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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

You are the border, not us: Greek – Macedonia border

UNHCR, the leading UN refugee protection agency, is supporting the enforcement of border restrictions designed to implement a selective right to claim asylum based on nationality.

The Indian diplomat and her nanny: why consistency is crucial

Why the personal and the political have to be united (originally published January 2014 and re-published as a tribute to Rick Cohen who died earlier this week).

The Hillary Doctrine: untangling sex and American foreign policy

Twenty years ago Hillary Clinton declared that "human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights." What would Clinton as US president mean for women and security?   

In war

In this nomadic, undefined, polymorphous, and unsymmetrical war, the populations on 'both shores' of the Mediterranean are taken hostage. And Europe has a nearly irreplaceable function.

From Beirut to Paris, we are all hypocrites and selective grievers

In legitimately condemning selective grief, Lebanon (and the world) forgets that it selectively grieves all the time. We must acknowledge our ineptitude at dealing with human suffering and show solidarity with all.

From Beirut, this is Paris: in a world that doesn’t care about Arab lives

There is a stark contrast in the reaction of the world to the horrific terrorist attacks in Lebanon and France. But in the world that doesn’t care about Arab lives, Arabs lead the way.

The story of a slum eviction

"Three years of research on slum evictions had not prepared me to watch for the first time, with equanimity, the actual lived experience of decisions made behind closed doors."

Foucault and the ‘current’ refugee crisis

The specter of Foucault has much to teach us – if we are able to listen.

Campesinos colombianos que defienden la paz

Desde hace casi dos décadas, una pequeña comunidad agrícola colombiana ha venido practicando tácticas de resistencia civil. Esta es una historia de guerra y sufrimiento, pero también de solidaridad y coraje. English.

In Myanmar, outside the cities

Can the politicization of Myanmar's rural communities topple the self-serving military elite? 

The violence of the word refugee

Words have power. The meaning of the word ‘refugee’ must be challenged to represent the experiences of the millions of individuals who have lost everything and yet wake up each day seeking to build a better life for themselves.

¿Cuán libre es la libertad en Angola?

Henrique Luaty y otros activistas fueron detenidos, acusados de planear el derrocamiento del presidente de Angola. Su huelga de hambre, y un creciente apoyo público internacional, pueden forzar una transición democrática. English. Português

A vigilância digital e o fim da democracia

Os ativistas de direitos civis estão ocupados em sublinhar até que ponto a vigilância digital está a acabar com as nossas democracias. Contudo, o verdadeiro inimigo da Democracia é o medo e a delegação de poder. English. Español.

Book review: the politics of sectarianism in post-war Lebanon

A rigorous, timely examination of the reproduction of sectarianism and the forms of resistance to sectarian disciplinary power and how, in turn, the sectarian system responds to them.

Hong Kong’s angry young millennials: an interview with Joshua Wong

The student protest leader has been the centre of western media attention, but he’s not without his critics within Hong Kong’s Occupy movement. Joshua Wong tells us why his struggle for democracy isn’t over yet.

Empowering Afghan women: does technology help or hinder?

The male members of the family still control who gets to have access to what and to what extent.

The promise of gender parity: Turkey’s People’s Democratic Party (HDP)

The Turkish HDP's egalitarian gender ideology played a key role in the election of a record number of women to parliament in June's election. Can these gains be sustained in the political turmoil ahead? 

Neoliberalismo tardío y sus enemigos

Los movimientos sociales se enfrentan a 3 retos: el reto simbólico de construir algo nuevo; el reto material de movilizar recursos limitados; y el reto estratégico de influenciar un sistema político muy cerrado. English.

O Movimento dos Sem-Terra (MST) e a tripla crise do Brasil

O Brasil enfrenta-se atualmente a uma tripla crise- económica, urbana e política. O governo está a responder através de uma série de medidas políticas de classe, afirma o MST. English. Español.

El Movimiento de los Sin Tierra (MST) y la triple crisis Brasileña

Brasil se enfrenta actualmente a una triple crisis – económica, urbana y política. El gobierno está respondiendo a través de una serie de políticas neoliberales de clase, como afirma MST. English. Português.

The Landless Workers Movement and Brazil’s triple crisis

Brazil is currently undergoing a triple crisis - economic, urban and political – and the government is responding to it with a set of neoliberal policies that are in fact class-driven, according to the MST. Español. Português.

Latin America on Democratic Alert

At a moment when Latin America finds itself at an economic and political crossroads, there is an urgent need to map out scenarios for ensuring a fully democratic future. The Alerta Democrática initiative is undertaking this important exercise. Español. Português.

Enquanto o mundo assiste há 59,5 milhões de deslocados internos na terra

Uns 6 milhões de Colombianos fazem com que o segundo país do mundo com mais deslocados internos (DIs) por motivos de violência não esteja no Médio-Oriente, mas sim na América Latina. Español. English.

Latinoamérica en Alerta Democrática

En un  momento en que la región se encuentra ante una encrucijada, parece urgente dibujar escenarios para asegurarse un futuro en democracia plena. La iniciativa Alerta Democrática realiza este importante ejercicio. Português. English.

América Latina em Alerta Democrático

Num momento em que a região se encontra perante uma encruzilhada económica e política, parece urgente desenhar cenários para lidar com o futuro. A iniciativa Alerta Democrático pretende executar este importante exercício. EspañolEnglish.

Giving the word: the making of a refugee newspaper

A refugee lawyer from Kobane and a Danish newspaper editor explain why one of Denmark's media platforms was handed over to a group of refugees for a day.

A resistência dos Guarani Kaiowá

Em Mato Grosso do Sul, a verdade dos povos indígenas continua a ser negada à mão armada pela verdade dos proprietários das terras, com a ajuda do Estado brasileiro. Español. English.

The resistance of the Kaiowá Guaraní

In the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso do Sul, the indigenous people’s truth is still being denied at gunpoint by the landowners’ truth, with the help of the State. Español. Português.

An answer to the “end of cycle” prophets in Latin America

The historical successes of progressive governments are undeniable, according to Atilio Borón and Álvaro García Linera, two of the most clear-headed intellectuals involved in the political processes in the region. Español. Português.

Respuesta a los profetas del “fin de ciclo” latinoamericano

Los aciertos históricos de los gobiernos progresistas son innegables, según Atilio Borón y Álvaro García Linera, dos de los intelectuales más lúcidos implicados en los procesos políticos de la región. Português. English.

Defending ourselves: defining the rights of girls

Exploited in the media, sanctioned by the state, and controlled by religious fundamentalism, decisions about the bodies of young women and girls seem to be everyone's business but their own.

La tragedia interminable del Día de Colón

La celebración del Día de Colón no es de recibo. La colonización trajo consigo una inmensa tragedia que hay que empezar a recordar. English, Português.

The Continuing Tragedy of Columbus Day

The celebration of Columbus Day is not acceptable. The colonization brought with it an immense tragedy that it is necessary to start remembering. Español. Português. 

Free movement, welfare tourism and refugees

“Economic migrant” was never a pejorative term among economists. If economic migration and asylum-seeking are kept properly distinct, the case for freedom of movement within the European Union is unanswerable.

Terror policial no Brazil

Quantas mortes de jovens negros são necessárias para serem consideradas 'genocídio' ou pelo menos como 'assassinatos políticos'? EnglishEspañol. 

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