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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Cómo construir un partido de movimiento: lecciones desde Ciudad Futura de Rosario

El gran reto de los movimientos sociales es cómo sostener su activismo una vez alcanzan las instituciones. En cualquier caso, la política pasiva, de espectadores, ha dejado de ser una opción.  English

Trump´s presidency and climate change

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States may provide China the opportunity to take over the leadership of the battle against climate change. Español Português

A presidência de Trump e a mudança climática

A eleição de Donald Trump como Presidente dos Estados Unidos pode proporcionar à China a oportunidade de assumir a liderança na luta contra a mudança climática. English Español

So what is the purpose of education?

"After a year, in the fall of 2013, I wanted to investigate the possibility of working towards being Minister of Education."  Simone Haenen told her story at the World Forum for Democracy 2016.

With the future of liberal democracy hanging in the balance, what next?

While the results of the US election should be respected, Democrats (and liberals everywhere) must rapidly begin organizing to push back. There is simply too much at stake.

Are litmus tests on culture spreading from Israel to Berlin?

Pro-Israel journalists and politicians in Germany target a Palestinian arts and culture festival, its curators and the venue hosting it.


This land is Hisland: the role of sexism in the US elections.

My 350 on Donald Trump: reinventing global public organisations

“The recent election result in the US should serve as a call for re-invention for many of these organisations.”

Gold plated populism: Trump and the end of the liberal order

Four years after Romney lost to Obama, Trump, travelling in a private plane with a gold-plated bathroom, has been embraced by the working class as a man of the people.

Las ciudades sostenibles: una visión sistémica

La sustentabilidad en las megaciudades latinoamericanas debe girar en torno a un sistema integral, que incluya transporte público, presupuestos participativos y  fabricación de espacio público. Entrevista. English

Sustainable cities: a systemic approach

In the search for sustainability in Latin American megacities, a systemic approach should include public transport, participatory budgeting and ‘place making’. Interview Español

Trump gana. ¿Y ahora qué?

Lo que Trump tiene en mente para América Latina es una gran incógnita. La región (y el mundo) tendrá que navegar con cautela estas aguas inexploradas. English 

What does the future hold for Southern Europe?

The idea of a southern European forum is very much needed. Surprisingly, a summit  of the incumbent nations sparked little interest both within and outside the countries in question. Português

Trump vs Hillary: consecuencias de las elecciones presidenciales en América Latina

Cualquiera que sea el resultado, las elecciones presidenciales del 8 de noviembre tendrán un impacto determinante al sur del Río Grande. Recabamos la visión de algunos analistas desde la región. English Português

Trump vs Hillary: consequências das eleições presidenciais na América Latina

Seja qual for o resultado, a eleição presidencial terá um impacto determinante ao Sul do Rio Grande. Recolhemos a visão de alguns analistas desde a região. Español English

Trump vs Hillary: Consequences of US presidential elections for Latin America

As US voters turn out to decide between Trump and Hilary on election day, 5 analysts from the region share their thoughts on the potential impact of the results on Latin America. Español Português

The right to the city as a citizen's practice

If the UN doesn't deal with the issue of the right to the city, it will not only have to face up to local governments, but also the 99%. Español

#NiUnaMenos: against femicide in Latin America

With the victim’s death, the cycle of violence does not come to an end: it continues through the region’s ongoing culture of impunity reserved for the culprits. Español

#NiUnaMenos: contra el feminicidio en América Latina

Con la muerte de la víctima, no termina el ciclo de violencia: continúa a través de la impunidad al no garantizarse justicia a las víctimas ni castigo a los agresores. English

One woman’s brush with Sharia courts in the UK: "It ruined my life forever"

“My daughter and I appeared before the Sharia court at Regent's Park mosque in London. They were not interested in anything we had to say, the whole process was shocking.”

Where is India under Modi headed?

If not Theresa May, the accompanying media ought to note the gross human rights violations and crackdowns on dissent that abound.

“Together tomorrow” (Ensemble Demain): an intergenerational and intercultural programme of education

Together Tomorrow is an intergenerational project unique in Europe. It was selected as nationally innovative by the Ministry of Education in France.

What could and should the EU do with Turkey?

Is there a minimal sense of responsibility in European policies towards the people of Turkey, or do we have to content ourselves with European realpolitik?

Upstreaming citizen participation

Representative democracy is not democratic enough. Today, citizens should be able to participate in the political process from the beginning, upstream, and not just at the end with their vote. Interview. Español Português

Democracia 2.0: decidir antes de votar

La democracia representativa no es suficientemente democrática. Hoy, los ciudadanos deben poder participar en los procesos políticos desde el inicio, y no sólo al final con su voto. Entrevista. English Português

On newspaper cartoons in the Colombian Peace Process

The outcome of the referendum in Colombia came as a surprise, but a mapping of newspaper cartoons shows a divergence between the international and domestic framing of the peace process. Español

Quando a corrupção é denunciada pelas crianças

Crianças de todo o mundo jogam futebol, e muitas sonham com tornar-se profissionais. Mas, pelo que parece, a notória e generalizada corrupção no desporto tem como origem as categorias juvenis. English Español  

Cuando la corrupción la denuncian niños

Niños de todo el mundo juegan al futbol, y muchos sueñan en convertirse en profesionales. Pero puede que la notoria y generalizada corrupción del deporte tenga sus raíces en las categorías juveniles. Português English

When children denounce corruption

Children across the globe play football, many dreaming of becoming professionals and following their idols’ successful careers. Yet the sport's notorious and widespread corruption may have its roots at the youth levels. Português Español 

Ask yourself this

We are starting to see that we have to drastically change – the greatest challenge in human history. So what is the purpose of education? Introducing a story-teller at the World Forum for Democracy 2016.

Hej Carl Bildt, are you asleep? Should Europe still stand by Erdoğan?

Dedicated to Aydın Engin, or “uncle Aydın”, and all jailed writers and journalists in Turkey.

Foreword to ‘Is segregation increasing in the UK?’ by Ted Cantle and Eric Kauffman

"This report, authored by two of our country’s leading experts on social integration, uncovers a picture that is more segregated by ethnicity than many of us have cared to admit."

Is segregation on the increase in the UK?

Can mixed communities and a shared society in the UK become recognised as a desirable objective, supported by a strategy and policy framework?

Brexit, racial and religious hate crimes and homo-, bi- and trans*phobia – why they are all linked

It’s time to get over our surprise and get on with this difficult work.

Rescuing democracy from the harms of hate speech

The tale of two places of worship, in the United States and Indonesia, suggests that fighting actual discrimination is more important than silencing hate speech.

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