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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Levanta, Brazil!

Não está na hora de um grande NÃO? Não só a ele, mas a todo esse cavalo de pau que botou o Brasil voltado para o passado. Español

¡Levántate, Brasil!

¿No es hora de decir un gran NO? No sólo a Bolsonaro, sino a todo el giro radical que colocó a Brasil rumbo al pasado. Português

A tale of two events, and two cultures

The Science Congress and Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF), held in India every January, are the largest events of their kind in the world. This year a curious kind of osmosis took place.

Open letter to the women of the world from Leyla Güven

"All the women of the world need to be saying enough to fascism, enough to dictatorship!"

Labour and the trade unions can unite people against a no-deal and push for a radically reformed, social Europe

The holding of the first referendum was the real boon to the far-right, and any outcome of the Article 50 process is one in which they gain ground. 

Lines of tradition: Europe and far right concepts after WWII

‘Nation Europe’ is based on the rejection of a multi-cultural society of a kind which the right-wing extremists still particularly identify with the USA.

Can left nationalism stop the rise of the far-right in Germany?

Left-wing parties and movements across Europe employing anti-globalisation and anti-EU rhetoric are on the increase. In Germany, the new left movement Aufstehen has joined the trend.

Los referendos, ¿mejoran la democracia?

Si los lideran los ciudadanos, como en Irlanda, los referendos enriquecen la democracia. Pero ¿qué ocurre si los lideran las élites políticas, como en el Reino Unido o en Colombia? English

Nicolás Maduro, el usurpador

Los usurpadores de poder suelen ser democráticos si han sido elegidos en elecciones libres. Sin embargo, terminan manipulando los instrumentos constitucionales o electorales para aumentar su poder personal. English.

Rising roar of faux faith in poll-bound India

Read the newspapers, listen to the TV “debates” and see the WhatsApp-trained ignorant armies clash day and night.

A mídia social mudou o Brasil ?

A eleição de Bolsonaro não se deve apenas ao uso das mídias sociais, mas a mídia social foi de fato fundamental para permitir que um discurso de ódio, violência e discriminação fosse difundido. English

Has social media changed Brazil?

Bolsonaro's election does not stem only from the use of social media, yet social media was indeed paramount to allow a speech of hate, violence and discrimination to come to light. Portuguese

More World: can communal practices save the planet?

Climate change, migration and digitalization are three of the greatest challenges in the current phase of globalization. How can we rise to them? asks the Berliner Gazette.

Do referendums improve democracy?

If the people lead them, like in the Irish case, referendums point way to improved democracy. But less so if political elites, like in the UK or Colombia cases, do lead them. Español

Men in Europe must stop blaming migrants for ‘importing’ gender violence

From Germany to India, these campaigners are battling ‘toxic masculinity’ to engage men in fights for gender equality.

Sapiens, Homo Deus, 21 Lecciones, y las ficciones inconfesadas de Yuval Harari

El profesor Harari influye en los más poderosos y ha vendido millones de ejemplares, pero no se enfrentan los problemas existenciales de la tierra sustituyendo un conjunto de mitos por otro. English

Sowing division: caste is crucial in Indian elections

Of course, politicians did not create the powerful Hindu caste system. They merely exploit this fault-line, exacerbating the caste animosities to build vote banks.

¿Qué hay después del final abrupto del fin de la historia?

El ciclo Seis contradicciones y el fin del presente del Centro de Estudios del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, nació evocando la urgencia de volver a imaginar un horizonte de transformación.

Democracy is facing strong headwinds in 2019

Jair Bolsonaro’s inauguration as president of Brazil marks the beginning of the political year. The redrawing of the world order currently under way is increasingly adverse to democracy. Español

How to neutralize Bolsonaro in his first 100 days of government?

A passive attitude from the International Community is not an option, and broad support from all progressives will be much needed to mitigate the damages. Español

Cómo neutralizar a Bolsonaro en sus primeros 100 días de Gobierno: 5 acciones

La pasividad internacional no es opción frente a Bolsonaro: debemos actuar para contrarrestar y evitar la regresión de derechos en la democracia más grande de Latinoamérica. English

Gilets Jaunes and the two faces of Facebook

Facebook design allows popular ideas to be shared and expanded on – the dream of everyone having an equal political voice is very much alive in these digital citizens’ assemblies.

Los evangelistas en Guatemala, a punto de “legalizar la homofobia”

Un “perverso” proyecto de ley sobre “vida y familia”, el primero jamás esbozado por las Iglesias evangelistas del país, es reflejo de su crecimiento (y de sus ambiciones). English

A People’s Vote without a People’s Debate won’t bring about Another Europe

An open letter to Another Europe Is Possible on the democratic component fatally lacking from the Brexit process hitherto.

‘Gilets jaunes’: the meaning of the confrontation

As the ‘gilets jaunes’ movement continues after President Macron’s speech, the French philosopher examines its origins and some of its political implications for all of us.

The right not to tolerate the intolerant

As the memory of the Holocaust fades and the support for far-right parties surges across Europe, we must prepare our children to resist charlatans that place political gains over human lives. Português

A intolerância ao intolerável

À medida que a memória do Holocausto se desvanece e o apoio aos partidos de extrema-direita aumenta na Europa, temos que preparar os nossos filhos para resistir aos demagogos que antepõem os ganhos políticos aos seres humanos. English

We need a People’s Government, not a People’s Vote

A People’s Vote with a Tory Government in occupation would also be a People’s Vote of the right, by the right, and for the right.

The conceptual paradox of trusting in Brexit

What the UK government is asking for is not trust but blind faith – literally like turkeys knowing they will be on the Christmas menu with some choice in the various permutations of vegetable.

Man at work outside the box – Bertrand Badie

This essay is a strong wake-up call for a new type of diplomacy from those western countries that wish to continue to govern the world despite the passage of time. Review.

The Swedish model dismantled: premature closure of the Gender Equality Agency

The cleavage was between pleas to continue the work to reduce segregation and further equal rights and gender equality (jämlikhet och jämställdhet), and appeals to enforce security and law-and-order (lag och ordning).

Estonia’s populist and radical right: how radical are they?

Many political observers have noticed how the most recent anti-immigration protests relating to the debate on the UN compact have displayed comparatively higher levels of violent rhetoric and political heat.

The yellow vests, or the discrediting of representative democracy

Even though the most scathing criticism is directed at the president of the republic, it is the entire political personnel that is targeted by the mocking, unflattering, even hatefilled comments.  

Climate change will kill my generation, unless we step up now

Ireland has the necessary means to invest in cleaner energy and should be flying way beyond our self-set climate accord measures, yet we continually fail them.  

Grassroots action prominent in the platform economy

It is newer, more grassroots forms of labour organisation than the established trade unions that have been the most active in this burgeoning sphere. We need their zest and zeal.

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