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Mairi Mackay is openDemocracy’s senior editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How the Democrats left the door wide open for Donald Trump

The Democrats ditched the working class in favour of a professional elite leaving Trump  a master of 'resentment politics'  to hoover up their votes. An interview with Listen Liberal! author Thomas Frank.

La insurrección de Hanan Harawi

“Esta vida tiene todas las posibilidades, pero a veces sólo seguimos un camino vivido millones de veces con un discurso repetido durante eones. Ese es el problema.” Entrevista. English

Hanan Harawi’s insurrection

Independent publishing, poetry, the vivacious - perhaps cyclical - return of indigenous literature, and the current situation of Peruvian politics in relation to culture and literature. Interview. Español

Does Brexit really matter? Yes, as the end of the UK

The Tory party has been in bed with the City for a century. It is not beyond belief to suppose that Cameron’s goal was always Leave while apparently leading Remain.

Did Erdoğan finally get his Gezi?

Could this be a win-win situation for Erdoğan and the AKP: able to enhance their power while reinstating their organic relationship with the people?

'Hollow' states: the presidents re-writing the rules to stay in power

Should he stay or should he go? When it comes to the president, it's the subject of heated debate in Burundi, Congo, DR Congo and Rwanda.

Brasil: normalização democrática, mas pouco entusiasmo

De acordo com as sondagens, a maioria dos Brasileiros acredita que a mudança de presidente marca o inicio de uma nova fase para o país. Español English

Brazil: democratic normalisation, but little enthusiasm

According to the opinion polls, a majority of Brazilians seem inclined to think that the presidential change marks the beginning of a new phase for the country. Español Português

Zones of turbulence in the wake of EU-Turkey’s migration agreement

The implementation of the EU-Turkey deal helps restore order to liberal markets and the political economy. The results of the deal are entirely to the detriment of the migrants affected. Who gains?

Far away view of Brexit

“To go to a referendum was curious… the UK has a regime of representative government that works to ensure that popular concerns have only limited impact on the conduct of government.”

Em matéria de direitos humanos, é o poder popular que pode fazer a diferença

Maltratado pelos Estados, o sistema de proteção dos direitos humanos na América Latina enfraqueceu. Temos que defender os defensores dos direitos humanos para que eles possam fazer o seu trabalho. English Español

When it comes to human rights, it is the power of the people that can achieve real change

Battered by the states, the protection of human rights system in Latin America has weakened. We need to defend the defenders so they can do their work.Español Português

En materia de Derechos Humanos, es el poder popular el que realmente puede lograr los cambios

Maltratada por los estados, la protección del sistema de derechos humanos en América Latina se ha debilitado. Tenemos que defender a los defensores para que puedan hacer su trabajo. English Português

New Turkey and the double failure of the non-European intellectual

When the west has monopolized everything signifying success, beauty, veracity, rationality, humanity, history – everything positive on this earth, what remains for those to become who feel wounded by the west?

Cleveland: a historical perspective

The rhetoric that surrounds Donald Trump's convention triumph signals a new phase in the intertwined history of fascism and populism. Español 

What is missing in President Barzani’s rhetoric for a Kurdish state-building enterprise?

The question before Masoud Barzani is what to do in order to turn state-building rhetoric into a future Kurdish state.

Golpes y contragolpes en Brasil 2016

La crisis política y de representación que asola Brasil está lejos de terminar. Mientras las instituciones del país se colapsan, los slogans “Fuera Temer” y “Vuelve Dilma” ya no tienen sentido. English

To coup or not to coup: radical political reform is the only way to resolve Brazil’s political crisis

Brazil continues to struggle with a political and representational crisis. As the country’s institutions collapse, the slogans Fora Temer and Volta Dilma no longer serve a purpose. Español

Durão Barroso: de europeísta a banquero global

El nombramiento de Durão Barroso como presidente no ejecutivo de Goldman Sachs es inaceptable. Su posición como ex-Presidente de la Comisión Europea le exige cumplir con unos mínimos estándares éticos. English

¿La CIA en Ecuador? De la NED, la corrupción, y el sistema judicial

La falta de transparencia y el control del sistema judicial en Ecuador crean las condiciones en las que agencias de EE.UU. pueden operar con mayor libertad. English

The CIA in Ecuador? Corruption, the press and the National Endowment for Democracy

The lack of transparency, the lack of corruption control, and the lack of accountability of the judicial system in Ecuador, create the conditions in which US agencies can operate freely. Español

Turkey: of coups and popular resistance

The construct of ‘the people’  thrives on and demands homogeneity of values and unity of purpose and banishes diversity and difference to the realm of the evil ‘other’.

Brasil: “sin mujeres, no hay democracia”

En medio de gritos de "Fora, Temer!", las feministas le están recordando a Brasil la necesidad de reinstaurar a Rousseff y de garantizar los derechos humanos y la dignidad social. English Português

Surveillance, power and communication

Coalitions of actors – scholars, activists, some politicians, and even some captains of industry, will need to collaborate if the pathway we pursue to a calculated, unequal future is to change.

Cinco razones para temer la innovación

Innovación es una palabra de moda en el sector de los derechos humanos. El concepto es enfatizado cada vez más por financiadores y las ONG están comenzando a prestarle atención. English Português

Not Hitler or Augustus, but a hybrid that shows what the American polity is becoming

“Our national crisis isn’t really about Trump; it’s about what’s happening to the American people.” Long essay.

El descalabro de la democracia que queríamos para Brasil

Gradualmente, se volvieron a introducir los viejos mecanismos de la democracia oligárquica, incluyendo la desafección entre los derechos de representación de la élite y los derechos de participación de la gente en general. English Português

Civil society under attack in Latin America

Core civil society rights have been violated in at least 14 Latin American countries in 2015, says Civicus’ annual report on civil society. Español

La sociedad civil, atacada en América Latina

Según el informe anual de Civicus sobre la sociedad civil en el mundo, se violan derechos fundamentales en al menos 14 países de América Latina. English

Radiografía del narco en México

Según datos oficiales, existen en el país 9 grupos del crimen organizado y 37 células delictivas aliadas con presencia en el 60% de los estados. Esta es la geografía del crimen sobre territorio mexicano. English

Mapping Mexico's current organized crime landscape

According to official data, 9 organized crime groups and 37 allied criminal cells are currently operating in 60% of the country’s states. Find our Mexico’s geography of crime. Español

Very Turkish abduction from the seraglio and crocodile tears of the ‘West’

The international “friends of Turkey” bear a great deal of responsibility for Turkey’s predicament, a fact that the crocodile tears they shed today could not easily conceal.

Dura aterragem na Venezuela

A Venezuela está à beira do precipício. A ação concertada ainda pode evitar a sua queda. Mas quanto mais se atrase, mais venezuelanos morrerão por falta de medicamentos, pela má nutrição ou pela violência. English Español

Sur: against state violence in Turkey - an interview with former mayor Abdullah Demirbas

As a richly articulated living history, Sur shattered the stereotype of the Middle East as intellectually backwards and culturally empty. A call for international support.

Pode a comprovação de dados salvar a democracia – e o jornalismo?

A comprovação de dados é um serviço público que beneficia tanto a audiência como os jornalistas, como ficou claro durante a Cimeira Mundial celebrada em Buenos Aires (#GlobalFact3, 9-10 de junho). English Español

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