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Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is editor of oD-UK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

El accidente de Chernobyl, 30 años después

El 26 de abril de 1986 se produjo la catástrofe de Chernobyl en Ucrania, el peor accidente nuclear de la historia junto con el de Fukushima en Japón, en 2011. English

Fred Halliday’s futurity

Six years after his death in Barcelona, the work of a protean internationalist scholar has never been more relevant. Español Português

Fred Halliday y el futuro

Seis años después de su muerte en Barcelona, el trabajo de este poliédrico académico internacionalista no puede ser más relevante. English Português

Britain’s Investigatory Powers Bill: a gift to securocrats everywhere

Given the real and present dangers, surely governments should use any and all means to protect their citizens? Right? Wrong.

A genocide century: Armenia's light, Turkey's denial

A hundred years after the Ottoman genocide, Armenia is turning the page on a dark century and looking outwards. When will Turkey?

No alternative in Europe to a long, hard struggle

Don't be conned by those determined to free Britain from EU “red tape” – their catch-all term for employment rights, consumer protection and environmental regulation.

As Poles shift right, democracy runs scarce

While the Law and Justice party insists that local disputes are best settled at home, Polish opposition and fearful individuals have been reaching out to international forums for support.

Middle classes in Latin America (4). Millennials and the change of cycle

Young people who have experienced processes of upward social mobility in the last decade are fed up with overused governmental messages. They require new stimuli and demand improved living conditions. Español

Clases medias en América Latina (4). Los Millenials ante el cambio de ciclo

Los jóvenes que han experimentado procesos de movilidad social ascendente en la última década años están hartos de mensajes manidos, requieren nuevos estímulos y aspiran a mejorar sus condiciones de vida. English

A Syrian constitution by August: by whom and for whom?

Lasting constitutional settlements require a divided political community to arrive at a shared vision of their common future, and for the general public to support this vision. This takes dialogue, deliberation and time.

Eliminar la malaria, de una vez por todas

Muy extendida en África, Asia y América Latina, la malaria tiene importantes efectos negativos para el desarrollo económico. El 25 de abril es el Día Mundial de la Malaria. English

Eliminating malaria for good

Malaria is widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It is commonly associated with poverty and has major negative effects on economic development. April, 25 is World Malaria Day. Español

Shifty antisemitism wars

Convened by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Global Forum for Combatting Antisemitism has become a strategizing opportunity on how best to thwart a growing BDS campaign.

A natureza multidimensional do problema das drogas na América Latina

Uma abordagem multidimensional é essencial para combater o efeito contágio causado pela militarização da política de drogas como reflete a experiência em várias regiões da América Latina. English Español

Palmyra and propaganda

Those who unthinkingly applaud the Assad regime for recapturing Palmyra run the risk of looking as though they care more for Roman ruins than Syrian lives.

The case for Europe, 2016

In an interdependent world, nationalism offers no bolt-hole. The task for all progressives is to find effective ways to engage with continental partners, creating a new blend of national and European politics.

Thomas Kuhn, corrupción y Dilma

¿Cómo se sale de la actual situación en Brasil? Nada menos que un nuevo paradigma político: un sistema que no requiera de la corrupción para ser gobernado. English

Thomas Kuhn, corruption and Dilma

The way out of Brazil’s current situation is nothing less than a new political paradigm: a system that does not require corruption for its governance. Español

The EU-Turkey deal: unjust and short-sighted

Sending citizens who are fleeing one authoritarian regime to another authoritarian regime will only result in more anger, frustration and extremism in the years to come.

Middle classes in Latin America (3). Appetite for progress in Argentina

The challenge of the Macri administration is to steer reforms that meet the expectations of progress of those who, today, are the victims of a failed model of social inclusion. Español

Clases medias en América Latina (3). El apetito de progreso en Argentina

El desafío de la administración de Mauricio Macri será dar respuesta a las expectativas de progreso de aquellos que hoy son víctimas de un modelo fallido de inclusión social. English

Brazil: Coup d'état - live on TV!

An elected president faces impeachment just because Congress dislikes her. This grotesque manoeuvre aims to block Lula from standing in the next election. Español

Brasil: el golpe, en vivo y en directo

Un presidente electo no puede ser destituido porque al Congreso le disguste. Esta maniobra, destinada a impedir una próxima elección de Lula, se inscribe en la modalidad de "golpes blandos". English

From the US to Indonesia, why do we perpetuate the ‘war on drugs’?

As the United Nations General Assembly Session meets in New York today to discuss the ‘world drug problem’, our roundtable explores the political convenience and political gain that drives prohibitionist drug policy and the ‘war on drugs’. Video (7:34).

Clases medias en América Latina (2). Mitos y realidades

Las "clases a medias" que han emergido en América Latina son vulnerables y reivindicativas de una cultura popular y étnica propia, son democráticas y protestan para comunicar demandas. English

Middle classes in Latin America (2). Myths and realities

The "half-way classes" that have emerged in Latin America are vulnerable, proud of their own popular and ethnic culture, democratic, and ready to protest to press for their demands. Español

UNGASS 2016: ¿Estamos cerca de acabar con la adicción a la prohibición?

El mercado de la droga, sin regulación y sin licencia, es la forma más pura y más mortífera de capitalismo, ese que prioriza el beneficio por encima de todo. English

Portugal: there is intelligent life beyond austerity

Portugal appears to be saying goodbye to an implacable crisis. Beyond its shaky economic recovery, the political and social relevance of the current ongoing debate on austerity should be acknowledged. Português Español

Politics, racism and Israel/Palestine

If we need to be vigilant against the evil of antisemitism, we need to be equally vigilant against the kind of virulent racism which is gaining ground in Israel.

At the United Nations, are we any closer to ending the global addiction to prohibition?

The unregulated, unlicensed drug market is the purest, most deadly form of capitalism – prioritising profit above all else. It is time for an approach rooted in public health rather than criminal justice. Español

Why a progressive foreign policy is good for US national security

Even if the most Bernie Sanders succeeds at is pulling the national foreign policy conversation to the left, this will have been significant after a decade of living under the troublingly expansive national security complex ushered in by the events of 9/11.

Reformar las políticas contra las drogas ¿hay esperanza?

La incapacidad de reconocer la realidad de la situación actual en el mundo es el error más garrafal del “documento final” para el UNGASS sobre el problema mundial de la droga. English

Why is the UN failing to solve the ‘world drug problem’?

On 19 April, the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) meets to find a solution to the failed policies of the ‘war on drugs’. Our specialist roundtable discusses why the preparatory negotiations have been riddled with problems. Video (7:17).

Portugal: há vida inteligente mais além da austeridade

Portugal parece estar a dizer adeus a uma crise implacável. Mais além duma recuperação económica instável, a relevância política e social do atual debate sobre a austeridade deve ser tida em conta. English Español

Portugal: hay vida inteligente más allá de la austeridad

Portugal parece estar dejando atrás una crisis implacable. Más allá de una recuperación económica inestable, es importante fijarse en la relevancia política y social del actual debate sobre la austeridad. English Português

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