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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Las mujeres de #Elenão y #Elassim y la lucha contra el fascismo en Brasil

Candidato a las presidenciales brasileñas Jair Bolsonaro menosprecia a las mujeres, y su candidatura personifica la sociedad patriarcal en la que vivimos. English, Português

#Elenão, #Elassim e a luta contra o fascismo no Brasil

Candidato às presidenciais brasileiras Jair Bolsonaro menospreza as mulheres, e sua candidatura personifica a sociedade patriarcal na qual vivemos. English, Español


#Elenão and #Elassim as the vital struggle against the fascism in Brazil

Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro frequently expresses contempt towards women, and his candidacy embodies the patriarchal society that we live in. Español, Português 

Nosotros, los industrializados, y los derechos internacionales de la naturaleza

En 2008, Ecuador incorporó el derecho de la naturaleza en su constitución. Diez años más tarde, se celebraba en Quito el Simposio por los Derechos Internacionales de la Naturaleza. English

Race, porn, and education: will the UK’s 2020 sex education update rise to the challenge?

The state must abandon all prudery in the interest of rectifying the time-lag leaving a whole generation of young people open to the unfettered excesses of the porn industry.

Feminisms – in the plural – as a politics of love

Intersectionality is the exact opposite of ‘divisive.’

An international drug-trafficking soccer hooligan network

The arrest of several members of an international drug trafficking organization made up of soccer hooligans in Argentina adds to mounting evidence of the involvement of these groups in organized crime. Español

Brasil se asoma a la polarización extrema

La polarización bebe de la irresponsabilidad de la derecha brasileña, así como de un Partido de los Trabajadores que la ha usado para sobrevivir La candidatura de Lula ha contribuido al éxito de Bolsonaro.

‘Gay cake’ cases show strength of Christian right legal armies on both sides of the Atlantic

In UK and US supreme courts, freedom of speech has been the defence of bakers who oppose same-sex marriage. It’s no coincidence.

What happened to Uruguay and its Pink Tide?

Is further change possible in Uruguay? Today, the economic situation is less favourable, ideological affinity with other governments in the region is lower, and neighbours have become distant. Español

Immigration and the impact of a no-preference post-Brexit deal

In theory, a skill-based immigration system could work to reduce skill shortages in certain UK industry sectors but there are some key implications that remain unresolved.

‘Go Home?’ – five years on

On bordering, the referendum and Windrush: "It might be a dangerous moment but it is a moment when the old tricks of government cannot be repeated." Chain letter between UK researchers, June – September, 2018.

Romanians didn’t show up to an anti-LGBT referendum. But the battle for equality continues

A vote to make legalising equal marriage even harder was defeated this weekend. It’s a victory for progressive politics, but the fight isn’t over.

'Sexual liberation, socialist style': an overlooked women's rights story?

New research by Kateřina Lišková places eastern bloc countries at forefront of twentieth century push for gender equality.

Feminism gone bad? Women’s organisations and the hard right in Germany

What kind of campaigning could outweigh the increasing power of implicit and explicit alliances by far-right actors and certain anti-Muslim German feminists?

Latinx: el reconocimiento de una nueva identidad política

Una nueva identidad fluida, multirracial y multicultural está emergiendo en la política estadounidense. English

‘Anger is language of justice’ says author of new book on women’s rage

What have women got to be angry about? A lot, according to writer and critic Soraya Chemaly who talks about her new book Rage Becomes Her.

Guatemala: objetivo impunidad

El presidente guatemalteco Jimmy Morales, acusado de corrupción, ha decidido atrincherarse. English

28 abortion rights successes in 2018

For International Safe Abortion Day, on 28 September, we are celebrating 28 aspects of progress and success we’ve seen internationally this year.

Why El Salvador turned its back on the left

Nine years after its historic win at the polls, the left in El Salvador is far from having an option of standing for a third term. Why? What happened? Español

Por qué El Salvador le da la espalda a la izquierda

Nueve años después de conquistar el poder en las urnas, la izquierda está lejos de poder optar a un tercer mandato en El Salvador. ¿Por qué? ¿Qué pasó en estos años? English

Brasil Eleições 2018: Como combater a desinformação na Internet?

Google, Facebook e Twitter devem realizar esforços tecnológicos para fornecer respostas e combater algoritmicamente a distribuição da desinformação e da polarização no contexto das próximas eleições presidenciais. English, Español

Elections Brazil 2018: How to tackle misinformation on the internet?

A dangerous polarisation exists in our society. New technologies and digital media intensify a process of misinformation that feeds into this polarisation, but if we want fair elections, we must combat this. Español, Português

Elecciones Brasil 2018: ¿Cómo combatir la desinformación en internet?

Existe una peligrosa polarización en la sociedad, y un proceso de desinformación, intensificado por las nuevas tecnologías y las redes digitales, que retroalimenta esa polarización. Si queremos elecciones justas y de calidad, debemos combatirla. English, Português

"Los últimos guardianes": la lucha de los pueblos indígenas en Ecuador

La resistencia de las comunidades indígenas de Ecuador contra los consorcios petroleros extranjeros es una lucha que libran no solo por ellas, sino por todos los pueblos indígenas en el mundo. English

These women are demanding their rights from inside Rome’s occupied buildings

Precarious labour and housing conditions have pushed many to squat Rome’s empty buildings, living in fear of eviction and homelessness.

Quem decide sobre o corpo de Janaina? Um caso de esterilização forçada no Brasil

Quem decide sobre o corpo de uma mulher? Quem determina se uma mulher deve ser permanentemente esterilizada?  Cabe a mulher essa decisão? Ou cabe ao judiciário decidir sobre o corpo dela? Español, English

Destino Valparaíso: el arca de Neruda

El Winnipeg fue el arca de Pablo Neruda para los refugiados de guerra. Se echan en falta hoy esos grandes gestos. English

European democracies and the responsibility to not protect?

How can we understand the paradox whereby migrant deaths and increased resources develop concomitantly?

Red sky at morning: no recourse for migrant farmworkers during and after hurricane florence

Highly vulnerable immigrant farm workers caught in the hurricane have nowhere to go. Fear of family separation, imprisonment and deportation is preventing them from approaching the shelters.

El necesario “Pacto por la democracia” en Brasil

Pocas veces Brasil estuvo tan dividido sobre el futuro. Pocas veces fue tan difícil afirmar el pluralismo, la tolerancia y la convivencia con la diferencia. Ante el momento decisivo que vive el país, numerosos actores de la sociedad civil firmaron un Pacto por la democracia. Português

El cuerpo de Janaina: esterilización forzosa en Brasil

La esterilización forzosa no es algo del pasado. Hace muy poco, en 2018, un juez de Mococa, un pequeño pueblo del estado de São Paulo, en Brasil, ordenó la esterilización de la Sra. Janaina Quirino. English Português

Who decides over Janaina’s body? A case of forced sterilization in Brazil

Forced sterilization is not an issue from the past. As recently as 2018 a judge in Mococa, a small town in São Paulo, Brazil, ordered that Ms. Janaina Quirino be compulsorily sterilized. Español Português

O Brasil contra o seu futuro

Os brasileiros não estão contentes com a sua democracia. Mas a democracia deve prevalecer se quiserem evitar que as gerações futuras cresçam na escuridão e repitam os erros do passado. English, Español

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