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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Ecuador: el Estado fuerte y el estado de la salud

Si en tiempos de vacas gordas el Estado ha optado por el sistema público-privado, ¿qué va a pasar en tiempo de vacas flacas como ahora? English.

Pós-conflito na Colômbia (2). Além do dinheiro.

A experiência colombiana, bem como as diversas experiências internacionais, demonstram que as iniciativas económicas para a paz trazem com ela uma mudança real na dinâmica e na narrativa que envolve o conflito. English. Español.

Considerações sobre o pós-conflito na Colômbia

2016 será um ano decisivo para o processo de paz, na Colômbia. Juntamente com a Fundación Ideas para la Paz en Bogotá, apresentamos uma série de artigos acerca das circunstâncias do pós-conflito. English. Español.

Saudi executions: beyond the numbers

The inability to recognise an affront to the rule of law, regardless of the identity of the perpetrator, reveals the region’s dire state of affairs, politically, morally, and intellectually. Arabic

The illusion of security

It seems as if the political process has been poisoned by the intelligence agencies, who are given more power with less accountability requested every time they fail. Interview.

Fiscal crisis in Brazil: a tale of two inflations

Surviving an impeachment will be a herculean task for Dilma Rousseff. With economic contraction and growing expenditure, the fiscal deficit will increase. There is no more room for gambling. Português.

More religion?

It is an error for politicians and institutions to invite British Muslims to think about extremism as Muslims, rather than as citizens.

The difficulty of 'neoliberalism'

Disagreement over words is surely to be welcomed in a pluralist intellectual and political culture. Why is neoliberalism so provocative? Why is it Blairites in particular that are so provoked?

A threat to whom? Some implications of the rise of “extremist rhetoric”

“We need to call in question how, as a society, we allow our security and democracy to be defined.”

Islamic Reformation?

We keep hearing calls for an ‘Islamic Reformation’, but the Protestant Reformation was not a liberal enterprise: it was the original ‘fundamentalism’, whence the label now applied to Islam.

Hans Blix – a diplomatic life

Hans Blix ponders his long career in international politics and diplomacy, the state of the Middle East, and why he is an advocate for nuclear power. Interview.

Outside the box: a Sunni endgame in Syria, Iraq?

A series of related events point to a possible endgame scenario in Syria and Iraq.

2016: Democracy, open to the future. Letter from the editor

We ignore what 2016 will bring about, but we want DemocraciaAbierta to become a helpful tool to engage in global debates and critical thinking, challenging assumptions about our democracies. Português. Español.

2016: Democracia, Abierta hacia el futuro. Carta del director

No sabemos lo que nos deparará el 2016, pero queremos hacer que DemocraciaAbierta se convierta en un instrumento útil para globalizar la mirada crítica sobre nuestras democracias. English. Português.

2016: Democracia, Aberta ao futuro. Carta do diretor

Não sabemos o que nos espera em 2016, mas queremos fazer que a DemocraciaAberta se converta num instrumento útil para globalizar um olhar critico sobre as nossas democracias. English. Español.

Aunque Argentina se escore a la derecha, las mejoras del progresismo se mantendrán

Macri ha heredado del Kirchnerismo una camisa de fuerza ideológica y una presión social que le mantendrá atado frente a tentaciones neoliberales, que se demostraron nocivas en el pasado. English.

Argentina lurches rightwards but progressive policy gains will endure

The most enduring legacy of Kirchnerism is that it has left President Macri partially tied to its ideological straightjacket. Social pressure will prevent him from neoliberal temptations. Español. 

2015 and the struggle for Europe’s core

2015 was the year that everyone could see that the European emperor is not (not any longer) wearing clothes. Worse, the emperor didn’t even deny that he was naked! 

Democracia en Argentina: ¿significa Macri menos Estado?

El cambio que trae Macri a la Argentina presenta múltiples interrogantes ante el temor de la vuelta a un neoliberalismo que fracasó estrepitosamente en el país en los años 90. English. 

Democracy in Argentina: Does Macri mean less State?

The change that Macri is bringing to Argentina is raising multiple issues among fears of a comeback of policies that utterly failed in the country during the neoliberal 90’s. Español. 

Postconflicto en Colombia (3). La paz, medio siglo después

Las negociaciones con las FARC están demasiado avanzadas para que nadie pueda dar un paso atrás. English. Português.

Postconflict in Colombia (3). 50 years after

Negotiations with FARC are too advanced for anyone to step back now. Español. Português.

When soldiers speak out

‘Soldiers have spoken out, protested, and revolted in almost every war in history. We need this resistance… one of the single strongest factors in bringing wars to an end.’

Burundi: crisis and warning

Political violence is escalating in the east African state. The world's attention and engsgement are urgently needed if a repeat of Rwanda is to be avoided.

Postconflicto en Colombia (2). Más allá del dinero

La experiencia de Colombia y las distintas experiencias internacionales demuestran que las iniciativas económicas que contribuyen eficientemente para la paz  traen con ella un cambio real en la dinámica y la narrativa que envuelve el conflicto. English. Português

Post-conflict in Colombia (2). Beyond the money

Both Colombian and international experiences show that, beyond increased revenue, the economic initiatives effectively contributing to peace bring about real change in the dynamics and narratives surrounding the conflict. Español. Português.

France and radical Islam: overcoming failed containment

The way to address the disaffection of young French Muslims lies in opening the political system to their democratic criticism and voices.

Bolivia’s lithium boom: dream or nightmare?

Bolivia stores around 70% of the world’s lithium reserves, but the environmental impacts of extracting it represent a risk of massive contamination. Español. Português.

Bolívia, sonhos e pesadelos em função do boom do lítio

A Bolívia possua 70% das reservas de lítio do planeta, mais os impactos ambientais da extração representan un perigo de contaminação maciça. Español. English.

Bolivia, sueños y pesadillas por el boom del litio

Bolivia posee el 70% de las reservas de litio a nivel mundial, pero el impacto ambiental de su explotación supone un riesgo de contaminación masiva. Português. English.

Pós-conflito na Colômbia (1): Adeus às armas

2015 termina com avanços de vital importância para as negociações. Uma vez acordado o tema das vítimas, o abandono das armas é um dos mais difíceis pontos sobre os quais as partes ainda tem que chegar a acordo. English. Español

Spain’s December 20 General Elections: start of a new historical cycle

Being able to foster ‘real’ change in favour of the oppressed while, at the same time, responding to their need for security would be a great achievement for any political entity. Español

Smile again

For those disappointed with the prospects offered to us by the supposed ‘crisis of capitalism’, Podemos represents more than a breath of fresh air; it has been a shot of adrenaline. Español.

Volver a Sonreír

Para aquellos que están decepcionados con las perspectivas que ofrecía la supuesta “crisis del capitalismo”, Podemos representa más que una bocanada de aire fresco. Es un chute de adrenalina. English.

Facing violence: thoughts from Geneva

To counter ISIS and address the other crucial crises that poison our days we need a regime change – at home.

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