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Constitutional conventions: best practice

La (in)justicia climática en Argentina

Como un sastre ajustando un traje, el gobierno argentino está dispuesto a modificar leyes medioambientales básicas para adaptarlas a los intereses corporativos. English

Batalla legal feminista por el derecho al aborto en América Latina

La movilización legal por el derecho al aborto, o el uso del derecho y las cortes por parte de actoras feministas en su lucha por la legalización del aborto, es reciente en América Latina. English

The evangelical wave hits democracy in Costa Rica

Fabricio Alvarado got through to the second round of the presidential elections, opening up the possibility that Costa Rica may place itself in the hard neoliberal and fundamentalist camp. Español

La ola evangélica y la democracia en Costa Rica

La llegada del pastor evangélico Fabricio Alvarado al balotaje presidencial abre la posibilidad de que Costa Rica quede ubicada en la órbita del neoliberalismo duro y el fundamentalismo religioso. English

Ser mujer y periodista en América Latina

Ocho periodistas mujeres, ocho países, ocho relatos, ocho contextos con retos y problemas distintos. Así es el día a día de las periodistas en América Latina. English

Being female and a journalist in Latin America

Eight female journalists, eight countries, eight stories, eight circumstances with both different challenges and issues to be faced. This is the daily life of female journalists in Latin America. Español

Power and the divine: self-repression in Egypt

Focusing on the afterlife, the rewards of heaven for the just and hell for the unjust, keeps the masses in check and accepting of their social reality. This needs to change.

Another Jew suspended for antisemitism – why is the UK Labour Party making such an unedifying spectacle of itself?

What, for example, has happened to the “fair and transparent " disciplinary procedures recommended by Shadow Attorney General, Shami Chakrabarti?

La política de los sentimientos

Los sentimientos siempre han jugado un rol clave en política. En muchos sentidos, la política es el arte de la persuasión. English

"We need a feminist constitution"

How is anyone going to go to work if no-one does the ironing, cooks, or looks after the children? I think putting this issue on the table is one of the great victories of March 8. An interview.

Re-igniting political polarisation in Greece: the ‘liberal’ opposition’s turn to the right and the challenges for democracy

What is often ignored across Europe is the mainstreaming of nationalism and nativism, the legitimization of illiberal and indeed of anti-democratic ideas and practices by established ‘moderate’ political forces.

Fox/Sky: story so far – how will it end?

By next year, the UK’s biggest broadcasting company, Sky (including Sky News), will be owned by a US media giant: Fox, Disney or Comcast (or perhaps two of them).

Perceptions of corruption in Latin America worsen

Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index 2017 shows that, despite some progress, Latin America continues to experienceserious difficulties in fighting corruption. Español

Cómo reconsiderar el acoso sexual como violencia de género en el marco de derechos humanos

Cuando el acoso sexual se reconsidera como violencia de género y violación de los derechos humanos, en lugar de como un mero “mal comportamiento”, cambian las posibilidades en torno a la responsabilidad y la reparación. English

Fear of forgetting – heroines who changed history

Simone De Beauvoir and Gisele Halimi were indefatigable. They wrote to every responsible official in the judiciary, military and government – up to General de Gaulle. Lest we forget.

Black Panther’s powerful women are magical – just like our everyday feminist superheroes

Watching Black Panther made me think about our everyday feminist superheroes, stepping out of their comfort zones and powering activism with creativity and skill.

The ordinary virtues of cities

Talking to Phil Wood, co-founder of the intercultural cities model, last November, about love of cities, intercultural city planning, innovative local government, human rights and ‘ordinary virtues’. Interview.

Oslo: the small hotels where we meet

Talking to Geir Lippestad, then Vice-Mayor of Oslo, at an Intercultural Cities Milestone Event last November, about hatred of multiculturalism, diversity advantages, the responsibility of politicians, and win-win cities. Interview.

How will a Syrian child delete the image of his poverty from search engines?

Media professionals should contribute to respecting the privacy of individuals or groups who are subjects of their news articles, especially when it concerns children and their privacy. عربي

Clashing scales in Brexit Britain, or why we just can’t get along

The first of three essays contemplating the “complete reimagination of politics” which is the drama of Brexit. 

Drowning Belgrade: the Belgrade waterfront project in context

As Belgrade goes to the polls in today's municipal elections, the state is playing a fundamental role in the transition to neoliberal economics. Hence the undemocratic procedures bedevilling 'The Project'.

How Egypt functions in the Moroccan imagination

A journey through Morocco as an Egyptian. Amro Ali shares his observations and insights from common spaces of discussions.

The 2018 Italian election campaign viewed from Twitter

We have followed 1,579 candidates and tracked their Twitter conversations for two weeks now. Also, we collected 400,000 citizens’ retweets and replies to candidates’ tweets.

El carnaval político de Brasil

En medio de la inquietante crisis política que azota el país, el Carnaval se convierte en un gran escenario para la crítica, la caricatura y el sarcasmo político. English Português 

Brazil's political carnival

In the midst of the country’s haunting political crisis, more than ever before Carnival in Brazil has become an occasion for criticism, parody and political caricature . Español Português 

Lights – Camera – Action! ‘below the stairs’ soap opera production in middle class Cairo residences

Fearful of a relentless downward slide, Cairo’s middle classes generate income by renting out their private apartments for the illegal filming of TV soaps.

أورهان باموك والسفير الروسي: المخيّلة والواقع بين مولودين

أوجه التشابه بين بطل رواية أورهان باموك والشرطي التركي الذي قام باغتيال السفير الروسي في ٢٠١٦ مثير للاهتمام.

Buying and selling politics in America

The midterm elections are an opportunity for voters to stand up to the National Rifle Association and remove from office those who place their political aspirations above children’s lives.

Meet the Tunisian drag queen defying the odds

On the frontline of the LGBTQIA movement in Tunisia, a trans non-binary drag queen is revolutionizing and leading the fight for equal rights. 

Xenofobia y populismo: armas electorales en Italia

El discurso del odio hacia el inmigrante está protagonizando la campaña. Pero las iniciativas dedicadas a la contrainformación también siguen en pie de guerra. English

The Italian electoral campaign and the issue of immigration: a Twitter analysis in the aftermath of the Macerata attack

Interestingly enough, the presence of hashtags such as #itaexit and #noEU suggests a clear link – in the ‘national closure’ discourse – between anti-immigration and anti-European sentiment. 

Democracy needs us: less social media and more social interaction

Facebook controls and filters our information in ways that can be detrimental for democracy. We must start rebuilding local communities to counteract its negative political effects. Español

Can Sierra Leone’s female secret societies be allies in the fight against female genital mutilation?

FGM is a deeply-rooted and widespread practice in the country. Can its locally-powerful practitioners help curtail it?

Italy is haemorrhaging youth and has no idea how to stem the flow, but there's still hope

Isolating itself – like Britain is doing – would be the end. Italy couldn't afford it. That is the one thing everyone agrees on…

The new economics of Labour

Tory-supporting media, unchallenged by a supposedly liberal press, portray Corbyn as a Soviet fellow-traveller, while unnoticed the shadow chancellor sets out a vision which breaks with the bureaucratic model of 1945.

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