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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Troca de favores nas Nações Unidas

O candidato favorito para suceder a Ban Ki-Moon como Secretário Geral da ONU é o Ex primeiro-ministro português António Guterres. Mas o procedimento de eleição continua a ser pouco democrático. English Español 

Global migration summits are high-stakes and high-risk

The outcome of the summits must be about sharing responsibility, not shirking or shifting it. It can be done. Português Español

Intercambiando favores en las Naciones Unidas

El favorito para suceder a Ban Ki-Moon como Secretario General de la ONU es el ex primer ministro portugués, Antonio Guterres. Pero el proceso de elección sigue siendo poco democrático. Português English 

United against Spain’s Gag Laws: change bottom-up

The most worrying consequence of the Gag Laws is the population´s fear of exercising their freedoms, in particular freedom of expression and information. Español

Maduro: ¿quién te asesora?

La oposición a Nicolás Maduro está aumentando también entre los chavistas, que le acusan no sólo de no estar ya en la izquierda, sino de cometer repetidamente errores estúpidos. English

Maduro, who on earth is advising you?

Opposition to Nicolás Maduro’s tenure is now increasing also among Chavistas, who accuse him not only of being no longer on the Left but of repeatedly making stupid mistakes. Español

Path to authoritarianism: the collapse of the politics of accommodation

The alternative is to recover the constitutive elements of the politics of accommodation, the core ideas of democratic public life mediated by the rule of law and accountable to all citizens.

Peru fails to deliver for indigenous women

Under Fujimori, thousands of indigenous women and men were sterilized against their will. Today, activists and organizations keep on fighting for it to be considered a crime against humanity. Español

That day: teaching at New York University on September 11, 2001

We live in the leeway between earth and sky. We need to speak to it, sing to it, the ground beneath our feet always changing homes.

Europe’s left after Brexit: DiEM25’s perspective

Varoufakis replies to Tariq Ali, Stathis Kouvelakis, Vicente Navarro and Stefano Fassina on the role of the national level in the inevitable clash with the EU establishment and current practices. 

América Latina en marea baja

La "década virtuosa" de gobiernos progresistas en América Latina parace que toca a su fin. Pero, según el vicepresidente de Bolivia, Álvaro García Linera, las revoluciones proceden por oleadas. English

The ebbing Latin American tide

The "virtuous decade" of progressive governments in Latin America is ending. But, as Vice President of Bolivia Álvaro García Linera’s believes, revolutions come in waves. Español

Classificar corpos, negar liberdades

A classificação é um instrumento de opressão. Este artigo, que examina o abuso dirigido a Caster Semenya, antecipa o tema do Forum Internacional AWID (8-11 setembro): “Integridade corporal e liberdades”. Español English

Erdogan’s unexpected ally

By failing to condemn ongoing human rights violations in Turkey, the Council of Europe Secretary General betrays the regional human rights system he is supposed to promote. Originally published on 1 September 2016, updated September 6.

Book review: "The Battle for Home: The Memoir of a Syrian Architect" by Marwa al-Sabouni

If we can no longer recognise our surroundings as a shared home it becomes easier to contemplate their destruction.

Bring them here

“We are generous to refugees on the one hand and we penalise undocumented refugees on the other. The two practices co-exist and one is often played off against the other.”

Whatever happened to the Egyptians, Pt.4: would-be aristocrats

What is it that makes the rich of Egypt so insecure? Why do they want to escape all of a sudden? Why do we frighten them? عربي

Burkinis accepted: for a poor woman scrubbing France’s floors

The woman on the beach in her human quest to be visible, had the grace, understandably, to be bewildered. A large swathe of your citizens are bewildered, France. The world is bewildered, France.

Putin’s opposition in Hungary

Activism and the retreat to digital niches actually increases the system-conformity of Orbán’s opposition, just as it does in Putin’s Russia.

Belling the trolls: free expression, online abuse and gender

Freedom of expression is fundamentally about power: about who gets to speak or express themselves and on what terms and platforms.

A flashpoint in South Asia?

“You question India’s territorial integrity, I will question Pakistan’s. You interfere in our internal affairs, we will interfere in yours.”

Un niño en un bus: democracia, neoliberalismo y hablarle a extraños

En el acto de salir del individualismo excluyente, y romper la idea de que cada uno puede mejorar su vida por sí solo sin contemplar a los demás, hay un gran paso. English

The genealogy of the Effendy

Undeterred by the regime's actions that have steadily pushed the Egyptian economy to the brink, the middle class seem intent on supporting the military.

A brief guide to the Don Dale scandal

The shock of politicians was always hard to take seriously. The problem is not a lack of knowledge. It’s that Australian governments refuse to act on what we do know.

Evictions in Greece: dozens of people convicted. Their crime? Solidarity

The function of these squats was to provide shelter for economic and political refugees, while the needs of the people staying there were met through solidarity networks and local communities.

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: Violencia sin justicia en México: la guerra y sus consecuencias

Independientemente de su relación con el narcotráfico, la guerra desencadenada en México es una guerra civil contra y entre ciudadanos, de consecuencias demoledoras para la población y el Estado. 

The 'Burkini Battle': France’s capitulation to extremism

Reduced to symbols of national identity, women are caught in the center of a tug-of-war in which any amount of violence, of coercion and regulation of their bodies is justified in order to win the battle.

Two visions of politics in Turkey: authoritarian and revolutionary

Politics is not a mere choice between white and black, but rather a creative way of people running their daily lives in all their colourful richness.

To inhabit democratic cities

Anyone who remains outside of democratic cities, who doesn't accept the open rationale oriented towards the common good, will have one name: the enemy of democracy. Español

Habitar las ciudades democráticas

Quien se quede fuera de las ciudades democráticas, quien no acepte su lógica abierta orientada al bien común, tendrá un nombre: enemigo de la democracia. English 

America’s criminal injustice system

Think of the author as today’s Sam Spade, taking you deep into an American world in which justice couldn’t be blinder.

The allure of war: the motivations of Jordanian foreign fighters in Syria

Broadly speaking, religious motivations are the primary draw for Jordanian volunteers in Syria.

Organized crime and elites in Colombia: an InSightCrime report

On the eve of a historical peace agreement, an InSightCrime report sheds some light on the dark sides of the Colombian society, now facing a complex and potentially violent post-conflict scenario. Español

Élites y crimen organizado en Colombia: un informe de InSightCrime

 En vísperas de una acuerdo de paz histórico, un informe de InSightCrime arroja luz sobre aspectos oscuros de la sociedad colombiana, que ahora se enfrenta a un complejo y potencialmente violento escenario post-conflicto. English

Innovation policy trends in Latin America: citizen’s leadership

Throughout Latin America, practices and performances of great political innovation can contribute to amplify democracy and strengthen the struggle for rights. Español Português

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