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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is the mainsite editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Video: Trump's anti-immigrant policies aren’t all that different from our own

The state-sanctioned backlash against migrant rights is transatlantic. At a protest against Trump in London, we asked people about the parallels between US and UK policies.

Greece & Macedonia: negotiating history doesn’t make it true

Geopolitical expediency has forced a people to bargain with the only name history has left them. Reflect on this, before again dismissing them as mere instruments of NATO policy. 

The Turkish election as a warning against the irresistible charms of populism

We urgently need a constructive and open dialogue between different strands of thought within the populism theoretical oeuvre, if we are to develop progressive political strategies.

Facebook and journalism. Part one

How Facebook turned into the world’s biggest news platform, with newsrooms and journalists paving the way.

Muslim women’s rights are also women’s rights

More than 100 Muslim women are calling for a real European model of inclusion and pluralism giving everyone access to employment and education while not placing an extra burden on women.

Criminalisation brought to new extremes in case of Aymara indigenous communities in Peru

In the coming weeks, the Supreme Court in Peru will decide the fate of Walter Aduviri, an indigenous spokesperson and aspiring politician for the local elections, convicted for his role in the 2011 Puno protests. Español

Endgames in Germany: bringing down Merkel

The CSU's position is weak – but unfortunately, not weak enough to not bring down Angela Merkel.

The political representation of the European people

English version of the political philosopher’s interview with Vadim Kamenka of L’Humanite Dimanche (21 June) and Ana Maria Merlo for Il Manifesto (15 June).

A story of Italian neophytes and Spanish constructors

What happens in these two countries matters and deserves much more attention. It is also time to re-assess the forces at play in Europe and claim a more equal union.

We must not forget Srebrenica

Political and judicial authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia must improve their cooperation to end impunity, by identifying and punishing war criminals.

The last European Council meeting in June

It symbolises all that is wrong both in the Brexit strategy of the British government and the EU decision-making process.

‘Blatantly xenophobic’ and ‘shameful’ anti-refugee laws are passed by new Hungarian government, says UN

Hungary is at the forefront of delivering nativist and xenophobic laws that target refugees, migrants, and those that assist them. But the state is only a canary in the coal mine.

What’s in a name: the Macedonian question and the social question

The Macedonian Question will be there for many years to come, easily manipulated by both imperialisms and nationalisms of all kinds.

Hodeida: prospects of humanitarian catastrophe brings Yemen back into the news

Was the decision to carry out the offensive in the summer, when living conditions are the worst for the population, specifically intended to worsen civilian suffering?

Una perspectiva de género para Venezuela

La crisis de Venezuela amenaza también a los derechos de las mujeres. Aumentan los embarazos adolescentes, las enfermedades de transmisión sexual, los abortos ilegales y la esterilización. English

Democracias iliberales y derechos humanos: un nuevo libro de jugadas

Mientras los líderes populistas avivan el nacionalismo y violan los derechos básicos, las estrategias tradicionales de promoción y defensa están perdiendo su eficacia. El movimiento de derechos humanos necesita un nuevo libro de jugadas. English

Nicaragua's "parapolice" groups: could they turn criminal?

Armed “parapolice” groups have played a central role in the violent repression of opposition protesters in Nicaragua over the past several weeks. Español

Can Iran turn crisis into opportunity?

Iran is facing what is what is potentially the greatest existential threat it has faced since its inception in 1979.

For an open migration policy to end the deaths and crises in the Mediterranean

Only a more open policy of migration would neither threaten migrants nor European citizens. To foster such a policy, the Mediterranean mobility conflict must be addressed.

The ceasefire is essential – but what should happen next for peace in Afghanistan?

So far a persistent theme of the Afghan conflict is the glaring gap between words and actions, with both sides talking peace while intent on waging war.

How US evangelical organizations deploy ‘human rights’ and ‘development’

Armed with the surety of belief in the ‘responsibility to act’ and international legal tools – US- or UN-funded Christian civil society organizations have used international law to further their goals internationally.

Insecure UK defence work

It is the government’s job to keep people in work, by encouraging the growth of new industries amid rapid technological change, preserving high skilled jobs through manufacturing diversification.

The elusiveness of whistleblower protection across Europe

It is important to interpret the ECHR in an open manner and draw from the European Commission draft directive, as well as European and international non-binding commitments on whistleblower protection.

What can be done with a polarised Mexico after the elections?

Democracy in Mexico is in a permanent state of construction and it will continue as such after the presidential elections of the 1st of July. Español

A democracia digital melhora a democracia?

As inovações digitais podem mudar a qualidade da participação e a natureza da democracia. Mas como? Español, English

A Voltaire for our age; what can the Enlightenment teach Brexit Britain?

The referendum and its ensuing political ramifications have left very few in Europe desiring to emulate the example set by Brexit. How different it was in Voltaire’s time!

¿Qué hacemos con un México polarizado después de las elecciones?

La democracia no se ejercerá el 1 de julio, como si fuera fruta de un solo día. La democracia está en construcción permanente y lo seguirá estando un día después. English

Homo homini lupus est: trauma, niños enjaulados, y política de refugiados en EE.UU.

Las imágenes de niños aterrorizados encerrados en jaulas perturbaron al mundo. Y entonces Trump sonrió, continuó su cínico show y firmó ante las cámaras una orden ejecutiva para mantener unidas a las familias de refugiados. English

Homo homini lupus est: trauma and child abuse in U.S. refugee policy

Terrified children kept in cages disturbed the world. And then, president Trump, on camera, resumed his cynical show, smiled, and signed an executive order to keep refugee families together. Español

Elections, polarisation and frustration in Mexico

Social and political polarisation, the assent of populism, and the blurring of the political parties are a consequence of a delegitimised institutional system, inefficient governance and persistent corruption. Español

Looking from within: is the nuclear deal a big deal for the Iranian people?

The best deal for the Iranian people is to get dignity and respect and to save their country from further political and economic collapse.

Las elecciones en México y la cuestión de la seguridad

El próximo presidente tendrá que renovar la política de seguridad del país, que lleva más de diez años centrada en combatir militarmente a los grupos criminales mientras las cifras de homicidios se disparan. English

Mexican elections: the security issue

Mexico’s next president will have to revamp the country’s security policy framework, which for more than a decade has focused on militarized confrontation with criminal gangs amid more homicides than ever. Español

Russia’s cautious role in Syria

How far would Russia risk its international relations to protect the regime of Bashar Al Assad?

Can the Turkish Opposition beat Erdoğan?

The most likely challenger on June 24 is the CHP’s candidate Muharrem İnce who will have an uphill battle.

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