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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Greeks and the world

This week has seen what many - both on the left and on the right in Greece – have termed a humiliating surrender to the combined force of the fiscal hawks in Northern Europe. But the debt crisis apart, how do ordinary Greeks view the outside world? Spanish.

The left returns to an old love – saying No to Europe

It is the politics of Europe’s current rulers that must be challenged, not the UK’s membership of the EU.

“What now for Greece? What now for the left?”

Logics of financial capital are all the more powerful blended with cultural logics. From now on, do Greeks need to keep their “orientalist radar” active wherever they go?

El Papa Francisco, en la cárcel más hacinada de Bolivia: “Yo también podría estar acá”

¿Qué pasa cuando una visita papal arroja luz sobre una área vedada del Estado boliviano donde han fracasado casi por completo las reformas? English.

What Europe can get from Iran

In shifting its relationship with Iran from containment to engagement, what could Europe gain from this historic nuclear agreement? Excerpt from the latest ECFR policy briefing.

Nonviolent resistance in Palestine: steadfastness, creativity and hope

"I don’t want my children to live my life. I’m looking for a future for my children and all children that is without occupation and violence. We have to have hope to resist.”

Democracy's dying days?

Political meritocracy distinguishes China's political system from other non-democratic political systems and is central to the country's success. Yet it continues to be misunderstood by western intellectuals. A response to Stein Ringen.

Uma rebelião grega

Ao que estamos a fazer frente na crise grega é a uma inacreditável corrupção moral a grande escala. English

La rebelión griega

A lo que estamos haciendo frente en la crisis griega es a una asombrosa corrupción moral a gran escala. English

A Greek rebellion

What we are confronting in the Greek crisis is moral corruption on a breathtaking scale. Español

German offensive, Greek resistance

Europe needs Tsipras to pass the agreement in Parliament, where there is a no majority without the bulk of Syriza votes.

The outline of a “deal”

Imagine if the US states had rejected the Constitution and opted to keep the Articles of Confederation; Europe remains in this embryonic, weak and unstable state.

Podemos’ dilemma and why leadership still matters

Running for office means engaging in an operation that is intrinsically reductive and hegemonic, whether we like it or not.

A battle in a long war

Beyond the resounding victory of the NO vote in the Greek referendum, analysts say it will not be easy to break the matrix of neoliberal thought that has become established in Europe through sixty years of collective work. Spanish.

Una batalla dentro de una guerra larga

Más allá de la contundente victoria del NO en el referéndum griego, los analistas sostienen que no será fácil doblegar la matriz de pensamiento neoliberal. English.

Momentous times for democracy in Europe

The shocking behaviour of the Eurozone leaders in punishing Greece for voting against austerity has alarming implications for the future. Is it too late to put democracy and Europe together again?

“I, too, could be here”: Pope’s benediction in Bolivia’s most overcrowded prison

What happens when a visit from His Holiness sheds a light on a ‘no go area’ for the Bolivian state in which there has been an almost total failure at reform?

Xinjiang and China, tragedy foretold

China's official mindset towards its troubled, majority-Muslim region is flawed. Many outside views are simplistic. A new book makes the case for a deeper understanding to help avert disaster. 

Young and European? We are Greece, we are the 99%

When will a true European democracy based on the people, not the states, finally emerge?

Freezing the thaw: managing the rush for Arctic Black Gold

The world’s wealthiest and most powerful nations will be able to better endure these disruptions, just as they now enjoy the energy consumption that causes it.

European Commission’s deregulation drive threatens EU nature laws

Deregulation is often packaged as a fight against red tape or a drive to improve efficiency by removing so-called ‘burdens’ on business or ‘barriers’ to trade. But such ‘burdens’ are the social and environmental standards that protect us all and the world we live in.

Athens from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a long way from Athens, but the suffering of the Greeks is close to the heart of the Argentines. Many are cheering Greek courage in standing up to the IMF and friends, even if this is simply what it takes to get back to the negotiating table. Español.

Beware the echo chamber: digital media and disaster recovery

Communication technologies can give victims of disaster a voice. But those who are most in need are not heard because they lack access to these technologies and the skills to use them.

When it comes to ‘Islamic State,’ the west just doesn’t get it

There is much the west does not understand about its latest enemy, in which it faces more than 'just' extremists.

Buenos Aires, muito longe de Atenas

Buenos Aires está muito longe de Atenas, mas o sofrimento dos Gregos está muito perto do coração dos Argentinos. São muitos aqueles que aplaudem a coragem de fazer frente ao FMI e aos seus sócios, nem que seja para acabar voltando à mesa das negociações.English.

Atenas desde Buenos Aires

Son muchos los que desde Argentina aplauden el coraje de los griegos por haber plantado cara al FMI y a sus amigos, ni que sea para acabar volviendo a la mesa de negociación. English.

What kind of peace? The case of the Turkish and Kurdish peace process

Past experience suggests that this unclarity about the peace process may once again open the door for brutal conflict.

The Turkish elections: the struggle within

Turkish politics has long been a site of antagonistic struggles between different republican ideologies. Today, a new ideological competition has resurfaced which has its roots in the past. 

Why I'm leaving London

“My family is moving to Los Angeles in two weeks. Many Londoners understand intuitively why we're going.”

A 12 step guide to the EU’s crisis of political responsibility

Why are European institutions incapable of implementing values that honour fraternity, solidarity, and a dignified life?

Varoufakis’s dogma

Europe was not, and still is not, ready for the level of consolidation that the Greek Finance Minister suggested. On the other hand, Varoufakis was not ready to compromise his ideas either.

Yanis Varoufakis, James Dean of the European left

According to the distinction made by Max Weber, Varoufakis answers to his convictions while Tsipras holds the future of Greece in his hands for Greece and Europe.

Book review: Enemy on the Euphrates

Ian Rutledge’s book, Enemy on the Euphrates: The British Occupation of Iraq and the Great Arab Revolt, 1914–1921 (Saqi Books, 2014), is a story of imperial arrogance and plunder and the inevitable reaction it generates.

In bad faith

Debt relief must happen now—more than the IMF suggests—to prevent the need for even more debt relief later. This is as much in the creditors’ interest as it is in the Greeks'.

From Gezi Park to Turkey’s transformed political landscape

The sociological transformation made manifest in these election results will continue to profoundly affect the political sphere in Turkey for the foreseeable future. 

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