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Manuel Serrano

Manuel Serrano is junior editor at DemocraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Mining in South Africa: radical resistance

The oppression and exploitation of mining communities means that even within our democracy, the legacy of the apartheid and colonial era mining regimes continues.

The sociology and psychology of xenophobia

In votes for Brexit, and in Trump, we are hearing an indivisible claim for a national, ethnic, gender and class identity. But the claim emerges not from pride, but from shame.

The right to have visiting rights

May's not the only one trying to have it both ways. Before Trump’s election, the US, long-heralded (and self-celebrating) “nation of immigrants,” was lowering the lamp beside its golden door.

Working class racism

Following my initial surprise, my first reaction, as always when I encounter the rhetorically inclusive “we”, was to wonder who they might be; was I now part of this “we” ?

Mapuches contra a Benetton: descolonizando o território

É crucial que as vozes mapuches circulem o máximo possível para quebrar, tanto os silêncios impostos, como a imagem de que a sua terra é um aterro selvagem livre de conflitos. English Español

Standing our ground at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

When civic space is under attack, we make no dangerous accommodations. We stand up, and we fight back.

Debates en torno al enfoque de género en el acuerdo de paz colombiano

En una decisión salomónica, el nuevo Acuerdo de paz contiene el 90% de las propuestas que presentaron defensores y detractores del enfoque de género. English

Gender focus: debates, transformations and potentialities in Colombia’s new peace accord

The new Agreement contains 90% of proposals presented by proponents and critics of the gender-based approach, a solomonic exit from the tensions between the Christian churches and women's organizations and LGBTI. Español

The Kurdish region since the coup attempt

Especially for the young generation who believes that there is no legal way to gain rights for the Kurdish people, Turkey's government policies will inevitably have tragic consequences.

DiEM25-UK - launching at Conway Hall

At Conway Hall in Central London, (long an important place for radical religious, philosophical, social and political thinking in the UK), on Saturday morning, January 28, 2017, DiEM25 held its UK organisational launch.

No Amazonas, os shuar lutam em duas frentes

Shuar significa “o povo”. Hoje em dia, os shuar, um povo indígena originário do atual Equador e Peru, continuam a lutar contra o Estado colonial. E contra o extrativismo capitalista. English Español 

En el Amazonas, los shuar luchan en dos frentes

Shuar significa el pueblo, la gente. Hoy los shuar, un pueblo indígena originario del actual Ecuador y Perú, siguen luchando contra el Estado colonial, y el extractivismo capitalista. Português English

The Shuar people fighting on two fronts in the Amazon

Shuar means the people. Today, this indigenous people living in present-day Ecuador and Peru, are continuing their fight against the colonial state and the extractivist capitalism. Português Español

Persecution and the threat to the refugee system

We need to accept that for millions of refugees persecution is the principal reason for flight today as it was before, during and after the Holocaust.

Brazil’s women activists tackle an enduring threat

Despite the Zika epidemic, Brazil has not changed its restrictive abortion policy and has cut back on information, prevention and healthcare services. It is an alarming situation. Español

México: sem direitos humanos não há desenvolvimento

As nossas ações, como sociedade, violentaram os direitos humanos de uma forma brutal. Tudo em nome do desenvolvimento. Entrevista. English Español

A filantropia comunitária e a invisibilidade

“Não tem por que se sentar à espera que alguém te peça. É preciso sair e criar as redes”, diz Maria Amália Souza, em Joanesburgo. Entrevista English Español 

A whistleblowing platform against corruption for the City Council of Barcelona

Corruption can’t be eliminated by institutions scrutinising themselves. Civil society must play a central, continuous role.

From Ramallah to Paris: the Middle East’s forgotten conflict

There are issues the international community should consider in the wake of the Paris talks if it is serious about its responsibilities under the United Nations Charter. 

Towards a feminist United Nations: a six-point agenda for the new SG

Leading feminist thinkers and UN staff, past and present, have articulated six key recommendations for António Guterres, the new Secretary-General.

El tango y la cuestión de género

Alguien dijo que el tango es vida condensada. Hoy, este elemento paradigmático de la cultura argentina se abre a la diversidad y la inclusión y acoge a la comunidad LGBT. English

Racismo en Ecuador rima con extractivismo

El extractivismo es política de gobierno en Ecuador. A los disidentes se les combate mediáticamente con prejuicios, una forma eficaz de construir modelos mentales negativos sobre los Otros. English

Femicidio en México y Guatemala

El término “feminicidio” ha sido utilizado por feministas en México, y el término "femicidio" lo ha sido en Guatemala, para referirse a la complicidad del Estado con el asesinato de mujeres. English

The battle of governments against extremism has to be credible

Byrne writes, ‘the starting point for radicalisation may in fact be rage rather than religion…it’s not the madrassa that is the problem, it’s your mates.’ Book review.

Catalonian lessons: civil society has something to offer on the gaming tables of governance

A statement made before the Catalan Parliamentary Committee for the Study of Anti-Corruption Measures and for Democratic Regeneration.

Catalonia revisited: farewell to great expectations?

On the eve of 2017, author of ‘Catalonia vs. Spain - a clash of two nationalisms’ has second thoughts about what’s possible.

The deadly consequences of Europe’s border militarization

Refugees are using other, often more dangerous, routes, contributing to the increase in migrant deaths that we have seen in 2016.

Bigotry seeks company in the UK

We historians at the University of Warwick are very concerned about the racism that is becoming increasingly commonplace over Britain, especially in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

Egypt's Copts between terror and discrimination

Until equality and justice are within reach to all, what can Copts do to survive and how much more will they be forced to bear?

Obama sigue deportando a jóvenes centroamericanos. ¿Qué hará Trump?

"Me alegro de que las cartas estén sobre la mesa y de que no haya una agenda oculta. Ahora podremos luchar en consecuencia". English

The Sharia debate in the UK: who will listen to our voices?

Over 300 abused women have signed a statement opposing Sharia courts and religious bodies, warning of the growing threat to their rights and to their collective struggles for security and independence.

National governments are failing refugees, so cities must step up to meet the challenge

A lack of political will and a hulking bureaucracy frustrate efforts to find a solution to the migrant crisis at the national level. Multilevel governance is the answer.

The future of education: Georges Haddad and Yaacov Hecht at the World Forum for Democracy 2016

The two keynote speakers come from very different worlds. But both agree that a revolution in education is required, with the self-determination of the individual – all individuals – at its centre. Video.

#NiUnaMenos: La carta del hermano de Lucía

Emotiva carta del hermano de Lucía Pérez, la joven argentina de 16 años cuyo asesinato derivó en importantes protestas en Argentina con gran repercusión internacional. English

#NiUnaMenos: A Letter from Lucía’s Brother

Touching letter from the brother of Lucía Pérez, the 16-year-old Argentine girl, whose recent murder resulted in important protests in Argentina, with great international repercussion. Español

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