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Tom Rowley is editor of oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Politics, racism and Israel/Palestine

If we need to be vigilant against the evil of antisemitism, we need to be equally vigilant against the kind of virulent racism which is gaining ground in Israel.

At the United Nations, are we any closer to ending the global addiction to prohibition?

The unregulated, unlicensed drug market is the purest, most deadly form of capitalism – prioritising profit above all else. It is time for an approach rooted in public health rather than criminal justice. Español

Why a progressive foreign policy is good for US national security

Even if the most Bernie Sanders succeeds at is pulling the national foreign policy conversation to the left, this will have been significant after a decade of living under the troublingly expansive national security complex ushered in by the events of 9/11.

Reformar las políticas contra las drogas ¿hay esperanza?

La incapacidad de reconocer la realidad de la situación actual en el mundo es el error más garrafal del “documento final” para el UNGASS sobre el problema mundial de la droga. English

Why is the UN failing to solve the ‘world drug problem’?

On 19 April, the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) meets to find a solution to the failed policies of the ‘war on drugs’. Our specialist roundtable discusses why the preparatory negotiations have been riddled with problems. Video (7:17).

Portugal: há vida inteligente mais além da austeridade

Portugal parece estar a dizer adeus a uma crise implacável. Mais além duma recuperação económica instável, a relevância política e social do atual debate sobre a austeridade deve ser tida em conta. English Español

Portugal: hay vida inteligente más allá de la austeridad

Portugal parece estar dejando atrás una crisis implacable. Más allá de una recuperación económica inestable, es importante fijarse en la relevancia política y social del actual debate sobre la austeridad. English Português

Pós-conflito na Colômbia (12): Referendacão e segurança jurídica

Um resultado positivo na referendacão do acordo de paz entre as partes pode reforçar a sua legitimidade e outorgar-lhe uma aura de intocabilidade que o protegeria contra possíveis ingerências. Español English

A 'new Right' has appeared in the Brazilian political spectrum

The understanding of the current crisis can be traced to the first years of the 21st century. On the eve of Dilma Roussef’s impeachment, we interview openDemocracy’s author Arthur Ituassu. Español

Processos políticos no Brasil: ¿marginais ou centrais?

Desde o Brasil: analisando as políticas da marginalidade e as alternativas futuras desde fora do imaginário capitalista Anglo-Americano. English

Political processes in Brazil: marginal or central?

From Brazil: looking at politics of marginality and alternative futures outside the Anglo-American capitalist imaginary. Português

From ‘migrant’ to ‘refugee’, our vocabulary has run dry

Much as the distended stomachs of starving children have stopped moving publics to action, so the abjection of refugees no longer shocks.

Refugees and realistic European options

The EU Commission needs to satisfy both a majority in the European Parliament and a qualified majority in the Council of Ministers.

O Perú terá que escolher entre democracia e ditadura

A segunda volta supõe um dilema que se resolveria facilmente com a participação ativa e militante das esquerdas que atualmente sumam um 22.88% da votação nacional. English Español

Response to Thomas Fazi's critique of DiEM25

A large digital assembly, properly set up, would reasonably conclude that the mechanisms of global capitalism need to be regulated, redistributing wealth from those few to the rest of us. Deutsch.

The EU must not leave Greece to solve the migration crisis

Still, the boats come. Detention, as a solution to this, would have to be on a scale hitherto unimaginable in the EU. We need alternatives, and migrants need to be part of them.

Where from here? The Latin American middle classes facing stagnation

What will be the effect of the economic slowdown in trust in institutions and political behaviour of Latin American emerging middle classes, after 10 years of “leftist” governments? Español

Sin brújula: las clases medias latinoamericanas ante el estancamiento

Tras 10 años de gobiernos de “izquierdas”, ¿qué efecto tendrá la desaceleración económica en la confianza en las instituciones y sobre el comportamiento político de las clases medias  emergentes latinoamericanas? English

Bombings in Turkey – a blip on your newsfeed?

The world is closer together than ever, conflicts spilling over state borders and challenging their very existence. It is time for resistance and solidarity to travel across borders with the same fluidity.

Re-visioning global governance: constraining the power of MNCs

Multinational corporations (MNCs) have eclipsed nation-states in their power and ability to set the international agenda. Four options for controlling corporate dominance over global governance.  

Refugee and migrant arrivals in the EU in 2016: who are we talking about?

A thoughtful analysis should deconstruct narratives portraying migrants as a ‘weapon’ and identify them for what they are: people looking for international protection or, at most, better living conditions.

A França luta em Noites Despertas

Como a ocupação de praças pelos jovens, contra a “reforma” trabalhista, a desigualdade e a desesperança, pode acordar um país acossado pelo terror, pelo Estado de Emergência e pela política reduzida a simulacro. Español English

Activistas protegen el Manglar de Cancún, destruido por promotores de un centro comercial

Los residentes de Cancún reaccionaron y se apresuraron a proteger y restaurar lo que quedó de su querido manglar. English

Cancun residents halt developers to protect and revive beloved mangrove

The residents of Cancun reacted and moved to protect and restore what was left of their beloved mangrove forest. Español

What’s DiEM25, really? Reply to an open letter by Souvlis & Mazzolini

As in the 1930's, it is our duty to reach across party affiliations and borders to create a pan-European movement of democrats (radicals, liberals, even progressive conservatives) opposed to the forces of evil.

Open letter to DiEM25 responding to the recent Rome launch

European cosmopolitans run the risk of remaining unheard by the very people suffering the democratic deficit the most, to whom the initiative DiEM25, should be able to speak.

Hindu nationalism and caste exclusion in Indian universities

Leading members of the Indian opposition have publicly condemned the treatment of Rohith Vemula and the political interference in Hyderabad University.

The executive deficit of the European Union

The oft-repeated mantra of ‘more coordination’ won’t provide a real solution to Europe’s political crises unless the EU’s dual executive architecture is first rationalized and democratized.

What hope remains for drug policy reform at UNGASS?

The inability to recognise the reality of the current situation worldwide is the biggest failing of the ‘outcome document’ for the UN General Assembly Special Session on the world drug problem. Español

Travesía de emigrantes centroamericanos en México. Tráfico y contrabando como forma de negociación social

Para facilitar su travesía, los emigrantes que viajan hacia el norte desde Centroamérica utilizan guías y coyotes, pero el tiempo que pasan juntos resulta una renegociación constante. English

Our drug policy system is an expensive failure. What are the alternatives?

The exorbitant cost of punitive drug policy is actually an argument for change. What if we invested in good quality treatment for addiction instead? Español

« Nuit Debout » : citizens are back in the squares in Paris

What distinguishes a social movement from any other kind of mobilization is the fact that it does not focus on a specific claim (such as labour reform) but challenges some of the core values ​​of a society. Français Español Português

Europe can learn from its largest ethnic minority

Soon, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture will be established in a major European city yet to be revealed. It’s time to look to us for guidance, solutions, and inspiration.

More than a welcome: the power of cities

What is the scope for circumventing the national and EU deadlock over migration, and what role can cities, together with solidarity movements, play in overcoming this crisis?

Petismo´s sunset (Part 2). The tasks of the Brazilian left

The "Kick them all out" and "Elections now", are what the moment in Brazil calls for, but come up against the lack of popular organization that would support them. Español Português

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