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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The die is cast: why Trump can’t help but try dictatorship

America’s founding fathers read intently Gibbon's account of how Augustus eviscerated the Roman republic’s remaining premises even while persuading them that he was restoring their freedoms. Now we know why.

A whistleblowing platform against corruption for the City Council of Barcelona

Corruption can’t be eliminated by institutions scrutinising themselves. Civil society must play a central, continuous role.

Community philanthropy is about invisibility

“You do not have to sit here waiting for someone to ask. You need to go out there and create the networks”, says Maria Amália Souza in Johannesburg. Interview. Español

La filantropía comunitaria trata de la invisibilidad

"No tienes que sentarte aquí esperando a que alguien te lo pida. Necesitas salir y crear las redes", dice Maria Amália Souza en Johannesburgo. Entrevista. English

The consequences of politicized forces in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

The politicization of the Kurdish military and security forces has a diverse and severe impact on human security, and stability in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Donald Trump: the wrong man

Uncertainty surrounds the US president-elect. Europe and Latin America must learn to defend the republican ideals of the French revolution, the associated liberties and cosmopolitanism in general, by themselves. Español Português

From Ramallah to Paris: the Middle East’s forgotten conflict

There are issues the international community should consider in the wake of the Paris talks if it is serious about its responsibilities under the United Nations Charter. 

Donald Trump: o homem errado

O presidente eleito Trump traz com ele a incerteza. A Europa e a América Latina devem aprender a defender, por elas mesmas, os ideais republicanos da revolução francesa, as liberdades e o cosmopolitismo. English Español

Donald Trump: el hombre equivocado

El presidente electo Trump es todo incertidumbre. Europa y América Latina deben aprender a defender, por sí solas, los ideales republicanos de la revolución francesa, las libertades y el cosmopolitismo. Português English

Bajo la noche de Buenos Aires

“Aunque con la poesía no podamos tomar el poder, no podamos hacer la revolución, la poesía en sí es una gran guerrera contra la alienación de la que habla el Che Guevara”. Entrevista. English

Late night in Buenos Aires

"Although with poetry we cannot take power, we cannot make the revolution, poetry itself is a great warrior against the alienation that Che Guevara speaks about." Interview. Español

The Two-State solution’s silver bullet

If the international community cannot come to recognize the State of Palestine before Trump takes office, the State of Palestine may ultimately be reconstituted from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

Fatah’s seventh party congress: a masterstroke by Abbas?

The Fatah leadership, with the tacit support of its international backers, has chosen small gains at the cost of an uncertain future. 

El presidente Peña Nieto echa gasolina al fuego

Mientras las protestas se extienden ante la subida inesperada del combustible conocida con “el gasolinazo”, Peña Nieto pregunta a los mexicanos: ¿qué hubieran hecho ustedes? English

Nationalism in Jordan: king, tribe, or country? Part two

Part two of this two-part series reveals the fragmented nature of nationhood in Jordan with the East/West Bank divide and tribalism.

Nationalism in Jordan: king, tribe, or country? Part one

The first article in this two-part series traces the formation of nationalism in Jordan as both a pan-Arab identity and a relationship between Arabs and family rulers.

Guatemala: el reto democrático

Tras haber logrado, con movilizaciones sin precedentes, derrocar a un presidente y una vicepresidenta corruptos, Guatemala tiene ahora ante sí un reto que comparte con las democracias en el mundo. English  

Guatemala: the democratic challenge

After the unprecedented mobilizations which led to the overthrow of a corrupt president and vice-president, Guatemala now faces a challenge shared by democracies around the world. Español

Are the people good enough?

Responses to the Brexit vote have revealed a disturbing current of anti-democratic sentiment. We need to challenge these attitudes and commit to a deeper form of democracy.

A small picture in the big picture of Erdogan’s Turkey

The judicial arm of the Erdogan leadership has decided to make an example of Istar Gözaydin: even the most moderate critics will not be tolerated.

The seeds of the next Arab Spring

A new report suggests that Arab youth continue to be neglected – and that demographic shifts are incubating another political crisis.

UK counter-extremism agenda: ‘Safeguarding’ as routine punishment and collective self-policing

The programme’s operation depends on collective self-policing through fear of punishment. These practices become yet another bureaucratic performance indicator.

Bauman's legacy

Zygmunt understood the crisis of a social democracy built on solid jobs, fixed identities and bounded within nation states, and paved the way for thinking about the need for progressive alliances. Español

The knockout punch to the Libyan political agreement

If the LPA is not quickly and substantially amended to allow a new executable agreement to be reached, its end will have been written from within its own chapters.

El ocaso de la primavera centroamericana

2017 empieza con un sabor agridulce: el del éxito —y los fracasos— de la lucha anticorrupción y contra el crimen organizado en el Triángulo Norte de Centroamérica. English

Sunset of the Central American Spring

2017 starts with a bitter-sweet taste: that of the successes and failures of the fight against corruption, impunity and organized crime in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador). Español

Two states in one homeland: solving the riddle of Resolution 2334

A two-state solution has international legitimacy, while a deeply integrated polity seems the only realistic option on-the-ground. Does Two States One Homeland square the circle while giving dignity and human rights a chance

Otro gasoducto en tierras indígenas – esta vez en México

Un nuevo gasoducto en construcción en el norte de México ha desencadenado una importante controversia y enfrentamientos al afectar tierras que pertenecen a la comunidad yaqui. Português English

Another pipeline through Indian land – this time in Mexico

A new pipeline under construction in northern Mexico has sparked major controversy and clashes over land belonging to the Yaqui community. Português Español

Outro gasoduto em terras indígenas – esta vez no México

Um novo gasoduto em construção no norte do México desencadeou uma importante controvérsia e confrontos ao afetar terras que pertencem à comunidade Yaqui. English Español 

Pain and torture: state violence in Egypt

The root of state violence and torture is not poor police training, nor a political decision that can be reversed, it is the nature of the regime and the political order it has created.

Colombia: the new killings

20 rural leaders have been killed since the definitive bilateral ceasefire. The suspected killers are the same "dark forces" that have not stopped operating in Colombia under different names. Português Español

Colômbia: a nova matança

Provavelmente, por detrás dos crimes estão as mesmas “forças escuras” que não deixaram de atuar pese às suas sucessivas mudanças de nome. English Español

Colombia: la nueva matazón

Probablemente detrás de los crímenes están las mismas “fuerzas oscuras” que no han dejado de actuar pese a sus cambios sucesivos de nombre. Português English

La guerra contra el crimen en México: una década de fracasos

Hace diez años que el gobierno de México se embarcó en una campaña militarizada contra las organizaciones criminales que no ha mejorado sustancialmente la situación de seguridad del país. English

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