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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Celebrating labour day in the red city – Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"“I don’t think older people are nostalgic about the socialist past. I can see that the life was better in those days..."

Middle classes in Latin America (5). From the rhetoric of growth to post-agreement expectations in Colombia

Although the rise of the middle classes in Colombia responds to the same factors as in the rest of Latin  America, social unrest here has a particularly multiclass character. Español

The dawn and delusions of the ‘Nerd Reich’: BlockBusters #1

It is both possible and necessary to think politically about the blockchain: delegation, transmutation and complexity.

Offshore democracy, or Argentina through the looking glass

Exclude the poor from politics on the grounds that they are tempted to misappropriate public funds, and replace them with the rich: this is the project. Español Português

Democracia offshore en la Argentina de Macri

Este es el proyecto: con el argumento de que caen en la tentación de apropiarse indebidamente de fondos públicos, excluir a los pobres de la política y sustituirlos por los ricos. English Português

Democracia Offshore na Argentina de Macri

Excluir os pobres da política, porque podem ser tentados a malversar fundos públicos, e substitui-los pelos ricos: este é o projeto da nova democracia offshore. English Español

Redefining relations between Latin America and China

According to a new report by the OECD, Latin America will have to redefine its relations with China if it is to resume economic growth. Español Português

A América Latina terá que redefinir as suas relações com a China

De acordo com um novo relatório da OCDE, a América Latina terá que redefinir as suas relações com a China se quiser retomar o crescimento económico. Español English

Hacia una redefinición de las relaciones de América Latina con China

Según un nuevo informe de la OCDE, América Latina tendrá que redefinir sus relaciones con China si quiere reanudar su crecimiento económico. English Português

No alternative in Europe to a long, hard struggle

Don't be conned by those determined to free Britain from EU “red tape” – their catch-all term for employment rights, consumer protection and environmental regulation.

Middle classes in Latin America (4). Millennials and the change of cycle

Young people who have experienced processes of upward social mobility in the last decade are fed up with overused governmental messages. They require new stimuli and demand improved living conditions. Español

Clases medias en América Latina (4). Los Millenials ante el cambio de ciclo

Los jóvenes que han experimentado procesos de movilidad social ascendente en la última década años están hartos de mensajes manidos, requieren nuevos estímulos y aspiran a mejorar sus condiciones de vida. English

A natureza multidimensional do problema das drogas na América Latina

Uma abordagem multidimensional é essencial para combater o efeito contágio causado pela militarização da política de drogas como reflete a experiência em várias regiões da América Latina. English Español

The case for Europe, 2016

In an interdependent world, nationalism offers no bolt-hole. The task for all progressives is to find effective ways to engage with continental partners, creating a new blend of national and European politics.

Thomas Kuhn, corrupción y Dilma

¿Cómo se sale de la actual situación en Brasil? Nada menos que un nuevo paradigma político: un sistema que no requiera de la corrupción para ser gobernado. English

Thomas Kuhn, corruption and Dilma

The way out of Brazil’s current situation is nothing less than a new political paradigm: a system that does not require corruption for its governance. Español

Middle classes in Latin America (3). Appetite for progress in Argentina

The challenge of the Macri administration is to steer reforms that meet the expectations of progress of those who, today, are the victims of a failed model of social inclusion. Español

Clases medias en América Latina (3). El apetito de progreso en Argentina

El desafío de la administración de Mauricio Macri será dar respuesta a las expectativas de progreso de aquellos que hoy son víctimas de un modelo fallido de inclusión social. English

Clases medias en América Latina (2). Mitos y realidades

Las "clases a medias" que han emergido en América Latina son vulnerables y reivindicativas de una cultura popular y étnica propia, son democráticas y protestan para comunicar demandas. English

Middle classes in Latin America (2). Myths and realities

The "half-way classes" that have emerged in Latin America are vulnerable, proud of their own popular and ethnic culture, democratic, and ready to protest to press for their demands. Español

Portugal: there is intelligent life beyond austerity

Portugal appears to be saying goodbye to an implacable crisis. Beyond its shaky economic recovery, the political and social relevance of the current ongoing debate on austerity should be acknowledged. Português Español

Portugal: há vida inteligente mais além da austeridade

Portugal parece estar a dizer adeus a uma crise implacável. Mais além duma recuperação económica instável, a relevância política e social do atual debate sobre a austeridade deve ser tida em conta. English Español

Portugal: hay vida inteligente más allá de la austeridad

Portugal parece estar dejando atrás una crisis implacable. Más allá de una recuperación económica inestable, es importante fijarse en la relevancia política y social del actual debate sobre la austeridad. English Português

A 'new Right' has appeared in the Brazilian political spectrum

The understanding of the current crisis can be traced to the first years of the 21st century. On the eve of Dilma Roussef’s impeachment, we interview openDemocracy’s author Arthur Ituassu. Español

Processos políticos no Brasil: ¿marginais ou centrais?

Desde o Brasil: analisando as políticas da marginalidade e as alternativas futuras desde fora do imaginário capitalista Anglo-Americano. English

Political processes in Brazil: marginal or central?

From Brazil: looking at politics of marginality and alternative futures outside the Anglo-American capitalist imaginary. Português

América Latina 2000-2015: um balanço provisional

A grande insuficiência dos líderes messiânicos foi não terem entendido a raiz da sua própria postura, tao latino-americana, de não assumir que os ciclos se esgotam inevitavelmente. English Español

Refugees and realistic European options

The EU Commission needs to satisfy both a majority in the European Parliament and a qualified majority in the Council of Ministers.

Clases medias en América Latina (1): ¿De nuevo en caída?

Las clases medias latinoamericanas, especialmente las vulnerables, están abocadas a una nueva caída, más o menos vertiginosa, en la montaña rusa que han venido experimentando desde los años setenta. English

Middle classes in Latin America (1): Falling fortunes?

The Latin American middle classes, especially the vulnerable group, are bound for a new, essentially dramatic drop on the rollercoaster that has been on since at least the 1970s. Español

Where from here? The Latin American middle classes facing stagnation

What will be the effect of the economic slowdown in trust in institutions and political behaviour of Latin American emerging middle classes, after 10 years of “leftist” governments? Español

Sin brújula: las clases medias latinoamericanas ante el estancamiento

Tras 10 años de gobiernos de “izquierdas”, ¿qué efecto tendrá la desaceleración económica en la confianza en las instituciones y sobre el comportamiento político de las clases medias  emergentes latinoamericanas? English

Re-visioning global governance: constraining the power of MNCs

Multinational corporations (MNCs) have eclipsed nation-states in their power and ability to set the international agenda. Four options for controlling corporate dominance over global governance.  

Hindu nationalism and caste exclusion in Indian universities

Leading members of the Indian opposition have publicly condemned the treatment of Rohith Vemula and the political interference in Hyderabad University.

Travesía de emigrantes centroamericanos en México. Tráfico y contrabando como forma de negociación social

Para facilitar su travesía, los emigrantes que viajan hacia el norte desde Centroamérica utilizan guías y coyotes, pero el tiempo que pasan juntos resulta una renegociación constante. English

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