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Thomas Rowley

Tom Rowley edits oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How Canada marijuana legalization impacts on Latin American drug policy?

Marijuana in Canada is now legal, and while the change is unlikely to have a significant impact on Latin America’s black market, it could trigger a shift towards more progressive international drug policies. Español

¿Cómo la legalización de la marihuana en Canadá impacta en América Latina?

Los países Latinoamricanos exlporan la legalización o despenalización de algunos narcóticos, pero el consenso general sobre el problema global de la droga sigue inclinándose hacia la prohibición. English

The Backlash podcast episode 5: targeted hate

Social media propaganda. Data-mining. Foreign interference in Ireland's abortion referendum. The backlash against our rights goes online.

Those who fall asleep in a democracy might wake up in a dictatorship

Despite progress during the PT governments, Brazil is a very unequal and violent country today. Young people seem surprised: was the dictatorship not a thing of the past? Interview. Español Português

Quem adormece em democracia, pode acordar numa ditadura

Apesar dos avanços alcançados durante os governos do PT, o Brasil é hoje um país desigual e violento. Os jovens parecem surpreendidos: a ditadura não era coisa do passado? EntrevistaEnglish Español

Quien se duerme en democracia, puede despertarse en una dictadura

A pesar de los avances logrados durante los gobiernos del PT, Brasil es hoy un país desigual y violento. Los jóvenes se sorprenden: ¿la dictadura no era cosa del pasado? Entrevista. English Português

#JusticiaParaImelda: the difficult battle for women’s rights in Central America

Whilst we await the postponed trial of Imelda Cortez for the 17th of December, the battle to tear down legal barriers that stand in the way of gender equality looks set to continue for Central American women. Español

Estas no son maneras de llevar las cosas en el mundo

Diez años después de la crisis financiera, estamos en vías de repetirla. English

El decrecimiento como utopía concreta

El crecimiento económico no reduce las desigualdades; simplemente pospone enfrentar la explotación. English

Diez años después de la crisis financiera, estamos a punto de repetirla

Corremos el riesgo de repetir el 2008, pero a mayor escala. De producirse, otra vez los súper ricos saldrán de ella todavía más ricos – y ésta no es manera de llevar las cosas. English

#JusticiaParaImelda: La difícil lucha por los derechos de las mujeres en Centroamérica

Mientras esperamos el juicio aplazado de Imelda para el 17 de diciembre, la lucha de las mujeres centroamericanas por derribar barreras legales a sus derechos debe ser una prioridad. English

Brexit (and Boris) torpedoed

The battle of Brexit has finally been joined as Boris Johnson is blown out of the water by his own brother.

¿Puede la política ser compasiva?

Hay que tener valor y determinación para centrarse en el sufrimiento y ponerlo en el núcleo de las decisiones que uno toma. English

Revealed: How Arron Banks’s campaign ‘ambassador’ made his millions in Russia

Jim Mellon introduced Brexit ‘bad boys’ Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, and was a Leave.EU ambassador. He claims he hasn’t been involved in Russia since the 1990s. But our investigation shows he still has major financial exposure to Russian investments.

Resisting oblivion in El Salvador

El Mozote survivors do everything, tirelessly, to demand justice and to make sure that no one has to live through what they faced ever again. Español

Resistir al olvido en El Salvador: El Mozote lucha contra la impunidad

Aún con el fantasma del olvido acechando sus memorias, pese a las dificultades de revisitar tanta oscuridad y deshumanización, los y las sobrevivientes de El Mozote continúan resistiendo. English

Tackling the kilil system: a critical response to ‘Ethiopia: Climbing Mount Uncertainty’

“A powerful leadership cannot resolve the endless ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia and save the country. Only a genuine transition to a democracy can.”

Ethiopia’s reform process: a seven-point response to Messay Kebede’s critique

“I don’t have any “aim” when I write my articles, other than to present the situation as I understand it. I don’t have any intention, right, or ability to interfere with, let alone alter, Ethiopia’s political course.”

Should Judge Moro have accepted the Ministry of Justice offered by Bolsonaro?

If judge Moro adopts the same methods that he used in Operation Lava Jato in his new role, human rights, justice and democracy face a bleak future in Brazil. Español

Revealed: Arron Banks’s staff crunched millions of voters’ data after Brexit vote

Whistleblower says Banks’s staff were told to ‘urgently’ process personal information on millions of voters after the referendum – and still had it months later. Why?

¿Debería el juez Moro haber aceptado el cargo de ministro de Justicia?

Si Sergio Moro adopta los mismos métodos que usó en la Operación Lava Jato en su nuevo rol, los derechos humanos, la justicia y la democracia se enfrentan a un futuro sombrío en Brasil. English

"Tickers of terror" – the crisis of Polish media as told by news crawls

As Poland prepares for another divisive and violent independence day holiday on 11 November (celebrating "100 years of independence"), we look at the polarising TV coverage of last year’s event.

Reflections on the ‘open letter’ debate: a middle way to approaching the radical right?

How should we study, present, and represent the radical right? Some from among the hitherto quiet observers speak up, in the interests of a broader conversation.

#Midterms2018: Lies, women and migrants turn against Trump

“Tremendous success!”, “a Great Victory”, were the words strewn over Trump’s twitter account upon the declaration of the mid-term results. But is this really the case? Español

Por un Pacto internacional sobre Información y Democracia

Ante los ataques continuos que sufren periodistas y medios de comunicación, publicamos esta Declaración encaminada a establecer garantías democráticas relativas a la información y la libertad de opinión en un momento histórico crucial.

#Midterms2018: Mentiras, mujeres y migrantes en la campaña de Donald Trump

“¡Tremendo éxito!”, “Gran Victoria”, se pudo leer en la cuenta de Twitter de Donald Trump al conocerse los resultados de las elecciones de medio mandato. Pero, ¿está diciendo la verdad? English

Whatever happened to the left in Peru?

The left in Peru lives in the shadows of radicalism and party disruption, which explains why its participation in the Latin American Pink Tide was almost non-existent. Español

Whistleblowers say Arron Banks ‘misled’ viewers on BBC Andrew Marr show

Brexit funder said staff working for his controversial Leave campaign were put on different contracts, and declared to elections watchdog. But evidence seen by openDemocracy tells a very different story.

The tightrope of Brexit and class appeal: can Corbyn make it?

If Labour seeks to mobilize its traditional working-class base, changes in MPs´ backgrounds may be far more relevant than any change in its policies.

Separating the wheat from the chaff on Ethiopia: reply to René Lefort

One must see things in their movement rather than in their fixity. The EPRDF is the only path toward maintaining the unity of the country and consolidating it by means of democratic reforms.

Counterbalancing disproportionate power: a response to John Ruggie

When human rights gained recognition the dominant power was the state relative to the individual and citizen. Now transnational businesses have vastly greater power than both.

The UK Government must not sacrifice our rights in the name of security after Brexit

Theresa May has made no indication or commitment that she plans to hold onto some hardwon vital safeguards after Brexit.

Meme warfare in the Swedish context

The alt-right mobilised online to back far-right parties at Sweden's general election – but are their tactics no longer effective?

Arron Banks lied to parliament about his Brexit campaign, say whistleblowers

Major Brexit bankroller, now under investigation by the National Crime Agency, “deliberately misled” parliament about his insurance company’s political work, and amassed campaign data ‘warchest’

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