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Tom Rowley is editor of oDR covering the progressive agenda in Eurasia.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

قروض مصر: لشراء السلاح لا التنمية

القروض فرضت على مصر سياسات اقتصادية تقشفية طالت كل فئات الشعب. المواطنين الفقراء وأبناء الطبقة الوسطى يدفعون الثمن.

Europe: from revolution to counter-revolution

Liberal values have been betrayed and we are witnessing a concerted effort to dismantle the system created after the fall of the Berlin Wall – a counter-revolution.

Can the battle against Big Tobacco be won?

The tobacco industry’s relentless behavior, including a massive 'astroturf' campaign, led French MEP Françoise Grossetête to assert that it cannot be considered a ‘normal’ industry.

Ministry of Defence not fit for purpose

The MoD has a vested interest in exaggerating threats, in promoting concerns about a new cold war, in order to persuade the UK government, MPs, and the public to give it extra money.

How Rouhani’s neoliberal policies provoked unrest in Iran

A closer look at Rouhani’s economic achievements, shows that his administration has had little success and disappointed many segments of Iranian society.

Iran’s mass protests beyond class boundaries

Iran’s recent protests shattered the myth of the Islamic Republic’s solid base among Iranian working class and traditionalist rural-dwellers and the simplistic narrative of middle class versus working class protesters.

New York empties its jails

A huge achievement that could even signify the beginning of a more rational, humane approach to American criminal justice: how was it done?

Patagonia trágica

En menos de tres meses dos personas murieron en represiones de fuerzas de seguridad del Estado argentino a protestas mapuches en la Patagonia. Estas son las claves para entender el conflicto. English

Fox/Sky: here comes the crunch

Fox acquisition of the other 61% of Sky may ‘act against the public interest, reducing media plurality’. Yet Sky shares rose when the ruling was published. What is going on?

Desigualdad persistente: el controvertido legado de la Marea Rosa en América Latina

Bajo el título 'Desigualdad persistente' lanzamos una serie de artículos analizando por qué, durante el ciclo progresista, los avances en la lucha contra la desigualdad han sido mucho más modestos de lo esperado. English

Persistent inequality: disputing the legacy of the pink tide in Latin America

Under the title 'Persistent inequality' we are launching a series of articles that analyses why the advances in the struggle against inequality in the pink tide cycle have been much more limited than expected. Español

El gobierno venezolano ¿fortalece al crimen organizado?

Venezuela se consolida como plataforma para el crimen organizado en la región. Las crisis política, económica y social alimentan el crecimiento del crimen y el fortalecimiento de las economías ilegales. English

Venezuela’s administration and organized crime: a partnership?

Venezuela’s role as a hotbed for organized crime in the Americas has deepened in the last year. The country’s political, economic and social crises have strengthened illegal economies. Español

US Senate launches attack on Nicaragua poverty programmes

The so-called NICA Act, if passed, would require the US government to veto loans from international financial institutions to Nicaragua. Español

Estados Unidos ataca los programas contra la pobreza de Nicaragua

La llamada Ley NICA, de aprobarse, obligaría al gobierno de Estados Unidos a vetar los préstamos de instituciones financieras internacionales a Nicaragua. English

Migración, drogas, energía y tecnología: estos son los intereses de Trump en América Latina

La nueva Estrategia de Seguridad Nacional debe leerse en el marco de la distancia entre las declaraciones y los hechos que caracteriza la incierta e impredecible política exterior de Trump. English

Trump's only interests in Latin America are migration, drugs, energy and technology

The new U.S. National Security Strategy must be read within the framework of the distance between statements and facts. This has come to mold Trump’s uncertain and unpredictable foreign policy. Español

Upcoming elections in Mexico: a progressive wind of change is coming

Mexico's federal elections will be held on July 1, 2018, and the following federally elected offices will be renewed: the President of the Republic, 128 members of the Senate and 500 members of the Chamber of Deputies. Español

¿Soplan vientos progresistas en México?

México enfrenta un escenario electoral con el candidato progresista Andrés Manuel López Obrador( AMLO) como favorito. Pero el viejo Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) movilizará todas sus fuerzas para evitar una derrota. English

El costo ambiental del Rally Dakar en Bolivia

El impacto medioambiental del rally Dakar levanta cada vez más polémica, en medio de un show mediático mundial que promociona el motor de explosión y la velocidad cuando las alternativas con motores eléctricos sostenibles se consolidan.

The unreachable Lago Escondido

Lago Escondido (Hidden Lake), in Patagonia, is almost impossible to reach. Controversial English tycoon Joseph "Joe" Lewis, a personal friend of Argentine President Mauricio Macri, has fenced it off. Español

El inaccesible Lago Escondido

Llegar al Lago Escondido es casi imposible. El controvertido magnate inglés Joseph “Joe” Lewis, amigo personal del presidente argentino Mauricio Macri, mantiene cercado el acceso desde hace más de 20 años. English

Reclaiming the right to life: hunger strikes and protests in Denmark’s deportation centres

This movement aims to make public the consequences of this politics of dehumanisation; politics that ‘kill slowly’ which are structurally produced and legitimized by law. 

Poverty, inequality and discrimination in Latin America

When governments are seeking to reduce poverty based on discrimination and increase access to the enjoyment of rights, policies must also aim to reduce discrimination due to historical factors. Español

Pobreza, desigualdad y discriminación en América Latina

Cuando los gobiernos buscan disminuir la discriminación por pobreza y asegurar el acceso al disfrute de derechos, deben al mismo tiempo hacer un esfuerzo por reducir la discriminación por factores históricos. English

The origins of populism: bogus-democracy and capitalism

The reality of racism, hatred, anger, insecurity and inequalities is spreading irresistibly. There is no way of escaping from all these daily phenomena unless there is an alternative systemic project to challenge it. Español.

Childless proletarians: ten years after the ‘great recession’, would you start from here?

Far-right populism, with its emphasis on nationalism, cultural ‘purity’, anti-immigration, and security, might become a much stronger catalyser of votes, even where this has not yet happened.

Cuando lo que se negocia es nuestra privacidad: la Ministerial de la OMC en Buenos Aires

Si los países del hemisferio Sur quieren prepararse para librar guerras de datos, deberían empezar a pensar en cómo reducir el control de las grandes compañías tecnológicas. English

Trading away our Privacy; the WTO Ministerial in Buenos Aires

If countries from the Global South want to prepare for data wars, they should start thinking about how to reduce the overwhelming control of Big Tech. Español

The building of the Indian as a violent character

There is no repression without demonization. In Argentina, demonizing is being used to place native communities outside the rule of law, so that “counter-terrorist war” can be waged against them. Español

#Tech4Worse: The problem with digital labour initiatives for the Middle East

Contrary to their marketing, digital labor schemes don’t work in spite of predicaments like the occupation or the refugee crisis - they work because of them. 

Carmena's city: from 2011 to the present day, how Madrid tried to change the world

The host city for Transeuropa, surfing or drowning in the waves of governing for change?

Towards Nazi Australia

When the militarized interests of the nation trump the rights of citizens to challenge the actions of our government towards vulnerable ‘Others’, we are moving in a Nazi direction.

Climate negotiations and the invisible hand of carbon chaos

It is crucial to address the shortcomings of the carbon market and seek a drastic reduction of emissions instead of just shifting them around the planet. 

Representative politics in an era of everyday mobilisation

" The problem is not populism. The problem is when mainstream parties adopt the ideology of populism."  A report-back from the World Forum for Democracy 2017 closing session.

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