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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

La inversión extranjera inunda el Pacífico colombiano

El Pacífico colombiano es una zona del país en histórico abandono. La inversión extranjera se dirige hoy allí, fomentando un tipo de desarrollo basado en el extractivismo que genera desigualdad y discriminación. English

Somali-Swedish diaspora engagement in the Somali region

Many diaspora actors have a desire for stronger inclusion in policy processes that concern the Somali region and diaspora engagement. This offers opportunities for development agencies.

Turkey’s snap elections: a level playing field?

The question remains whether the next elections will be free and fair. In light of Turkey’s recent political development, this is highly unlikely: the end of democracy sometimes comes not with a coup but with a vote. 

Lib-pop politics: Italy’s new government is more neoliberal than populist

The fear is that populism, Italian style, has achieved power. But neoliberal policies rule more than ever, tinged with populism, opening the way to Lega’s far-right, racist (and neoliberal) politics. 

The bewildered progressive camp in Latin America and Europe

Something unites Latin American and European progressives: the struggle for survival and the need for broad, bold reforms to face global challenges. Español

El desconcierto en el campo progresista en América Latina y en Europa

Hay algo que une a los progresistas de América Latina y Europa: su lucha por la supervivencia y la necesidad de reformas amplias y audaces para enfrentar los desafíos. English

The perfect storm over the Rio de la Plata

The financial political decisions of Mauricio Macri over the last two years have attracted un-productive speculative capital that has been withdrawn suddenly, provoking confusion and the detested involvement of the IMF. Español

¿Un pacto global para retornar migrantes?

Defender los compromisos de regularización no significa otorgar permisos a todas las personas con estatus irregular, sino promover el desarrollo de procedimientos y criterios más objetivos, claros, accesibles y asequibles. English

Understanding the rise of Orban: a lesson for western democracies in crisis

Capitalism without oversight has the inherent possibility to destroy democracy – no matter how long it has been functioning in a given country.

The illiberal tandem vs Europe

It’s not only the language and resetting of the agenda that the ruling parties of Hungary and Poland have in common. However, they do not mirror each other either.

Tormenta perfecta sobre el Río de la Plata

Las decisiones de política financiera de Mauricio Macri en los dos últimos años atrajeron capital especulativo no productivo que se ha retirado repentinamente, provocando el desconcierto y el recurso improvisado al odiado FMI. English

Populism, Trump, and the future of democracy

The most popular political philosopher of his generation makes an invaluable contribution to openDemocracy's debate on liberal responsiblity worldwide for the rise of the hard right.

Los gobiernos de la nueva derecha y la estrategia de la silla vacía en UNASUR

El 20 de abril, los gobiernos de Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay y Perú comunicaban que suspendían "temporalmente" su participación en la Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (UNASUR). English

The New Right governments' empty chair strategy at UNASUR

On April 20, the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru informed that they would "temporarily" suspend their participation in the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). Español

Infografía: ¿es mejor el aguacate que el petróleo para la economía?

Duque le preguntó a Petro si pretendía reemplazar el petróleo por aguacates. ¿Cuántas toneladas de aguacate se necesitaban exportar para obtener los dólares que deja un barril de petróleo? Petro dijo que, para él, efectivamente, el aguacate es más importante que el petróleo.

Anger and hope in Penzance

“There’s a huge amount of active, pissed off, determined people who are trying to deliver all sorts of change within Cornwall. So I think that’s where the hope is” As one of very few sources ...

What’s Pointless about Epsom? Reclaiming heritage for a contemporary sense of place

If you’ve seen the TV gameshow Pointless, you’ll know that common assumptions are often a veneer. The most illuminating way to understand a community is to seek out the Pointless answers...

Epsom & Ewell: a battle between collaborative community and competitive loneliness on London’s fringe

On a clear day, you can see the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf from the top of Epsom Down. But the six hundred or so participants in the weekly Epsom Park Run don’t live in the capital: Epsom & Ewe...

Mining and employment: community struggles in Tunisia and South Africa

Extractivism all-over the African continent is still appropriating and exploiting natural resources and destroying the environment and the livelihood of local communities.

The European Left’s Machiavellian moment: notes on Costas Douzinas’ 'Syriza in Power'

Syriza’s electoral victory displayed the ability of the radical left to travel the path from resistance and revolt to rule, in the turbulent opening which is the Machiavellian moment. Book review.

Preocupación por Nicaragua

Nicaragua vive una oleada de protestas violentamente reprimidas por fuerzas militarizadas con la colaboración de partidarios del gobierno. La dictadura del matrimonio Ortega tiene ahora las manos manchadas de sangre.

In this age of populism, it’s not ‘Cyber’ that’s being Balkanised – it’s people

The Balkans, already facing charges of bringing the world the First World War and the term ‘ethnic cleansing’, are now being blamed with a new offence: ‘Cyber-Balkanisation’.

Poor child healthcare in Bulgaria and Romania

Similar problems are observed as in Romania, joined by Bulgaria at the bottom of the league table in terms of infant mortality in the EU.

Protesta, resistencia y giro político en Nicaragua

Nicaragua amanece con una nueva correlación de fuerzas sociales. Personas de todas las edades y condiciones se echan a la calle en solidaridad con la resistencia estudiantil a la represión gubernamental. La sangre ha llegado al río.

The crisis in Venezuela and its lessons for the left

Maduro’s defenders on the Left tend to turn a blind eye to a situation which can only be described as desperate. But its primary cause is the government’s policies. Español

Las lecciones de la crisis de Venezuela para la izquierda

Maduro y sus defensores de izquierdas tienden a hacer la vista gorda ante una situación que solo puede describirse como desesperada y cuya causa principal son las políticas del gobierno. English

Unsympathetic people: the overwhelming success of Poland's exclusionary agenda

Three elements seem to have played a decisive role in this: voluntary servitude, the Polish brand of inferiority complex, and a deep-seated Polish anti-Semitism and more general exclusivism.

No appetite for a deregulatory post-Brexit Britain: new findings on public attitudes

The transformation of the aims of Brexit emerged during the early days of the referendum campaign, when the cross-party campaign for leave realised where the route to broad-based success lay.

El caso contra Lula: una chapuza legal

El problema con la condena de Lula es el uso de procesos judiciales como herramienta política al servicio de una agenda autoritaria. English  Português 

Por que a decisão contra Lula representa uma limitação ao Estado de direito?

O problema da condenação de Lula é o uso de processos criminais como um conjunto de ferramentas políticas com uma agenda autoritária. English Español

Why does the conviction against Lula threaten the rule of law?

The problem with Lula's conviction is the use of criminal proceedings as a political toolset with a long-standing authoritarian agenda. Español Português 

Goodbye WTO?

The WTO has to be reformed and updated, not discarded. And the EU should play its part, while at the same time promoting its own industrial growth.

Precariat spring: Spanish social movements get ready for a new cycle of mobilisation

During the last month pensioners, women and housing activists suffering from precarious conditions have taken to the streets with one key demand: an end to the precarity of their lives. Español

The misuse of abuse: fears of potentially abusive litigation are overriding the reality of abusive companies in Europe

It’s time to look to the future of collective redress in the EU on the basis of the evidence, for victims of corporate abuse in all member states and for all types of harm.

Is symbolic politics an impediment to economic equality?

The politics of representation are mostly symbolic. In Canada, we have seen over the past two years such a politics of representation at work in the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau.

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