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Adam Ramsay

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracy UK

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Derechos humanos e inteligencia artificial: el reto de una era

Un nuevo conjunto de principios, la Declaración de Toronto, tiene como objetivo que los derechos humanos ocupen el primer plano en el desarrollo y la aplicación de tecnologías de aprendizaje automático. English

Human rights and artificial intelligence: the challenge of an era

A new set of principles—the Toronto Declaration—aims to put human rights front and centre in the development and application of machine learning technologies. Español

Greece, August 2018: a mid-term report from a Syriza MP

"Are the critics of Tsipras right?  This is the first government in a European crisis country that will complete its full term. Look at the facts."

A call for an international right of hospitality on World Humanitarian Day

In the current situation there is a crying need to limit the arbitrariness of States by confronting them with legitimate and internationally recognized counter-powers.

Appeal from a political economist: the left internationalist case for a second referendum on Brexit

The critical consideration is the strategic interests of that sector of the global corporate and wealth elites who want the dissolution of the EU as a bulwark against unfettered capitalism.

The great Greek wildfires

With incentives for property speculators being as high as ever and budgets shrunk to a bare minimum, the Greek fire brigade might not have faced its hardest test yet.

La generación del milenio y la política: ¿hay esperanzas?

Los millennials se encuentran con unos sistemas políticos que no se parecen en nada a como son ellos, que no hablan su mismo idioma y que no abordan sus principales preocupaciones. Pero todo esto podría estar cambiando. English

Facebook and journalism. Part two

Facebook has fundamentally changed the news ecosystem and has, in fact, jeopardised press freedom and plurality – whether willingly or not.

#SOSVenezuela: migrants or refugees?

The Venezuelan migratory crisis has the potential to surpass that of Syria. We are faced with a huge regional refugee crisis, not a mere wave of economic migration. Español

Airport, transparency and the new government in Mexico

As President, AMLO should develop real policies aimed at combatting the legal and financial structures in Mexico which continue to prevent transparency and facilitate corruption. Español

Aeropuerto, transparencia y nuevo gobierno en México

Como Presidente, AMLO debe desarrollar políticas reales cuya finalidad sea combatir las estructuras financieras en México que continúan impidiendo la transparencia y facilitan la corrupción. English

The hard right and the open left

One of the main reasons liberal democracy appears to be imploding is that the liberal international capitalist order on which it has been based for the last seventy years is imploding.

On the wrong side of history: the dangers facing Brexitland

"Britain is sadly leading the way in a regressive, narrow-minded and divisive politics... I am leaving behind a Brexit Britain that is rudderless, leaderless and completely hollow within."

Recovering human dignity: Richard Bernstein on the relevance of Hannah Arendt today

Arendt’s fundamental insight was that humans are not born equal; rather, a political construction is needed to create equality of public voice. Review.

We should bridge the earnings gulf between legal aid and commercial lawyers

Much of the income of City law firms comes directly from the public purse at many times legal aid rates. How can this be justified?

Harvesting hope: the permaculture movement in India

The major transformative potential of permaculture in India lies in its ability to make small-scale farmers self-sufficient. Hence, it offers viable solutions to the very deep crisis farmers are facing.

Turkey: sharing what we learn through self-organisation in a war zone

An HDP activist in Istanbul talks about the recent elections, the Kurdish movement’s political strategies, and the need to organize locally in the social sphere. (Interview transcribed and translated from the Turkish).

Other revolving doors in the US

Do Democrats and Republicans quarrel with each other in front of TV cameras? Obviously yes – but it’s merely a mock lovers’ spat crafted for public consumption.

La mafia que controla el fútbol mundial

Ha terminado el Mundial de 2018, pero el caso de la enorme conspiración para delinquir en la que está involucrada la Federación Internacional de Fútbol Asociación (FIFA) sigue su curso. English

Authoritarian rule shedding its populist skin in rural Cambodia

We won’t know until the July 2018 elections whether this radical redrawing of the Cambodian political landscape is a ‘new normal’ of naked authoritarianism. What is happening is truly bad.

Is there a role for the EU in the Moroccan Rif crisis?

For Rabat, the challenge will be to access the EU funds and more while getting away from any significant EU impact. That is, even if it means faking Europeanization.

The Turkish election as a warning against the irresistible charms of populism

We urgently need a constructive and open dialogue between different strands of thought within the populism theoretical oeuvre, if we are to develop progressive political strategies.

Facebook and journalism. Part one

How Facebook turned into the world’s biggest news platform, with newsrooms and journalists paving the way.

The political representation of the European people

English version of the political philosopher’s interview with Vadim Kamenka of L’Humanite Dimanche (21 June) and Ana Maria Merlo for Il Manifesto (15 June).

El nuevo presidente de México y la reforma energética

Tras elegir presidente el 1 de julio, México debe decidir ahora si usa la Ley de transición energética para ir abandonando los combustibles fósiles y adoptando energías renovables. English

Mexico’s new president and energy reform

After choosing a new president on July 1st, Mexico must now decide whether to use its Energy Transition Law to transition away from fossil fuels towards renewables. Español

A story of Italian neophytes and Spanish constructors

What happens in these two countries matters and deserves much more attention. It is also time to re-assess the forces at play in Europe and claim a more equal union.

¿Qué clase de capitalismo se puede construir desde la izquierda?

Para llegar al poder, hay que acabar con las privatizaciones, empoderar a la fuerza de trabajo y endeudarse para invertir. Para mantenerlo, hay que automatizar la economía y ofrecer servicios gratuitos. English

What’s in a name: the Macedonian question and the social question

The Macedonian Question will be there for many years to come, easily manipulated by both imperialisms and nationalisms of all kinds.

Justiça Militar, intervenção e direitos humanos no Brasil

A proteção institucional da impunidade e do corporativismo através da Justiça Militar combina o aumento da violência e do autoritarismo com a erosão da democracia e do Estado de Direito no Brasil. Español, English

For an open migration policy to end the deaths and crises in the Mediterranean

Only a more open policy of migration would neither threaten migrants nor European citizens. To foster such a policy, the Mediterranean mobility conflict must be addressed.

How US evangelical organizations deploy ‘human rights’ and ‘development’

Armed with the surety of belief in the ‘responsibility to act’ and international legal tools – US- or UN-funded Christian civil society organizations have used international law to further their goals internationally.

Insecure UK defence work

It is the government’s job to keep people in work, by encouraging the growth of new industries amid rapid technological change, preserving high skilled jobs through manufacturing diversification.

Refugiados y chalecos salvavidas, sobre la arena de Lesbos

En un camino de curvas, en la isla de Lesbos, se dibuja una línea naranja y negra. Es un registro indiscutible, que habla de los miles de refugiados que se jugaron la vida para llegar aquí desde Turquía.

Greece: in need of a debt relief that actually works

It’s not too late to steer the Greek economy and the EU towards a sustainable development course for the twenty-first century. There are tools to deliver this. Policy-makers should use them.

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