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Olly Huitson, Editor

Oliver Huitson is Co-Editor at OurKingdom and a freelance journalist.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Death of a peace process: martial law returns to Turkey

Turkey has placed the Kurds and their struggle for human rights within a state of exception – outside the protections of due process of law.

Ten years on: Katrina, militarisation and climate change

A security-led approach to climate change and complex emergencies not only fails to address the fundamental causes of these crises – it will often exacerbate them.

Bombs in Bangkok: how will Thailand’s military junta react?

Regardless of the perpetrator's motivation, it is certain that Thailand’s military rulers will use the Bangkok bombing to further delay democratic elections.  

Brazil´s Worker´s Party narrative: lost in the neoliberal labyrinth

Since 2014, Dilma Roussef’s government has adopted a strategy of polarisation between “left” and “right”. Nevertheless, there is a huge gap between the administration’s “progressive” rhetoric and its neoliberal policies. Español. Português.

No right to despair

As we enter into five years of Conservative rule, those of us who are relatively privileged need to be reminded of a vital principle: we have no right to despair. We won't pay the highest price.

Turkey in limbo

Will the new election help take Turkey out of its impasse? Is there any hope that the results will be any different this time, amidst growing uncertainty about the future?

Letter from Iran: diplomacy trumps hostility?

The signing of the accord and the eventual loosening of the shackles of sanctions is a remarkable exercise in peace-building through negotiation and diplomacy.

Chile’s dissatisfaction

The recent proliferation of corruption scandals show the sheer necessity of substantial reforms of the political system in Chile, if only to be able to get rid of the old Pinochet regime’s remaining ghost. Español

El Chile de la insatisfacción

La proliferación de casos de corrupción pone en evidencia la necesidad de acometer profundas reformas en el sistema político de Chile, que necesita dejar atrás la sombra alargada del régimen de Pinochet. English.

¿Independencia de quién? Elecciones existenciales en Cataluña

Cataluña parece a punto de convertirse en un laboratorio de la soberanía popular en la Europa poscrisis. English.

The rise of Puerto Rico’s ‘crisis-citizen’

Debate around Puerto Rican migration and political-economic problems heralds the emergence of a new ‘crisis-citizen’, compelled to lead the way into a better future, one individual at a time.

Politics and diplomacy in Turkey: time to talk

Beset by domestic and regional crises, Turkey has adopted a defensive posture where dialogue would be preferable.

Brasil: El relato del PT en el laberinto neoliberal

Desde el 2014, el gobierno de Dilma Rousseff forzó la polarización estratégica entre “la izquierda” y “la derecha”. Sin embargo, entre su relato progresista y su real politik neoliberal hay un abismo. Português. English.

México, verdades asesinas

El brutal asesinato del fotoperiodista Rubén Espinosa es la última de una larga serie de ejecuciones. Pero la comunidad internacional sigue malinterpretando las formas en que la violencia política se ejerce en México. English.

Mexico’s deadly truths

The brutal murder of photojournalist Rubén Espinosa is the latest in a long line of executions. But the international community continues to misunderstand the roots of Mexico’s political violence. Español.

GCHQ and me

Investigative journalist Duncan Campbell recounts his experiences unmasking British eavesdroppers. 

Mexico’s deadly truths

The brutal murder of photojournalist Rubén Espinosa is the latest in a long line of executions. But the international community continues to misunderstand the roots of Mexico’s political violence.

Brasil: o relato do PT no labirinto neoliberal

Desde 2014, o governo de Dilma Rousseff forçou a polarização estratégica entre “a esquerda” e “a direita”. No entanto, entre seu relato progressista e a sua real politik neoliberal há um abismo. Español. English.

Dusting off the Sangatte playbook: a humane, practical course of action in Calais

Increased security at Calais might prevent migrants risking life and limb to get to the UK, but it will not deal with the migrants currently living rough in the Pas de Calais, nor the wider problem of refugee and migrant flows into the EU.

Rogue states and nuclear dangers

Who would be concerned by an Iranian deterrent? The answer is plain: the rogue states that rampage in the region, with the US and Israel in the lead.

Contested symbiosis: state-NGO relations in China

To ‘beat the government at its own game’, Chinese NGOs need to act as rebels and conformists at the same time.

From Calais to Kent, what is wrong with how we are talking about the migrant crisis?

Popular discourse on the current migration crisis is dangerous, divisive, and inaccurate since it describes migrants as enemies to fear rather than people to help.

The refugee crisis facing fortress Europe

The ‘humanitarianism’ of military control, detention, and deportation, will not solve the refugee crisis facing Europe. Substantial changes in thought and practice are desperately needed.

Devolution for Yorkshire?

Can we turn 'devolution' from above into 'self-determination' from below? What would this look like in Yorkshire?

Understanding Japan's collective trauma

The Japanese have been bound together by a collective experience of horror since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, an experience reawakened by the impact of the Fukushima disaster.

The battle unfolding at the Royal College of Music

Ignored by their employers and frustrated by an impotent union, outsourced workers are launching a powerful campaign for their rights. 

A post-election analysis and what needs to be done

Written just after the General Election and circulated to Labour supporters, Sarah Perrigo assesses the future of the Labour Party, with a postscript reflecting on the leadership election.

Is Corbyn too pally with tyrants and other pariahs?

Why is it so hard for the left, both pro and anti-Corbyn, to resist the logic of "my enemies' enemies are my friends"? Can we learn to cast a plague on the houses of enemies of progress whoever they are?

Where did the anti-war movement go?

The spectacle of slaughter never ends, even if the only Americans watching are sometimes unnerved drone video analysts.

1984 revisited

As a Lib Dem MP, I discovered just how close Britain is to Orwell's dystopian vision, where the state has incredible powers to monitor everything we do. 

Cities of sanctuary

Possibilities for hope and solidarity arise when we stop viewing asylum seekers and refugees as 'burdens' and start seeing human beings. Moments of crisis also offer opportunities.

David Cameron’s hypocrisy on Muslim radicalization

If Cameron was serious about countering extremism, what better person to allow into the UK than Jeenah, who has much to say about the contributions of the west to the problem?

Simon Stevens' disastrous funding deal is failing the NHS

Dr Clive Peedell, co-leader of the National Health Action Party, hits out at NHS England’s CEO for failing to negotiate sufficient funding from Jeremy Hunt ahead of the general election. 

Why the left is right for Labour and Britain

Slurs against a revitalised Socialism insult the mainstream of Labour’s long history. Denial of that tradition has no place in the Labour Party.

The siren song of financial realism

Financial realism has enchanted European polities. It is a song the powerful love to hear. But a song that will destroy all that is good and humane about Europe.

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