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Claire Provost

Claire Provost is editor of 50.50 covering gender, sexuality and social justice.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Del fascismo al populismo. Aclaraciones indispensables

El fascismo no ha muerto, siempre ha estado allí. Pero no es el populismo. No puede utilizarse el término para descalificar sin reparar en las diferencias. Entrevista

The politics of protest in Argentina

Political life in Argentina is characterized by a particularly active culture of social protest. This is a key element to understanding political dynamics throughout the 21st century. Español

#ArchivoDemoAbierta2018: a year of environmental challenges

The protection of the environment is so crucial for upholding democracy that however the subject is approached, it is often impossible to express the real magnitude of the issue. That’s why we present some of the most important environmental conflicts of 2018. Español

Yellow fever in France

Almost everyone agrees on the analysis of what caused this movement: the growth of inequalities, the marginalization of certain regions and social categories, austerity and neoliberal politics. Then accounts diverge.

Argentina, el G20 y las movilizaciones en su contra

Cuando entramos en una nueva fase de neoliberalismo autoritario marcado por el avance del neofascismo es esencial que sigamos fortaleciendo los lazos entre los movimientos que luchan contra las estructuras de opresión.  English

Labour's Brexit trilemma: in search of the least bad outcome

The great irony of Brexit is that most outcomes will lead to a loss of sovereignty and democracy. But there is a route forward.

Argentina, the G20, and the mobilisations against it

As we are entering a new phase of authoritarian neoliberalism it is essential that we continue strengthening ties between movements fighting the structures of oppression and advance in the construction of better worlds.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70

Heed Monday’s anniversary, for talk of rights is increasingly becoming hazardous to health in vast parts of the globe

Yellow Vests – the first battle

They want Macron to know that they are the people and they will be ignored no longer. So perhaps there is democracy in the streets after all.

Demands of France's yellow vests as uploaded by France Bleu, November 29

"MPs from France, we inform you of the People's Directives for you to transpose them into LAW. "

Message from Commercy: the time of the communes still rings out!

Commercy's Yellow Vests offer a political solution to the movement: autonomous local committees, direct democracy, sovereign general assembly, delegates with a precise mandate revocable at any time, rotating responsibilities.

Colombian resistance against the Odebrecht-nurtured mafia

On 27th November, an emergency debate on Odebrecht corruption was scheduled by senators of the opposition. The raison d’être for extreme violence and rampant corruption in Colombia was openly hung-out.

4 días de trabajo, 3 días de ocio: ¿ha llegado la hora de reclamar la semana laboral de 4 días en Europa?

Las exigencias del neoliberalismo ponen en grave peligro el tiempo libre del que disponemos. Pero los trabajadores, los sindicatos y los activistas de toda Europa están organizando el contraataque. English

Fortress Europe: Macron hikes university fees for non-EU students

The students that the government is hoping to dissuade from studying in France are the young people of its former colonies. How does this square with ‘patriotism as openness’?

Protest in Paris: End of the world versus End of the month

After the COP21 in Paris, Macron wanted to become the world leader on Climate Change. But what could seem accurate policy measures not always are perceived as fair politics.

On extremism and democracy in Europe: three years later

This introduction to the updated Greek edition of the 2016 book brings to its thought-provoking chronological account three more eventful years for the far right, populism, Euroscepticism and liberal democracy.

Against a second Brexit referendum

The British people, failed by their natural representative, the Labour Party, opted for the nationalist radicalism of Farage’s UKIP. Thus, the demagogues won. But not those who voted for them.

Corbyn isn’t seizing the moment – because his Labour Party simply isn’t radical enough

From economic and climate policy, to Brexit and constitutional reform, Corbyn’s Labour doesn’t yet have the depth of ideas to capitalise on the government’s disarray.

¿Por qué esta ola de delitos financieros a nivel mundial?

Los delitos financieros no son ningún error de funcionamiento, sino una característica de nuestro sistema financiero global. Este precursor mensaje de la economista Susan Strange es hoy más urgente que nunca. English

Brexit – the big swindle, a European view

We need to understand better why citizens’ rights have become, together with the Northern Irish question, such an incandescent issue in the Brexit negotiations.

US immigration policy leaves millions in limbo

As non-citizens or residents, immigrants in US detention centers are not afforded the basic rights and accommodations that are supposed to be provided to regular prisoners. Samuel’s case is revealing. Español

Hondureños en Tijuana: ¡Sí se pudo!

 ¿Quién podía imaginarse que un grupo de personas pobres en chanclas y con 200 lempiras (8 dólares) en el bolsillo conseguirían un  triunfo como éste? English

Rethinking resistance in post-uprisings Egypt

There is a dynamic relationship between authoritarianism and resistance, whereby authoritarianism is never absolute, but always challenged through multiple ways that do not solely revolve around contentious politics.

The booming industry of Chinese state internet control

The industrialization of Internet control inevitably means that the budding expression of dissent in China is being prematurely transformed into controllable information flows.

The democracy deficit in the UK and in Sri Lanka: a tale of two crises

As a Sri Lankan citizen living in the UK, the author finds himself in the eye of the two political storms tearing both these countries apart. He has four thoughts.

How Canada marijuana legalization impacts on Latin American drug policy?

Marijuana in Canada is now legal, and while the change is unlikely to have a significant impact on Latin America’s black market, it could trigger a shift towards more progressive international drug policies. Español

¿Cómo la legalización de la marihuana en Canadá impacta en América Latina?

Los países Latinoamericanos exlporan la legalización o despenalización de algunos narcóticos, pero el consenso general sobre el problema global de la droga sigue inclinándose hacia la prohibición. English

Diez años después de la crisis financiera, estamos a punto de repetirla

Corremos el riesgo de repetir el 2008, pero a mayor escala. De producirse, otra vez los súper ricos saldrán de ella todavía más ricos – y ésta no es manera de llevar las cosas. English

Varoufakis and Sanders: how to organize a progressive international? A contribution

The precariat is a new global class. However, this class needs political representation and social power. Can the Progressive International be one way to do this?

Necesitamos una civilización ecológica antes de que sea demasiado tarde

Las promesas del “crecimiento verde” no son más que pensamiento mágico. Lo que tenemos que hacer es reestructurar los fundamentos de nuestros sistemas culturales y económicos. English

Counterbalancing disproportionate power: a response to John Ruggie

When human rights gained recognition the dominant power was the state relative to the individual and citizen. Now transnational businesses have vastly greater power than both.

The rising tide of national populism: we need to talk seriously about immigration

There is a key democracy argument in this new book which calls for an urgent step change in our liberal democracies and a new type of political leadership.

¿Qué pasó con la Izquierda en el Perú?

La izquierda peruana se mueve entre la sombra del radicalismo y la desorganización partidaria, lo que llevó a participar muy escasamente en la “marea rosa”  latinoamericana. English

Paroxismo de la democracia brasileña

Bolsonaro afirmó que todas las "minorías" deben adaptarse al estilo de vida y de pensamiento de la "mayoría". Su modelo es el del patriarcado blanco, cristiano, autoritario y heterosexual. English

Brazilan democracy's paroxysm

Bolsonaro affirmed that all “minorities” must adapt to the “majority” way of living and thinking. His model is that of a white, Christian, authoritarian and heterosexual patriarchy. Español

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