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Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is Co-Editor at openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

UK counter-extremism agenda: ‘Safeguarding’ as routine punishment and collective self-policing

The programme’s operation depends on collective self-policing through fear of punishment. These practices become yet another bureaucratic performance indicator.

Bauman's legacy

Zygmunt understood the crisis of a social democracy built on solid jobs, fixed identities and bounded within nation states, and paved the way for thinking about the need for progressive alliances. Español

A learning experience

Making a few people obscenely rich is no reason for the USA not to have a health system something like Israel’s. There is no free lunch. But the system works.

Another pipeline through Indian land – this time in Mexico

A new pipeline under construction in northern Mexico has sparked major controversy and clashes over land belonging to the Yaqui community. Português Español

Why do people go to cat cafes? Loneliness and relaxation in a time of neoliberalism

After I began researching the explosion of ‘cat cafes’ in post-economic bubble Japan, I discovered an entire healing industry devoted to the commodification of intimacy.

Listen to a recorded audio version of this article.

Colombia: la nueva matazón

Probablemente detrás de los crímenes están las mismas “fuerzas oscuras” que no han dejado de actuar pese a sus cambios sucesivos de nombre. Português English

Rupert returns

21st Century Fox – the Murdoch family’s entertainment conglomerate – is bidding for the 61% of satellite broadcaster Sky it does not own. Predictably, alarm bells are ringing. What is at stake?

A tribute to Sadek Jalal al ‘Azm

Engaging with Sadek never ceased to be a delight, a charmer who caught you with his sharpness and wit. How often have I wished to freeze that year I spent in Holland. In memoriam.

The battle of governments against extremism has to be credible

Byrne writes, ‘the starting point for radicalisation may in fact be rage rather than religion…it’s not the madrassa that is the problem, it’s your mates.’ Book review.

Catalonian lessons: civil society has something to offer on the gaming tables of governance

A statement made before the Catalan Parliamentary Committee for the Study of Anti-Corruption Measures and for Democratic Regeneration.

Catalonia revisited: farewell to great expectations?

On the eve of 2017, author of ‘Catalonia vs. Spain - a clash of two nationalisms’ has second thoughts about what’s possible.

The deadly consequences of Europe’s border militarization

Refugees are using other, often more dangerous, routes, contributing to the increase in migrant deaths that we have seen in 2016.

O momento populista

O “demos”, o povo soberano, foi declarado como categoria “zombie” e agora vivemos em sociedades pós-democráticas. Español English

Bigotry seeks company in the UK

We historians at the University of Warwick are very concerned about the racism that is becoming increasingly commonplace over Britain, especially in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

Widespread ethnic profiling by police: a call for EU action

Citizens should be treated with dignity and respect and they should trust that the police are truly operating in their best interests.

Movimientos sociales e internet en México

No podemos imaginar los movimientos sociales contemporáneos, ni siquiera el mundo hoy, sin internet. Pero este mundo está cambiando continuamente y tenemos mucho más que aprender. English

National governments are failing refugees, so cities must step up to meet the challenge

A lack of political will and a hulking bureaucracy frustrate efforts to find a solution to the migrant crisis at the national level. Multilevel governance is the answer.

The future of education: Georges Haddad and Yaacov Hecht at the World Forum for Democracy 2016

The two keynote speakers come from very different worlds. But both agree that a revolution in education is required, with the self-determination of the individual – all individuals – at its centre. Video.

How to be President, in 140 characters or (much) less

Missive from New York. Traditional US media are struggling with the most surprising turn in US politics for decades. But it’s not all bad news.

Young defenders: voiceless dissenters or force for good?

Human Rights Day call. Young human rights defenders will only be safe when there first exists, worldwide, public awareness and a sense of solidarity.

We will keep faith with your legacy, Comandante Fidel Castro!

Fidel Castro’s death has prompted a polarized debate about the value of his legacy and internationalism. For many in Latin America he will remain a revered leader and source of inspiration. Español

An end to the shame: stigma and political participation among Mexican sex workers

Shedding feelings of shame relies on the politicisation of a stigmatised identity, and on opening up new lines of action and resistance.

¡Seremos fieles a tu legado, Comandante Fidel Castro!

La muerte de Fidel Castro ha provocado un polarizado debate sobre el valor de su legado e internacionalismo. Para muchos en América Latina, permanecerá como una referencia incuestionable, que merece cualquier reverencia. English

Quo vadis, Europa? A conversation with Quentin Peel

Why are we voting for the worst characters of capitalism? If we lose the centre-ground, we risk repeating the mistakes of the 1930s. How should we avoid the mistakes of the past? Interview Español

Transformar la justicia para las mujeres en América Latina

Más mujeres son asesinadas en América Latina que cualquier otra región del mundo. Solamente en Guatemala, más de cinco mil mujeres han sido asesinadas deliberadamente desde el año 2000. English

Transforming justice for women in Latin America

More women are murdered in Latin America than any other region of the world. In Guatemala alone, more than five thousand women have been deliberately killed since 2000. Español

Quo vadis, Europa? Una conversación con Quentin Peel

¿Por qué votamos a los peores tipos del capitalismo? Si perdemos el espacio central y común, nos arriesgamos a repetir los errores de los años 30. ¿Cómo evitar los errores del pasado? Entrevista English 

Liberation pedagogy in Mexico’s social movements

Education understood as a pillar of political activity, on the basis of criticism and resistance, becomes a fundamental means for struggling to end poverty, marginalization, slavery and exploitation.

Una lección argentina para los tiempos de Trump

Este documento se distribuía como panfleto en Argentina en la primera década de este siglo. Hoy puede servir a los lectores para reflexionar sobre los nuevos despotismos. English

Reading the Argentinian resistance writer Rodolfo Walsh in the Times of Trump

This document used to be distributed as a pamphlet in Argentina in the first decade of this century. Today it can be useful to readers to reflect on the new despotisms. Español

El reto populista

La lucha contra la post-democracia ¿requiere una intervención política populista? English

Singleness and the world of 'not belonging'

The repertoires about single women are unequivocal: without a husband and children, single women signify ‘lack’ - they are incomplete and therefore do not belong. 'Gender' and 'space' are both embodied experiences.

Devem as agências de financiamento partilhar o sacrifício da transformação social?

Quais os padrões de comportamento que devemos esperar dos líderes das fundações, organizações não-governamentais e agências de ajuda? Español French English

Human rights’ universality and correlation with culture

If democracy and human rights were collective values, wouldn’t they have been more appealing to the world? عربي

The Italian mafia and violence against women

In the name of “culture” and “honour” young girls born into the ‘ndrangheta mafia in Calabria lose their sense of identity. Those who seek freedom pay a terrible price.  

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