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Our guest editor, Valsamis Mitsilegas, director of the Criminal Justice Centre at Queen Mary University of London, introduces this week’s theme: Privacy and Surveillance in 2016.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What is Tunisia's Nobel prize rewarding?

By reassuring the political and economic elite and backing the privatisation operation led by sponsors and donors, this Nobel peace prize could well be one for ‘social peace at all costs’.

The European Court of Human Rights violates my rights

The EHCR has upheld the right of the Turkish politician Dogu Perincek to deny the Armenian genocide. It's a bad decision with dangerous implications.

Eritrean exodus: living with risk

Eritreans are leaving their homeland in big numbers. Their experience of violence and trauma is at the heart of the process.  

Enquanto o mundo assiste há 59,5 milhões de deslocados internos na terra

Uns 6 milhões de Colombianos fazem com que o segundo país do mundo com mais deslocados internos (DIs) por motivos de violência não esteja no Médio-Oriente, mas sim na América Latina. Español. English.

Old Turkish demons in new faces?

The ‘deep state’ meets Erdoğan’s ‘New Turkey’. The country’s resulting predicament is much more dangerous than two decades ago.

No, EU, Turkey is not safe for everyone

“Human rights and the rule of law in Turkey are at the worst level I’ve seen in the 12 years I’ve worked on Turkey’s human rights.”

La reforma constitucional en España deberá superar el inmovilismo suicida del Partido Popular

Siria, Grecia, los retos de la socialdemocracia en Europa, la propuesta de reforma federalista del PSOE en España de cara a las próximas elecciones generales. Entrevista en profundidad al exministro de Justicia y europarlamentario socialista, Juan Fernando López Aguilar. English.

Memetic engineering: conspiracies, viruses and historical agency

Ideas, just like viruses or organisms, do not spontaneously generate, even if certain historical circumstances make the rise and spread of a given idea more likely.

Mientras el mundo anda mirando, hay 59,5 millones de desplazados internos en la tierra

Unos 6 millones de colombianos hacen que el segundo país del mundo con más desplazados internos (DIs) por motivos de violencia no esté en Oriente Medio, sino en América Latina. Português. English.

Latinoamérica en Alerta Democrática

En un  momento en que la región se encuentra ante una encrucijada, parece urgente dibujar escenarios para asegurarse un futuro en democracia plena. La iniciativa Alerta Democrática realiza este importante ejercicio. Português. English.

América Latina em Alerta Democrático

Num momento em que a região se encontra perante uma encruzilhada económica e política, parece urgente desenhar cenários para lidar com o futuro. A iniciativa Alerta Democrático pretende executar este importante exercício. EspañolEnglish.

Turkey as a failed society

A different kind of reality is both constructed and deployed, which effects a huge gulf in understanding between the pro-AKP and non-AKP masses.

Turkey’s interim passage to anarchy

The current mayhem, if it continues, is likely to once again tempt the military top brass to stage a coup and take power in the name of restoring order as it has done several times earlier. 

China and the coming crisis

Look to China, if you want to locate the downfall of capitalism. It could happen a lot sooner than we think.

A resistência dos Guarani Kaiowá

Em Mato Grosso do Sul, a verdade dos povos indígenas continua a ser negada à mão armada pela verdade dos proprietários das terras, com a ajuda do Estado brasileiro. Español. English.

The resistance of the Kaiowá Guaraní

In the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso do Sul, the indigenous people’s truth is still being denied at gunpoint by the landowners’ truth, with the help of the State. Español. Português.

La resistencia de los Guaraní Kaiowá

En Mato Grosso do Sul, la verdad de los pueblos indígenas todavía está siendo negada a punta de pistola por la verdad de los terratenientes, con la ayuda del Estado brasileño. English. Português.

Resposta aos profetas do “fim de ciclo” latino-americano

Os êxitos históricos dos governos progressistas são inegáveis segundo Atílio Borón e Álvaro Garcia Linera, dois dos intelectuais mais lúcidos implicados nos processos políticos da região. Español. English.

An answer to the “end of cycle” prophets in Latin America

The historical successes of progressive governments are undeniable, according to Atilio Borón and Álvaro García Linera, two of the most clear-headed intellectuals involved in the political processes in the region. Español. Português.

Respuesta a los profetas del “fin de ciclo” latinoamericano

Los aciertos históricos de los gobiernos progresistas son innegables, según Atilio Borón y Álvaro García Linera, dos de los intelectuales más lúcidos implicados en los procesos políticos de la región. Português. English.

Bernie Sanders has morphed into a serious contender

Democratic socialism does not resonate positively in an America still overshadowed by decades of anti-communism, but Sanders is tapping into deeply-rooted popular frustration with inauthentic politicians.

Canadians, go vote to get your money's worth

As Canada prepares to vote in the longest and possibly costliest election of its modern history, high voter turnout is key to bring the focus back on the role of citizens in Canadian electoral politics.

Arabs vs Persians, Sunni vs Shi'a - "hatred" vs reality

Today's conflicts in the Middle East are distorted not clarified by the media's "sectarian" prism.

Ankara’s war on peace

Officials have insinuated that Kurds might have blown themselves up on purpose. What the quasi-sacred term ‘terrorism’ does today is to curb the will and the ability to resist arbitrary rule.

Coming to terms with the Ankara massacre

With three bomb attacks this year including two massacres, many ask if the dark days of the Turkish deep state have come back to torment Turkey.

How big are our imaginary lizards?

The obviousness of simple facts often get so tainted by political antagonism and conspiracy theories that they pull nations apart, making us forget that no one’s blood is darker than the other. 

Understanding conspiracy theories in the Turkish context

Two important elements in the prevalence of conspiracy rhetoric is secrecy and political insecurities in Turkish politics.

Time for a reckoning: NGOs, public trust and democracy

Accountability practices, intended to increase trust in NGOs, can lead to a narrow focus on projects at the expense of engaging in wider campaigning for social transformation. 

La tragedia interminable del Día de Colón

La celebración del Día de Colón no es de recibo. La colonización trajo consigo una inmensa tragedia que hay que empezar a recordar. English, Português.

The Continuing Tragedy of Columbus Day

The celebration of Columbus Day is not acceptable. The colonization brought with it an immense tragedy that it is necessary to start remembering. Español. Português. 

A tragédia interminável do dia de Colombo

A celebração do Dia de Cristóvão Colombo não e aceitável. A colonização trouxe consigo uma imensa tragédia que há que começar a recordar. English. Español.

How likely is civil war in Turkey?

The recent and ongoing clashes taking place between members of the Kurdish and Turkish diasporas in Europe reflect the violent transnationality of this conflict.

'Are you a traitor?' The BBC Panorama interview with Edward Snowden

'The question is, if I was a traitor, who did I betray?' This is the exclusive full transcript of the interview with Edward Snowden, aired on BBC World TV on 10 October 2015.

Terror policial en Brasil

¿Cuántas muertes más de jóvenes negros son necesarias para que las consideremos “genocidio” o asesinatos políticos? La abolición de la policía militar en Brasil es urgente. English. Português.

Free movement, welfare tourism and refugees

“Economic migrant” was never a pejorative term among economists. If economic migration and asylum-seeking are kept properly distinct, the case for freedom of movement within the European Union is unanswerable.

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