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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What do Muslims think? Same old, same old... time to wake up

It is important not to surrender to fear by seeing all manifestations of Islam, including the conservative ones, as an indicator of terrorism.

Papua New Guinea High Court ruling: the asylum seeker detention centre on Manus Island must close

But the main power blocks in Australia politics – the ALP and the Coalition – show no signs at all of even blushing, now that the Manus Island game is up.

Asylum seeker dies from self-inflicted burns

An asylum seeker from Australia has died after setting himself on fire.

Interviewing Babah Tarawally, Dutch novelist and former refugee from Sierra Leone

Babah Tarawally’s message is one of hope; he urges refugees to emancipate themselves from both a racist or excessively self-pitying discourse, and to acquire an active role in the construction of their future. 

Slovakia: Roma exclusion and the dark side of democracy

The EU should heed Slovakia consistently falling short of ‘Council of Europe standards’ in a seemingly inexorable shift to the dark side of democracy: illiberal, majoritarian, Christian and national.

The Turkey–EU refugee deal and how to really solve 'the problem'

Unless there is mobilisation to provide a better life for those in underdeveloped parts of the world, the 'problem' of people's desire to migrate in search of a better life will persist.

Rojava revolution: It’s raining women

In less than four years, the women’s umbrella organisation, Kongira Star, has set up an autonomous, grassroots, democratic structure which has resulted in shifting patriarchal mindsets and reversing gender discriminatory laws. Part 3.

Eliminar la malaria, de una vez por todas

Muy extendida en África, Asia y América Latina, la malaria tiene importantes efectos negativos para el desarrollo económico. El 25 de abril es el Día Mundial de la Malaria. English

Eliminating malaria for good

Malaria is widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It is commonly associated with poverty and has major negative effects on economic development. April, 25 is World Malaria Day. Español

Our obsession with Harper Lee

It is slightly surreal to see people rush to pay tribute to Harper Lee while the very structures that made it possible for Mockingbird to be published are disappearing.

Portugal: there is intelligent life beyond austerity

Portugal appears to be saying goodbye to an implacable crisis. Beyond its shaky economic recovery, the political and social relevance of the current ongoing debate on austerity should be acknowledged. Português Español

A 'new Right' has appeared in the Brazilian political spectrum

The understanding of the current crisis can be traced to the first years of the 21st century. On the eve of Dilma Roussef’s impeachment, we interview openDemocracy’s author Arthur Ituassu. Español

Political processes in Brazil: marginal or central?

From Brazil: looking at politics of marginality and alternative futures outside the Anglo-American capitalist imaginary. Português

América Latina 2000-2015: um balanço provisional

A grande insuficiência dos líderes messiânicos foi não terem entendido a raiz da sua própria postura, tao latino-americana, de não assumir que os ciclos se esgotam inevitavelmente. English Español

O Perú terá que escolher entre democracia e ditadura

A segunda volta supõe um dilema que se resolveria facilmente com a participação ativa e militante das esquerdas que atualmente sumam um 22.88% da votação nacional. English Español

Clases medias en América Latina (1): ¿De nuevo en caída?

Las clases medias latinoamericanas, especialmente las vulnerables, están abocadas a una nueva caída, más o menos vertiginosa, en la montaña rusa que han venido experimentando desde los años setenta. English

Middle classes in Latin America (1): Falling fortunes?

The Latin American middle classes, especially the vulnerable group, are bound for a new, essentially dramatic drop on the rollercoaster that has been on since at least the 1970s. Español

Where from here? The Latin American middle classes facing stagnation

What will be the effect of the economic slowdown in trust in institutions and political behaviour of Latin American emerging middle classes, after 10 years of “leftist” governments? Español

Sin brújula: las clases medias latinoamericanas ante el estancamiento

Tras 10 años de gobiernos de “izquierdas”, ¿qué efecto tendrá la desaceleración económica en la confianza en las instituciones y sobre el comportamiento político de las clases medias  emergentes latinoamericanas? English

Activistas protegen el Manglar de Cancún, destruido por promotores de un centro comercial

Los residentes de Cancún reaccionaron y se apresuraron a proteger y restaurar lo que quedó de su querido manglar. English

Cancun residents halt developers to protect and revive beloved mangrove

The residents of Cancun reacted and moved to protect and restore what was left of their beloved mangrove forest. Español

Hindu nationalism and caste exclusion in Indian universities

Leading members of the Indian opposition have publicly condemned the treatment of Rohith Vemula and the political interference in Hyderabad University.

Europe can learn from its largest ethnic minority

Soon, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture will be established in a major European city yet to be revealed. It’s time to look to us for guidance, solutions, and inspiration.

More than a welcome: the power of cities

What is the scope for circumventing the national and EU deadlock over migration, and what role can cities, together with solidarity movements, play in overcoming this crisis?

The youth ruse: mobilizing concern for the younger generation

Reading through The Trials of Generation Y, a series of inflammatory headlines pit the young against the old, while skirting around the question of deepening inequalities within all age groups.

EU loses all moral standing on Lesbos

Humanitarian aid has become sidelined for a political agenda – the EU-Turkey deal – something that should be unacceptable for the EU: “humanitarian aid should be neutral, impartial.”

Postconflict in Colombia (11): Regional visions and resources for peace

We will witness a new attempt at rapprochement between the Colombian public institutions and certain regions of the country. It is extremely important to consider the expectations and the resources of these regions. Español Português

Post-conflicto en Colombia (11): Visiones y recursos territoriales para la paz

Al acercarse la firma del acuerdo de paz, es sumamente importante favorecer un acercamiento entre la institucionalidad pública colombiana y ciertos territorios del país. English Português

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (11): Visões e recursos territoriais para a paz

Ao aproximar-se a assinatura do acordo de paz, é sumamente importante favorecer uma maior interacção entre a institucionalidade pública colombiana e determinados territórios do país. Español English

Papeles de Panamá: "una vieja tradición de la piratería inglesa"

Editores de openDemocracyUK, openDemocracyRussia y DemocraciaAbierta comentan las implicaciones de los "Papeles de Panamá". English

Is capitalism destroying feminism? An interview with Dawn Foster

Many assume that women, at the top, will act in the best interests of their gender. Nobody asks if people like Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May wouldn’t instead act in the interests of their class.

Latin America, from cosmopolitics to technopolitics

A distinctive feature of the new-style progressive Latin American social movements is their syncretism: 15M/Occupy culture blends with ancestral native worldviews. Español Português

América Latina: de la cosmopolítica a la tecnopolítica

Una característica distintiva de los nuevos movimientos sociales latinoamericanos es su sincretismo: la cultura del 15M/OccupyWall Street se mezcla con cosmovisiones indígenas ancestrales. English Português

"Economic peace" for Palestine?

By all means, give the Palestinians development aid. But let us not delude ourselves that this will facilitate a two-state solution anytime soon. Norsk

'We'll burn you like we burned the Dawabshehs' - life as a video activist in Hebron

The video camera allowed us to document attacks. The whole family started to film, and much of the neighbourhood. As Palestinians, we try to do things and speak for ourselves.

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