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Adam Ramsay

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracy UK

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Cómo las periodistas feministas están sacudiendo el panorama mediático en español

Cada vez nacen más medios y proyectos que informan de manera alternativa sobre diversos temas, desde economía hasta belleza. Aunque su sostenibilidad económica sigue siendo un reto. English.

Derechos humanos e inteligencia artificial: el reto de una era

Un nuevo conjunto de principios, la Declaración de Toronto, tiene como objetivo que los derechos humanos ocupen el primer plano en el desarrollo y la aplicación de tecnologías de aprendizaje automático. English

Human rights and artificial intelligence: the challenge of an era

A new set of principles—the Toronto Declaration—aims to put human rights front and centre in the development and application of machine learning technologies. Español

A call for an international right of hospitality on World Humanitarian Day

In the current situation there is a crying need to limit the arbitrariness of States by confronting them with legitimate and internationally recognized counter-powers.

BBC Diversity – getting through The Moral Maze

"This story starts with an invitation to appear as witness on “The Morality of Diversity” in the BBC Radio 4 “The Moral Maze” series, presented by Michael Buerk..."

No, the racial diversity of a country does not perfectly predict pro-immigrant attitudes

Given the political salience of immigration and how affected we are by our own perceptions of immigration, it is critical that we get the details right.

New President, the extreme right and popular resistance in Colombia

The outcome of the Colombian presidential elections will have dire political consequences, visible even before the new president took office last August 7. Español

América Latina: la región más mortífera para los defensores del medio ambiente

Más activistas medioambientales fueron asesinados en América Latina el año pasado que en cualquier otro lugar del mundo, según un nuevo informe de Global Witness. English

Latin America is the deadliest region for environmental activists

More land and environmental activists were killed in Latin America last year than anywhere else in the world, according to a new report by watchdog group Global Witness. Español

‘Feminism is cancer’: the angry backlash against our reporting on the men’s rights movement

50.50's recent dispatch on this movement received hundreds of comments and messages on social media. We read them so you don’t have to.

La generación del milenio y la política: ¿hay esperanzas?

Los millennials se encuentran con unos sistemas políticos que no se parecen en nada a como son ellos, que no hablan su mismo idioma y que no abordan sus principales preocupaciones. Pero todo esto podría estar cambiando. English

The Backlash podcast episode 4: the men's rights movement

50.50 attended an international gathering of men's rights activists in London and spoke to some of the men, and women, involved in this movement.

Multicultural Nationalism

Does multicultural nationalism represent the political idea and tendency most likely to offer a feasible alternative rallying point to monocultural nationalism?

#SomosIndígenas: Logros y desafíos de la lucha indígena

En el Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas es importante reconocer la incansable lucha por sus derechos, por la protección de sus tradiciones y la defensa de lo que queda de sus territorios.

¿Golpe fallido en Nicaragua?

Aunque la presión internacional continúa, a mediados de julio quedó claro que, de momento, la oposición en Nicaragua no cuenta con el apoyo local suficiente para lograr sus objetivos. English

Nicaragua’s failed coup

While the international pressure continues, by mid-July it became clear that, for the time being at least, the opposition in Nicaragua no longer has sufficient local support to achieve its goal. Español

How the lethal logic of the Monocultural National Us is at work in Zionism and Brexit

The Monocultural National Us wreaks havoc all over the world. How do we loosen its grip on our imaginations, and what might this mean for the defence of our democracies? Pt.3 of 4.

Duque presidente, ultra derecha y resistencia popular

El resultado de las elecciones en Colombia tiene consecuencias, en muchos casos preocupantes, que comenzaron a hacerse visibles incluso antes de la posesión del nuevo presidente. English

#SOSVenezuela: migrants or refugees?

The Venezuelan migratory crisis has the potential to surpass that of Syria. We are faced with a huge regional refugee crisis, not a mere wave of economic migration. Español

Arrests of women’s rights activists put Saudi Arabia on the wrong side of history

From Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, Muslim women’s movements for equality are increasingly interconnected – and unstoppable.

The hard right and the open left

One of the main reasons liberal democracy appears to be imploding is that the liberal international capitalist order on which it has been based for the last seventy years is imploding.

España, último campo de pruebas de la socialdemocracia europea

En resumidas cuentas, el futuro de los partidos socialdemócratas de la UE depende muy probablemente de cómo el PSOE aborde el tema de la inmigración. English

US evangelicals targeted LGBT young people with ‘dehumanising’ Facebook and YouTube ads

Social media giants acknowledge that Anchored North video ads violated their rules to protect users – but not before millions of people see them.

Recovering human dignity: Richard Bernstein on the relevance of Hannah Arendt today

Arendt’s fundamental insight was that humans are not born equal; rather, a political construction is needed to create equality of public voice. Review.

“The revolution will be feminist, or it will be nothing". Dirty laundry to the streets of Chile

This is one of the many statements circulating today in Santiago de Chile’s streets following the feminist movement installed in several Chilean universities. Español

Chile: “La revolución será feminista o no será”.

Este es uno de los tantos slogans que circulan hoy por las calles de Santiago, depués de que el movimiento feminista se instalara en las distintas universidades chilenas. English

Ecuador y el caso del asilo de Assange

Seis años después de que Assange entrara en su embajada en Londres, los temores de persecución política que inicialmente albergó Ecuador, lejos de ser infundados, se han revelado acertados. English

We should bridge the earnings gulf between legal aid and commercial lawyers

Much of the income of City law firms comes directly from the public purse at many times legal aid rates. How can this be justified?

This ultra-conservative institute has infiltrated the Polish state, on a relentless quest to ban abortion

Ordo luris is an extreme anti-choice group whose founders were ‘inspired’ by a controversial Catholic fundamentalist network. How has it gained so much political power?

The deadly ripple effect of harsh immigration policies

The lives of thousands of refugees are at risk for the sake of a political dive to the bottom.

Turkey: sharing what we learn through self-organisation in a war zone

An HDP activist in Istanbul talks about the recent elections, the Kurdish movement’s political strategies, and the need to organize locally in the social sphere. (Interview transcribed and translated from the Turkish).

The unsettling denialism in Poland’s ‘National Remembrance’ Law

There is a growing climate of suspicion and hostility towards those viewed as outsiders to the predominantly white and Catholic nation.

Why is the US government meeting LGBT 'hate groups' and dangling money in front of them?

Anti-abortion and anti-LGBT 'extremists' attended a high-level summit on religious freedom this week, where government officials explained how to access US funding. 

#AbortoLegalYa in Argentina: What you should know

Thanks to the pressure of the movement #AbortoLegalYa, the Chamber of Deputies passed the draft bill on voluntary interruption of pregnancies. We now await the final vote on the 8th of August in the Senate. Español

Una mini revolución en América Latina

¿Puede una organización de derechos humanos en América Latina liberarse del modelo tradicional de sostenibilidad financiera que depende casi en un 100% de financiación internacional? ¡Sí se puede! English

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