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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Founder, Director and Editor of democraciaAbierta

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Progressive psychoanalytic organization splits, silencing members over a Tel Aviv conference

Both the supporters and the opponents of a Tel Aviv conference are getting ready for the IARPP 2018 conference in NYC. All have been invited to an open discussion on Israel-Palestine.

An Open Letter to Federica Mogherini and the European imperative to save the Iran nuclear deal

Failure is not an option. The alternative path is simply too costly, not only for the present generation, but for posterity as well. 


Dangers of vaccine hesitancy: where does the EU stand?

In 2017, Europe observed a 4-fold increase in measles cases compared to 2016.

Cuba and Europe getting closer

Leaving behind a long, troubled history, today the European Union and Cuba are building a strong relationship. Progress is happening against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s mounting hostility towards the island. Español

Israel’s wars: decisions for the few

In many ways this is a “nation in arms”, in a constant situation of no war, no peace. Now, the Prime Minister and his Defense Minister can wage war without consultation.

Cuba y Europa, más cerca

A pesar de una vieja historia conflictiva, la Unión Europea y Cuba están construyendo relaciones sólidas. Los avances se producen en un contexto de recrudecimiento de las políticas de Donald Trump contra la isla. English

Foreign investment flods Colombia’s Pacific

Colombia’s Pacific is a neglected part of the country. Foreign investment is now heading there, fostering a type of development which breeds inequality and brings little benefit to the locals. Español

La inversión extranjera inunda el Pacífico colombiano

El Pacífico colombiano es una zona del país en histórico abandono. La inversión extranjera se dirige hoy allí, fomentando un tipo de desarrollo basado en el extractivismo que genera desigualdad y discriminación. English

Is this the way democracy dies in Europe? A projection

Reflections on a dystopian future which might be becoming a reality, reflecting the dreams and hopes of political extremists.

Somali-Swedish diaspora engagement in the Somali region

Many diaspora actors have a desire for stronger inclusion in policy processes that concern the Somali region and diaspora engagement. This offers opportunities for development agencies.

The daunting task of repair

“Let’s agree on essentials: on what liberalism is and isn’t, on how liberalism is failing and on how much tougher liberals ought to be in their own defence.”

Colombia and Venezuela: Criminal Siamese Twins

Colombia and Venezuela have shared criminal dynamics for decades, cocaine going in one direction and contraband fuel in the other. But today the criminal links are increasingly symbiotic. Español

Colombia y Venezuela, hermanas siamesas

Colombia y Venezuela han compartido dinámicas delictivas durante años, con la cocaína yendo en una dirección y el petróleo de contrabando en la otra. Pero la relación es cada vez más simbiótica. English 

Listen England, it is Ireland talking

Brexit is fuelled by an English nationalism as crude and self-deluded as Irish nationalism used to be. The best response is to follow Ireland's journey to an inclusive, pluralist vision of patriotism.

'A historic victory for women's rights': how the world responded to Ireland's abortion referendum

Media from the UK to Argentina react to the results of Friday’s vote, laying the path to legislation for safe abortion services for Irish women.

Left radicalism fifty years after 1968: the capitalist state and political science

We must grasp relations between politics, society and the economy more precisely, by appropriating the information and conceptual wealth in the entire spectrum of investigation into the institutionalized public realm.

MPs criticise Facebook’s “not fit for purpose” foreign ad ban as Ireland votes on abortion

British and Irish parliamentarians call for major changes to unregulated social media campaigning following openDemocracy revelations – but too late for Friday’s historic vote.

The EU response to the Libyan crisis: shallow impact with a short-term vision

By securitizing migration, EU leaders have appeared to address the needs of European audiences more than those of Libyan stakeholders

Turkey’s snap elections: a level playing field?

The question remains whether the next elections will be free and fair. In light of Turkey’s recent political development, this is highly unlikely: the end of democracy sometimes comes not with a coup but with a vote. 

A tale of Rojava and Europe: no time for dried-up dreams

Rojava is a project born of a historical experience, built and fought for by people who have understood that the only future is that which begins today.

Problems for the Frente Amplio in Uruguay

The Uruguayan Frente Amplio, a political reference for most Latin American progressives, is perceived as a bulwark against the "turn to the Right" in the region. Español

Problemas para el Frente Amplio en Uruguay

El Frente Amplio, referente político para buena parte del progresismo latinoamericano, es visto como uno de los bastiones que resiste el actual “giro a la derecha” en América Latina. English

Six ways Ireland’s abortion referendum could be hacked this week

Anti-abortion money, Facebook ads and boots-on-the-ground volunteers have piled in from across the world to try and swing Friday’s historic vote. Will they succeed?

Lib-pop politics: Italy’s new government is more neoliberal than populist

The fear is that populism, Italian style, has achieved power. But neoliberal policies rule more than ever, tinged with populism, opening the way to Lega’s far-right, racist (and neoliberal) politics. 

Presidential elections in Colombia: polarisation or deterioration of the political conversation?

Political polarisation consists of the amplification of divergence and consequently displacement towards extreme ideological positions. When this intensifies, the centre becomes more narrow, but this is not happening in Colombia. Español

Presidenciales en Colombia: ¿polarización o deterioro de la conversación política?

La polarización política consiste en la ampliación de la divergencia y el consecuente desplazamiento hacia los extremos ideológicos. Pero cuando se intensifica, el centro tiende a reducirse, y eso no ocurre en Colombia, al menos hasta 2016. English

Zionism: the history of a contested word

These polarising terms should be shelved, and taken out only when we are discussing political philosophy, which most of the time, we are not.

En Paraguay, los pueblos indígenas tienen los ojos puestos en el Congreso

Paraguay está saltándose el derecho nacional e internacional - y anda rezagado en relación a sus vecinos- al no garantizar representación política a los descendientes de su población precolombina. English

The bewildered progressive camp in Latin America and Europe

Something unites Latin American and European progressives: the struggle for survival and the need for broad, bold reforms to face global challenges. Español

Women, political power and gender equality law in Paraguay

Latin America has once again become void of female presidents and only 13.4% of local posts were occupied by women in 2016. Paraguay is no exception. Español

El desconcierto en el campo progresista en América Latina y en Europa

Hay algo que une a los progresistas de América Latina y Europa: su lucha por la supervivencia y la necesidad de reformas amplias y audaces para enfrentar los desafíos. English

Paraguay’s indigenous peoples set their sights on Congress

Paraguay is in breach of domestic and international law – and lags behind its neighbours – in guaranteeing that the descendants of its pre-Columbian population have political representation. Español

Mujeres, poder político y ley de paridad en Paraguay

América Latina se ha quedado (de nuevo) sin presidentas y las mujeres ocuparon sólo el 13,4% de los cargos políticos a nivel subnacional. Paraguay no es ninguna excepción. English   

The perfect storm over the Rio de la Plata

The financial political decisions of Mauricio Macri over the last two years have attracted un-productive speculative capital that has been withdrawn suddenly, provoking confusion and the detested involvement of the IMF. Español

The right’s ‘gender ideology’ menace rolls to Africa

Spanish group CitizenGO brings anti-trans “Free Speech Bus” to Kenya, where the World Congress of Families is hosting a regional summit.

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