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This week Tom Rowley and the oDR team edit the front page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The BRICS Bank needs a bold and participatory strategy for sustainable development

The NDB has up until now operated largely in the dark, with little to no transparency about proposed projects or real engagement with civil society. Español Português

El Banco de desarrollo de los BRICS necesita una estrategia para el desarrollo sostenible

El NBD ha funcionado hasta ahora en la oscuridad, con poca o ninguna transparencia sobre los proyectos propuestos o un compromiso real con la sociedad civil. English Português

Conflict in Syria: stop instrumentalising women’s rights

The international community is not listening to us. It must depoliticise the fight against sexual violence and humanise the countering violent extremism strategy.

Three humanitarian proposals

"The people we rescue are increasingly reporting having been exploited, abused, beaten, kidnapped for ransom or tortured along the journey from their country of origin to the Libyan coast."

Migrant smuggling to the EU – the need for a coordinated response

From national authorities to EU institutions and international organisations, it is imperative that efforts to tackle the threats are coordinated.

How to lose the next war in the Middle East: the short answer, fight it!

It’s hardly a brilliant observation to point out that, more than 15 years after the "global war on terror", the entire region is a remarkable mess.

French tragedy or farce: the 2017 presidential election – 1

Why Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s late surge? Are we about to see de Gaulle's fifth republic replaced by a sixth? And in 2017, what does a Citizens' Revolution look like?

Migration policies: effective ways to address smuggling

The European Council should review progress on the overall approach at its meetings in March and in June 2017, on the basis of a report from the Maltese EU Presidency.

‘Prevent’, free speech and antisemitism

As a talking point for debate it might be productive. The problem arises from the government of the United Kingdom ‘adopting’ IHRA’s definition of antisemitism in a quasi-official manner.

In crisis-stricken Somalia, no safe haven

Ignoring systemic abuses and the vulnerabilities of people most affected by previous and ongoing crises means that the current efforts will have limited long-term impact.

The world’s last colony: Morocco continues occupation of Western Sahara, in defiance of UN

Some claim that the admission of Morocco will now resolve the question of Western Sahara’s occupation but in fact Morocco is now emboldened.

The US cannot win the Middle East: six reasons why

The United States has yet again attempted to resolve issues in the Middle East. This time it is by firing missiles on a Syrian military airfield, sending a ‘strong message’ to a dictator.

Legal obligations on Palestinian rights

No-one believes the Security Council will take the lead after so many decades in a cul de sac over Palestine.

Turkey's 'special refugees'

In Turkey's story, the western gaze is searching for new victims. Yes, I fled Turkey with my three year old daughter, but am I that victim?

US strike against Syria: a Just War or just a war?

The Trump administration itself has crossed a line that Obama did not cross: directly attacking Syria. The consequences for US foreign policy are potentially catastrophic. Español

The choice: democracy caught between nationalism and federalism

The forthcoming elections, in France, Germany, and elsewhere, will mark a watershed. It is a time for choices to be made.

Egypt’s activists should be celebrated, not criminalised

As justice remains elusive, celebration of Egyptian civil society can build a strong counter-narrative to criminalisation.

Iraqi Kurdistan: from democratic consensus to de facto autocracy

Due to the war with ISIL and international support, the Kurdistan region is currently run by an autocratic administration under the influence of neighboring countries.

Boom del fracking en Colombia

La concesión de licencias para la extracción de petróleo vía fracking proliferan, amenazando comunidades indígenas, ecosistemas, e incluso el suministro de agua a la capital, Bogotá. English

Three forays into ideology in the age of post-truth politics

Attempts to wrestle with fake news and post-truth lack a concept of ideology to tell us not only what is believed, but why, and suggest how to move on.

Dangerous road to divisive places

A review of The Road to Somewhere. The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics by David Goodhart, London (2017).

O México frente à América de Trump

Apelar ao nacionalismo é a resposta errada às políticas de Trump. Mais além do seu carácter míope e potencialmente chauvinista, pode traduzir-se facilmente na ausência de criticas ao governo actual. English Español 

México frente a la América de Trump

Apelar al nacionalismo es la respuesta equivocada a las políticas de Trump y puede traducirse fácilmente en la ausencia de críticas al gobierno actual. English Português

França: umas eleições presidenciais históricas

No dia 23 de Abril, os franceses terão que decidir se querem dar a Macron a oportunidade de reformar a França, ou se querem deitar o destino da república pelo cano abaixo. English Español 

This French presidential election is historic

On 23 April, voters will have to decide whether to give Macron the chance to reform France or whether they prefer to entrust the fate of the republic to a wrecker. Español Português

Francia: unas elecciones presidenciales históricas

El 23 de abril, los votantes tendrán que decidir si darle a Macron la oportunidad de reformar Francia o si prefieren llevar el destino de la república al desguace. English Português

Muddling through in Mosul

The west has treated ISIS as enemy number one while local actors see it as a sideshow in a political arena stretching from the Mediterranean to Iran. What does the defeat of ISIS in Mosul mean for Iraq?

Trump: justified yet unpredictable

The airstrikes were justified. But Trump’s policymaking is dangerously unpredictable.

The passive revolution of Islamists in Turkey

It is sometimes said that theories are fishing nets in which to catch the truth. Let us apply Gramsci’s net to some daily debates taking place in Turkey.

Sliding towards autocracy

A defining characteristic of this populist form of autocracy is the rejection of diversity and the attack on democratic institutions. Orbán is succeeding in both.

The changing security dynamic in the Red Sea

The expected transfer of the Tiran and Sanafir islands is revealing a number of regional dynamics between Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

¿Adiós a la democracia?

Los cambios políticos, sociales y tecnológicos de los últimos tiempos han puesto en tensión la democracia,  y convertido las críticas en ataques. English Português 

Adeus à democracia?

As mudanças políticas, sociais e tecnológicas dos últimos tempos enfatizaram a democracia, e converteram as críticas em ataques. English Español

A farewell to democracy?

Recent political, social and technological changes have resulted in tensions for democracy as criticisms have turned into attacks. Español Português

Donald Trump propone recortar el financiamiento de la ONU: es una amenaza para la paz y la seguridad internacionales

Señalando claramente prioridades, Trump pidió un aumento de $ 52.000 millones en los gastos de defensa. Pero los EE.UU. ya gastan casi tanto como los siguientes 14 países juntos. English

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