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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How big are our imaginary lizards?

The obviousness of simple facts often get so tainted by political antagonism and conspiracy theories that they pull nations apart, making us forget that no one’s blood is darker than the other. 

Understanding conspiracy theories in the Turkish context

Two important elements in the prevalence of conspiracy rhetoric is secrecy and political insecurities in Turkish politics.

Time for a reckoning: NGOs, public trust and democracy

Accountability practices, intended to increase trust in NGOs, can lead to a narrow focus on projects at the expense of engaging in wider campaigning for social transformation. 

Should Labour be 'the party of home ownership'?

False hopes about a ‘property-owning democracy’ are central to the story of Britain’s ‘great housing disaster.’

La tragedia interminable del Día de Colón

La celebración del Día de Colón no es de recibo. La colonización trajo consigo una inmensa tragedia que hay que empezar a recordar. English, Português.

The Continuing Tragedy of Columbus Day

The celebration of Columbus Day is not acceptable. The colonization brought with it an immense tragedy that it is necessary to start remembering. Español. Português. 

A tragédia interminável do dia de Colombo

A celebração do Dia de Cristóvão Colombo não e aceitável. A colonização trouxe consigo uma imensa tragédia que há que começar a recordar. English. Español.

How likely is civil war in Turkey?

The recent and ongoing clashes taking place between members of the Kurdish and Turkish diasporas in Europe reflect the violent transnationality of this conflict.

Join the debate around genome editing

A new tool for genome editing offers genetic engineering on an unprecedented scale. It has triggered a major bioethical debate, and you are invited to join.

'Are you a traitor?' The BBC Panorama interview with Edward Snowden

'The question is, if I was a traitor, who did I betray?' This is the exclusive full transcript of the interview with Edward Snowden, aired on BBC World TV on 10 October 2015.

Terror policial en Brasil

¿Cuántas muertes más de jóvenes negros son necesarias para que las consideremos “genocidio” o asesinatos políticos? La abolición de la policía militar en Brasil es urgente. English. Português.

European trust: the perfect storm

To entrust an increasingly sceptical public with more and more veto powers at the very moment when existing veto powers threaten the EU project - does not seem right.

Terror policial no Brazil

Quantas mortes de jovens negros são necessárias para serem consideradas 'genocídio' ou pelo menos como 'assassinatos políticos'? EnglishEspañol. 

Argentina: después de la anomalía K

Pocas ideas nuevas, planes económicos coincidentes y una sorprendente indiferencia popular parecen determinar el tono de una campaña presidencial que deberá ser capaz de superar el Kirchnerismo. English.

Argentina after the K anomaly

Hardly any new ideas, similar economic plans and a surprising detachment on the part of the voters seem to characterize a campaign that will end up with the election of a new president who ought to be able to surpass Kirchnerism. Español.

Cyprus: oasis of peace in a sea of instablity

This is an excerpt from the regular briefing for the Friends of Cyprus in the UK .

Digital capitalism: stagnation and contention?

Capitalist development has undergone – and inflicted – violent historical dislocations in the past. So it is with digital capitalism today.

Daniel Scioli e as “cadeiras vazias” na América Latina

A ausência do candidato favorito à presidência Argentina, Daniel Scioli, do debate eleitoral televisado põe em evidência uma recorrente falta de qualidade democrática na América Latina. Español. English.

Empty chairs in Latin America

The absence of the leading candidate for the October 25 presidential elections in Argentina at a national debate on TV highlights the persistent democratic-quality shortfall in Latin America. Español. Português.

Daniel Scioli y las “sillas vacías” en América Latina

La ausencia del candidato favorito a la presidencia Argentina, Daniel Scioli del debate electoral televisado pone en evidencia un persistente déficit de calidad democrática en América Latina. English. Português. 

The ‘oil fairytale’ versus Norway's Constitution

Large-scale oil extraction in the Arctic is irreconcilable with a two-degree global warming limit. When politics let us down, we have to turn to the courts. Do you agree?

Rebuilding trust in Europe will mean a new and more populist way of doing politics

The truth is that ‘trust me’ didn’t work and the much-vaunted expertise of the ‘third way’ politicians have contributed to the disarray we see all around us. 

“We are here!”: a new wave of anti-sectarian mobilizations in Lebanon

With this political praxis based on subjectivity, experience and prefigurative politics the activists attempt to embody their transformative visions in their everyday practices. 

Ankara bombing and the end of the Turkish Republic

What we have witnessed in the last two years, culminating in the horrible scenes of 10 October in Ankara, is the end of the Turkish Republic as we know it.

As Ankara death toll rises, anger mounts against Government for courting disaster

The Government’s immediate response was to enforce a media ban throughout Turkey, rather than attending to the needs of its beleaguered citizens.

Dublin is over: the rise of Europe's new migrant prisons

By getting the UNHCR and Frontex to more directly intervene in the first moments of arrival with identification and fingerprinting, the EU is attempting to retake control of movement throughout Europe.

Police terror in Brazil

How many deaths of black youth are necessary before they are considered ‘genocide’ or political assassinations? Português. Español.


Intensifica-se o domínio do Facebook

A América Latina parece especialmente vulnerável perante as iniciativas recentes do Facebook, que procuram afiançar a hegemonia global da empresa. Estamos ante um monopólio moral em construção? Español. English.

Rolling back corporate capture will take more than EU lobby transparency

If Europe is serious about regulating the car industry and protecting public health and the climate, it needs to stand up to the car lobby rather than allowing those resisting regulation to write it. 

The failure of mainstream European federalism

Simply stating over and over again that something – in this case a European democratic federation – is possible and desirable does not make it more likely.

Time for nuclear sharing to end

You have to keep threatening to use nuclear weapons to make nuclear deterrence work. A view from Germany on the planned deployment of new US nuclear weapons.

The hopes of the pro-Kurdish HDP in Turkey in spite of turmoil and violence

Is Turkey poised on the brink of the violent conflict of the 90s? Or does the entry of the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) into Parliament offer shoots of hope for an alternative path?

Se intensifica el dominio de Facebook

América Latina parece especialmente vulnerable ante iniciativas recientes de Facebook, que buscan afianzar la hegemonía global de la empresa. ¿Estamos ante un monopolio moral en ciernes? English. Português

Los silencios de las elecciones Argentinas

El 25 de octubre los votantes argentinos van a las urnas para elegir a su nuevo presidente. Pero el modelo de desarrollo extractivista del país no está en discusión. English.

The silences of Argentina’s election

On October 25, voters in Argentina go to the polls to elect their new president. The country’s extractivist development model, however, is not up for discussion. Español.

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