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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Can we please learn from history?

In their enthusiasm for a new cold war against China and Russia, the western establishments of today are making a mistake comparable to that of their forbears of 1914.

El Estado democrático se encuentra bajo grave amenaza en Guatemala

A partir de los últimos hechos y declaraciones planteadas por el máximo representante del poder ejecutivo en Guatemala, el presidente Jimmy Morales, varias organizaciones emitieron este comunicado.

More World: can communal practices save the planet?

Climate change, migration and digitalization are three of the greatest challenges in the current phase of globalization. How can we rise to them? asks the Berliner Gazette.

Do referendums improve democracy?

If the people lead them, like in the Irish case, referendums point way to improved democracy. But less so if political elites, like in the UK or Colombia cases, do lead them.

Men in Europe must stop blaming migrants for ‘importing’ gender violence

From Germany to India, these campaigners are battling ‘toxic masculinity’ to engage men in fights for gender equality.

The fateful issue in Sweden’s autumn election was nuclear weapons

As we await the formation of the new Swedish government this week-end, one overriding issue and far too narrow an escape consumes the thoughts of an elder statesman.

The Macedonian question and Greece’s national solitude

Ever since the creation of Yugoslav Macedonia in 1944, Greece has been burying its head in the sand. It wouldn’t see, because it could not stand to face it.

Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have appointed new ministers in charge of the Amazon. Who are they?

Four countries in the Amazon basin have appointed new environment ministers in the past eight months, at a time when rates of deforestation have increased and threaten the planet’s largest oxygen reserve. Español

¿Quiénes son los nuevos ministros responsables de la Amazonía en Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador y Perú?

En los últimos ocho meses, cuatro países de la cuenca del Amazonas han nombrado nuevos ministros del medio ambiente. ¿Quiénes son y qué se puede esperar de ellos? English

Sowing division: caste is crucial in Indian elections

Of course, politicians did not create the powerful Hindu caste system. They merely exploit this fault-line, exacerbating the caste animosities to build vote banks.

Terrorism policing: the YPG/YPJ, an ally abroad but a danger at home?

The erratic treatment members of the YPG/YPJ receive at the hands of Europe’s counterterrorism networks doesn’t look set to change in the near future.

Colombia y la línea dura frente a Venezuela

Hoy algunos países de la región, y especialmente Colombia, no solo quieren romper relaciones con Venezuela, sino que se suman al discurso de intervención militar de ciertos halcones en Washington. Es una postura riesgosa y equivocada.

¿Qué hay después del final abrupto del fin de la historia?

El ciclo Seis contradicciones y el fin del presente del Centro de Estudios del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, nació evocando la urgencia de volver a imaginar un horizonte de transformación.

Democracy is facing strong headwinds in 2019

Jair Bolsonaro’s inauguration as president of Brazil marks the beginning of the political year. The redrawing of the world order currently under way is increasingly adverse to democracy. Español

Prospects for Yemen in 2019 and beyond

The fear and terror induced by this situation, combined with unbearable survival conditions are creating a generation of psychologically scarred people, many of whom will never be able to live normal lives.

Will 2019 see a Peace Process for the ELN rebels in Colombia?

Polls show that 64% of Colombians want President Duque to resume negotiations with the ELN, but the new government called off talks in 2018, leaving the future of the peace process uncertain. Español

Divine players in Indian politics

In a politically-surcharged atmosphere, no one should doubt that the appearance of Lord Ram’s idol in the mosque on the night of December 22, 1949 was an act of God.

How to neutralize Bolsonaro in his first 100 days of government?

A passive attitude from the International Community is not an option, and broad support from all progressives will be much needed to mitigate the damages. Español

Cómo neutralizar a Bolsonaro en sus primeros 100 días de Gobierno: 5 acciones

La pasividad internacional no es opción frente a Bolsonaro: debemos actuar para contrarrestar y evitar la regresión de derechos en la democracia más grande de Latinoamérica. English

Which municipalism? Let's be choosy

What exactly are we talking about when we refer to the “new municipalism” or “municipalist transformation” as defined by the Fearless Cities movement?

Empieza el 2019, y soplan vientos contrarios a la democracia

La toma de posesión de Jair Bolsonaro como presidente de Brasil marca el inicio del año político internacional. La recomposición del orden mundial en marcha no se presenta favorable a las democracias. English

A clear step backwards: New firearms regulations and police use of lethal force in Argentina

Some of the new provisions fail to meet international use of force standards. Español

Un claro retroceso: Armas de fuego y uso de la fuerza letal en Argentina

Desde una perspectiva de derechos humanos y a la luz de la elaboración de buenas prácticas de actuación policial a nivel internacional, la nueva normativa sobre uso de  armas representa un grave retroceso. English

Austerity is stupid, and why the powerful don’t like to admit it

We need a Progressive International whose narrative deeply penetrates this warped version of reality.

After Me Too, can we trust the UK government to tackle sexual abuse?

If our lawmakers fail to confront abuse in their own workplace, how do we trust them to enact effective policies for the rest of us?

What the ‘Drone Wolf’ tries to teach us

The event at Gatwick airport, surely orchestrated by a resentful philosopher, demystifies the workings of our everyday.

‘Gilets jaunes’: the meaning of the confrontation

As the ‘gilets jaunes’ movement continues after President Macron’s speech, the French philosopher examines its origins and some of its political implications for all of us.

The right not to tolerate the intolerant

As the memory of the Holocaust fades and the support for far-right parties surges across Europe, we must prepare our children to resist charlatans that place political gains over human lives. Português

A intolerância ao intolerável

À medida que a memória do Holocausto se desvanece e o apoio aos partidos de extrema-direita aumenta na Europa, temos que preparar os nossos filhos para resistir aos demagogos que antepõem os ganhos políticos aos seres humanos. English

Europe faces a "welcoming crisis" when it comes to migrants and refugees. It's not fair.

"Anti-migrant sentiment is at fever pitch." Seeing ourselves as others see us.

‘Deserving’ settlement in post-Brexit Britain: challenges posed by the settled status scheme

It's striking that the difference between the proof of continuous residence under the settlement scheme and the EU understanding of “lawful status” has not been more widely debated.  

We need a People’s Government, not a People’s Vote

A People’s Vote with a Tory Government in occupation would also be a People’s Vote of the right, by the right, and for the right.

Want to see peace in Afghanistan? Make sure women are included

It is not enough to have token female representation in negotiations. Or room for compromise on the interests and rights of Afghan women citizens in future Afghan society.

Global Compact for Migration: Chile and its fear of the unknown

It is not trivial that a small and geographically isolated country like Chile did not sign the Global Compact. The migratory crisis originated in Central and South America has not only affected the northern borders. Español

The conceptual paradox of trusting in Brexit

What the UK government is asking for is not trust but blind faith – literally like turkeys knowing they will be on the Christmas menu with some choice in the various permutations of vegetable.

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