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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (14): Desvinculando crianças das FARC

Não é suficiente estabelecer um programa de reintegração das crianças desmobilizadas. É preciso entender que estas crianças são essenciais para a construção da paz. Español English

Post-conflict in Colombia (14). Untying children from the FARC

It is not enough to establish a reintegration program for demobilized children. We must realise that untied children are essential to peace building and reconciliation in the territories. Español Português

Postconflicto en Colombia (14). Desvinculando niños de las FARC

Es urgente empezar a pensar que los niños y niñas desvinculados hacen parte fundamental de la construcción de escenarios de paz y reconciliación en los territorios.. English Português

Continuous catastrophe, yet still we seek accountability

Commemorating the Nakba and protecting refugee camps are entwined and equally critical endeavors: without historical accountability, without identifying perpetrators and victims, there is no redemption.

Palestine’s forgotten children

Next year will mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration and the 50th anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. Britain has a historic responsibility to challenge the Israeli government’s conduct in the West Bank and Gaza.

Breaking new ground in Jordan

Five years ago Syria’s uprising began and the ensuing war forced millions to flee to neighboring Jordan, a land whose present holds some lessons for Europe’s future.

Why is a military coup in Saudi Arabia possible?

Saudi Arabia is the most significant player in determining the future of the Arab revolutions. There are two ways to break this stalemate: replace Saudi regional hegemony, or change the regime controlling it.

Cuatro años después, la matanza de Curuguaty en Paraguay sigue sin aclararse

Aunque en Paraguay se sabe que lo que pasó en Curuguaty no es lo que dice la versión oficial, también hay dudas de que alguna vez se sepa la verdad de lo que allí ocurrió. English

“Llegó la gente a las instituciones”

Sirio Canós Donnay habló con openDemocracy durante el evento de presentación de DIEM25 en Londres el pasado sábado 28 de mayo. Video

Four years and an impeached president later, Paraguay's Curuguaty Massacre is still in the shadows

Even if in Paraguay people know that Curuguaty did not happen as stated in the official version, they also doubt that we will ever know for sure what really happened. Español

When acts of humanity break the law, we are truly in dark times

A new book documents Europe’s loss of humanity as refugees struggle to seek a haven away from wars and degradation.

Defeating the Islamic State will take more than gunpowder

Attempting to defeat IS without beginning to address the political and structural failures that have led to these circumstances borders on the ridiculous.

Indigenous peoples tell UN of persecution

Indigenous peoples are being persecuted and have called for an urgent examination of the dangerous situation faced by those defending their rights and the environment. Español Português

Povos indígenas protestam na ONU contra a perseguição

Os povos indígenas queixaram-se às Nações Unidas pela  perseguição a que estão sujeitos. A América Latina foi alvo de críticas pela violação dos direitos e pela ausência de salvaguardas. English Español

La persecución de los pueblos indígenas, llevada ante la ONU

Los pueblos indígenas realizaron una queja en las Naciones Unidas. América Latina fue el blanco de críticas debido a la violación de los derechos y a la ausencia de salvaguardas. English Português

VoteIn might have better arguments, but it is failing those it needs to reach

The arguments made at the openDemocracy-sponsored VoteIn rally were, at last, convincing. But is the campaign refusing to engage with Brexiteers’ grievances?

Lexit will only strengthen nationalism

The geometrics of politics have changed. European federalism is ill-designed to respond, to be sure. But national rescaling can only reinvigorate nationalism. 

Undigested Snowden

These pieces of research indicate a pattern of behavioural change that dampens dissent and resistance to overbearing power, both of which are hallmarks of an active democratic citizenry.

The rise of the far-right in Westminster as Brexit looms

A victorious ‘Leave’ vote, vindicating a campaign driven by xenophobia and clearing the path for far-right domination of British politics, could mark a shift towards hyper-nationalist policies across further member states.

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (13). A pós-guerra contra as drogas

Os acordos da Havana permitem pensar em pôr fim à guerra contra as drogas enfocando desde outra perspectiva uma situação que tem sido até agora tratada como um problema de segurança. English Español

Post-conflict in Colombia (13). Post-war on drugs

The Havana agreements offer an opportunity to put an end to the war on drugs through an approach from a territorial development perspective to what has been, until now, a security problem. Português Español

Post-conflicto en Colombia (13). La posguerra contra las drogas

Los acuerdos de La Habana permiten pensar en poner fin a la guerra contra las drogas enfocando desde otra perspectiva lo que ha sido hasta ahora un problema de seguridad. Português English

"Vamos ganhando terreno ao autoritarismo"

Se pensarmos que a Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos é de 1948, e que os novos instrumentos são bastante recentes, estamos realmente a assistir a um processo muito rápido na promoção dos direitos humanos. Español English

“Le vamos arrebatando terreno al mal del autoritarismo”

Si pensamos que la Declaración Universal es del 1948, y que los nuevos instrumentos son bien recientes, en realidad estamos viendo un proceso muy acelerado en el avance de los Derechos Humanos. English Português

We are gaining ground on the evil of authoritarianism

If we take into account that the Universal Declaration dates from 1948, and that subsequent legislative instruments are relatively new, then we can see that the rate of progress is very rapid. Español Português

Choosing the next UN Secretary-General: real change ahead?

For the first time in the UN’s history, the global public is having the chance to hear about the individual agendas and the visions of all the nominees for next UN Secretary-General.

Will Brexit impact on borders and the control of immigration?

There is now an ever-growing need for immigration and border criminologists to focus on the harms inflicted by racist state policies and practices, and strengthen strategies of resistance.

Iran’s military objectives in Syria and Russia’s contradictory positions

As the US and Russia speak of a mutual agreement over Syria, Iran and Assad are continuing their ruthless slaughtering of the Syrian people.

ISIS and Israel on the Golan Heights

The Yarmouk Valley is run by ISIS – and left alone by Israel. This is a testament to the complex, cynical and calculated machinations of the actors in this conflict.

The role of the EU in the Syrian conflict

As a new round of Geneva talks is under way, the EU should ensure that the outcome is not merely the result of US and Russian talks.

Cybersecurity: the case for a European approach

The EU objective of developing a cyber ‘soft’ power privileging defence, resilience and civil society, sharply contrasts with national cybersecurity policies developed both inside and outside Europe.

Crise no Brasil: Sobre heróis e golpes

Porque recusar o discurso do golpe das elites contra um governo nacional-popular, é fundamental para compreender a crise brasileira e traçar estratégias do que fazer à esquerda. English Español

Brazil crisis: On heroes and coups

Rejecting the language of an elite coup against a national-popular government is key to understand the Brazilian crisis and strategize what to do from the left. Español Português

Crisis en Brasil: Sobre héroes y golpes

Rechazar el discurso de un golpe de las élites contra un gobierno nacional-popular es clave para entender la crisis brasileña y desarrollar estrategias sobre qué hacer desde la izquierda. English Português

#CIDHenCrisis: urgent action needed to save the regional human rights system in the Americas

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) is in deep financial crisis. At a time when Human Rights in Latin America are central for strengthening troubled democracies, the (IACHR) should thrive. Español

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