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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why some cities are ‘rebel cities’ – interview with Yaz Brien about Bristol’s resistance scene

“It’s a movement that shuts shit down but it really isn’t hypermasculine. And I think, in many ways, that is a factor in its sustainability.”

A new caravan from Honduras heads for the American Dream

It remains to be seen if Mexico will allow this new caravan to pass safely through their country as they did last April, and what the United States will do to their children when they get there. Español

Otra caravana de hondureños hacia el sueño americano

Queda por verse si México permitirá que esta nueva caravana de migrantes atraviese su territorio de manera segura, y qué harán los EE.UU. con todos sus niños cuando lleguen allá. English

Migrantes y refugiados en las Américas: una crisis de solidaridad

En Latinoamérica la crisis se evidencia en la renuencia a aplicar estándares internacionales incluyentes en materia de refugiados y en las políticas migratorias restrictivas o de imposible cumplimiento. English

Migrants and refugees in the Americas: a solidarity crisis

In Latin America, the crisis is evident in the reluctance by many states to implement inclusive refugee international standards and in restrictive migratory policies. Español

The appeal of populist nationalism in the age of accelerated change

What drives support for the populist, radical right and what do the actors offer their voters?  The endangered nation is a key trope.

Of Tories, charity... and Islamophobia

Muslims know they have a duty to support the poor. Tories can't claim this mantle - especially whilst they're riven with Islamophobia.

Young workers know they're being ripped off - and that unions are the answer

Last weeks global food strikes show young workers get what trade unionism is about - and bringing new forms of digital organisation into play.

Immigration and the impact of a no-preference post-Brexit deal

In theory, a skill-based immigration system could work to reduce skill shortages in certain UK industry sectors but there are some key implications that remain unresolved.

Time for the BBC to be brave, bold and courageous – developing a manifesto for change

“My aim is to take the debate about the BBC beyond the need for platform prominence and to address how it can add value to British life and British interests overseas in the twenty-first century.”

Matteo Salvini, renaturalizing the racial and sexual boundaries of democracy

In Italy, Salvini has set out to expand the independentist and regionalist dimension that formerly characterized his party, turning it into a xenophobic force with a national calling.

Democratic Socialism beyond the New Deal

We can lead better lives in an inhabitable world (for more than just a few decades) only if we chart a less governmental, less voting-based path.

Intervención militar en Venezuela: China importa

La solución a la crisis en Venezuela yace en China. English

Military intervention in Venezuela: China matters

At the end of the day, the solution to the crisis in Venezuela lies with China. Español

Britain’s warfare state

Britain needs an industrial strategy. At the same time, Britain needs to move away from its imperial pretensions to police the world's oceans. The two factors are ever more interlinked.

These women are demanding their rights from inside Rome’s occupied buildings

Precarious labour and housing conditions have pushed many to squat Rome’s empty buildings, living in fear of eviction and homelessness.

Venezuela en el abismo

¿Por qué un país rico puede vivir una crisis económica de magnitud cataclísmica?¿Y por qué, a la vista del desastre, se ponen en marcha programas que no conducen a ninguna parte? Entrevista. English

Venezuela in the abyss

Why is such a wealthy country experiencing such a catastrophic financial crisis? And why, in the light of this crisis, have certain measures been introduced that lead nowhere? Interview. Español

Red sky at morning: no recourse for migrant farmworkers during and after hurricane florence

Highly vulnerable immigrant farm workers caught in the hurricane have nowhere to go. Fear of family separation, imprisonment and deportation is preventing them from approaching the shelters.

On Brexit, there’s no doubt that UK negotiators have adopted a hard bargaining strategy

But is this the best strategy for advancing British interests? Here is the argument based on the findings of a recent Dahrendorf Forum working paper.

Refugees banned, tourists welcome: a journey through Hungary's rural west

Hungary’s hinterlands shed light on the rise of Orban's populist nationalism.

Exception in Catalonia one year after the referendum

What is Catalonian cooperativism’s contribution to independentism? Activists are promoting practical and concrete independence from all hegemonic powers, by building a parallel economic system.

We simply said ‘enough’: the story of Spain’s ‘Las Kellys’ hotel cleaners

From gruelling working conditions to more limited access to healthcare, austerity policies have hit women hardest. But they are fighting back.

#CrisisEnArgentina: What you need to know today

Argentina is facing one of the worst financial crises of its recent history, and memories of the brutal recession of 2001 and the famous ‘corralito’ (when people were unable to access their savings for a year) are still fresh. Español

Jackson Rising

When a young black attorney was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississipi, rather than ask what the local state could do, he asked, what can we do to the local state?

Chile y Argentina están poniendo en peligro su biodiversidad

Para satisfacer la demanda de China, Chile y Argentina están ampliando sus instalaciones de piscicultura industrial - un mal augurio para la delicada y única biodiversidad del Cono Sur. English

Chile and Argentina putting at risk their biodiversity

To meet China’s demand, Chile and Argentina are scaling up fish farming. This bodes ill for the Southern Cone's unique and sensitive biodiversity. Español

Left populism over the years

A conversation about the rise of the right-wing since the turn of the century, what this tells us about liberal democracy, and the deepening of democracy needed in response.

The Swedish model is still alive

Stefan Löfven's party received 28.4% of the votes, a strong result for a Social Democratic party in government in today's Europe.

A market for moral, organisational and cultural values could fundamentally challenge neoliberalism and populism at one fell swoop

This market for values would offer individuals, companies and local communities an economic incentive to contribute to the common good and to a sense of community. 

Techlash: why Facebook’s approach to #FakeNews ultimately fails

Zuckerberg needs to take a step back and allow institutions to flourish. There are only bigger waves looming ahead.

The US-Turkey stand-off in context: the US and the weaponisation of global finance

The US, a declining superpower, is trying to use the power of the dollar as a weapon to punish Turkey and other disobedient actors in the international system.

The IMF abetted the European Union’s subversion of Greek democracy

Who was accountable and who is accountable to the Greek people? European handling of the Greek crisis takes economic colonialism to a twenty-first-century high-water mark.

Crisis cambiaria en la Argentina: el tango del FMI

Una tremenda crisis cambiaria ha sacudido la economía argentina, determinando un fuerte aumento de la inflación acompañado por una dura recesión. El gobierno ha solicitado asistencia financiera al FMI. English

Brazil’s light pink tide and its legacy

Pink tide governments in Brazil were not efficient in reducing social inequalities, but all other realistic political alternatives are much worse. Español

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