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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Peace talks in Kuwait: will they solve Yemen’s crisis?

There is no doubt that the military stalemate is a major reason leading to the Kuwait negotiations. After 14 months of full-scale war, the military situation is largely unchanged.

Is there a future for a social democracy?

Social democracy has been limited to understanding market principles and redistribution as ways of serving the interests of people. Now is the time to better understand the principle of reciprocity.

Karl Polanyi and twenty-first century socialism

Polanyi’s views were the exact opposite of his contemporary, Joseph Schumpeter, who famously defined democracy as giving people a choice over which elite group would rule over them.

EU referendum - most important decision of our times? Really?

Nothing will be as good outside the EU as LEAVE suggests: the world won't collapse as REMAIN implies. It is a gigantic distraction, deliberately engineered by competing parts of the elite.

As peace deal nears, Colombia’s journalists and activists still live in fear

Colombia conflict´s end may be upon us. Peace, however, is only the beginning, as the long state of war stands out as a breeding ground for crimes against anyone who dares to speak out. Español

El acuerdo de paz está cerca, pero periodistas y activistas colombianos aún operan en el miedo

El fin del conflicto se acerca en Colombia, pero es solo el principio. El largo enfrentamiento es un caldo de cultivo que favorece la represión y violencia contra activistas y periodistas. English

The crisis in European social democracy: a crisis like no other

Social democracy, as practiced so far, is disappointing and depressing. There are grounds for confidence in its future. But a qualitative leap is necessary.

An open letter to #NuitDebout from the Indignados’ districts of the internet

This open letter is against the manipulation of 'new ' parties. Let's be radical, demand what's possible. Español. Francais.

Saudi Arabia's new best friend: India

After being let down by Pakistan, Saudi has turned to India for trade and defense cooperation – while Iran has approached Pakistan. This may signify a change in traditional power structures across the region.

Qué quedó para los países Latinoamericanos luego de la insubstancial cumbre de la ONU sobre drogas

En algunos países latinoamericanos, las políticas de mano dura contra las drogas han generado niveles de violencia similares a los de una guerra. Sin embargo, los países centrales siguen siendo reacios a hacer frente a un problema que no reconocen como propio. English

A new politics from the left?

Can it be achieved from within existing political institutions, or does it require new sources of power to be built in society and the economy as a base for new political institutions?

For partners in managing refugee flows, don’t look to Libya

Current proposals for European cooperation with Libya to contain migration and refugee flows are ill-advised.

La oposición en Nicaragua y el mito de la unidad

Al ver cómo pierden elecciones algunos de los grandes líderes latinoamericanos, los heterogéneos oponentes de Daniel Ortega anticipan que les está llegando su oportunidad. Ha comenzado una carrera caótica. English

Nicaragua’s opposition and the myth of unity

With grand caudillos toppling across Latin America, President Daniel Ortega’s disparate opponents have caught the scent of opportunity.  A chaotic clamber has begun. Español

"Youth is going to be part of the solution, in Brazil, and everywhere in the world"

“We figure out how to bring global issues down to the field and make sure young people understand where their responsibility lies – to be part of the solution, not just the victims.” Español Português

"Os jovens, no Brasil e em todo o mundo, seremos parte da solução"

"Entendemos como fazer chegar as questões globais ao nosso terreno e garantimos que os jovens compreendem que a sua responsabilidade é ser parte da solução, e não ser apenas vítimas." English Español

"Los jóvenes, en Brasil y en todo el mundo, seremos parte de la solución"

“Vemos cómo hacer llegar las cuestiones globales a nuestro terreno y asegurarnos de que los jóvenes comprendan que su responsabilidad es ser parte de la solución, no sólo ser víctimas.” Português English

The back way to Europe: Gambia’s forgotten refugees

The distinction between a refugee and other irregular migrants coming from the Gambia is hard to maintain in a country where a lack of democracy is accompanied by failures of economic and political governance. 

End of a cycle for the left in Latin America?

We share a common enemy: a neo-conservative project for capital accumulation on a global scale, based on extreme mechanisms of dispossession, including war and the hollowing out of democracy and politics. Español

Que estamos a fazer para desenvolver uma cidadania ativa?

Jovens ativistas de toda a América Latina, fartos da política institucional e ideológica, tentam organizar-se fora das estruturas do partido. English Español

¿Qué hacemos para conseguir una ciudadanía activa?

Jóvenes activistas en toda América Latina, aburridos de la política institucional e ideológica, están tratando de organizarse fuera de las estructuras de partido. English Português

What are we doing to build an empowered citizenry?

Young activists throughout Latin America are bored of institutional and ideological politics. They are trying to organize in ways that are outside the party structures. Español Português

Defending democracy, reinventing the left

Representative democracy can only strengthen if it resorts to more participatory and deliberative mechanisms, a new generation of public action built on co-construction.

Os protestos não são movimentos

Como podemos transformar estes protestos, que ocuparam as ruas e as praças de todo o planeta, em movimento efetivos, capazes de pôr em causa as relações de poder? English Español

¿Revés israelí en América Latina?

Un incidente diplomático entre Brasil e Israel demuestra hasta qué punto Netanyahu es prisionero de sus socios de coalición, ultra-nacionalistas de extrema derecha. English

Israeli mishap in Latin America?

A diplomatic incident between Brazil and Israel shows how Netanyahu is prisoner of his extreme-right and ultra-nationalists coalition friends. Español

La guerra contra las drogas y la crisis de derechos humanos en México

La impunidad de las violaciones de derechos humanos genera una mezcla irracional: mientras que los intereses económicos y políticos de la criminalidad salen indemnes, marginados e inocentes sufren las peores consecuencias. English

"Brexit": the real threat to globalization

British voters on June 23 may also decide the future of globalisation/ financialisation. If Britain votes to leave the EU, globalisation may be over, and with it an era in history.

Las protestas no son movimientos

¿Cómo transformamos estas olas de protestas, que han venido ocupando calles y plazas por todo el planeta, en movimientos efectivos, capaces de cuestionar de verdad las relaciones de poder? Português  English

"More people, more agency": Turning protests into movements

How do we transform the waves of protests—which have occupied streets and squares worldwide over the past few years—into movements that can challenge power? Português Español

Por qué Donald Trump sí puede ser presidente

Trump emplea reiteradamente el simbolismo, manipulando las frustraciones de distintos sectores. En una sociedad cada vez más desigual, se postula como el salvador de los perdedores. English

Middle classes in Latin America (8). Divided at the ballot and in the streets in Brazil

Mid-income Brazilians have been supplying the mobilized “troops” for the battles around Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, providing street legitimacy to the process as much as to the resistance against it. Español

Clases medias en América Latina (8). División en el voto y en las calles en Brasil

Los brasileños de ingresos medios han aportado “tropas” y legitimidad callejera a las batallas en torno a la destitución de Dilma Rousseff, tanto a favor como en contra. English

Why Donald Trump could be president

Trump plays very strongly in the symbolic field, operating on a series of different sectors’ frustrations. In an increasingly unequal society he introduces himself as a savior of the losers. Español

Impact of Brexit on Scotland’s independence drive is hard to call

There is an intermediate path that the SNP may well take while it charts a path ahead, in the event of Brexit.

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