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Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is Co-Editor at openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Politics recovered: "We are a little idealistic, but not naive: we have a lot of information"

Ana Lis Rodríguez Nardelli is one of the founders of the Network Party, the only party in Argentina proposing to hand over parliamentary prerogatives to civil society. Español Português

Política recuperada: somos um bocado idealistas, mas não ingénuos: temos muito informação.

Ana Lis Rodríguez Nardelli é uma das fundadoras do Partido da Rede, o único partido na Argentina que propõe entregar as prerrogativas parlamentarias à sociedade civil. English Español 

Política recuperada: “Persistir en la esperanza es un acto de rebeldía muy importante”

Pedro Kumamoto es carismático, auténtico. Tiene el mismo mérito que Wikipolítica: ambos son distintos. Y tienen un largo camino por delante. English Português

Politics recovered: "Keeping hope alive is a very important act of rebellion"

Pedro Kumamoto is an authentic, charismatic character. He is different - like Wikipolítica. And they both have a long way ahead. Español Português

Política recuperada: manter a esperança é um acto de rebeldia muito importante

Pedro Kumamoto é carismático, autêntico. Tem o mesmo mérito que a Wikipolítica: ambos são diferentes. E tem um longo caminho pela frente. English Español 

Reimagining India in Britain

The Great India Show covers even science in India. It has been blessed by the two governments. Britain is out on a mission to rediscover India.   

Britain would have been safer with Corbyn in charge

Jeremy Corbyn consistently voted against wars of choice that Britain could have refrained from taking part in, now regarded as strategic failures, promoting, not reducing, international terrorism.

Política recuperada: se mudarmos como cidadãos, as nossas cidades mudam

Mónica Villegas partilha a sua paixão pelas cidades. Ela sabe bem que onde está a humanidade das cidades., está o ar que nos pode tornar livres. English Español 

Politics recovered: "If we change as citizens, our cities change"

Mónica Villegas shares her passion for cities. She knows that it is precisely in the humanity of cities where we can find the air that can set us free. Español Português

Política recuperada: "Si cambiamos como ciudadanos, nuestras ciudades cambian"

Mónica Villegas comparte su pasión por las ciudades. Ella sabe bien que donde está la humanidad de las ciudades, está el aire que puede hacernos libres. English Português

Yoga in Bogotá: imprisoned female FARC combatants look to the future

In a Bogotá women's prison, dozens of FARC combatants remain behind bars – but that hasn’t stopped them from making plans for political, and personal, transitions ahead. Español

Elegía a Javier Valdez Cárdenas, periodista

No hay un periodista en el mundo que merezca serlo si no hace propia hoy la entereza con la que Javier llevó adelante nuestra profesión.

Iran’s presidential election: the cynical moderate versus the representative of the deep state

As the incumbent moderate president faces off the Islamic Republic's deep state, potential variations and the shadow of previous disputed elections looms menacingly.

Veracruz – or what we (should) talk about when we talk about corruption

What Veracruz merely provides is a glimpse into the criminal corruption that thrives behind the façade of Mexico’s nominal democracy. Español

Veracruz - o de lo que deberíamos hablar cuando hablamos de corrupción

Lo que Veracruz ofrece es solo un simple vistazo a la corrupción criminal que prospera detrás de la fachada de la democracia nominal mexicana. English

Why Marine Le Pen will never be France's President

Speculation about a National Front victory in the recent presidental elections was ill-founded, as is the chorus of commentators warning of a Le Pen success in 2022.

We are not your case study: weaving transnational solidarities across the semi-peripheries

As transnational activists navigating this intricate landscape we need self-criticism, paying careful attention to systems of exclusion we are not immune to. But we need criticism that is generative.

Tunisia’s struggle against corruption: time to fight, not forgive

A new economic reconciliation law protects clientelist structures in Tunisia and replaces the process of transitional justice, but a real transition away from the old authoritarian social contract will be impossible if it passes.

Política Recuperada: “a inovação é o resultado da experimentação”

Matias Bianchi e Caio Tendolini falam das suas hipóteses e descobrimentos, de imaginar o futuro dos estados e da política, e de entender a tecnologia como um relato paradoxal. English Español

Política recuperada: “La innovación es el resultado de la experimentación”

Matías Bianchi y Caio Tendolini hablan de sus hipótesis y descubrimientos, de imaginar el futuro de los estados y la política, y de entender la tecnología como un relato paradójico. English Português

Politics recovered: "Innovation is the result of experimentation"

Matías Bianchi and Caio Tendolini speak about their hypotheses and discoveries, about the future of both states and politics, and about technology as a paradoxical tale. Español Português

The future of the internet depends on you

People from the freedom of expression, privacy and media development communities must get engaged, to ensure that one of the most important communications platforms ever invented remains open, pluralistic and democratic.

Lessons from farmers and indigenous women: cultivate democracy

Learning to live in harmony with the land is co-constituent to human rights activism. Jennifer Allsopp reports for 50.50 from the second day of the 2017 Nobel Women's Initiative conference. 

If you're not yet radical, you haven't been paying attention

Raoul Martinez spoke this weekend at 'Brexit and the Political Crash', The Convention in London: “Beyond Brexit, Labour are offering one of the most progressive manifestos in living memory.” Keynote speech.

The Egyptian Army’s violent trail of breadcrumbs

Supporting Egypt’s particular brand of fighting terrorism is equivalent to supporting a climate of expedited radicalization.

What would a world without barriers to feminist solidarity look like?

Citizenship is a duty that transcends borders. Jennifer Allsopp reports for 50.50 from the first day of the 2017 Nobel Women's Initiative conference. 

Política recuperada: “a participação é valiosa quando forma parte dos processos de toma de decisões”

Pablo Collada partilha a sua visão do valor estratégico da pedagogia pública, a sua experiencia com a Lei de Lobby no Chile e até reflexões sobre a dança. English Español 

Política recuperada: “La participación es valiosa cuando forma parte de los procesos de toma de decisiones”

Pablo Collada comparte su visión del valor estratégico de la pedagogía pública, su experiencia con la Ley de Lobby en Chile y hasta reflexiones sobre la danza. English Português

Politics recovered: "Participation is valuable when it is part of the decision-making processes"

Pablo Collada shares his vision of the strategic value of public pedagogy, his experience with the Lobby Law in Chile, and also some reflections on dance. Español Português

لماذا لم تنتفض الجماهير ضد ارتفاع الأسعار؟

مع كل موجة ارتفاع للأسعار أو أي قرار بزيادة قيمة أي من الخدمات أو السلع، لماذا لا يثور المصريون؟ English

Blogging at the time of dictatorship

The Tunisian Internet Agency is responsible for harming national memory. Questions need to be answered and those responsible need to be held accountable.

Politics recovered: "We are closer to rather than further away from a democratic revolution"

Giorgio Jackson talks about oxymorons and feedback, revolutions and democracies, axes old and new, and about conquering power to let go of it. Español Português

Política recuperada: “Estamos más cerca que lejos de una revolución democrática”

Giorgio Jackson habla de oximorones y retroalimentaciones, de revoluciones y democracias, de ejes viejos y nuevos, de conquistar el poder para desprenderse de él. English Português

Política Recuperada: “estamos mais perto do que longe duma revolução democrática”

Giorgio Jackson fala de oxímoros e de retroalimentações, de revoluções e de democracias, de eixos velhos e novos, de conquistar o poder para deixá-lo ir. English Español 

Nicaragua como peón en la geopolítica mundial

Como en los años 80, Nicaragua está cometiendo de nuevo una equivocación política: estar en medio de las luchas por la hegemonía de los grandes países industrializados del mundo. English

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