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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Founder, Director and Editor of democraciaAbierta

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Greece: in need of a debt relief that actually works

It’s not too late to steer the Greek economy and the EU towards a sustainable development course for the twenty-first century. There are tools to deliver this. Policy-makers should use them.

Colombia ante la posibilidad de modernizar su democracia

Al consolidar el eje derecha-izquierda, estas elecciones pueden suponer un paso hacia la normalización de la democracia colombiana, marcada por la violencia, los déficits estructurales y la falta de alternancia verdadera. English

American students as teachers: facing the world adults are wrecking

“I’m glad to see corporate America standing with me and the other students of Parkland and everybody else,” he said, “because when we work together we can accomplish anything.”

An agora on the European political space: why is Europe the decisive political space for the Left?

All countries within the European Union – and beyond – face the epochal challenge that there is no longer a shared conception of what a state is. A starting point and an invitation.

Petro vs. Duque: Las presidenciales colombianas, frente a la guerra y la paz

Esta es la primera vez en décadas que un candidato progresista llega a la segunda vuelta de una elecciones presidenciales en Colombia con algunas aspiraciones de ganarlas. English

Colombia ante la segunda vuelta de las presidenciales: ¿Ahora qué?

Pasaron a segunda vuelta Iván Duque con un 39,1% de los votos y Gustavo Petro con un 25,1%. La polarización acabó con el centro. ¿Qué podemos esperar ahora? 

Why shouldn’t Venezuela take back control too?

Economic crisis, western hostility and Venezuela's Presidential Election, as observed by a sympathetic election monitor.

Portugal’s eurozone reform proposals can renew social democracy

Adding a surgically applied layer of European Keynesianism to the euro’s ordoliberal rules at once offers a solution to Eurozone troubles and throws a lifeline to European social democracy.

Can Europe save Turkey from sliding into authoritarianism?

The answer is no. It is not only within Europe that defects in European liberal democracy are aiding the rise of rightwing populism.

Aumenta la desigualdad, peligran los derechos humanos

Los retos que plantea la desigualdad económica para los derechos humanos no son una sentencia de muerte para el movimiento, sino una llamada de atención para adoptar un enfoque más integral. English

Las sanciones no ayudan al pueblo venezolano

La retahíla de sanciones impuestas en primer lugar por Estados Unidos y luego replicadas por la Unión Europea y Canadá entre otras, contra Venezuela, está generando consecuencias irreversibles. English

The jihadogenous urban structure

These individuals feel coerced by the predicament of being neither French nor Arab, neither Pakistani nor English... they bear the stigma of double ‘non-identity’.

La deriva nicaragüense hacia una dictadura brutal

El recurso a la violencia extrema ha hecho que el régimen de Ortega/Murillo, que opera como una brutal dictadura, haya empezado a perder el apoyo del gran empresariado, en medio de un baño de sangre.

Salvini and the racist immigration policy of Italy’s new government is giving a green light to racial violence

Soumaila Sacko was a USB trade union activist. His union had helped represent thousands of migrants working in agriculture in southern Italy.  

Ushering in a new school of principled politics

“The reason we formed DiEM25 was the diagnosis that old wine in new bottles will not help revive the spirits of progressives in Italy or in the rest of Europe.” Interview.

The dominoes are falling: could "Quitaly" prove one too many for the EU?

Italy's head of state, while predominantly a governor-general figure rather than a president in the American sense, is willing to have a go at riding the populists out.

German social democrats have alienated their base and fractured Europe

Unable to generate a domestic consensus and powerless to counter the priorities dictated by the euro, social democracy must continue to fail at home while divisions among EU nations deepen.

The biggest loser? State of the left in the age of right-wing populism

While Europe’s renewed rightwards turn presents the Left with a range of difficult challenges, it also creates opportunities. Español

An Open Letter to Federica Mogherini and the European imperative to save the Iran nuclear deal

Failure is not an option. The alternative path is simply too costly, not only for the present generation, but for posterity as well. 


Cuba and Europe getting closer

Leaving behind a long, troubled history, today the European Union and Cuba are building a strong relationship. Progress is happening against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s mounting hostility towards the island. Español

Cuba y Europa, más cerca

A pesar de una vieja historia conflictiva, la Unión Europea y Cuba están construyendo relaciones sólidas. Los avances se producen en un contexto de recrudecimiento de las políticas de Donald Trump contra la isla. English

Foreign investment flods Colombia’s Pacific

Colombia’s Pacific is a neglected part of the country. Foreign investment is now heading there, fostering a type of development which breeds inequality and brings little benefit to the locals. Español

La inversión extranjera inunda el Pacífico colombiano

El Pacífico colombiano es una zona del país en histórico abandono. La inversión extranjera se dirige hoy allí, fomentando un tipo de desarrollo basado en el extractivismo que genera desigualdad y discriminación. English

Somali-Swedish diaspora engagement in the Somali region

Many diaspora actors have a desire for stronger inclusion in policy processes that concern the Somali region and diaspora engagement. This offers opportunities for development agencies.

Turkey’s snap elections: a level playing field?

The question remains whether the next elections will be free and fair. In light of Turkey’s recent political development, this is highly unlikely: the end of democracy sometimes comes not with a coup but with a vote. 

Lib-pop politics: Italy’s new government is more neoliberal than populist

The fear is that populism, Italian style, has achieved power. But neoliberal policies rule more than ever, tinged with populism, opening the way to Lega’s far-right, racist (and neoliberal) politics. 

The bewildered progressive camp in Latin America and Europe

Something unites Latin American and European progressives: the struggle for survival and the need for broad, bold reforms to face global challenges. Español

El desconcierto en el campo progresista en América Latina y en Europa

Hay algo que une a los progresistas de América Latina y Europa: su lucha por la supervivencia y la necesidad de reformas amplias y audaces para enfrentar los desafíos. English

The perfect storm over the Rio de la Plata

The financial political decisions of Mauricio Macri over the last two years have attracted un-productive speculative capital that has been withdrawn suddenly, provoking confusion and the detested involvement of the IMF. Español

¿Un pacto global para retornar migrantes?

Defender los compromisos de regularización no significa otorgar permisos a todas las personas con estatus irregular, sino promover el desarrollo de procedimientos y criterios más objetivos, claros, accesibles y asequibles. English

Understanding the rise of Orban: a lesson for western democracies in crisis

Capitalism without oversight has the inherent possibility to destroy democracy – no matter how long it has been functioning in a given country.

The illiberal tandem vs Europe

It’s not only the language and resetting of the agenda that the ruling parties of Hungary and Poland have in common. However, they do not mirror each other either.

Tormenta perfecta sobre el Río de la Plata

Las decisiones de política financiera de Mauricio Macri en los dos últimos años atrajeron capital especulativo no productivo que se ha retirado repentinamente, provocando el desconcierto y el recurso improvisado al odiado FMI. English

Populism, Trump, and the future of democracy

The most popular political philosopher of his generation makes an invaluable contribution to openDemocracy's debate on liberal responsiblity worldwide for the rise of the hard right.

Los gobiernos de la nueva derecha y la estrategia de la silla vacía en UNASUR

El 20 de abril, los gobiernos de Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay y Perú comunicaban que suspendían "temporalmente" su participación en la Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (UNASUR). English

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