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RB, editor

Rosemary Bechler edits openDemocracy's main site.

Parvati Nair directs the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility.


Cameron Thibos edits Mediterranean Journeys in Hope.

En Liang Khong is assistant editor at openDemocracy.

Alex Sakalis is the editor of Can Europe Make It?

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Post-humanitarianism in situ: Moria in flames

Did ultra-nationalist locals burn down the hotspot, was it the migrants themselves who did it, or was it the result of agent provocateur actions?

European refugees and Twitter

The political parties, professions and media that were registered as the most active in the Twitter storm #DiaMundialdelosRefugiados were those from the centre left.

Peace is possible… if we remember 4 lessons

By 2014, people were fighting 40 wars, with terrorism reaching an all-time high and battle deaths reaching a 25-year high. As International Peace Day passes, what lessons are there?

Colombia: real peace in an era of phony war

While a "new Condor Plan" is rumoured to be stalking the region, Colombia might need more than a sideways glance from self-absorbed neighbours in the years to come .Español

Whose revolution?

The Egyptian mass protests can only be classified as a reform movement that had hoped to create a liberal order. A modest goal that has degenerated into a full-spectrum military autocracy.

New data visualization explores city fragility around the world

One of the world´s most comprehensive city mapping platforms was launched in the Hague and Stockholm last week

Escaping from asylum to act as citizens: political mobilization of refugees in Europe

These forms of protest (except for the Sans Papiers movement in France) were for many years largely ignored by a wider public. This changed fundamentally in 2012.

What principles should guide a fair refugee responsibility sharing regime?

The world is at a crossroads for refugee protection. The UN Summit provides a rare opportunity to engineer a system that is equitable both for refugees and for host countries.

The US is failing in its moral obligation to Syrian refugees

Although the United States has fulfilled President Obama’s pledge of accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year, we should be doing much more.

Global migration summits are high-stakes and high-risk

The outcome of the summits must be about sharing responsibility, not shirking or shifting it. It can be done. Português Español

Maduro: ¿quién te asesora?

La oposición a Nicolás Maduro está aumentando también entre los chavistas, que le acusan no sólo de no estar ya en la izquierda, sino de cometer repetidamente errores estúpidos. English

Maduro, who on earth is advising you?

Opposition to Nicolás Maduro’s tenure is now increasing also among Chavistas, who accuse him not only of being no longer on the Left but of repeatedly making stupid mistakes. Español

Anti-populist coups: Thaksin, dictatorship and Thailand’s new constitution

The “Red Shirts” movement has caused large-scale political instability, but it has brought to the fore critical questions about the road to Thai democratization.

We need bolder politicians

“We have seen a lengthy period during which politicians have deliberately disengaged from important aspects of what they should be doing, leading to a lot of disillusionment with politics.”

In Guyana, the future of the forests – and the rule of law – hangs in the balance

The impact of the Chinese group BSL in the Guyanese logging industry is huge.  Its weight is hampering transparency and foreign direct investment good governance, undermining the "rule of law". Español Português

En Guyana, el futuro de los bosques – y el imperio de la ley – pende de un hilo

El impacto de las inversiones del grupo Chino BSL en la explotación maderera guyanesa en enorme. Su peso pone a prueba la transparencia y el buen gobierno de la inversión extranjera directa y el "imperio de la ley". English Português

América Latina en marea baja

La "década virtuosa" de gobiernos progresistas en América Latina parace que toca a su fin. Pero, según el vicepresidente de Bolivia, Álvaro García Linera, las revoluciones proceden por oleadas. English

Governing Google

As for Google, without a more ‘joined up’ EU legal and regulatory framework integrating digital rights and economic concerns, users may need to look to solutions outside the law.

Fighting for climate/environmental justice in the Maghreb

Environmental problems need to be analysed in a comprehensive way with consideration to social justice, entitlements and fair redistribution.

Brazilian political cycles and the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff

The impeachment process marks the end of the three different political cycles undergone by Brazil since the 1970s. Something new has to emerge.

Brasil, a punto de abrir la caja de Pandora

Las próximas elecciones locales en Brasil son la oportunidad para recuperar la democracia y superar la crisis política. Si no se aprovecha, “viviremos más de una década oscura en América Latina”, dice Jean Wyllys. Português English

The only way to purge Labour’s morbid symptoms: vote for Jeremy Corbyn

“For someone who did not yet realise that This Always Happens, who still didn't know what was normal… it made it worse that, on the day, there was really no alternative.”

What does the Colombia peace deal mean for the cocaine trade?

Peace will have untold benefits for Colombia. But it will also provide a new set of opportunities for criminal actors keen to take over the criminal economies that the FARC currently control. Español

¿Qué implicaciones tiene el acuerdo de paz en Colombia para el comercio de cocaína?

La paz tendrá incalculables beneficios para Colombia. Pero también proporcionará nuevas oportunidades para actores criminales, dispuestos a hacerse cargo de las economías criminales que las FARC controlan actualmente. English


While Israeli settlers living in the West Bank are completely integrated into the Israeli system and have access to PayPal and other technologies, the Palestinians they live among do not.

En Haití, la ONU ha puesto en riesgo la salud pública y los derechos humanos

Al no reconocer su participación en el brote de cólera de 2010 en Haití, la ONU socavó las normas de salud pública y violó los derechos humanos que exige a los estados miembros respetar. English

Democracy, neoliberalism and talking to strangers: a kid on a local bus

In the act of going out from an excluding individualism, breaking the idea that everyone can improve their life conditions on their own, there is a big step. Español

Evictions in Greece: dozens of people convicted. Their crime? Solidarity

The function of these squats was to provide shelter for economic and political refugees, while the needs of the people staying there were met through solidarity networks and local communities.

DemocraciaAbierta primer año, selección: Crisis en Brasil: sobre héroes y golpes

Rechazar el discurso de un golpe de las élites contra un gobierno nacional-popular es clave para entender la crisis brasileña y desarrollar estrategias sobre qué hacer desde la izquierda.

Rio’s Olympic ruins

This week, when the Games are over and the flow of tourists begins to dissipate, the city will awaken to consequences of nearly a decade of Olympics-centered city planning and politics.

America’s criminal injustice system

Think of the author as today’s Sam Spade, taking you deep into an American world in which justice couldn’t be blinder.

Migrant and refugee suffering on the central Mediterranean route: too much, too long

Despite the world’s media focus on the eastern Mediterranean route in the past year due to the high number of arrivals, the central Mediterranean remains the deadliest route into Europe.

Federalism and the European left

Politically, it may well be ideologically hopeless. But it is crucial to realize that, institutionally, the EU is a very plastic organization.

In Zambia’s contentious election, the EU finds a new challenge

Zambia can be an inspirational example for a region in democratic distress. But the opposite is also true. Will the EU help?

From slave market to Olympic venue: variations of capitalist accumulation in the port of Rio de Janeiro

There is a repeated primitive accumulation throughout the history of capitalism required by capitalist expansion itself, which must commodify not yet commodified spaces in order to develop.

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