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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Global South, beyond the State

Global South's emancipatory practices are demanding the renewal of the 'Spirit of Bandung' that gave birth to the South-South cooperation. Español

El Sur Global, más allá del Estado

Las prácticas emancipadoras del Sur Global reclaman la renovación del "Espíritu de Bandung" que dio origen a la cooperación Sur-Sur. English

Turkey’s other ‘Gezi’ moment

There were two Gezi moments: one, a resistance to neoliberal authoritarianism; the other, a defence of representative democracy and ‘the national will’, for whom Gezi spelt the end of democracy.

What can we expect from the EU-Turkey deal over the lives of Syrian refugees?

EU and international organisations welcome the Turkish Government’s policy changes to curb the number of refugees entering Europe. But if this will work remains to be seen.

The UK's Investigatory Powers Bill report card: “Must try harder”

The British public will not accept a law that treats the Internet, the greatest modern innovation for cultural, economic and social development, as something that must be hacked, tracked, and mined.

The anti-US military base struggle in Okinawa, Japan

Many visitors stay for a prolonged period, become regular visitors or even completely relocate to Okinawa, as Aihara and Kamoshita did a few years ago.

Long live Empire!

Indians don’t care whether the statue of Queen Victoria stays put or is consigned to a junkyard. Many agree with Ferguson that the British Empire had some plus points.

Pós-conflito na Colômbia (6). Transição militar e policial: Cinco desafios

O caso colombiano quebra qualquer tipo de molde e seguramente será o modelo a seguir para superar os conflitos armados não internacionais próprios do século XXI, que não podemos caracterizar como guerras civis. English Español

Los sindicatos argentinos no regresarán a los años 90

Los dirigentes sindicales leales a los trabajadores cuestionarán las políticas de Macri y se enfrentarán al gobierno en los sindicatos, en las calles y en el Congreso de la Nación. English

Argentina’s trade unions will not go back to the 1990’s

Union leaders who remain loyal to the workers will question Macri’s policies, and will confront the government through the union membership both in the streets and in the National Congress. Español

Human rights in Europe should not buckle under mass surveillance

Privacy is a fundamental human right essential for living in dignity and security. This is why it is necessary that European countries pause and get back on the right track.

The current situation in Yemen: causes and consequences

The conflict will not lead to a clear victory: there will need to be some difficult compromises. Meanwhile, the destruction continues and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Islamic State terrorists are exploiting the situation.

Postconflicto en Colombia (6). Transición militar y policial

El caso colombiano rompe cualquier molde y seguramente será el modelo a seguir para superar conflictos armados no internacionales propios del Siglo XXI, que no podremos caracterizar como guerras civiles. English Português

Postconflict in Colombia (6). Military and police transition: five challenges

The Colombian case breaks all previous patterns and will surely become a model for overcoming non-international armed conflicts in the 21st century, which cannot be categorized as civil wars. Español Português

The paradox at the heart of the Snowden revelations

If proper oversight is not developed, Snowden’s legacy will have served only to reinforce one thing: the intrusiveness of global surveillance.

Exigibilidad de los Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales: antecedentes y suposiciones equivocadas

Inicialmente,  el continente americano combinó  la Declaración de los Derechos y Deberes del Hombre con disposiciones sobre DCP y DESC indistintamente. Pero luego se fueron separando. English

Enforceability of ESC Rights: some background and misleading assumptions

In the American continent, a Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man combined Civil and Political Rights and Economic Social and Civic provisions with no distinction. But they grew apart. Español

DiEM-25 - La Unión Europea ha de democratizarse. ¡O se desintegrará!

Activistas e intelectuales de toda Europa lanzaron el 9 de febrero en Berlín el Manifiesto de DiEM25, siglas en inglés del Movimiento Democracia en Europa 2025. El fundador de openDemocracy explica porqué es tan vital para Europa. English

Trust and suspicion under ‘policed multiculturalism’

‘Policed multiculturalism’, removes decisions regarding community relations from political discussion by presenting them as matters of ‘security’, to be decided in governmental or bureaucratic circles by security professionals.

Surveillance and the 2015-16 refugee crisis in Europe

The EU deals with 320 million third country nationals every year, immigration officials, according to FRONTEX, needing only 12 seconds to make a decision on their entry. So why the crisis?

Postconflicto en Colombia (5). TICs y participación ciudadana

Es clave incentivar la participación ciudadana en el proceso de implementación de los acuerdos de La Habana. Las TIC son una vía importante. English Português

Post-conflict in Colombia (5). ICTs and citizen participation

Information and Communication Technologies must play an important role in promoting the participation of citizens in the process of implementing the Havana agreements. Español Português

As mudanças climáticas aumentam o risco do vírus Zika

22 países latino-americanos relataram vários casos de Zika. À medida que a temperatura global sobe e as regiões do planeta aquecem, a emergência toma uma dimensão internacional. English Español

El cambio climático aumenta el riesgo de Zika

22 países latinoamericanos han reportado casos de Zika. A medida que la temperatura global va subiendo y las regiones del planeta se calientan más, la emergencia se vuelve internacional. Português English

Climate change increases risk of Zika virus

22 Latin American countries have reported cases of Zika. As the global temperature rises and Aedes aegypti moves to new habitats, the emergency becomes international. Español Português

Back from the dead and standing on Travellers’ Doorstep – the case of the EU PNR Directive

This framework places the movement of travellers, including EU citizens, under constant monitoring, irrespective of the fact that they are a priori innocent and unsuspected of any criminal offence.

São Salvador, e não Caracas, foi a cidade do mundo com mais homicídios em 2015

Com quase 200 mortos por cada 100.000 habitantes, é provável que a taxa de homicídio de São Salvador supere a de mortes violentas em muitos dos conflitos armados no mundo. English Español

San Salvador, y no Caracas, fue la ciudad del mundo con más homicidios en 2015

Con casi 200 muertos por 100.000 habitantes, es probable que la tasa de homicidios de San Salvador supere la de muertes violentas en muchos de los conflictos armados en el mundo. English Português

San Salvador, not Caracas, was the world´s most murderous city in 2015

With almost 200 murders by 100.000 inhabitants, probably San Salvador´s murder rate exceeds the violent death rate in many of the world´s most vicious armed conflicts. Español Português

En Venezuela, lo fácil es polarizar

Rara vez los políticos negocian si no están obligados a hacerlo. Ante un país en quiebra, lo único que puede obligar al chavismo a negociar con una oposición fortalecida es la presión social. English

Venezuela, where polarising is so easy

Politicians negotiate only when they are forced to. In a broken nation, the only thing that can make Chavism accept to negotiate with a tough opposition is social pressure. Español

Developing a global privacy regime in the age of mass surveillance: four key principles

Europe leads in the field of the protection of privacy, with legislators, particularly courts, addressing head-on the fundamental human rights challenges posed by executive action authorising mass surveillance.

The role of independent supervision in upholding privacy in the age of surveillance

This independence is even more important in an age where surveillance of individuals takes place on a mass scale, also benefiting from the potential in big data use.

To the shores of Tripoli

Great Britain and Italy are preparing to send ground troops to Libya, and American troops will likely be involved eventually – ironic developments given western intervention helped create a failed state in Libya in the first place.

Donald Trump’s Russian cousins

Seeing The Donald as an isolated, ‘American’ phenomenon misses the point. 

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