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Manuel Serrano

Manuel Serrano is junior editor at DemocraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Autoritarismo vs. derechos humanos en Nicaragua

Tras la reelección de Daniel Ortega, el país se encuentra en un momento decisivo, a punto de convertirse en un régimen de partido único. Defensores nicaragüenses de los derechos humanos lo denuncian. English

Human rights vs. authoritarianism in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan human rights defenders denounce that, after the re-election of Daniel Ortega, the country is in a decisive moment, on the verge of becoming a single party authoritarian regime. Español

Obama sigue deportando a jóvenes centroamericanos. ¿Qué hará Trump?

"Me alegro de que las cartas estén sobre la mesa y de que no haya una agenda oculta. Ahora podremos luchar en consecuencia". English

Obama keeps on deporting Central American teens. What will Trump do?

“I am glad the cards are now on the table and there is not a hidden agenda. Because then we can fight accordingly.” Español

UK National Security Strategy: security for whom?

To make real progress on tackling insecurity, there needs to be far greater commitment by the British government to addressing its causes, and not just its symptoms.

In Yemen, the war goes on and on and on...

As people in Europe get ready for their end of year celebrations, more than 20 million Yemenis are getting ready to face the next disaster coming their way: mass starvation.

La voz de Berta Cáceres se ha convertido en la voz de millones

Un graffiti en las calles de Honduras reza: ”Berta Vive!” Hay adolescentes cantando mientras marchan – “!Berta Cáceres Flores vive en el corazón de todas las rebeliones! “ Berta no murió, se multiplicó. English

Digital democracy and technological sovereignty

Panel discussion: what place does technology have in the decline of neoliberalism, and the rise of populism? As social dependency on the Silicon Valley increases, how should we fight for our technological sovereignty? (108 minutes)

Movimientos sociales e internet en México

No podemos imaginar los movimientos sociales contemporáneos, ni siquiera el mundo hoy, sin internet. Pero este mundo está cambiando continuamente y tenemos mucho más que aprender. English

National governments are failing refugees, so cities must step up to meet the challenge

A lack of political will and a hulking bureaucracy frustrate efforts to find a solution to the migrant crisis at the national level. Multilevel governance is the answer.

The 2016 local elections in Brazil: who will control more local resources from 2017 onwards?

The power of the parties after the recent municipal elections and the collapse of the Workers’ Party anticipate important changes at state and federal level in the forthcoming elections. Español Português

How complementary currencies can save Europe

The Eurozone — "flawed at birth" — is failing its member states. As paper money declines in importance, it must embrace the digital revolution.

The future of education: Georges Haddad and Yaacov Hecht at the World Forum for Democracy 2016

The two keynote speakers come from very different worlds. But both agree that a revolution in education is required, with the self-determination of the individual – all individuals – at its centre. Video.

Ultras in mourning: how a massacre, revolutionary aftermath and politics killed Egyptian football

The third in a four-part series that delves into the history of the Ultras and their impact on Egyptian society. عربي

Who will support democracy now?

As the United States retreats from democracy promotion, it falls to the European Union to nurture democratic values.

UAE: when tweets become a matter of national security

Think twice before you speak in the UAE, you could end up spending 25 years in jail next time you tweet.

El movimiento popular de Oaxaca, diez años después

La revuelta popular de 2006 en Oaxaca fue el movimiento más significativo de la historia reciente de México. Su patrimonio actual reside en acciones de protesta y relaciones sociales fortalecidas. English

#NiUnaMenos: A Letter from Lucía’s Brother

Touching letter from the brother of Lucía Pérez, the 16-year-old Argentine girl, whose recent murder resulted in important protests in Argentina, with great international repercussion. Español

How to be President, in 140 characters or (much) less

Missive from New York. Traditional US media are struggling with the most surprising turn in US politics for decades. But it’s not all bad news.

Young defenders: voiceless dissenters or force for good?

Human Rights Day call. Young human rights defenders will only be safe when there first exists, worldwide, public awareness and a sense of solidarity.

We will keep faith with your legacy, Comandante Fidel Castro!

Fidel Castro’s death has prompted a polarized debate about the value of his legacy and internationalism. For many in Latin America he will remain a revered leader and source of inspiration. Español

¡Seremos fieles a tu legado, Comandante Fidel Castro!

La muerte de Fidel Castro ha provocado un polarizado debate sobre el valor de su legado e internacionalismo. Para muchos en América Latina, permanecerá como una referencia incuestionable, que merece cualquier reverencia. English

Movimientos sociales en México: raíces locales, luchas globales

La serie invita a los principales científicos sociales a compartir los resultados de sus investigaciones y sus perspectivas sobre las luchas sociales contemporáneas. English

The popular movement of Oaxaca, ten years later

The 2006 popular revolt in Oaxaca was the most significant movement in Mexico's recent history. 10 years on, its heritage lies in multiple protest action and stronger social relations among the population. Español

Networks, social movements and the internet in Mexico

We cannot imagine contemporary social movements, or even the world, without internet. But this world is changing all the time and we have much more to learn. Español

Sioux protests and the protection of human rights in the United States

Tribal leaders’ protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota have been showing how both environmental and human rights are so difficult to defend in the US. Español

Las protestas de los sioux y la protección de los derechos humanos en Estados Unidos

Las protestas contra el oleoducto DAPL en Dakota del Norte han demostrado lo difíciles que son de defender los derechos humanos y el medio ambiente en Estados Unidos. English

Quo vadis, Europa? A conversation with Quentin Peel

Why are we voting for the worst characters of capitalism? If we lose the centre-ground, we risk repeating the mistakes of the 1930s. How should we avoid the mistakes of the past? Interview Español

Transformar la justicia para las mujeres en América Latina

Más mujeres son asesinadas en América Latina que cualquier otra región del mundo. Solamente en Guatemala, más de cinco mil mujeres han sido asesinadas deliberadamente desde el año 2000. English

Transforming justice for women in Latin America

More women are murdered in Latin America than any other region of the world. In Guatemala alone, more than five thousand women have been deliberately killed since 2000. Español

Quo vadis, Europa? Una conversación con Quentin Peel

¿Por qué votamos a los peores tipos del capitalismo? Si perdemos el espacio central y común, nos arriesgamos a repetir los errores de los años 30. ¿Cómo evitar los errores del pasado? Entrevista English 

Liberation pedagogy in Mexico’s social movements

Education understood as a pillar of political activity, on the basis of criticism and resistance, becomes a fundamental means for struggling to end poverty, marginalization, slavery and exploitation.

No blank checks for Europe’s populists

The populist turn in the West since the global economic crisis is undermining Europe’s liberal democratic model. But are illiberal ideas really as popular as they seem?

Una lección argentina para los tiempos de Trump

Este documento se distribuía como panfleto en Argentina en la primera década de este siglo. Hoy puede servir a los lectores para reflexionar sobre los nuevos despotismos. English

Reading the Argentinian resistance writer Rodolfo Walsh in the Times of Trump

This document used to be distributed as a pamphlet in Argentina in the first decade of this century. Today it can be useful to readers to reflect on the new despotisms. Español

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