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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

El amor en los tiempos del Zika

Mientras el virus Zika que afecta América Latina se dirige hacia el norte, en El Salvador la atención se centra en la lucha por la justicia reproductiva. English Português

Love in the time of Zika

As the Zika virus ravaging Latin America moves northward, in El Salvador, the debate focuses on the struggle for reproductive justice. Español Português

What kind of hope is a promise?

“If progressives focus too much on the institutional sphere, the right wing can take the streets – they’ve done it before. If we don’t, someone else will.” Interview with the author of Hope is a Promise. (5,800 words)

The transience and persistence of the ‘jungle’ in Calais

It is at once an informal encampment of makeshift shelters; a town under construction, with shops, restaurants and schools; and, a space subject to institutional violence, at risk of imminent destruction.

Plan Canal in Brussels: Belgium vs Molenbeek

The Belgian government has unveiled a multi-million euro plan to combat radical extremism in 'Molenbeekistan'. But does it ignore Islam altogether?

Women in post-conflict Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan does much better on women’s rights issues in comparison to the rest of Iraq, yet many challenges remain.

The current Euro-debate is driven by a nationalist agenda

Today, it is entirely possible to be a Eurosceptic while opposing withdrawal from the EU, seeking further European cooperation within a democratic framework preventing the empowerment of big business.

Poppi Worthington: back to the future of child protection politics

The Cumbrian police dismissed her alerts. The pathologist had ‘jumped to conclusions’, she was ‘rash,’ they said.  

Que democracias são possíveis para a América Latina?

Num momento crucial para as democracias latino-americanas, uma aliança entre a Alerta Democrática e a DemocraciaAberta propõe-se a realizar um seguimento dos diferentes cenários para o futuro da região. Español English

What democracies for Latin America?

At a crucial moment for Latin American democracies, an alliance between Alerta Democrática and DemocraciaAbierta is proposing to monitor the possible scenarios for the region. Español Português

¿Qué democracias son posibles para América Latina?

En un momento crucial para las democracias latinoamericanas, una alianza entre Alerta Democrática y DemocraciaAbierta se propone realizar un seguimiento de los distintos escenarios para el futuro de la región. English Português

Floating or sinking? The state of democracy in Turkey and the rise of the HDP

This just serves to highlight the pessimistic state of Turkish democracy today. What is more, it should certainly not be assumed that the HDP are the great democratic hope of Turkish politics.

Las bases sociales de las nuevas derechas en América Latina

La nueva derecha en América Latina tiene una base social inédita: las clases medias (y una parte de los sectores populares), modelados culturalmente por el extractivismo. English

When you’re standing in the rain, you can’t expect not to get wet

Although violence is considered a societal threat in Norway, inclusion of the violence faced by sex workers is not high on the agenda.

The billionaire, big data and net neutrality: Facebook and democracy in India

“One user even said Facebook sent him a notification that his deceased uncle had supported Free Basics and so he should too.” 

Irish general election to provide more of same?

As Ireland’s delicate recovery shuffles on, many Irish voters will support the government for lack of a credible alternative.

A realignment of Irish politics?

On February 26 the Irish people take to the polls for the first general election since 2011.

¿Está Bolivia vendiendo su desarrollo?

El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, ha cultivado una estrecha relación con China desde que asumió su cargo en 2006, pero muchos acuerdos con empresas chinas están hoy bajo escrutinio. English Português

Está a Bolívia a externalizar o seu desenvolvimento?

O presidente da Bolívia, Evo Morales, tem cultivado uma estreita relação com a China desde que assumiu o cargo em 2006, mas muitos acordos com empresas chinesas estão agora sob escrutínio. Español English

A turning point for Turkey’s Kurds and parliamentary democracy

Ultimately, the fate of Turkish democracy appears to be intertwined with that of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP).

Rise and fall of the dream called HDP

President Erdoğan's readiness to circumvent elections shows that promises to end the conflict were contingent on securing a mathematically permanent conservative-nationalist electoral bloc.

The relevance of Keynesian economics for Europe

Keynesian economics continues to reveal its relevance as an alternative to mainstream approaches, as The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes reaches its eightieth year.

Da resistência ao poder: a experiência latino-americana

Uma conversa entre o secretário político de Podemos e uma referente da esquerda pós-marxista reflete o potencial impacto das ideias e práticas latino-americanas na esquerda europeia. English Español

Honest facts are what's needed

Shout Out UK, award-winning independent youth news network, asked 'If you could decide now, would you stay IN or OUT of the EU?' Out of the 728 young people polled (16-25 years old) 68% voted to stay IN.

De la resistencia al poder: la experiencia latinoamericana

Una conversación entre el secretario político de Podemos y un referente de la izquierda postmarxista muestra el impacto potencial de las ideas y prácticas latinoamericanas en la izquierda europea. English Português

Latin American conquest of the state

A conversation between the political strategist of Podemos and a theoretical referent of the postmarxist left shows the potential impact of the Latin-American political ideas and practices. Español Português

Anti-Muslim hatred from the margins to the mainstream

Whatever local Muslim communities do to remind society that these extremists don’t represent them, there are media commentators, as well as right-wing politicians, constantly fostering a narrative of collective responsibility.

The failure of empathy: European responses to the refugee crisis

In contrast to official policies, there has been a wide array of responses seeking to support and welcome refugees from within civil societies, and these should be highlighted.

Why aren't European feminists arguing against the anti-immigrant right?

European feminists struggle to navigate a contentious cultural debate as political elites, Pegida and the twittersphere frame the arrival of refugees as a threat to gender equality and western culture.

2013-2016: polarização e protestos no Brasil

A redução de uma ampla e complexa reconfiguração da sociedade brasileira a “fascistas” e “bolivarianos” é mostra da exasperação da conjuntura atual. Español English

Beyond powerlessness

If we want to escape from our situation of powerlessness and anxiety, we must re-examine our relationship to the political, and strive to produce new types of political practice. Français.

Changing the racialized ‘common sense’ of everyday bordering

The out-sourcing of border-guarding is not (just) going to paid expert agencies but is imposed as part of the unpaid daily citizenship duties of untrained people in Britain.

Batalha digital em Angola

O “eterno” Presidente de Angola está preocupado pela falta de mecanismos estatais para controlar os meios de comunicação digitais. José Eduardo dos Santos está disposto a criminalizar a internet para mantê-los sob vigilância. Español English

Batalla digital en Angola

El incombustible Presidente de Angola está preocupado por la falta de mecanismos estatales para controlar los medios de comunicación digitales. Está dispuesto a criminalizar internet para mantenerlos bajo vigilancia. English Português

Angola´s digital last frontier

Angola´s long-standing president is worried about the lack of state mechanisms to control social media. By criminalizing the internet, he is determined to do something about it . Español Português

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