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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Palestinian rights and Israel’s agenda

The Israeli government and its supporters need to break out of the prison house of their own thinking by taking a broader and more inclusive view of things. 

Standing our ground at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

When civic space is under attack, we make no dangerous accommodations. We stand up, and we fight back.

Finally, an end to the cold war?

The much-needed new relationship with the citizenry must involve an end to the conjuring up of an external enemy and the promotion of a “new cold war”.

State surveillance is a global threat to press freedom

The state should not have the power to secretly identify then persecute whistleblowers.

We need to remove free movement from the vicious circle of security

While freedoms, such as the principles of equality and non-discrimination, the presumption of innocence and respect for privacy, undoubtedly still exist, they have been relegated to the margins.

Flexibilizando y precarizando el mercado laboral: una agenda neoliberal en Puerto Rico

Si las políticas de austeridad, la desregulación y flexibilización del mercado laboral no han funcionado en el pasado, ¿por qué el Gobernador de Puerto Rico espera que vayan a funcionar ahora? English

Flexibilizing and precarizing the labor market: a neoliberal agenda in Puerto Rico

If the austerity policies, the deregulation and flexibilization of the labor market did not work in the past, why is the Governor of Puerto Rico expecting it will work now? Español

Debates en torno al enfoque de género en el acuerdo de paz colombiano

En una decisión salomónica, el nuevo Acuerdo de paz contiene el 90% de las propuestas que presentaron defensores y detractores del enfoque de género. English

Gender focus: debates, transformations and potentialities in Colombia’s new peace accord

The new Agreement contains 90% of proposals presented by proponents and critics of the gender-based approach, a solomonic exit from the tensions between the Christian churches and women's organizations and LGBTI. Español

The Kurdish region since the coup attempt

Especially for the young generation who believes that there is no legal way to gain rights for the Kurdish people, Turkey's government policies will inevitably have tragic consequences.

Sir Nigel Rodley versus Donald Trump on torture

The novelty and danger posed by the new US president is the fact that he either does not know, or does not care, that the prohibition of torture is one that is considered to be fundamental.

DiEM25-UK - launching at Conway Hall

At Conway Hall in Central London, (long an important place for radical religious, philosophical, social and political thinking in the UK), on Saturday morning, January 28, 2017, DiEM25 held its UK organisational launch.

‘The Art of the Deal’ in the Arab Gulf: how Trump could strike a new bargain with Bahrain

America’s new president has yet to fully articulate his foreign policy strategy but one thing is abundantly clear: the next four years are going to be a far cry from the Obama Doctrine.

No Amazonas, os shuar lutam em duas frentes

Shuar significa “o povo”. Hoje em dia, os shuar, um povo indígena originário do atual Equador e Peru, continuam a lutar contra o Estado colonial. E contra o extrativismo capitalista. English Español 

En el Amazonas, los shuar luchan en dos frentes

Shuar significa el pueblo, la gente. Hoy los shuar, un pueblo indígena originario del actual Ecuador y Perú, siguen luchando contra el Estado colonial, y el extractivismo capitalista. Português English

The Shuar people fighting on two fronts in the Amazon

Shuar means the people. Today, this indigenous people living in present-day Ecuador and Peru, are continuing their fight against the colonial state and the extractivist capitalism. Português Español

Lies and manipulation threaten US media and politicians

If America under Trump begins to look like the old Middle East and Russia, the risks of a crisis getting out of hand are huge. Português Español

Populismo sin líderes: el surgimiento del "ciudadanismo"

¿Es el populismo de izquierdas la mejor respuesta al populismo de derechas? Entrevista con Paolo Gerbaudo sobre "ciudadanismo" – el movimiento político que define a esta generación. English

Manipulação e mentiras contra os meios de comunicação e políticos nos Estados Unidos

Se a América de Trump começar a parecer-se ao velho Médio Oriente e à Rússia, os riscos de que uma crise se torne incontrolável são enormes. English Español

Penal populism and the BDS movement after Security Council Res. 2334

Despite a backdrop of symbolic mislabelling, campaigns such as BDS seem to have formulated new horizons of civil and political practice (in opposition to the mere declamation) of human rights.

Brazilian anti-indigenism

The co-optation of the state by large building companies and corporations in the mining-energy sector is adding to the agony of indigenous peoples, dispossessed of their ancestral territories by government resolutions. Español Português

Anti-indigenismo brasileiro

A cooptação do Estado por parte das grandes empresas construtoras e corporações do sector mineiro-energético acelera a agonia dos povos indígenas, despossuídos dos seus territórios ancestrais por resoluções governamentais. English Español

Anti-indigenismo brasileño

La cooptación del Estado por parte de grandes empresas constructoras y corporaciones del sector minero-energético acelera la agonía de los pueblos indígenas, desposeídos de sus territorios ancestrales por resoluciones gubernamentales. English Português

Trump is creating a real threat to security by trumpeting a false one

The order is not only morally reprehensible and legally problematic; it is also strategically irresponsible and will create real security risks for the United States.

Trump's slap in the face of Lady Liberty

Will women be turned away from the UN Commission on the Status of Women, to be held in March, in New York? The world's global institutions must fight the 'Muslim Ban', starting with the United Nations.

Broken politics: from 9/11 to the present

The years since 9/11 have cast a dark shadow over global politics in many respects. But we have the option of recalling where the pursuit of authoritarianism leads.

نقطة اللاعودة: كيف غيّرت الحكومة المصرية والرأي العام معالم إرث الألتراس؟

هذا الجزء الأخير من أربعة أجزاء عن هواة كرة القدم في مصر وكيف تحوّلوا من مشجّعين إلى "إرهابيين". English

A word about Trump from the American republic's founders

And a warning to Republicans who claim to revere them.

An inside-outside strategy for defending the US Republic

Both the administrative pillar of resistance and the ‘Indivisible’ legislative pillar will be bolstered if linked to a grassroots strategy of cross-issue mobilizing and direct action – the core strategy.

Persecution and the threat to the refugee system

We need to accept that for millions of refugees persecution is the principal reason for flight today as it was before, during and after the Holocaust.

The media–technology–military industrial complex

In a world of so-called fake news and post-truth politics, the influence of largely invisible qualities of concentrated power over media, public and policy agendas, warrants renewed and urgent scrutiny.

The battle for minds, and role of human behaviour in generating plutocracies

The control or influence of information is diffused through education, politics, culture, media and the process of socialization.

Isidro Baldenegro assassinated in Mexico: another case of lethal collision between environmental activism and organized crime

The murder of the indigenous leader Isidro Baldenegro López has once again revealed the impunity with which organized crime acts in the face of human rights defenders. Español

Asesinado Isidro Baldenegro en México: otro caso de colisión letal entre activismo ambiental y crimen organizado

El asesinato del líder indígena Isidro Baldenegro López, ha vuelto a poner de manifiesto la impunidad con la que el crimen organizado actúa frente a los defensores de derechos humanos. English 

Sisi’s neoliberal assault: context and prospects

Six years after the January 2011 revolution, the need for a return to its demands and slogans have never seemed more urgent.

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