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Manuel Serrano

Manuel Serrano is Junior Editor at DemocraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Cubans of different generations remember Fidel Castro

Whether Cubans on the island worship Fidel Castro despite all his flaws, loathe him, or are frankly indifferent depends more than anything else on their age. Español

Da democracia à kakistocracia – ida e volta

Kakistocracia (grego: κακιστοκρατία): diz-se de um estado ou país governado pelos piores, pelos menos qualificados e menos escrupulosos dos seus cidadãos. English Español

The counter-revolution of the Right

With eyes set on Russia and fighting a cultural battle of its own, an anti-liberal and anti-cosmopolitan project is consolidating itself both in Europe and the United States. Español

A huge victory for Belgium's CETA opponents: Paul Magnette's speech

A patched deal allows CETA to pass to the next stage. But Belgium gained important concessions. We translate the historic parliamentary speech by the Minister-president of Wallonia in Namur on October 14, 2016.

My 350 on Donald Trump: on remembering November 8, 2016

Remember, remember the 8th of November, OR, the relevance of V for Vendetta in our troubled political times…

From Movementism to Labourism

Prospects for the renewal of the left: a perspective from the movementist element of the UK Labour Party grassroots activist body, Momentum.

Mass rapes to mass protests: violence against women in 2016

Impunity for violence against women remains a massive problem. Donald Trump hasn’t helped.

Round the clock control in Diyarbakir

The state will also try to put those into high positions who are close to the government or available to switch alliances. In other words: divide and rule.

In the Netherlands, the populist battle plays out over a Christmas figure

Wilders’s Freedom Party has held a consistent lead in the polls for over a year, and is now running head to head with Prime Minister Rutte’s party.

Resisting the movement of control

We must fight for more transparency, and against technologies of decision-making. We cannot not do it. But this is not enough. We must learn the language of becoming other. A Tacit Futures interview.

Fidel Castro's legacy: Cuban conversations

From the archive: first published in February 2008. "What comes after Fidel" is a well-worn topic of op-eds, but the focus should be on an assessment of the character – a combination of the institutional, political, and personal – of the Cuban revolutionary experience as a whole.

The many sides of Jack London

Speaking to us 100 years after his death, in the era of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, Jack London’s late novels make a fascinating spectacle of their author’s ‘white fragility’.

White God / Black Dog

Kornell Mandruczo's and Kata Weber's film, White God, is about Hungary, mongrols, Liszt ... and authoritarianism

Free labs for activists

An initiative in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, seeks to combine political knowledge with hacker culture to democratize and strengthen development. Português

Elecciones locales 2016 en Brasil: ¿quién controlará más recursos a partir de 2017?

Un análisis del poder que obtienen los partidos en las recientes elecciones municipales, y ante el derrumbe del PT, anticipa cambios importantes a nivel estatal y federal en los comicios que se avecinan. English Português

Hidden Warfare 2: Drones

In an attempt to give them a better image, the British MoD has renamed them Protector rather than Predator.

Ethiopia’s crisis

Things fall apart: will the centre hold?

Tres escenarios para refrendar el nuevo Acuerdo de Paz con las FARC

Tras el revés del referéndum en Colombia, una nueva negociación ha llevado rápidamente a un nuevo acuerdo. A la hora de refrendarlo, es imperativo evitar errores. English

Mexico in helplessness, from Tlatelolco to Ayotzinapa

The Mexican State does not protect its citizens against criminals, nor does it care much for them as victims – to say the least. It all started, arguably, in 1968. Interview. Español

México en el desamparo, de Tlatelolco a Ayotzinapa

En México, el Estado no protege a sus ciudadanos contra los criminales, ni les atiende cuando son víctimas – como mínimo. Todo comenzó, puede argumentarse, en 1968. Entrevista. English

Why protesting Obama after Trump's victory makes so much sense

Trump is the logical culmination of a culture: the narrator of a democratic apparatus that has come to conceal itself behind the mother of all TV shows: the US Presidency.”

How to build a movement-party: lessons from Rosario’s Future City

Passive, spectator politics is not an option. It is up to the activists to prove that maintaining a party in movement is possible over the long term. Español

Cómo construir un partido de movimiento: lecciones desde Ciudad Futura de Rosario

El gran reto de los movimientos sociales es cómo sostener su activismo una vez alcanzan las instituciones. En cualquier caso, la política pasiva, de espectadores, ha dejado de ser una opción.  English

Trump´s presidency and climate change

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States may provide China the opportunity to take over the leadership of the battle against climate change. Español Português

A presidência de Trump e a mudança climática

A eleição de Donald Trump como Presidente dos Estados Unidos pode proporcionar à China a oportunidade de assumir a liderança na luta contra a mudança climática. English Español

So what is the purpose of education?

"After a year, in the fall of 2013, I wanted to investigate the possibility of working towards being Minister of Education."  Simone Haenen told her story at the World Forum for Democracy 2016.

With the future of liberal democracy hanging in the balance, what next?

While the results of the US election should be respected, Democrats (and liberals everywhere) must rapidly begin organizing to push back. There is simply too much at stake.

Are litmus tests on culture spreading from Israel to Berlin?

Pro-Israel journalists and politicians in Germany target a Palestinian arts and culture festival, its curators and the venue hosting it.


This land is Hisland: the role of sexism in the US elections.

My 350 on Donald Trump: reinventing global public organisations

“The recent election result in the US should serve as a call for re-invention for many of these organisations.”

Gold plated populism: Trump and the end of the liberal order

Four years after Romney lost to Obama, Trump, travelling in a private plane with a gold-plated bathroom, has been embraced by the working class as a man of the people.

Las ciudades sostenibles: una visión sistémica

La sustentabilidad en las megaciudades latinoamericanas debe girar en torno a un sistema integral, que incluya transporte público, presupuestos participativos y  fabricación de espacio público. Entrevista. English

Sustainable cities: a systemic approach

In the search for sustainability in Latin American megacities, a systemic approach should include public transport, participatory budgeting and ‘place making’. Interview Español

Trump gana. ¿Y ahora qué?

Lo que Trump tiene en mente para América Latina es una gran incógnita. La región (y el mundo) tendrá que navegar con cautela estas aguas inexploradas. English 

What does the future hold for Southern Europe?

The idea of a southern European forum is very much needed. Surprisingly, a summit  of the incumbent nations sparked little interest both within and outside the countries in question. Português

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