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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

So what is the purpose of education?

"After a year, in the fall of 2013, I wanted to investigate the possibility of working towards being Minister of Education."  Simone Haenen told her story at the World Forum for Democracy 2016.

Sound the Trumpet

Trump offered white voters the illusion they could prosper. We have to offer all our people a way to move forward together and save the planet.

With the future of liberal democracy hanging in the balance, what next?

While the results of the US election should be respected, Democrats (and liberals everywhere) must rapidly begin organizing to push back. There is simply too much at stake.

Trump can't simply delete a dangerous campaign

Attacking your opponent is one thing during the campaign, but attacking entire groups has far-reaching effects that do not get ‘deleted’ so quickly.


This land is Hisland: the role of sexism in the US elections.

Class, Trump, Brexit, and the decline of the West

In politics, long-term socio-economic trends and global shifts matter more than often overstated ‘progressive’ discourses about equality, progress and freedom.

My 350 on Donald Trump: reinventing global public organisations

“The recent election result in the US should serve as a call for re-invention for many of these organisations.”

Gold plated populism: Trump and the end of the liberal order

Four years after Romney lost to Obama, Trump, travelling in a private plane with a gold-plated bathroom, has been embraced by the working class as a man of the people.

Kakistocracy: a word we need to revive

Either kakistocracy gets used and thoroughly examined or a Trump presidency will force us to do so.

What Trump’s win might mean for women across the world

His suppression and rhetoric against women is not and will not be limited just domestically – it has the potential to extend globally. 

Democracy on the line: Trump and the future of super PACs

After a feverish election campaign, will Democrats and Republicans respond to the rise of super PAC mega-donors?

The nastiest candidate won. Now what?

The forces of justice and decency will need to move from feel-good slacktivism to the streets in order to challenge the Pandora's box of hate Trump's campaign has unleashed.

Trumping Brexit: the growing failure of the neoliberal consensus

The past is broken, the present is muddled and the future remains uncertain. The political elite don't seem to understand, and perhaps they don't want to.

Not my president

It is important to recognise Donald Trump’s victory for what it is: a dangerous triumph for America’s growing fascist movement. 

The Trump presidency: are there reasons to be cheerful?

The Democratic party is shattered, its carcass thrown to the four corners of the nation. But with such destruction comes an opportunity to rebuild.

Amidst Trumpian disorder, China eyes up its opportunity

Mao once observed, “everything under heaven is in utter chaos. The situation is excellent!” Will China prosper in the era of president Trump?

Soft or hard Brexit: do the UK’s political parties know what they want?

On the single market, Labour, the Tories, and UKIP, appear to agree: good access to the single market not membership of it - in disagreement with the SNP, LibDems and Greens.

Football’s martyrs: how the Ultras become revolutionaries

The second in a four-part series that delves into the history of the Ultras and their impact on Egyptian society.

Las ciudades sostenibles: una visión sistémica

La sustentabilidad en las megaciudades latinoamericanas debe girar en torno a un sistema integral, que incluya transporte público, presupuestos participativos y  fabricación de espacio público. Entrevista. English

Sustainable cities: a systemic approach

In the search for sustainability in Latin American megacities, a systemic approach should include public transport, participatory budgeting and ‘place making’. Interview Español

Lebanon's foreign minister shouldn't celebrate Trump. Here's why

Lebanon should not celebrate any foreign president or leader who espouses “poisonous rhetoric” that affects a large portion of its population.

Trump gana. ¿Y ahora qué?

Lo que Trump tiene en mente para América Latina es una gran incógnita. La región (y el mundo) tendrá que navegar con cautela estas aguas inexploradas. English 

Que futuro tem a coesão do sul da Europa?

O projecto de um fórum do sul da Europa é uma ideia necessária. É por isso surpreendente que o encontro entre os países do Sul tenha suscitado pouco interesse dentro e fora de portas. English

What does the future hold for Southern Europe?

The idea of a southern European forum is very much needed. Surprisingly, a summit  of the incumbent nations sparked little interest both within and outside the countries in question. Português

Trump’s victory: the ‘whitelash’ against the liberal order

The new nativism thrives off the failures of neoliberalism. We have entered a dangerous era of anti-liberalism.

Telhados de vidro e sapatinhos de Cinderela: o porquê do centro não suportar

O Fórum AWID realizado no Brasil este ano estabeleceu um modelo de rejeição à jornada das margens ao centro. Ao invés disso, ele explorou um futuro feminista baseado em “políticas de amizade”. English Español

Los techos de cristal y los zapatos de Cenicienta: por qué no podemos seguir hablando de un 'centro'

El Foro Awid celebrado en Brasil este año ofreció un modelo para rechazar la idea de un recorrido desde los márgenes hacia el centro y en cambio analizar un futuro feminista basado en la 'política de la amistad'. English Português

Trump vs Hillary: consecuencias de las elecciones presidenciales en América Latina

Cualquiera que sea el resultado, las elecciones presidenciales del 8 de noviembre tendrán un impacto determinante al sur del Río Grande. Recabamos la visión de algunos analistas desde la región. English Português

Trump vs Hillary: consequências das eleições presidenciais na América Latina

Seja qual for o resultado, a eleição presidencial terá um impacto determinante ao Sul do Rio Grande. Recolhemos a visão de alguns analistas desde a região. Español English

Trump vs Hillary: Consequences of US presidential elections for Latin America

As US voters turn out to decide between Trump and Hilary on election day, 5 analysts from the region share their thoughts on the potential impact of the results on Latin America. Español Português

The right to the city as a citizen's practice

If the UN doesn't deal with the issue of the right to the city, it will not only have to face up to local governments, but also the 99%. Español

#NiUnaMenos: contra el feminicidio en América Latina

Con la muerte de la víctima, no termina el ciclo de violencia: continúa a través de la impunidad al no garantizarse justicia a las víctimas ni castigo a los agresores. English

As eleições americanas e a América Latina: O diabo que já conhecemos

Sem o voto latino, é improvável que Donald Trump ganhe a presidência. As suas políticas sobre a América Latina são em grande parte inexistentes, enquanto que a abordagem de Hillary Clinton é conhecida por todos. English 

The US Elections and Latin America: the devil we know

Without the Latino vote, it is unlikely that Donald Trump will win the presidency. His policies about Latin America are largely nonexistent, whereas Hillary Clinton’s hawkish approach is all too well known. Português

6 de noviembre: farsa electoral en Nicaragua

Ante un resultado predeterminado en las elecciones sin garantías del dia 6 en Nicaragua, el Grupo de los 27 reclama la celebración de elecciones auténticas en el plazo de un año. 

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