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Thomas Rowley

Tom Rowley edits oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How Canada marijuana legalization impacts on Latin American drug policy?

Marijuana in Canada is now legal, and while the change is unlikely to have a significant impact on Latin America’s black market, it could trigger a shift towards more progressive international drug policies. Español

¿Cómo la legalización de la marihuana en Canadá impacta en América Latina?

Los países Latinoamricanos exlporan la legalización o despenalización de algunos narcóticos, pero el consenso general sobre el problema global de la droga sigue inclinándose hacia la prohibición. English

The Backlash podcast episode 5: targeted hate

Social media propaganda. Data-mining. Foreign interference in Ireland's abortion referendum. The backlash against our rights goes online.

Diez años después de la crisis financiera, estamos a punto de repetirla

Corremos el riesgo de repetir el 2008, pero a mayor escala. De producirse, otra vez los súper ricos saldrán de ella todavía más ricos – y ésta no es manera de llevar las cosas. English

Tackling the kilil system: a critical response to ‘Ethiopia: Climbing Mount Uncertainty’

“A powerful leadership cannot resolve the endless ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia and save the country. Only a genuine transition to a democracy can.”

Ethiopia’s reform process: a seven-point response to Messay Kebede’s critique

“I don’t have any “aim” when I write my articles, other than to present the situation as I understand it. I don’t have any intention, right, or ability to interfere with, let alone alter, Ethiopia’s political course.”

"Tickers of terror" – the crisis of Polish media as told by news crawls

As Poland prepares for another divisive and violent independence day holiday on 11 November (celebrating "100 years of independence"), we look at the polarising TV coverage of last year’s event.

Reflections on the ‘open letter’ debate: a middle way to approaching the radical right?

How should we study, present, and represent the radical right? Some from among the hitherto quiet observers speak up, in the interests of a broader conversation.

Varoufakis and Sanders: how to organize a progressive international? A contribution

The precariat is a new global class. However, this class needs political representation and social power. Can the Progressive International be one way to do this?

The tightrope of Brexit and class appeal: can Corbyn make it?

If Labour seeks to mobilize its traditional working-class base, changes in MPs´ backgrounds may be far more relevant than any change in its policies.

#MeToo and human liberation

"My hope is that now men will once again put at the forefront of their personal agenda the unlearning of dysfunctional masculinity that will expunge the power and control mandate."

Migration complexity requires a less conditional compassion

We must not replace misleading and dehumanising portraits of migration with mono-dimensional accounts of vulnerability and victimhood, which paradoxically continue to set those on the move apart from us.

Separating the wheat from the chaff on Ethiopia: reply to René Lefort

One must see things in their movement rather than in their fixity. The EPRDF is the only path toward maintaining the unity of the country and consolidating it by means of democratic reforms.

Counterbalancing disproportionate power: a response to John Ruggie

When human rights gained recognition the dominant power was the state relative to the individual and citizen. Now transnational businesses have vastly greater power than both.

Meme warfare in the Swedish context

The alt-right mobilised online to back far-right parties at Sweden's general election – but are their tactics no longer effective?

The rising tide of national populism: we need to talk seriously about immigration

There is a key democracy argument in this new book which calls for an urgent step change in our liberal democracies and a new type of political leadership.

Paroxismo de la democracia brasileña

Bolsonaro afirmó que todas las "minorías" deben adaptarse al estilo de vida y de pensamiento de la "mayoría". Su modelo es el del patriarcado blanco, cristiano, autoritario y heterosexual. English

Foreign Policy in Brazil: a sharp turn to the right

Make no mistake, the incoming government’s posture on issues ranging from climate change to open trade has global implications, not just for the region, but for the world. Español

La política exterior de Brasil se escora a la derecha

El posicionamiento del gobierno entrante sobre temas que van desde el cambio climático hasta el libre comercio tiene implicaciones globales, no solo para la región, sino para el mundo entero. English

Civil rights and voter suppression in the US

The rights of those whose citizenship is contested will not be guaranteed by appeals to loyalty and patriotism, but by social movements that are not bound by the state.

15M's social and political effects in Spain

General prospects for Spaniards are not promising, and, in many cases, worse than in 2011. So in what sense can it be said that after 15M, mentalities have changed?

Respuesta a la crisis en Venezuela: el fracaso del Consejo de Derechos humanos de la ONU

Hay “expertos independientes” que niegan la realidad de las crisis de derechos humanos, y equipos de las Naciones Unidas que hacen caso omiso de las violaciones masivas en los países. English

A message to progressives delivered in Rome: ground zero of the European crisis

DiEM25 will contest the European elections in Italy, with a European programme offering a coherent alternative to the implicit but destructive alliance between the oligarchic establishment and Salvini’s nationalism.

El terror asoló Brasil

Como hombre gay, abogado, activista de derechos humanos, que actuó directamente para obtener justicia en los crímenes de la dictadura militar, soy sin duda uno de los objetivos directos. Português English

Brazil: 1964 X 2018. A parallel

What we do know is that Brazilian society allowed the military to intervene, calling it a necessary tactic to protect its beloved democracy, and the result was 21 years of dictatorship. Español Português

Brasil: 1964 X 2018, um paralelo

O que sabemos é que a sociedade brasileira permitiu que os militares interviessem, declarando a tática era necessária para proteger sua amada democracia, e o resultado foram 21 anos de ditadura. Español English

Brasil, o dia depois

Os nossos amigos brasileiros vão precisar de nós nos próximos anos. Nós, e o que resta da sociedade civil global, temos que estar preparados para oferecer refugio àqueles que são atacados. Español English

On movements and platforms… in defense of political parties

Ahead of the May 2019 European elections, liberal parties should not give in to the empty promises of movement politics, but must adapt to meet the needs of their voters.

Identity politics benefits the Right. But not for long?

Identity politics favours the political Right, since they are trying to win over a more homogenous group. Nowadays, as a result, the US eerily resembles Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Agora Europe disembarks in the UK

It is a paradoxical time in which it is possible to create a transnational, European anti-Europe league, but seemingly impossible to create a pro-European one. Time to talk.

Um país, dois Brasis (II)

Num momento decisivo para o futuro do Brasil, falámos com o um pai e um filho sobre o país do futuro e sobre a sobrevivência da democracia na região. Entrevista (Parte I)

Um país, dois Brasis

Num momento decisivo para o futuro do Brasil, falámos com o um pai e um filho sobre o país do futuro e sobre a sobrevivência da democracia na região. Entrevista (Parte II)

The EU call it copyright, but it is massive Internet censorship and must be stopped

We citizens battling for civil rights on the Internet will meet our obligation and fight the good fight. We’ll stop this attack on the Internet and democracy sooner or later.

¿Y ahora qué? De la innovación política a la resiliencia democrática en América Latina

Con la elección de Bolsonaro, y la consolidación del nuevo paradigma, la acción política necesita de nuevas estrategias y perspectivas que se enfoquen en la resiliencia democrática. English

“Moneyland” by Oliver Bullough: book review

Bullough’s service is to make clear the extent to which our entire financial system has been coopted. He is valiant in exploring alternatives.

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