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Tom Rowley is editor of oDR, covering the progressive agenda in Eurasia.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is a drop of water trickling down the visible top of an iceberg. Focus on decentralizing power

We need open and robust debates. We cannot afford anything less than this. Too much is at stake. Part Three.

How an indigenous woman left her mark on a tumultuous presidential campaign in Mexico

Marichuy didn’t gather the necessary number of signatures to run for president, but that hasn’t stopped a movement’s campaign for political representation.

Salisbury attack: establishing responsibilities – war paradigm vs. crime paradigm

What difference would it make to describe what happened as an international crime, the approach taken by Jeremy Corbyn, rather than in the language of military force?

The evangelical wave hits democracy in Costa Rica

Fabricio Alvarado got through to the second round of the presidential elections, opening up the possibility that Costa Rica may place itself in the hard neoliberal and fundamentalist camp. Español

La ola evangélica y la democracia en Costa Rica

La llegada del pastor evangélico Fabricio Alvarado al balotaje presidencial abre la posibilidad de que Costa Rica quede ubicada en la órbita del neoliberalismo duro y el fundamentalismo religioso. English

The first transnational European list – a DiEM25 initiative

As stated by Luigi De Magistris, for years the forces of national, local, civil society have been resisting Brussels’s institutional violence – the time has come to strike back.

With Marielle's killing in Rio, a dream breaks into pieces

The tragic death of Marielle Franco, a black activist against violence in Rio, and a city councilor, fuels fears that the current militarization of security  in Brazil is the prelude to a return to its dictatorial past. Spanish

Marielle Franco y el futuro de Brasil: esperanza o barbarie

El asesinato de Marielle Franco es un cruel crimen político contra una de las principales figuras de la nueva izquierda brasileña en un momento en el que Brasil atraviesa un preocupante retroceso democrático.

The rising tide for the democratic control of water in Barcelona

Barcelona’s battle to take its water company back under public ownership is reaching its climax in the courts and at the ballot box.

Power and the divine: self-repression in Egypt

Focusing on the afterlife, the rewards of heaven for the just and hell for the unjust, keeps the masses in check and accepting of their social reality. This needs to change.

Asesinato de Marielle en Río: un sueño hecho pedazos

La trágica muerte de Marielle Franco, activista negra contra la violencia y concejala en Río, alimenta los temores de que la militarización de la seguridad sea el preámbulo de una vuelta al pasado dictatorial de Brasil. English

A long overdue debate on the Tunisian economy

It requires great political skills to navigate the treacherous waters of transition towards democracy in a country beset by political infighting, rising inflation and indebtedness in a troubled region.

Los derechos indígenas, atacados en la era Trump

Los indígenas americanos se resisten activamente a los ataques de Trump y su administración, y trabajan duro para ejercer sus derechos civiles y humanos en condiciones más difíciles cada día. English

Una nueva trinchera en la batalla contra el neoliberalismo

Solo un nuevo internacionalismo de izquierdas, que acepte una reafirmación limitada de la soberanía económica nacional, puede aspirar a vencer la ola creciente de populismo autoritario. English

Another Jew suspended for antisemitism – why is the UK Labour Party making such an unedifying spectacle of itself?

What, for example, has happened to the “fair and transparent " disciplinary procedures recommended by Shadow Attorney General, Shami Chakrabarti?

Enfrentarse al populismo autoritario: la dimensión rural

Junto a los intereses de clase y las desigualdades, la religión, las dinámicas de género, el lugar y la identidad cultural son los factores que conforman el auge del populismo autoritario en las zonas rurales. English

La política de los sentimientos

Los sentimientos siempre han jugado un rol clave en política. En muchos sentidos, la política es el arte de la persuasión. English

"We need a feminist constitution"

How is anyone going to go to work if no-one does the ironing, cooks, or looks after the children? I think putting this issue on the table is one of the great victories of March 8. An interview.

The horror of Syria - the curse on our houses

Aid workers speak out against the suffering of Syria, the failures of politicians and the cynicism of political campaigns to discredit foreign aid.

How populism directed against minorities is used to prop up Myanmar’s ‘Democratic’ revival

It is delusional to expect that this unfettered racism will stop there. It must be confronted. Shockingly, though, most ‘indigenous’ ethnic organizations are silent on the ongoing crisis.

Re-igniting political polarisation in Greece: the ‘liberal’ opposition’s turn to the right and the challenges for democracy

What is often ignored across Europe is the mainstreaming of nationalism and nativism, the legitimization of illiberal and indeed of anti-democratic ideas and practices by established ‘moderate’ political forces.

Eurozone beyond euphoria

This ‘do more of the same’ approach based on brutal enforcement and discipline does not tackle the sources of the uneven development.

America first! Trump’s foreign policy

On the one hand, the Trump administration aims at strengthening the US economy and armed forces; on the other, it intends to turn its back on the rest of the world.

West Papua's struggle for independence

West Papuans have it much harder than Scots or Catalans. In West Papua it is illegal to fly the independence flag. Español

O Carnaval politico do Brasil

Em meio a turbulenta crise econômica e política que assola o pais, o carnaval se transforma em palco para críticas, contestação e sarcasmo politico. Spanish English

Fox/Sky: story so far – how will it end?

By next year, the UK’s biggest broadcasting company, Sky (including Sky News), will be owned by a US media giant: Fox, Disney or Comcast (or perhaps two of them).

Papúa Occidental lucha por la independencia

Los papuanos occidentales lo tienen mucho más difícil que los escoceses o los catalanes. En Papúa Occidental es ilegal ondear la bandera de la independencia. English

Perceptions of corruption in Latin America worsen

Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index 2017 shows that, despite some progress, Latin America continues to experienceserious difficulties in fighting corruption. Español

Cómo reconsiderar el acoso sexual como violencia de género en el marco de derechos humanos

Cuando el acoso sexual se reconsidera como violencia de género y violación de los derechos humanos, en lugar de como un mero “mal comportamiento”, cambian las posibilidades en torno a la responsabilidad y la reparación. English

Así empezó la revolución feminista global

Tras las revelaciones #MeToo, la periodista y escritora de ficción Sian Norris dejó volar su imaginación para fantasear una revolución feminista global. Este es su mensaje para un futuro feminista. English

What would an Iranian secularism look like ?

Iranians are discussing many important and crucial things these days: things that the government might not be able to find an answer to in the foreseeable future.

What did the end of the conflict bring to rural Colombia?

Conflict developed in different ways in the territories where the armed groups operated. Today, the way in which post-conflict materializes in these territories is also different. Español

¿Qué trajo el fin del conflicto a la Colombia rural?

El conflicto se materializó de forma distinta en los distintos territorios donde actuaban los grupos armados de las Farc. La manera en que hoy se manifiesta el posconflicto en ellas también es diferente. English

تنصيب السيسي والمعارضة المصرية

في محاولة لحصر السلطة بشكل مركزي، يسعى النظام إلى خلق عدوّ موحّد هو كناية عن تحالف بين المعارضة والنخب الأمنية والمدنية المستاءة.  English

Resettling scores: internationals in the UCU strike

“No more discipline, life’s magical” …  has been singing in my head as I see colleagues laugh in the face of the absurd claims by the all-round absurdness that is university management.

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