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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy's mainsite editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

European democracies and the responsibility to not protect?

How can we understand the paradox whereby migrant deaths and increased resources develop concomitantly?

The European Court of Justice as a bastion of democracy and rule of law

The crucial role of the ECJ appears even more important in present times, when things taken forgranted, such as democracy, individual freedom and the rule of law, are in danger.

Faultlines in India's parliamentary democracy

The executive is hardly accountable to the legislature, legislators lack tangible power, so notions of the consent of the governed and the will of the people are a farce.

On Brexit, there’s no doubt that UK negotiators have adopted a hard bargaining strategy

But is this the best strategy for advancing British interests? Here is the argument based on the findings of a recent Dahrendorf Forum working paper.

Refugees banned, tourists welcome: a journey through Hungary's rural west

Hungary’s hinterlands shed light on the rise of Orban's populist nationalism.

Catalan National Day: free speech under threat

Otherwise mainstream politicians have stacked the deck against any possibility of negotiating over legitimate political demands. The Spanish judiciary meanwhile turns the law on its head to quench dissent.

Two kinds of justice in Spain

The recent conviction of several Basque youths with heavy sentences and the charges against Catalan politicians reveal the political nature of justice in Spain.

Exception in Catalonia one year after the referendum

What is Catalonian cooperativism’s contribution to independentism? Activists are promoting practical and concrete independence from all hegemonic powers, by building a parallel economic system.

Brasil contra su futuro

Los brasileños no están satisfechos con su democracia. Pero la democracia debe prevalecer si quieren evitar que las generaciones futuras crezcan en la oscuridad y repitan los errores del pasado. English, Português

We simply said ‘enough’: the story of Spain’s ‘Las Kellys’ hotel cleaners

From gruelling working conditions to more limited access to healthcare, austerity policies have hit women hardest. But they are fighting back.

#CrisisEnArgentina: What you need to know today

Argentina is facing one of the worst financial crises of its recent history, and memories of the brutal recession of 2001 and the famous ‘corralito’ (when people were unable to access their savings for a year) are still fresh. Español

When rescue at sea becomes a crime: who the Tunisian fishermen arrested in Italy really are

Fishermen networks from Morocco and Mauritania have released statements of support, and the Tunisian State Secretary for Immigration, Adel Jarboui, urged Italian authorities to release the fishermen, considered heroes in Tunisia.

إيران المقبولة في سوريا

قد تكون العودة إلى نموذج علاقة الأسد الأبّ مع طهران هي الأمثل للوصول لحلٍّ سياسيٍّ مقبول إقليميّاً ودوليّاً.

Jackson Rising

When a young black attorney was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississipi, rather than ask what the local state could do, he asked, what can we do to the local state?

Chile y Argentina están poniendo en peligro su biodiversidad

Para satisfacer la demanda de China, Chile y Argentina están ampliando sus instalaciones de piscicultura industrial - un mal augurio para la delicada y única biodiversidad del Cono Sur. English

Chile and Argentina putting at risk their biodiversity

To meet China’s demand, Chile and Argentina are scaling up fish farming. This bodes ill for the Southern Cone's unique and sensitive biodiversity. Español

“This story rarely gets told”: 10 years of women’s resistance to austerity across Europe

From the UK to Greece, women have been hit hardest by austerity policies since the 2008 financial crisis. This month, 50.50 will spotlight our stories of resistance.

Nicaragua se está convirtiendo en refugio para fugitivos

Que Nicaragua haya otorgado recientemente asilo político a un fugitivo de la justicia de Guatemala es otra señal de que el país se está convirtiendo en refugio para criminales. English

Argentina and peripheral neoliberal militarism

Argentina is a country of peculiarities that stands out in its regional context. Its security strategy which kept the military separate from internal security for many years is one of those peculiarities. Español

Argentina y el militarismo neoliberal periférico

Argentina es un país con singularidades que a pesar de no ser excepcionales sobresalen en el contexto regional, como su delimitación entre defensa y seguridad. English

Left populism over the years

A conversation about the rise of the right-wing since the turn of the century, what this tells us about liberal democracy, and the deepening of democracy needed in response.

The Swedish model is still alive

Stefan Löfven's party received 28.4% of the votes, a strong result for a Social Democratic party in government in today's Europe.

Heated and abandoned: the Ecuador-Colombia border

Figuring out what is going on at the northern border of Ecuador is like trying to put together a puzzle with a huge number of pieces – namely, organized crime, drug trafficking, paramilitary forces and human trafficking. Español

Ecuador-Colombia: una frontera caliente y abandonada

Comprender lo que ocurre en la frontera norte de Ecuador es como intentar armar un rompecabezas con una enorme cantidad de piezas – entre ellas, delincuencia organizada, narcotráfico, paramilitarismo y trata de personas. English

A market for moral, organisational and cultural values could fundamentally challenge neoliberalism and populism at one fell swoop

This market for values would offer individuals, companies and local communities an economic incentive to contribute to the common good and to a sense of community. 

Gender (studies) trouble in Hungary

Gender studies challenge existing structures that are perceived as natural and enduring, and in doing so, they directly challenge the ideological commitments of the radical right.

The Chomsky paradox: the responsibility of intellectuals, revisited

Locating Chomsky’s linguistics and politics ‘in their historical perspective’ sharpens many issues for their wider relevance today, including that of the responsibility of intellectuals.

El gobierno argentino y la Doctrina de Inseguridad Nacional

El presidente argentino Mauricio Macri habilitó recientemente que las Fuerzas Armadas se involucren en tareas de seguridad interior. Su política responde a un cambio en las doctrinas militares internacionales promovidas por Estados Unidos. English

The Argentine government and the National Insecurity Doctrine

Argentine President Mauricio Macri has recently enabled the armed forces' involvement in home security tasks. His decision responds to a change in the international military doctrines promoted by the US. Español

Explaining Chomsky’s strange science: a reply to Randy Allen Harris

“I am attempting to explain Chomsky’s part in the postwar overthrow of behaviourism and the dramatic triumph of the so-called ‘cognitive revolution’.”

Will Salvini copy Orbán in the fight against NGOs?

Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini, admirer of Orbán, has harshly criticized NGOs whose ships save migrants from the Mediterranean sea. Will Italy follow the Hungarian path to illiberal democracy?

Re-imagining the American Dream: a decade of sisterhood with Positive Women’s Network

Women living with HIV are mobilising to demand visibility and rights in the US. Our collective voice, vision and leadership offer hope.

Techlash: why Facebook’s approach to #FakeNews ultimately fails

Zuckerberg needs to take a step back and allow institutions to flourish. There are only bigger waves looming ahead.

The US-Turkey stand-off in context: the US and the weaponisation of global finance

The US, a declining superpower, is trying to use the power of the dollar as a weapon to punish Turkey and other disobedient actors in the international system.

Impunity Reigns: Threats to the Historical Archive of the National Police in Guatemala

The future of one of the largest archives containing documents related to the 36 years of internal armed conflict in Guatemala and the dirty wars in Latin America is currently at risk. Español

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