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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Sioux protests and the protection of human rights in the United States

Tribal leaders’ protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota have been showing how both environmental and human rights are so difficult to defend in the US. Español

Las protestas de los sioux y la protección de los derechos humanos en Estados Unidos

Las protestas contra el oleoducto DAPL en Dakota del Norte han demostrado lo difíciles que son de defender los derechos humanos y el medio ambiente en Estados Unidos. English

Quo vadis, Europa? A conversation with Quentin Peel

Why are we voting for the worst characters of capitalism? If we lose the centre-ground, we risk repeating the mistakes of the 1930s. How should we avoid the mistakes of the past? Interview Español

Transformar la justicia para las mujeres en América Latina

Más mujeres son asesinadas en América Latina que cualquier otra región del mundo. Solamente en Guatemala, más de cinco mil mujeres han sido asesinadas deliberadamente desde el año 2000. English

Transforming justice for women in Latin America

More women are murdered in Latin America than any other region of the world. In Guatemala alone, more than five thousand women have been deliberately killed since 2000. Español

Quo vadis, Europa? Una conversación con Quentin Peel

¿Por qué votamos a los peores tipos del capitalismo? Si perdemos el espacio central y común, nos arriesgamos a repetir los errores de los años 30. ¿Cómo evitar los errores del pasado? Entrevista English 

Liberation pedagogy in Mexico’s social movements

Education understood as a pillar of political activity, on the basis of criticism and resistance, becomes a fundamental means for struggling to end poverty, marginalization, slavery and exploitation.

Una lección argentina para los tiempos de Trump

Este documento se distribuía como panfleto en Argentina en la primera década de este siglo. Hoy puede servir a los lectores para reflexionar sobre los nuevos despotismos. English

A lesson from Argentina in the times of Trump

This document used to be distributed as a pamphlet in Argentina in the first decade of this century. Today it can be useful to readers to reflect on the new despotisms. Español

Populism and the return of the political

"A future you can believe in" is the reverse of "Make America great again", because it doesn’t retreat into moral rejection or resistance politics.

El reto populista

La lucha contra la post-democracia ¿requiere una intervención política populista? English

Cherán, resistencia y lucha de una comunidad indígena en México. 5 años de un gobierno autónomo.

La gente común decidió enfrentarse a las organizaciones criminales que descendían de la colina con varias furgonetas cargadas de madera. Ese fue el comienzo. English

The populist challenge

Does the fight against post-democracy require a populist political intervention?  Español

Devem as agências de financiamento partilhar o sacrifício da transformação social?

Quais os padrões de comportamento que devemos esperar dos líderes das fundações, organizações não-governamentais e agências de ajuda? Español French English

Cherán. 5 years of self-government in an indigenous community in Mexico

Ordinary people decided to confront the criminal organizations that came down from the hill with several vans loaded with wood. That was the beginning. Español

Cubans of different generations remember Fidel Castro

Whether Cubans on the island worship Fidel Castro despite all his flaws, loathe him, or are frankly indifferent depends more than anything else on their age.   

Da democracia à kakistocracia – ida e volta

Kakistocracia (grego: κακιστοκρατία): diz-se de um estado ou país governado pelos piores, pelos menos qualificados e menos escrupulosos dos seus cidadãos. English Español

La contrarrevolución de la derecha

En Europa y Estados Unidos se afianza un proyecto antiliberal y anticosmopolita, que mira a Rusia y pelea su propia batalla cultural. English

The counter-revolution of the Right

With eyes set on Russia and fighting a cultural battle of its own, an anti-liberal and anti-cosmopolitan project is consolidating itself both in Europe and the United States. Español

De la democracia a la kakistocracia – ida y vuelta

Kakistocracia (griego: κακιστοκρατία): dícese de un estado o país gobernado por los peores, los menos cualificados y menos escrupulosos de sus ciudadanos. Português English

The road from democracy to kakistocracy – and back

Kakistocracy (Greek: κακιστοκρατία) is a term meaning a state or country run by the worst, least qualified, and most unscrupulous citizens. Português Español

A huge victory for Belgium's CETA opponents: Paul Magnette's speech

A patched deal allows CETA to pass to the next stage. But Belgium gained important concessions. We translate the historic parliamentary speech by the Minister-president of Wallonia in Namur on October 14, 2016.

My 350 on Donald Trump: on remembering November 8, 2016

Remember, remember the 8th of November, OR, the relevance of V for Vendetta in our troubled political times…

From Movementism to Labourism

Prospects for the renewal of the left: a perspective from the movementist element of the UK Labour Party grassroots activist body, Momentum.

Latin American fidelities

Fidel Castro quickly became the moral mentor of the Latin American Left, but he ended up perpetuating himself in power and not listening. Español

Fidelidades latinoamericanas

Fidel Castro se convirtió rápidamente en el referente moral de las izquierdas latinoamericanas, pero acabó eternizándose en el poder y no supo escuchar. English 

EU global strategy and the changing nature of conflicts

Recognising that the EU neighbourhood has transformed from a ‘ring of friends’ into a ‘ring of fire’, the strategy nevertheless remains vague on key concepts such as hybrid wars, terrorism, and strategy.

Erupção política no Guatemala

A inovação não pode ser entendida sem o seu contexto. A trajetória recente do Guatemala ajuda a explicar as iniciativas inovadoras que emergem fora. Español

Erupción política en Guatemala

La innovación está siempre relacionada con su contexto. La trayectoria reciente de Guatemala ayuda a explicar las iniciativas innovadoras que emergen fuera. Português

Mass rapes to mass protests: violence against women in 2016

Impunity for violence against women remains a massive problem. Donald Trump hasn’t helped.

Fidel Castro's legacy: Cuban conversations

From the archive: first published in February 2008. "What comes after Fidel" is a well-worn topic of op-eds, but the focus should be on an assessment of the character – a combination of the institutional, political, and personal – of the Cuban revolutionary experience as a whole.

The many sides of Jack London

Speaking to us 100 years after his death, in the era of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, Jack London’s late novels make a fascinating spectacle of their author’s ‘white fragility’.

Coal ash contamination in Puerto Rico

Massive arrests in protests against fugitive coal ash contamination in Puerto Rico are yet another example of highly contaminating corporation’s impunity in the Americas. Español

Contra las cenizas del carbón en Puerto Rico

Arrestos masivos en protestas contra la contaminación de cenizas de carbón ejemplifican una creciente impunidad de las empresas contaminantes en las Américas. English 

White God / Black Dog

Kornell Mandruczo's and Kata Weber's film, White God, is about Hungary, mongrols, Liszt ... and authoritarianism

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