derrotar a la ultraderecha hay que distinguirla del fascismo histórico

El triunfo de Bolsonaro en Brasil encierra importantes lecciones para la izquierda mundial. Para ganar la batalla a la ultraderecha, las izquierdas deben entender que se enfrentan a un enemigo fragmentado diferente del unitario fascismo histórico. English

To defeat the far right means to differentiate it from historical fascism

To win the battle against the far right, the left must understand that it faces a fragmented enemy, which is quite different from unitary historical fascism. Español

How Christian conservatives are trying to influence the media in Ukraine

The Novomedia forum in Kyiv offered an up-close look at the communications strategies of internationally-connected ultra-conservatives.

#ProtestasEnColombia | Fighting for public education in Latin America

The public university strike in Colombia has reached its 7 week mark as will continue until further notice. This mobilisation throws the crisis of public education in the country into the spotlight. Español

The double standards applied to academic freedom

The political right is not only cracking down on academic freedoms, but has started simultaneously to become a fierce advocate of an aggressively anti-intellectual freedom of speech.

A People's Vote without a referendum

There is an alternative way of "letting the people decide" on an issue where MPs seem incapable of agreeing a coherent policy. The Greeks had a word for it: democracy.

Fortress Europe: Macron hikes university fees for non-EU students

The students that the government is hoping to dissuade from studying in France are the young people of its former colonies. How does this square with ‘patriotism as openness’?

On extremism and democracy in Europe: three years later

This introduction to the updated Greek edition of the 2016 book brings to its thought-provoking chronological account three more eventful years for the far right, populism, Euroscepticism and liberal democracy.

Brexit – the big swindle, a European view

We need to understand better why citizens’ rights have become, together with the Northern Irish question, such an incandescent issue in the Brexit negotiations.

Samuel Oliver-Bruno, ¿inmigrante ilegal en Estados Unidos?

El caso es ilustrativo de la política de inmigración de Estados Unidos: una política disfuncional que deja a millones de personas en un limbo. English

La muerte del periodista Vladimir Herzog y la democracia en Brasil

Tanto Jair Bolsonaro como su vicepresidente, Antônio Mourão, son ex militares. La situación en Brasil, inquietantemente, recuerda la de 1964. English

#EscúchameTambién | 6 voices against gender based violence in Latin America

We present 6 activists fighting against gender based violence across Latin America to give women a voice and to defend their dignity. Español

Diversity in UK film: when is a breakthrough a breakthrough?

It is a story told easily in numbers that eloquently, embarrassingly set out the scale of a problem, and the fairness and effectiveness lacking from a British industrial success.

Second referendum, yes. Will of the People, no

What could it possibly mean for a large and diverse set of people, the citizens of a country at a particular time and in a particular place, to share one will?

The ‘new’ climate politics of Extinction Rebellion?

Creating a movement that can have the impact XR aims for will require confronting the political as well as the moral challenges posed by climate change.

Living in truth

A conversation with the Lithuanian writer about being a young artist and activist exiled by the Soviet Authorities during the Cold War, together with more recent challenges from Putin’s Russia.

For the people to have their say on Brexit, how best can the multi-option conundrum be resolved?

If the problem is multi-optional, the question should be multi-optional, and the ballot paper should be a (short) list, usually of about 4 – 6 options.

Why get married? How Julia Margo changed her mind

We explore the value of direct experience in changing people’s minds, as well as delving into why it’s harder to change on some issues than others.

Remembrance of things present: Vladimir Herzog and democracy in contemporary Brazil

Journalist Vladimir Herzog died in custody; his body found hung by his own belt strap from the bars of his cell. The official cause of death was suicide. Few in Brazil accepted this statement.

Vietnam: how to circumvent state repression

As repression of dissident groups became officially enshrined in the Vietnamese Constitution, activists, including many well-known scholars, needed alternative tactics of resistance.

#EscúchameTambién | María, Hermelinda, Susana, Taya, Dora y Bellanir: 6 voces contra la violencia de género en América Latina

Te presentamos 6 activistas contra la violencia de género poco conocidas que luchan de norte a sur del continente para dar voz a las mujeres y defender su dignidad. English

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