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Cameron Thibos is managing editor of Beyond Trafficking and Slavery.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Human rights violations in south-east Turkey: failed peace talks followed by increasing violence

“Kurds are scared to go into their homes and Turks are scared to go out of their homes”. This is the state of public order in Turkey in the wake of the failed peace talks.  

Cuestiones geopolíticas en el Cono Sur

Más que en las Malvinas, como prioridad de la política exterior el nuevo gobierno argentino se concentrará, probablemente, en los desafíos económicos, ambientales y de seguridad del Atlántico Sur. English

Geopolitical issues in the Southern Cone

The new Argentinian government will probably concentrate more on the economic, environmental and security challenges of the South Atlantic, than stressing the Malvinas issue as its main foreign policy priority. Español

Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria: an argument for protecting humanitarian law in US politics

The extremist goals of those who seek to abolish such laws reflect a deeply problematic ideology, in which guilt by association is a celebrated norm.

Nuestras políticas contra las drogas son un fracaso y una ruina. ¿Qué alternativas hay?

El coste exorbitante de la guerra contra las drogas es una razón de peso para cambiar de política. ¿Qué pasaría si, en su lugar, invirtiéramos en tratamientos de las adicciones? English

Interview: Martin Kobler, the UN envoy trying to put Libya back together

The veteran German diplomat speaks about the challenge of uniting Libya and ending a civil war.

Las mujeres y la guerra contra las drogas

Supervivientes y víctimas de la guerra contra las drogas viajaron desde Honduras en una caravana para la paz, la vida y la justicia para presentar su caso ante la UNGASS. English

Clases medias en América Latina (5). De la retórica del crecimiento a las expectativas del post-acuerdo en Colombia

Aunque el crecimiento de las clases medias en Colombia responde a los mismos factores que en el resto de América Latina, el malestar social tiene aquí un carácter particularmente multiclasista. English

Celebrating labour day in the red city – Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"“I don’t think older people are nostalgic about the socialist past. I can see that the life was better in those days..."

Middle classes in Latin America (5). From the rhetoric of growth to post-agreement expectations in Colombia

Although the rise of the middle classes in Colombia responds to the same factors as in the rest of Latin  America, social unrest here has a particularly multiclass character. Español

O risco de publicar aquilo que alguns não querem que se publique

O jornalismo foi sempre uma profissão arriscada. De acordo com o Índice Mundial da Liberdade de Imprensa para 2016, regista-se uma diminuição da liberdade de imprensa em todo o mundo, especialmente nas Américas. Español English

The risky business of printing what someone else does not want printed

Journalism has always been a risky endeavour. According to the World Press Freedom Index 2016, there has been a sharp decline in press freedom worldwide, especially in the Americas. Português Español

El riesgo de publicar lo que alguien no quiere que se publique

El periodismo siempre ha sido una profesión arriesgada. Según el Índice Mundial de Libertad de la Prensa de 2016, se registra una disminución de la libertad de prensa en todo el mundo, especialmente en las Américas. Português English

‘Un símbolo de vida’: cuando tomar drogas es un acto sagrado

La guerra contra las drogas se presenta como una lucha contra ciertos males sociales. Pero desde los Andes hasta el Caribe, lo que la prohibición ha criminalizado son expresiones culturales. English

Will Iran’s new parliament improve women’s rights?

The problem was the Guardian Council, a body which has veto authority over any legislature, which in this case rejected all 33 bills introduced by women deputies.

Why are we Brits in such a muddle about antisemitism?

We may be at a critical moment in British public life, risking a plunge into an American-style pseudo-politics, sucking attention away from the real inequalities of our world and our society.

UNGASS 2016: de la oportunidad al oportunismo

La cumbre representaba una gran oportunidad para acabar con la "guerra contra las drogas",  pero los defensores del estatus quo lograron abortar las aspiraciones de transformación en la materia. English

What do Muslims think? Same old, same old... time to wake up

It is important not to surrender to fear by seeing all manifestations of Islam, including the conservative ones, as an indicator of terrorism.

The dawn and delusions of the ‘Nerd Reich’: BlockBusters #1

It is both possible and necessary to think politically about the blockchain: delegation, transmutation and complexity.

Papua New Guinea High Court ruling: the asylum seeker detention centre on Manus Island must close

But the main power blocks in Australia politics – the ALP and the Coalition – show no signs at all of even blushing, now that the Manus Island game is up.

Asylum seeker dies from self-inflicted burns

An Iranian asylum seeker has died after setting himself on fire at an Australian detention centre on the remote Pacific island of Nauru.

Interviewing Babah Tarawally, Dutch novelist and former refugee from Sierra Leone

Babah Tarawally’s message is one of hope; he urges refugees to emancipate themselves from both a racist or excessively self-pitying discourse, and to acquire an active role in the construction of their future. 

Slovakia: Roma exclusion and the dark side of democracy

The EU should heed Slovakia consistently falling short of ‘Council of Europe standards’ in a seemingly inexorable shift to the dark side of democracy: illiberal, majoritarian, Christian and national.

From the sorrow to the shame of Belgium

The legalisation of this 'newcomer’s statement' is an undeniable step on the slippery slope in the dehumanisation of Europe’s ‘new Jews’. Alarm bells should be ringing.

In defence of today’s anti-fascist protesters

Populist leaders today are unable to completely abolish multi-party systems, free press, individual freedom, or instigate actual war both inside and outside the country. But we can’t ignore the danger they present.

Offshore democracy, or Argentina through the looking glass

Exclude the poor from politics on the grounds that they are tempted to misappropriate public funds, and replace them with the rich: this is the project. Español Português

Democracia offshore en la Argentina de Macri

Este es el proyecto: con el argumento de que caen en la tentación de apropiarse indebidamente de fondos públicos, excluir a los pobres de la política y sustituirlos por los ricos. English Português

Democracia Offshore na Argentina de Macri

Excluir os pobres da política, porque podem ser tentados a malversar fundos públicos, e substitui-los pelos ricos: este é o projeto da nova democracia offshore. English Español

Where will we end up? Terrorism, Islamophobia and the logic of fascism

Fascism is not only a form of prejudice, it is also a political logic. A logic that reduces complex problems to ‘us and them’ issues.

The state of regional Kurdish politics: divided as ever

The confidence that prevailed in Kurdish streets in the aftermath of the Kobane victory is now replaced by a growing sense of abandonment and misery, with nationalism its natural expression.

Turkey’s presidential transition, done the hard way

Erdoğan is successfully pushing the HDP further to the margins and the HDP seems to be taking the bait doubly pressed upon them by Erdoğan and the PKK.

Redefining relations between Latin America and China

According to a new report by the OECD, Latin America will have to redefine its relations with China if it is to resume economic growth. Español Português

A América Latina terá que redefinir as suas relações com a China

De acordo com um novo relatório da OCDE, a América Latina terá que redefinir as suas relações com a China se quiser retomar o crescimento económico. Español English

Hacia una redefinición de las relaciones de América Latina con China

Según un nuevo informe de la OCDE, América Latina tendrá que redefinir sus relaciones con China si quiere reanudar su crecimiento económico. English Português

Fred Halliday e o futuro

Seis anos depois da sua morte em Barcelona, o trabalho deste poliédrico internacionalista não podia ser mais relevante. English Español

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