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Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is editor of oD-UK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Turkey’s universities are being purged: we cannot afford to look the other way

We must keep in mind that as academics we are at our best, not when we agree to disagree, but exactly when we disagree to agree.

Building a bridge to the future: towards a feminist UN

What will it take for the world’s women to shift the UN away from its paradigm of patriarchy and gender inequality and implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: Crisis en Brasil: sobre héroes y golpes

Rechazar el discurso de un golpe de las élites contra un gobierno nacional-popular es clave para entender la crisis brasileña y desarrollar estrategias sobre qué hacer desde la izquierda.

Rio’s Olympic ruins

This week, when the Games are over and the flow of tourists begins to dissipate, the city will awaken to consequences of nearly a decade of Olympics-centered city planning and politics.

Two visions of politics in Turkey: authoritarian and revolutionary

Politics is not a mere choice between white and black, but rather a creative way of people running their daily lives in all their colourful richness.

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: Thomas Kuhn, corrupción y Dilma

¿Cómo se sale de la actual situación en Brasil? Nada menos que un nuevo paradigma político: un sistema que no requiera de la corrupción para ser gobernado.

To inhabit democratic cities

Anyone who remains outside of democratic cities, who doesn't accept the open rationale oriented towards the common good, will have one name: the enemy of democracy. Español

Habitar las ciudades democráticas

Quien se quede fuera de las ciudades democráticas, quien no acepte su lógica abierta orientada al bien común, tendrá un nombre: enemigo de la democracia. English 

America’s criminal injustice system

Think of the author as today’s Sam Spade, taking you deep into an American world in which justice couldn’t be blinder.

The suspension of Wefaq: a triumph for democracy in Bahrain

Wefaq’s suspension by a Bahraini Court in July 2016 should be seen as a first executive step towards the establishment of a democratic society.

The allure of war: the motivations of Jordanian foreign fighters in Syria

Broadly speaking, religious motivations are the primary draw for Jordanian volunteers in Syria.

Migrant and refugee suffering on the central Mediterranean route: too much, too long

Despite the world’s media focus on the eastern Mediterranean route in the past year due to the high number of arrivals, the central Mediterranean remains the deadliest route into Europe.

Organized crime and elites in Colombia: an InSightCrime report

On the eve of a historical peace agreement, an InSightCrime report sheds some light on the dark sides of the Colombian society, now facing a complex and potentially violent post-conflict scenario. Español

Federalism and the European left

Politically, it may well be ideologically hopeless. But it is crucial to realize that, institutionally, the EU is a very plastic organization.

Élites y crimen organizado en Colombia: un informe de InSightCrime

 En vísperas de una acuerdo de paz histórico, un informe de InSightCrime arroja luz sobre aspectos oscuros de la sociedad colombiana, que ahora se enfrenta a un complejo y potencialmente violento escenario post-conflicto. English

Europe’s misguided applause for Morocco’s reform process

Stability under the cover of autocracy is not only unjust and brutal but also unsustainable.

Con los últimos ataques de Anonymous, comienzan los juegos digitales en Río

El grupo hacktivista ha incrementado significativamente sus ataques cibernéticos contra los Juegos Olímpicos. Pero, ¿podría una respuesta de mano dura poner en riesgo las libertades digitales de todo el mundo? English

Innovation policy trends in Latin America: citizen’s leadership

Throughout Latin America, practices and performances of great political innovation can contribute to amplify democracy and strengthen the struggle for rights. Español Português

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: América Latina: de la cosmopolítica a la tecnopolítica

Una característica distintiva de los nuevos movimientos sociales latinoamericanos es su sincretismo: la cultura del 15M/OccupyWall Streetse mezcla con cosmovisiones indígenas ancestrales.

Sala de lo Constitucional de El Salvador: conocer la verdad y contar con las víctimas

La Corte Suprema de El Salvador sorprendió al declarar inconstitucional la Ley de Amnistía que condonó crímenes de lesa humanidad cometidos durante la guerra civil entre 1980 y 1992. English

Amnesty law nullified in El Salvador: knowing the truth and taking the victims into account

The Constitutional Chamber of El Salvador surprised everyone by declaring unconstitutional the Amnesty Law that granted amnesty for crimes against humanity committed during the civil war between 1980 and 1992. Español

A botched coup and Turkey’s future in western institutions

The EU will fail in anchoring policy reform in Turkey as a result of becoming hostage to inter-governmentalism and the zero-sum-game dynamics associated with it.

Bancada Ativista: Ocupando a política institucional no Brasil

O objetivo geral é desenvolver um formato colaborativo, pedagógico, suprapartidário e efetivo de campanha eleitoral cívica para eleger ativistas, que poderá ser replicado em futuras ocasiões. English Español

Bancada Activista: ocupando la política institucional en Brasil

Ante la crisis poltica en Brasil, el objetivo es desarrollar un formato colaborativo, pedagógico, supra-partidario y eficaz de campaña electoral cívica para elegir activistas, que pueda replicarse en futuras ocasiones. English Português

Should Jeremy Corbyn learn from Hillary Clinton’s education plan?

Student debt is as American as apple pie. But the system is in crisis, which is why Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is proposing to scrap university tuition fees.

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: Postconflicto en Colombia (9) El potencial internacional de la paz

Una Colombia en paz devuelve al barrio a un vecino relevante y con tareas hemisféricas de primer orden por delante.

Justice and accountability for war related sexual violence in Sri Lanka

As the testimonies of survivors of sexual violence in Sri Lanka’s long war enter the public domain and the government designs transitional justice mechanisms, is an end to impunity in sight?

In Zambia’s contentious election, the EU finds a new challenge

Zambia can be an inspirational example for a region in democratic distress. But the opposite is also true. Will the EU help?

تركيا 2016 ومصر 2013: سياسة الوقت

ليست القدرة على تمييز اللحظة التاريخية عن غيرها من اللحظات هي التي تفرّق المسار التركي عن المسار المصري وإنّما هي اللحظة التاريخية بحدّ ذاتها وما تمثّله. English

Kurdish women’s battle continues against state and patriarchy, says first female co-mayor of Diyarbakir. Interview

After this military coup, the government may use this as an excuse to strengthen their sexist, militarist and anti-democratic policies further. We face this danger now.

From slave market to Olympic venue: variations of capitalist accumulation in the port of Rio de Janeiro

There is a repeated primitive accumulation throughout the history of capitalism required by capitalist expansion itself, which must commodify not yet commodified spaces in order to develop.

$10,000 for Honduran Teen’s Conditional Release from a US Immigration Jail

In testament to the overwhelming public support for a Central American migrant teen, the money was quickly amassed and sent to the court. Español

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: Democracia y experimentos en el laboratorio político latinoamericano

Recientemente, Latinoamérica ha acreditado distintos modelos de experimentación política. Observamos la emergencia de un laboratorio de experimentos que nos permite imaginar avances para la democracia, que merecen ser medidos.

10.000 dólares para liberar a un adolescente hondureño de la cárcel de inmigración en Estados Unidos

Como prueba del enorme apoyo cívico a los adolescentes de América Central, el dinero para liberar a Wildin Acosta fue rápidamente recaudado y enviado a la corte. English

¿Hay razones para celebrar el Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas en América Latina?

El 9 de agosto debió ser una fecha para reflexionar sobre la deuda moral que los países de América Latina acumulan, año tras año, con los pueblos indígenas. English

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