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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Creativity must operate across borders

DiEMVoice took to the stage at Central Saint Martins in London this October, to share its creative vision for Europe in a time of culture war. Short speech.

Good Bye, Gandhi!

Writing on Gandhi in an India stricken by faux patriotism and jingoism causes gloom. A poem in Indian English provides an antidote.

‘Go Home?’ – five years on

On bordering, the referendum and Windrush: "It might be a dangerous moment but it is a moment when the old tricks of government cannot be repeated." Chain letter between UK researchers, June – September, 2018.

Rio of darkness: a war of excluding narratives

Without direction, trapped within a paradoxical temporality, Brazil has lost control. Brazilian society is caught up in a war of excluding narratives. Español

Río de tinieblas: una guerra de narrativas excluyentes

Sin dirección, atrapado en una temporalidad paradójica, Brasil ha perdido el control. La sociedad brasileña está capturada por una guerra de narrativas excluyentes. English

A new Brazil, a new left

It is the end of Brazil as we know it. The left, both globally and nationally, has lost its way. How do we reconstruct the first, and how do we rediscover the second? Español

Feminism gone bad? Women’s organisations and the hard right in Germany

What kind of campaigning could outweigh the increasing power of implicit and explicit alliances by far-right actors and certain anti-Muslim German feminists?

‘Anger is language of justice’ says author of new book on women’s rage

What have women got to be angry about? A lot, according to writer and critic Soraya Chemaly who talks about her new book Rage Becomes Her.

Matteo Salvini, renaturalizing the racial and sexual boundaries of democracy

In Italy, Salvini has set out to expand the independentist and regionalist dimension that formerly characterized his party, turning it into a xenophobic force with a national calling.

Hyper-extremism tends to follow extremism

The Hindutva storm-troopers would feel let down, having been trained to abuse the secular Hindus, liberals, intellectuals, dissenting writers and a minority community.

Democratic Socialism beyond the New Deal

We can lead better lives in an inhabitable world (for more than just a few decades) only if we chart a less governmental, less voting-based path.

Quem decide sobre o corpo de Janaina? Um caso de esterilização forçada no Brasil

Quem decide sobre o corpo de uma mulher? Quem determina se uma mulher deve ser permanentemente esterilizada?  Cabe a mulher essa decisão? Ou cabe ao judiciário decidir sobre o corpo dela? Español, English

Destino Valparaíso: el arca de Neruda

El Winnipeg fue el arca de Pablo Neruda para los refugiados de guerra. Se echan en falta hoy esos grandes gestos. English

The European Court of Justice as a bastion of democracy and rule of law

The crucial role of the ECJ appears even more important in present times, when things taken forgranted, such as democracy, individual freedom and the rule of law, are in danger.

El necesario “Pacto por la democracia” en Brasil

Pocas veces Brasil estuvo tan dividido sobre el futuro. Pocas veces fue tan difícil afirmar el pluralismo, la tolerancia y la convivencia con la diferencia. Ante el momento decisivo que vive el país, numerosos actores de la sociedad civil firmaron un Pacto por la democracia. Português

Exception in Catalonia one year after the referendum

What is Catalonian cooperativism’s contribution to independentism? Activists are promoting practical and concrete independence from all hegemonic powers, by building a parallel economic system.

Jackson Rising

When a young black attorney was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississipi, rather than ask what the local state could do, he asked, what can we do to the local state?

Left populism over the years

A conversation about the rise of the right-wing since the turn of the century, what this tells us about liberal democracy, and the deepening of democracy needed in response.

A market for moral, organisational and cultural values could fundamentally challenge neoliberalism and populism at one fell swoop

This market for values would offer individuals, companies and local communities an economic incentive to contribute to the common good and to a sense of community. 

The Chomsky paradox: the responsibility of intellectuals, revisited

Locating Chomsky’s linguistics and politics ‘in their historical perspective’ sharpens many issues for their wider relevance today, including that of the responsibility of intellectuals.

Explaining Chomsky’s strange science: a reply to Randy Allen Harris

“I am attempting to explain Chomsky’s part in the postwar overthrow of behaviourism and the dramatic triumph of the so-called ‘cognitive revolution’.”

El fracaso del megacanal nicaragüense, una buena noticia para las comunidades indígenas

El proyecto del megacanal es muy revelador de cómo Daniel Ortega trata los asuntos públicos y en particular los que afectan de manera directa a las comunidades indígenas. English

Understanding the mainstreaming of the far right

It is essential to move beyond electoral politics to understand the way the far right is being mainstreamed. It involves asking, “ is there any such thing as public opinion” ?

Apropos of AMLO: It's time to leave behind the term "populism"

That the term populism has become so commonly used does not mean, however, that it is useful for those who want to understand our changing political reality. On the contrary, if anything the term hampers understanding of that reality. Español

A propósito de AMLO: es hora de dejar atrás el término “populismo”

La popularidad del concepto de populismo no significa que éste sea un término útil para quienes desean entender nuestra cambiante realidad política. Por el contrario, el término nos ayuda poco a entender esta realidad. English

Colombia: Regulating protests, organizing consciences

The incoming Colombian president has called for "leaving hatred behind" and "joining forces" to undertake a new chapter in Colombian political history. However, this unitary discourse results in an act of inevitable political coercion. Español

Derechos humanos e inteligencia artificial: el reto de una era

Un nuevo conjunto de principios, la Declaración de Toronto, tiene como objetivo que los derechos humanos ocupen el primer plano en el desarrollo y la aplicación de tecnologías de aprendizaje automático. English

Human rights and artificial intelligence: the challenge of an era

A new set of principles—the Toronto Declaration—aims to put human rights front and centre in the development and application of machine learning technologies. Español

Greece, August 2018: a mid-term report from a Syriza MP

"Are the critics of Tsipras right?  This is the first government in a European crisis country that will complete its full term. Look at the facts."

A call for an international right of hospitality on World Humanitarian Day

In the current situation there is a crying need to limit the arbitrariness of States by confronting them with legitimate and internationally recognized counter-powers.

When liberals have had enough: a new wave of protests in Romania

Whereas the stereotypical pro-government voter consumes partisan local media; by contrast, the stereotypical protester in Bucharest owns an iPhone and reads international newspapers online.

The danger of nationalisms today: a four-part essay on the lethal logic of the Monocultural National Us

Nationalisms of one kind or another have been with modern human society for centuries. Why write now to urge new attention to the current upsurge in nationalisms?

#LulaLivre: 4 things you should know

The campaign for the up and coming presidential elections in Brazil officially began on the 15th of August, in a context of political chaos and uncertainty. What can we expect given the current circumstances? Español

Disobedient democracies on Europe’s periphery: why are these crucial for rebuilding the left?

Rebuilding the left and reversing the democratic erosion which we are currently witnessing across Europe and the US are one and the same project.

BBC Diversity – getting through The Moral Maze

"This story starts with an invitation to appear as witness on “The Morality of Diversity” in the BBC Radio 4 “The Moral Maze” series, presented by Michael Buerk..."

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