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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

2020 será el año del vuelco de América Latina

La próxima década las ciudades de América Latina registrarán las mayores tasas de crecimiento del mundo y la población en edad activa en la región será mayor que la inactiva. Português. English.

2020 será o ano da “virada” para América Latina

A próxima década as cidades da América Latina registraram as maiores taxas de crescimento no mundo, a população em idade activa na região será maior do que a marcha lenta. English. Español.

2020: A new beginning for Latin America

In the next decade, Latin American cities will register the highest growth rates in the world, while the working age population in the region will be larger than the inactive sectors. Español. Português.

Why we should oppose British air strikes against ISIL in Syria

Britain’s Prime Minister says we should not undertake air strikes lightly – he is right: we need to think about legitimate state building, not replying to terror with terror.

¿Hay discordias entre manifestantes y organizadores de protestas antigubernamentales en Brasil?

Los manifestantes reconocen que tanto el gobierno como la oposición son culpables de corrupción, a pesar del discurso selectivo de los coordinadores de las manifestaciones. English. Português.

A discord between demonstrators and the organizers of antigovernment protests in Brazil?

Demonstrators in Brazil recognize that both the government and the opposition are guilty of corruption, despite the selective discourse of the groups coordinating the demonstrations. Português. Español. 

Um desacordo entre manifestantes e os convocantes dos protestos?

Manifestantes percebem a corrupção afetando tanto Governo como oposição, a despeito do discurso seletivo dos grupos que tem chamado as manifestações. Também defendem serviços públicos universais e gratuitos como saúde e educação. English. Español.

Reactions to Mr Osborne’s autumn statement

Today, UK's Chancellor George Osborne set out the Conservative Government’s fiscal plans for the current Parliament and beyond. First reactions to the Chancellor’s speech from four members of the network Economists for Rational Economic Policies (EREP).

Fictiocracy: democracy as an illusion

Latin America is the domain of democracy as an illusion. An illusion that is maintained by its governments’ narratives, and a democracy that is corrupted by crime. Español. Português.

Ficciocracia: la democracia como ilusión

Latinoamérica, con sus dificultades para consolidar el estado de derecho, es la región de la democracia como ilusión. Ilusión que relatan los gobiernos y democracia capturada por la corrupción y el delito. English. Português

“Ficçocracia”: a democracia como ilusão

A América Latina conta com democracias plenas em muito poucas nações que conseguiram consolidar um estado de direito. Na maioria dos casos, só existem condições para viver a ilusão da democracia. Español. English.

After Paris, be careful what you ask for: an interview with Thomas Drake

NSA whistleblower Drake wanted to defend the US constitution. So they prosecuted him under the Espionage Act.

América Latina busca papel decisivo na COP de Paris

Aproximadamente 25% das terras cultiváveis, 22% das selvas e 31% da agua doce do planeta estão na América Latina. A sustentabilidade do desenvolvimento na região determinará o futuro de todos. Español. English.

América Latina busca tener un papel decisivo en la COP de París

Cerca del 25% de las tierras cultivables, el 22% de las selvas y el 31% del agua dulce del planeta están en Latinoamérica. La sostenibilidad del desarrollo en la región determinará el futuro de todos. English. Português.

Latin America seeks decisive role at COP21 in Paris

About 25% of the world’s farmable land, 22% of its forests, and 31% of fresh water are found in Latin America. The sustainability of development in the region will determine the future of all of us. Español. Português.

We could have stopped the Paris attacks

William Binney and Kirk Wiebe worked at the NSA for decades, before blowing the whistle on mass surveillance. They say they invented a surveillance system that could have given citizens more freedom and security….

The hard dilemma: counterterrorism and/or shallow freedom

How do we limit the freedom of individual terrorists, terrorist groups and support networks to operate unimpeded in a relatively unregulated environment, whilst maintaining individual freedoms, democracy and human rights?

Yemen is not Paris: western media’s cold shoulder

Yemen is a failed state devastated by fighting, with thousands of civilians killed by a strong jihadist presence and widespread suffering. It has made very few headlines.  

O Governo mais curto da história de Portugal

O XX Governo Constitucional de Portugal caiu ao fim de apenas 12 dias. Uma coligação composta pelo Partido Socialista, o Bloco de Esquerda e o Partido Comunista, unidos somente pela sua rejeição à austeridade, foi a responsável. English.

Portugal´s shortest-lived Government

The XX Constitutional Government of Portugal lasted just twelve days. A leftist’s coalition has brought together the socialists, the radical left and the communists, only united by their wish to battle austerity. Português.

A saúde pública na América-Latina não está à venda

Mesmo nos países “progressistas” como o Equador, as políticas públicas na área da saúde estão a sofrer fortes interferências por parte dos interesses das indústrias. Español. English.

Which lives do we mourn? And other questions we no longer decide for ourselves

What control does Facebook have over our experience of tragedy?

París: composición de lugar

La massacre del 13/11 revela la escala de la amenaza de ISIS. Es vital una respuesta coherente. English. Português.

Cuba´s slow-motion transitional process

Economic and democratic liberalization should have to wait for the end of US embargo. Meanwhile, Cuba maintains its international postures, strengthens its ties with Russia, and keeps a non radical political approach in Latin America. Español.

Transición a cámara lenta en Cuba

La liberalización económica y política tendrá que esperar al final del embargo estadounidense. Mientras tanto, Cuba conserva sus posicionamientos internacionales, refuerza sus lazos con Rusia y defiende una postura política no radical en América Latina. English.

"The BBC stands for what we all have in common".

Last week OurBeeb editor Aaron Bastani spoke to Peter Oborne about the BBC, its future and the role of public service broadcasting in modern Britain.

Paris: assembling the fragments

The “13/11” massacre reveals the scale of the ISIS threat. That makes a coherent response vital. Português. Español. 

Paris: encaixando os fragmentos

Os atentados que tiveram lugar no dia 13 de Novembro revelam a ameaça que representa o Daesh, escreve David Hayes desde Londres. Esta realidade implica que uma resposta coerente é vital. English. Español. 

La salud pública en Latinoamérica no está a la venta

Incluso en los países "progresistas" como Ecuador, las políticas públicas de salud están sufriendo fuertes interferencias por parte de los intereses de las industrias. Português. English

Legislate in haste, repent in leisure

The Paris attacks have prompted (predictable) calls for the UK's new snoopers' charter to be rushed through. This would be a disaster, says a former member of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Argentina elections: a shift to the right?

The second round of the presidential elections would certainly bring the end of Kirchnerism, in one way or another. What is less clear is if how much of that will mean the end of Argentina’s current “dynamic stagnation”. Español.

Elecciones argentinas: ¿un giro a la derecha?

La segunda vuelta de las elecciones presidenciales traerá el fin del Kirchnerismo, de una manera o de otra. Lo que está menos claro es en qué medida esto significará el fin del actual “estancamiento dinámico”. English.

El capitalismo no se reformará a sí mismo

Camaradas, no cometamos el mismo error dos veces seguidas. El cambio progresista sólo llegará como resultado de una batalla política real y tangible. La alternativa es, como siempre, la barbarie. English.

IS attacks and not playing their game

For the terrorists, best would be to be left alone to consolidate. Next best would be an epic all-out confrontation with western infidel ground forces. We should not give them what they want.

Normalising bloodshed: education and the dreams of the Marshall

What are the people in Egypt forcing themselves to believe in order not to deal with the harsh realities of the past four years – let alone the years before?

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