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Constitutional conventions: best practice

¿Hacia dónde va la defensa en Argentina?

Borrando la distinción entre defensa y seguridad pública, el gobierno de Macri está planeando utilizar a las fuerzas armadas para combatir el crimen organizado y otras "nuevas amenazas". English

Where is Argentina’s defense heading?

Blurring the distinction between defense and public security, Mauricio Macri’s government is now planning to use the armed forces for fighting organized crime and other “new threats”. Español

VIDEO: El papel de los medios en las sociedades democráticas

Entrevista de UM BRASIL con Francesc Badia sobre el poder de la prensa en el sistema político y los desafíos de los medios globales independientes en su relación con la democracia. Português 

O papel da mídia nas sociedades democráticas

Entrevista com Francesc Badia i Dalmases sobre o poder da imprensa no sistema político e os desafios de uma mídia global quando o assunto é a democracia. Español

What UK-EU relations do we want and what is the 'good society'?

An interview with Catherine West, MP, secretary and co-founder of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on UK-EU Relations, scrutinising Brexit negotiations and pushing for a progressive relationship with our European neighbours.

Why Africa is off-limits in the US presidential debates

The US cannot afford another presidential cycle where more than 15% of the world’s population remains on the periphery of foreign affairs.

El derecho a la ciudad como práctica ciudadana

Esta semana tiene lugar la cumbre Habitat III en Quito. Si la ONU deja de lado el derecho a la ciudad, no sólo estará enfrentándose a los gobiernos locales, sino al 99%. English

Journalism in times of crisis

Rebecca Abecassis argues that in times of crisis, journalists need to be clearer in their work and go beyond simply reporting the news. Interview. Español Português

Jornalismo em tempos de crise

Rebecca Abecassis defende que em tempos de crise como os que vivemos, os jornalistas têm que ser mais claros no seu trabalho e ir mais além da noticia. Entrevista. English Español

Periodismo en tiempos de crisis

Rebecca Abecassis defiende que en tiempos de crisis como los que vivimos, los periodistas tienen que ser más claros en su trabajo e ir más allá de la noticia. Entrevista. English Português

Brazilian democracy has been attacked

"Brazilian elites never showed any interest in democracy. We will have to make a superhuman effort to revalue democracy," said Jucá Ferreira, Brazil's former Minister of Culture. Español Português

The fight for Mosul: the danger of arming Sunni opponents to Daesh and the Sunni/Shia power struggle

The liberation of Mosul, backed up by Sunni powers, themselves backed up by western powers, will only add to the general feeling of injustice experienced by Shias and will only benefit Iran and its conspiracy theories.

The cyber-war on WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is not only influencing the US elections, but transforming the US elections – as they should have been from the very beginning – into a global debate.

2016 Moroccan elections: the past never happened

The one institution that benefited from the post-Arab Spring uncertainty and continues to profit from poor party politics, including the failed stint of the PJD in ‘power’, is undoubtedly the monarchy.

بين هوس العَظمة واليأس، هل فقد السيسي صوابه؟

English .صنعت الدولة المصرية دائرة مفرغة من اليأس الشعبي والإرهاق العاطفي

Next steps in the democracy argument

Any engagement approach not focused on getting the widest possible range of voices, and creating multiple environments in which they feel comfortable will be no improvement on the current system.

A democracy for the Internet era

Democracy is constantly evolving. If it were to stop doing so, it would no longer be democracy. According to Pia Mancini, it is up to our generation to update it. Interview. Español Português

La paz en Colombia tiene que desarmar el miedo al género

Un voto emitido con el propósito de rechazar explícitamente el marco de referencia del género en el acuerdo de paz con las FARC, es un voto motivado por la ignorancia y el miedo. English

Colombia’s peace requires the disarmament of gender-fear

A vote cast to purposely reject the gender framework of the peace treaty with the FARC is a vote premised on ignorance and fear. Español

Uma democracia para a era da internet

A democracia está em constante evolução. No dia em que deixe de estar, deixa de ser democracia. Segundo Pía Mancini, repensar as instituições políticas é uma responsabilidade da nossa geração. Entrevista. English Español

Democracia para la era internet

La democracia está en constante evolución. El día que deje de evolucionar, dejará de ser democracia. Según Pía Mancini, nos toca a nosotros como generación actualizarla. Entrevista. Português English

Observing the elections of the future

How will changes in technology impact on the ability of election observers to monitor the democratic process?

Who broke the Syria ceasefire?

Rely on the UK media for your information about Syria, and you probably think it was Russia and Assad. Here is what goes unreported.

In Brazil, polarization feeds upon itself

Marina Silva and José Gustavo, Sustainability Network Party (REDE) spokespersons, speak about the difficulties currently facing democracy in Brazil, but they argue that institutions are still working. Interview. Español. Português

Primavera estudiantil en Paraguay

¿Son las recientes protestas de los estudiantes paraguayos el comienzo de un despertar político en el país? English

Paraguay's Student Spring

Do recent mass protests by Paraguayan students represent the beginning of a political awakening? Español

La democracia brasileña ha sido atacada

“Las elites brasileñas nunca demostraron interés alguno por la democracia. Tendremos que realizar un esfuerzo sobrehumano para revalorizar la democracia”, dice Jucá Ferreira, ex ministro de Cultura de Brasil. English Português

Humanitarian Corridors: beyond political gesture

Around 300 people have entered Italy from Lebanon via safe and legal routes pioneered by faith groups. This pilot project holds great potential as an innovative approach to the so-called ‘refugee crisis’.

La “ideología de género”: ¿un spoiler para la paz?

El enfoque de género, como principio orientador de los Acuerdos de Paz, es un medio para que la construcción de la paz en Colombia dé paso a relaciones incluyentes, basadas en la igualdad. English

Small steps in the struggle for digital rights?

In this rapidly expanding internet, the kinds of rights we need are often difficult to pin down – though pin them down we must if they are to be protected.

Jackie Walker: a suspense mystery

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, to be suspended once may be regarded as a misfortune; twice looks like carelessness. But whose?

Slovakia: when seeing means myopia

Observation is one tool for approaching an understanding of socio-economic marginality – especially in its racialised forms – but mere observation is not enough.

The UK’s Investigatory Powers Bill is about to become law – here's why that should terrify us

The evidence that these powers are all needed is thin indeed. And the cost to all of our privacy is huge.

‘My democratic girlfriends are voting Trump’

After the Republican presidential candidate’s sexism scandal, who are the women still supporting Donald Trump?

En Brasil, la polarización se alimenta a sí misma

Marina Silva y José Gustavo, portavoces nacionales del partido Red Sustentabilidad, hablan de la dificultad que atraviesa la democracia en Brasil, pero sostienen que las instituciones aún  funcionan. English Português

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