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Olly Huitson, Editor

Oliver Huitson is Co-Editor at OurKingdom and a freelance journalist.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Elecciones Mexico 2015 : ¿Un triunfo del ciudadano?

Las elecciones legislativas y locales del 7 de junio produjeron algunas victorias sorprendentes. El mapa electoral de México está cambiando. Por primera vez, los ciudadanos están encontrando su voz. English

Mexico's 2015 Elections - A citizen triumph?

The congressional and local elections on June 7 produced some surprising victories.  Mexico's electoral map is changing. Perhaps for the first time, the people are finding their voice. Español

The citizen revolutions in Latin America

The countries of the ‘citizen revolution’ in Latin America are post-neoliberal, but not post-capitalist.

Las revoluciones ciudadanas en Latinoamérica

Los países de la 'Revolución Ciudadana' en Latinoamérica son postneoliberales, pero no postcapitalistas.Publicado previamente en openDemocracy  English

Middle East mix of feudal and dictatorial systems

The political future of the region is unclear, because it depends on the evolution of different political systems. What degree of secularisation/Islamism will these societies allow?

Privacy under threat in Hong Kong

23,946 warrantless metadata requests raise privacy concerns for Hong Kong’s online activists. The loss of online privacy is not a price we want to pay.

La democracia como mentira

En América Latina, las instituciones democráticas fueron capaces de renacer de las cenizas de las dictaduras militares siempre y cuando estas instituciones hubiesen existido anteriormente. Pero allí donde históricamente eran débiles, o prácticamente inexistentes, fue difícil reinventarlas. English

De las plazas al poder en cuatro años y diez días

Los activistas han conseguido transformar con gran eficacia la política española durante los años de la crisis. Tras las elecciones locales del 24M, vemos cómo las consecuencias del movimiento 15M están emergiendo todavía. English

From the squares to power in four years, 10 days

How Spain’s skilful activists have transformed politics during the crisis years and how the full effects of 15-M are still emerging. Español.

Los correos de Blesa: el fin de una era

España, Diciembre 2013: se filtran alrededor de 800 e-mails enviados desde cuentas oficiales de Caja Madrid entre el 2000 y el 2009, relativos a las actuaciones de su anterior presidente, Miguel Blesa, que han llevado ante los tribunales a más de cien banqueros y politicos. Presentamos la historia que hay detrás de los correos de Blesa, re-publicados hoy. English

Os correios eletrónicos de Blesa: o fim de uma era

Espanha, Dezembro 2013: a filtração de 8000 correios eletrónicos enviados desde contas de correio eletrónico oficiais da “Caixa Madrid” entre 2000 e 2009, nos quais se reflete a conduta do seu antigo presidente, Miguel Blesa, foram essenciais para levar perante a Justiça a mais de 100 banqueiros e políticos. Apresentamos portanto a história por detrás dos correios de Blesa, republicados hoje. English

Blesa's e-mails: the end of an era

Spain, December 2013: 8,000 leaked e-mails sent from Caja Madrid corporate accounts, regarding the actions of former president, Miguel Blesa, have led to over 100 bankers and politicians facing trial. This is the inside story of Blesa’s e-mails, from those behind the leak. English

How to fix UK political party finance

The reform of political party finance is essential to address public mistrust. It could also benefit parties themselves and help refresh democracy. 

Saudi Arabia's game of thrones

In the round of 'royal musical chairs' that played out two months ago, the Sudairi branch of the royal family consolidated its grip on power at the expense of those loyal to the late King Abdullah. 

La libertad de expresión para quien la trabaja

Carlos Payán, fundador de La Jornada en México, señala cuáles han sido las presiones que tuvo que enfrentar en su dilatada carrera de periodista. English

Like a sword through butter

In such a volatile climate, the concept of debate needs protecting more than ever, especially in the places where it should be at its most free. 

The political legacy of shame - a brief history of women, sex and legislation in the UK

For two centuries, British lawmakers have relied on shame to regulate women's sexual behaviour. Is this finally changing?

If democracy in Egypt cannot be stimulated directly, it can be promoted by example

It seems that the accusations of hypocrisy towards western actors, often heard in the Arab world, are not completely wrong.

Bashir's South Africa visit, actually a step forward

It was not to be this time around, but next time there could well be a different outcome. 

Straightening Europe’s crooked timber into a democratic eurozone

Opposition to the direction of the Eurozone can be expressed through national democracies, for example through the election of Syriza, but this is now an inadequate form of political representation.

Taking racism seriously: Islamophobia, civil liberties and the state

Racism and Islamophobia are driven by the practices of the powerful. Self-proclaimed 'liberals' need to know this.

The poetics and politics of Oromo resistance

Oromo music has played a central role in providing alternative spaces for enunciating ‘the Oromo question’.

Has Sisi lost control over state repression?

Maged Mandour

The Egyptian state has fallen prey to the internal struggles of its security apparatus. Repression has become an end in itself rather than a tool for maintaining the regime’s stability.

500 Eritreans

"We need justice, we need freedom”. Their voices were raised in unison, echoing off the striking architecture of Liverpool's docks as they marched quickly and determinedly through the streets.  

A turning point for Greece and Europe

There is still some space to avoid this worst-case scenario. And to listen to the reasons of Alexis Tsipras and of Greece - that are the reasons of democracy, in Athens as in Europe.

What Louis Armstrong taught Egypt and the Middle East about itself

Armstrong’s encounter with the Middle East was a reflection of the wider socio-political disease of denial and scapegoating in the region—one that just festers with time.

Actually existing Europe

How is it that Greek PM, Tsipras, who tries to relieve the suffering of his people, is a less acceptable EU negotiation partner than Viktor Orbán?

Refugees in the centre of Athens

A red line is crossed when you start thieving from refugees in order to survive or feed your addiction. ‘We can only survive as human beings through our solidarity.’ There is nothing else.

Seven myths about democracy in Morocco

Morocco: stable, reformist, and taking steady if slow steps towards democracy—right? Wrong. Some common myths debunked.

Credit where it's due? How to reform and make the most out of Universal Credit

We can radically improve Universal Credit so it speaks directly to today’s social evils.

Building the climate movement: is another world possible?

How can we articulate a vision for a progressive climate future?

A dilemma for Podemos

Bitter-sweet success in Spain’s regional and local election forces Podemos to choose - between joining with other left parties, following the example of Barcelona and Madrid, or going it alone in the autumn legislative election.

Exiled in Senegal

Damien Froidevaux’s Death of the Serpent God is not about politics, and yet it is a deeply political film. At the Open City Documentary Festival on 18 June 2015.

The looming threat of ISIS in Sudan

ISIS is succesfully recruiting among disaffected Sudanese youth, and not enough is being done to stop it.

Chasing dreams in Guangzhou

Måns Månsson’s film Stranded in Canton straddles false promises and Sino-African culture clash. At the Open City Documentary Festival on 17 June 2015.

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