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Constitutional conventions: best practice

What does ‘mainstream media bias’ mean in a digital age?

The internet should mean that everyone has access to the same information, yet people still talk of a “mainstream media bias”.

Cidades e democracia: novas geografias e novas geometrias

Libertemos a nossa forma de ver a realidade, aprofundemos novos olhares e enfoques, e teremos novas ideias e perspectivas para os problemas de gestão do bem comum. English Español

Ciudades y democracia: nuevas geografías, nuevas geometrías

Uno de los riesgos de la política convencional es ver el mundo con las viejas ideas subsidiarias de una manera de entender la geografía y la geometría de los conceptos. English Português 

Democracy and the city: new geographies, new geometries

One of the risks of conventional politics is seeing the world through ideas which are subsidiary to a certain, old way of understanding the geography and the geometry of concepts. Español Português

On the duality of laicism and dictatorship and the rise of political Islam

Is there another outlet or framework in the Arab world outside the dichotomy of Islamism or nationalism? [عربي]

América Latina: democracia más allá de la representación

La investigadora brasileña Thamy Pogrebinschi, con sede en el WZB (Berlin Social Science Center), conversa con DemocraciaAbierta días antes de la presentación del proyecto de investigación LATINNO, en Berlín, en el 27 de junio. Entrevista. English Português

Latin America: democracy beyond representation

WZB (Berlin Social Science Center)-based Brazilian researcher Thamy Pogrebinschi talks to DemocraciaAbierta ahead of LATINNO’s research project presentation in Berlin, on the 27th of June. Interview. Español Português

15M, seen from the day after tomorrow

"Excuse me: It's not just that this left-right axis misrepresents me, it's also that I’m interested in the bottom-up one too, and I don't just want justice, I also want freedom." Interview Español

Warriors (of different sort) first

It is not that Washington should be more alert about what happens in the world; it is the world that should be concerned with what is going on in the United States. Español

“Guerreros primero” en la América de Trump

No es que Washington deba estar más pendiente de lo que sucede en el mundo; es el mundo el que debería estar preocupado por lo que está pasando en los Estados Unidos. English

100º aniversário de Roa Bastos: a sua reflexão sobre o poder continua vigente

A América Latina teve em Roa Bastos um escritor independente empenhado na causa dos abandonados pela história, numa terra que parece apaixonada pelo infortúnio. Español 

Lebanon in the eye of the regional storm

Hizbollah’s proven armed capability in Syria, Israel’s perceived political defeat in 2006, coupled with a possible US and Saudi green light, may make confrontation inevitable.

El 15M, visto desde Pasado Mañana

Lo que el 15M dice es: “perdonen ustedes: no me acaba de representar este eje derecha izquierda, me interesa también el abajo arriba, y no sólo quiero justicia, quiero también libertad”. Entrevista. English

Iran’s city and village council elections and women’s political participation

Iran's city and village council elections highlight Iranian women's increased involvement in the political process and decision-making.

"A ideologia serve para desviar a atenção para algumas coisas, enquanto acontecem outras”

A hegemonia das corporações de média no Brasil é um fenómeno que não tem precedentes na história do país. Não existem notícias equilibradas, livres de manipulação. Entrevista. English Español

“La ideología sirve para desviar la atención hacia algunas cosas, mientras suceden otras”

La hegemonía de las corporaciones de medios en Brasil es un fenómeno que no tiene antecedentes en la historia del país. No hay noticias equilibradas, exentas de manipulación. Entrevista. English Português

"Ideology can be used to divert attention towards some things, while other things are happening"

The hegemony of media corporations in Brazil is a phenomenon that has no precedent in the country's history. There are no balanced, manipulation-free news. Interview. Español Português

Laying the foundations for a totalitarian state

The Egyptian regime is moving decisively to close what remains of public space, dominating all aspects of political life for decades to come.   

Sanctuary and refuge cities

At Fearless Cities –  we catch up with the Coordinator of the Refuge City Plan of Barcelona City Council, and two fellow panellists, activists from Berlin, Germany and Philadelphia, USA.

Cidadania do século XXI: educação + participação + cidadania

Vivemos o suposto retorno de cidadania ao centro do poder. Ou, pelo menos, ao centro da história. English Español 

21st century citizenship: Education + Participation + Technology

We are witnessing the alleged return of citizens to the center of power - or, to say the least, to the center of the narrative. Español Português

Who will defend Egypt’s human rights defenders?

NGOs play an essential role in local communities; the government’s reckless, repressive actions will jeopardize the country’s future.

“We Europeans have to take our fate into our own hands”

The European Union was a creation of an outstanding generation of politicians. Saving it demands our current generation to rise to a new challenge. The European project was – and will always remain – a choice.

Why the UK’s hung parliament is an opportunity for constructive Europeans

The reality is that after this election any UK government will be a weak one: no matter whether the cabinet is led by Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn. There are opportunities here.

#OpérationRobe: confronting everyday sexism in France

In 2012, then-minister Cécile Duflot was cat-called in parliament. Last week, the dress she wore made a comeback in a new campaign.

Prepárense para decir adiós a la hegemonía financiera

¿Se han curado las heridas de la crisis financiera del 2008? ¿O se han fortalecido las contradicciones subyacentes que la causaron en los últimos años? English

Jeremy Corbyn – a mainstream [Scandinavian] social democrat

If there is such a thing as a ‘best practice approach’ in public policy the Nordic model would probably be it and, at any measure, a useful benchmark for Britain to move towards. First published on September 19, 2016.

Cambio de guardia en Ecuador

Lenin Moreno tomó el relevo de Rafael Correa prometiendo continuar las políticas de su predecesor. Pero su tarea, tanto desde el punto de vista político como económico, no será fácil. English

The changing of the guard in Ecuador

Lenin Moreno took office on May 24, pledging to continue the policies of his predecessor Rafael Correa. But he faces a tough job, both politically and economically. Español

La verdadera historia de ‘Narcos’

Miles de familias han sido víctimas de la guerra contra las drogas. ‘Anyone’s Child Mexico’, es un nuevo documental interactivo, que expone la necesidad urgente de reformas en política de drogas. English

Of sacred cows and profane men

The cow has highlighted religious, regional, social and cultural differences. Some humans have been killed in the name of the cow.

Four dilemmas facing Britain – as others see it

What is Britain's place in tomorrow's world? – a hugely important issue for a nation that, until seven decades ago, was a global empire.

The significance of Rouhani’s win: reality or illusion?

What lies ahead for Iran? Two personal views on the Iranian elections, one hopeful and one pessimistic from two people who supported Rouhani in the elections, one more reluctantly than the other.

A new international municipalist movement is on the rise – from small victories to global alternatives

In a world stuck between neoliberal crisis and authoritarianism, a reinvigorated municipalist movement is proving a powerful tool to build emancipatory alternatives from the ground up.

Thirty-six years later, the trial of the El Mozote massacres could change El Salvador's history

The reopening of El Mozote case brings a historic opportunity for truth and justice; the State and the public prosecution must rise to the challenge. Español

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