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Phoebe Braithwaite is openDemocracy’s submissions editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

UK gives up foreign policy role and influence, post-Brexit

At a time of major global and European challenges, the UK’s decision to sideline itself and retreat into mercantilism, is an act of folly.

10 years on: Jordan’s anti-terrorism law and the crackdown on dissent

It is now time that the authorities stop labelling all those who dare speak their minds as “terrorists”.

Will a No-Fly Zone help the people of Aleppo?

The debate around a no-fly zone in Syria is governed by divisions in the political establishment and opposing views.

Better-off siding with Russia or China: there's no dictator's dilemma today

Democracy promotion by the west has been a grubby, hypocritical affair. Is there any hope for doing it properly?

¿Cómo hacer la paz con la selva? Desarrollo y guerra en Colombia

Lanzamos una serie de artículos que analizan la relación entre los derechos humanos y ambientales, una de las guerras más duraderas del mundo, el Acuerdo de Paz y su aparente colapso. English

'Bogus' asylum seekers? The ethics of truth-telling in the asylum system

The British tabloids and the Home Office are united by their assumption that asylum seekers who lie during their claims are undeserving of protection. Yet this view runs contrary both to widely held moral principle and refugee law.

“Gender ideology”: a spoiler for peace?

The gender approach is a guiding principle of the Peace Agreements, and a means for peace-building in Colombia to give way to inclusive, equality-based relationships. Español

Dez elementos chave para explicar o frenesim colombiano

“Ao extremo de já ninguém poder saber com certeza onde estavam os limites da realidade” – Gabriel García Márquez, Cem Anos de Solidão. Español English

Democracy in dispute. An interview with Boaventura de Sousa Santos

In Latin America, oligarchies and advanced sectors of the highly internationalized industrial and financial bourgeoisie, lost much governmental political power, but instead saw their economic power increased. Español

La democracia en disputa. Una entrevista con Boaventura de Sousa Santos

En Latinoamérica, las oligarquías y la burguesía industrial/financiera altamente internacionalizada perdieron buena parte del poder político gubernamental. Pero, a cambio,vieron incrementado su poder económico. English

How to make peace with the forest: development and war in Colombia

This launches a series of articles looking at the relationship between environmental and human rights, to unpack one of the world’s longest-running wars, the Peace Agreement and its seeming collapse. Español

Democracy is dying of success

Are we governing ourselves? Daniel Innerarity argues that societies have seldom been governed, in a handful of issues and only at certain times. Interview. Español Português

La democracia se está muriendo de éxito

¿Nos estamos gobernando? Daniel Innerarity defiende que las sociedades se han gobernado muy pocas veces, en muy pocos temas y sólo en determinados momentos. Entrevista. English Português

A democracia está a morrer de êxito

Estão as sociedades governadas? Daniel Innerarity defende que as sociedades se governaram muito poucas vezes, para muitos poucos temas e em momentos determinados. Entrevista. English Español 

Moazzam Begg and The Confession, Part Two.

"Whatever you want to think about Moazzam Begg...  the film demands that you recognize that the rule of law, that quintessential British value, has not been exercised in our time."

Argentina: o regresso da terapia de choque

A Argentina de Macri é um intenso campo de batalha, um laboratório conflituoso que antecipa uma disputa amarga entre visões políticas opostas na região. English Español

10 clues to explain the Colombian frenzy

"To the extent that no one could know for sure where the boundaries of reality were" – Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Português Español

Avoiding a precedent in Syria and the Balkanisation of the Middle East

A key part of resolving the Syrian conflict lies in establishing a more coherent military-diplomatic dynamic and in post-conflict planning, and the solution is heavily dependent on perceptions.

10 claves para explicar el frenesí colombiano

"Hasta el extremo de que ya nadie podía saber a ciencia cierta dónde estaban los límites de la realidad” – Gabriel García Márquez, Cien años de soledad. Português English

Argentina: el regreso de la terapia de choque

Argentina bajo Macri es un intenso campo de batalla, un laboratorio conflictivo que anticipa una amarga disputa entre visiones políticas opuestas en toda la región. Português English

The return of shock therapy in Argentina and the legacy of the leftist past

Argentina under Macri is an immense battlefield, a conflicting laboratory that anticipates a bitter dispute between opposing political views throughout the region. Português Español

Crying wolf?

A cavalier use of evidence in the UK’s latest Home Affairs Committee report is feeding a moral panic about antisemitism, rather than dealing with an increasingly racist, intolerant society.

Portrait of the artist and The Confession, Part One

An interview with the director of The Confession, Moazzam Begg’s story commissioned by BBC Storyville and the BFI - one of the most resonant modern stories for our times.

¿Hacia dónde va la defensa en Argentina?

Borrando la distinción entre defensa y seguridad pública, el gobierno de Macri está planeando utilizar a las fuerzas armadas para combatir el crimen organizado y otras "nuevas amenazas". English

Where is Argentina’s defense heading?

Blurring the distinction between defense and public security, Mauricio Macri’s government is now planning to use the armed forces for fighting organized crime and other “new threats”. Español

VIDEO: El papel de los medios en las sociedades democráticas

Entrevista de UM BRASIL con Francesc Badia sobre el poder de la prensa en el sistema político y los desafíos de los medios globales independientes en su relación con la democracia. Português 

O papel da mídia nas sociedades democráticas

Entrevista com Francesc Badia i Dalmases sobre o poder da imprensa no sistema político e os desafios de uma mídia global quando o assunto é a democracia. Español

What UK-EU relations do we want and what is the 'good society'?

An interview with Catherine West, MP, secretary and co-founder of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on UK-EU Relations, scrutinising Brexit negotiations and pushing for a progressive relationship with our European neighbours.

Why Africa is off-limits in the US presidential debates

The US cannot afford another presidential cycle where more than 15% of the world’s population remains on the periphery of foreign affairs.

El derecho a la ciudad como práctica ciudadana

Esta semana tiene lugar la cumbre Habitat III en Quito. Si la ONU deja de lado el derecho a la ciudad, no sólo estará enfrentándose a los gobiernos locales, sino al 99%. English

Journalism in times of crisis

Rebecca Abecassis argues that in times of crisis, journalists need to be clearer in their work and go beyond simply reporting the news. Interview. Español Português

Jornalismo em tempos de crise

Rebecca Abecassis defende que em tempos de crise como os que vivemos, os jornalistas têm que ser mais claros no seu trabalho e ir mais além da noticia. Entrevista. English Español

Periodismo en tiempos de crisis

Rebecca Abecassis defiende que en tiempos de crisis como los que vivimos, los periodistas tienen que ser más claros en su trabajo e ir más allá de la noticia. Entrevista. English Português

Brazilian democracy has been attacked

"Brazilian elites never showed any interest in democracy. We will have to make a superhuman effort to revalue democracy," said Jucá Ferreira, Brazil's former Minister of Culture. Español Português

The fight for Mosul: the danger of arming Sunni opponents to Daesh and the Sunni/Shia power struggle

The liberation of Mosul, backed up by Sunni powers, themselves backed up by western powers, will only add to the general feeling of injustice experienced by Shias and will only benefit Iran and its conspiracy theories.

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