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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

New data visualization explores city fragility around the world

One of the world´s most comprehensive city mapping platforms was launched in the Hague and Stockholm last week

Escaping from asylum to act as citizens: political mobilization of refugees in Europe

These forms of protest (except for the Sans Papiers movement in France) were for many years largely ignored by a wider public. This changed fundamentally in 2012.

Chile: the philosophical question

The global trend against humanities is hitting Chile, a country where thousands of students regularly take to the streets demanding not only free but better education. Español

Chile: la cuestión filosófica

La tendencia global contra las humanidades está llegando a Chile, un país donde miles de estudiantes salen regularmente a las calles exigiendo no sólo educación gratuita, sino mejor. English

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (17). Podem as FARC dedicar-se à política?

As FARC têm que aprender a fazer política sem armas. Depois de mais de 50 anos de guerra, este é o grande desafio ao que se enfrenta a Colômbia. Español English

Jeremy Corbyn – a mainstream [Scandinavian] social democrat

If there is such a thing as a ‘best practice approach’ in public policy the Nordic model would probably be it and, at any measure, a useful benchmark for Britain to move towards.

What principles should guide a fair refugee responsibility sharing regime?

The world is at a crossroads for refugee protection. The UN Summit provides a rare opportunity to engineer a system that is equitable both for refugees and for host countries.

The US is failing in its moral obligation to Syrian refugees

Although the United States has fulfilled President Obama’s pledge of accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year, we should be doing much more.

Being a Kurdish-Turkish mistake

As a Kurdish child, I grew up in Kirkuk under the Baath regime thinking I was an existential mistake: but I liked being a mistake. I still like being a mistake.

Troca de favores nas Nações Unidas

O candidato favorito para suceder a Ban Ki-Moon como Secretário Geral da ONU é o Ex primeiro-ministro português António Guterres. Mas o procedimento de eleição continua a ser pouco democrático. English Español 

Postconflict in Colombia (17). Can Colombia’s FARC turn to politics?

After more than 50 years of war, the FARC have to learn to do politics with no weapons. This is the great challenge facing Colombia. Português Español

Postconflicto en Colombia (17). ¿Pueden las FARC dedicarse a la política?

 Las FARC tienen que aprender a hacer política sin armas. Tras más de 50 años de guerra, este es el gran desafío al que se enfrenta Colombia. Português English

The Australian Senator for Beijing?

“Perhaps his mistake was to say something sensible about Australia's relations with China, not something we normally expect from our politicians.”

Horse trading in the UN

The leading candidate to succeed Mr. Ban Ki-Moon as new Secretary General of the UN is former Portuguese PM Antonio Guterres. The election procedure, however, is as undemocratic as ever. Português Español  

Global migration summits are high-stakes and high-risk

The outcome of the summits must be about sharing responsibility, not shirking or shifting it. It can be done. Português Español

Europe’s Greek tragedy deepens out of sight

While European leaders continue to hail the EU-Turkey deal – under which refugees arriving in Greece since March are threatened with deportation – its human toll ruins the lives of thousands.

Intercambiando favores en las Naciones Unidas

El favorito para suceder a Ban Ki-Moon como Secretario General de la ONU es el ex primer ministro portugués, Antonio Guterres. Pero el proceso de elección sigue siendo poco democrático. Português English 

United against Spain’s Gag Laws: change bottom-up

The most worrying consequence of the Gag Laws is the population´s fear of exercising their freedoms, in particular freedom of expression and information. Español

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (16). O ator ausente

Para completar o cenário de construção da paz na Colômbia, é essencial levar a cabo um processo de negociação autónomo, que respeite a identidade política da “outra” guerrilha. Español English

Maduro: ¿quién te asesora?

La oposición a Nicolás Maduro está aumentando también entre los chavistas, que le acusan no sólo de no estar ya en la izquierda, sino de cometer repetidamente errores estúpidos. English

Maduro, who on earth is advising you?

Opposition to Nicolás Maduro’s tenure is now increasing also among Chavistas, who accuse him not only of being no longer on the Left but of repeatedly making stupid mistakes. Español

Anti-populist coups: Thaksin, dictatorship and Thailand’s new constitution

The “Red Shirts” movement has caused large-scale political instability, but it has brought to the fore critical questions about the road to Thai democratization.

Reply to Jonathan Rosenhead: ‘Is Zionist a rude word?’

A distinction must in all cases be made between the state and civil society.

Postconflicto en Colombia (16). El actor ausente

Para completar el escenario de construcción de la paz en Colombia, es esencial llevar a cabo un proceso de negociación autónomo, que respete la identidad política de la "otra" guerrilla. Português English

Postconflict in Colombia (16). The missing actor

For the peace-building scenario in Colombia to be complete, an autonomous, meaningful negotiation process, with full respect for the political identity of the “other” guerrilla force, is crucial. Português Español

Path to authoritarianism: the collapse of the politics of accommodation

The alternative is to recover the constitutive elements of the politics of accommodation, the core ideas of democratic public life mediated by the rule of law and accountable to all citizens.

As feridas dos Jogos Olímpicos do Rio de Janeiro continuam abertas

Depois da desaparição das câmaras fotográficas e dos sorrisos de felicidade olímpica, o Projeto 100 recusa-se a esquecer as famílias que ficaram do lado dos derrotados nestes Jogos. Español English

Peru fails to deliver for indigenous women

Under Fujimori, thousands of indigenous women and men were sterilized against their will. Today, activists and organizations keep on fighting for it to be considered a crime against humanity. Español

Perú no cumple con las mujeres indígenas

Bajo Fujimori, miles de mujeres y hombres indígenas fueron esterilizados en contra de su voluntad. Hoy, activistas y organizaciones siguen luchando para que sea considerado un crimen de lesa humanidad. English

That day: teaching at New York University on September 11, 2001

We live in the leeway between earth and sky. We need to speak to it, sing to it, the ground beneath our feet always changing homes.

Europe’s left after Brexit: DiEM25’s perspective

Varoufakis replies to Tariq Ali, Stathis Kouvelakis, Vicente Navarro and Stefano Fassina on the role of the national level in the inevitable clash with the EU establishment and current practices. 

We need bolder politicians

“We have seen a lengthy period during which politicians have deliberately disengaged from important aspects of what they should be doing, leading to a lot of disillusionment with politics.”

Las heridas de los Juegos Olímpicos de Río siguen abiertas

Tras la desaparición de cámaras y sonrisas de felicidad olímpica en la ciudad, el Proyecto 100 no quiere olvidar a las familias que cayeron del lado perdedor de los Juegos. Português English

Is statistics the prize weapon in the Zika arms race?

International political wrangling is stymieing progress in fighting Zika at the cost of a swelling number of infected pregnant women. With no vaccine or medicine to treat the virus, do statisticians hold the answer?

Las mujeres de los ríos y los bosques ¿tienen debates feministas?

En el norte de Brasil, más allá del alcance de internet y la televisión, el activismo feminista está sembrando las semillas de un movimiento revolucionario y decolonial. English

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