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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The policy desert

Policy makers need to focus on the Middle East and North Africa’s three big crises.

Affirming democracy: trade union action meets work fragmentation

How do you organize collective action if the workforce is spread in a fragmented value chain and if the power that governs processes is “faceless”?

What role for the ETUC in organising workers in Europe?

The added value of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is its role as a think-tank or even of a think-and-do-tank on strategies to organise workers.

Brasil: la revolución es proporcional al tamaño de la crisis

Siendo el sistema representativo lo que es, tenemos que crear lo que creemos que es la democracia. La lucha por la democracia no tiene fecha de caducidad. English Português

Brasil: A revolução é proporcional ao tamanho da crise

Sendo o sistema representativo o que é, precisamos criar o que acreditamos ser a democracia. A luta pela democracia não tem data de caducidade. Español English

Brazil: the revolution is proportional to the size of the crisis

The representative system being what it is, we need to create what we believe democracy is. The struggle for democracy has no end date. Español Português

Projeto de aquedutos chineses causa rejeição na Argentina

A falta de transparência nos contratos entre a China e a América Latina converteu-se numa prática normal. Os aquedutos de Entre Rios, postos em causa pelos riscos ambientais, são exemplo disso mesmo. English Español

Argentina: el asunto de los acueductos chinos

La falta de transparencia se ha vuelto la norma en los contratos entre China y América Latina. Los acueductos de Entre Ríos, cuestionados por ambientalmente riesgosos, son ejemplo de ello. Português English

México y el zopilote de la impunidad

La opinión pública internacional elogió la llegada a la presidencia de Peña Nieto pero el país se halla sumido en un conflicto armado de graves consecuencias económicas y humanitarias. English

Mexico and the vulture of impunity

International public opinion praised Enrique Peña Nieto’s assumption of the presidency. Three and a half years later, Mexico is engulfed in an armed conflict with obvious economic and humanitarian consequences. Español

Argentina: the Chinese aqueducts affair

Lack of transparency has become the norm in contracts between China and Latin America. The Entre Ríos aqueducts, questioned for being environmentally risky, are a good example. Português Español

The EU-Turkey migration agreement and its humanitarian masquerade

The binding of security to humanitarianism, as is the case with this EU-Turkey agreement, exposes its underlying aim of maintaining the economic trade integrity of the Union.

Kuczynski vence pela margem mínima no Peru

No dia 5 de junho, nas eleições mais ajustadas da história do país, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski impôs-se a Keiko Fujimori e será o novo presidente do Peru. English Español

Kuczynski wins Peru’s nail-biting election

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski will become Peru’s 95th president on July, 28, after defeating Keiko Fujimori by 50,1%-49,9% in the closest electoral contest in the country’s history. Español Português

Kuczynski gana por un pelo

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, de 77 años, con larga experiencia en las instituciones de Bretton Woods, se impuso a Keiko Fujimori gracias los esfuerzos conjuntos del frente anti-fujimorista, y será el nuevo presidente de Perú. English Português

¿Una red europea de ciudades rebeldes?

Las ciudades europeas lideran de nuevo el camino hacia la innovación y la renovación democrática, y son las dan respuestas ante los retos a los que nos enfrentamos en el continente. English

Podemos: reivindicar Europa, una consigna revolucionaria

Pocos días antes de las elecciones en España, hablamos sobre la estrategia europea del nuevo partido y la posibilidad de construir una red transnacional de ciudades rebeldes. Entrevista. English

If the EU didn’t exist, we would have to invent it

A serious attempt at democracy, in the sense of being able to influence the decisions that affect our lives, can only be done through solidarity with those in the European Union. Interview.

With one bound he was free!

The Internet organisation ICANN’s charismatic CEO, Fadi Chehade has moved on. Did he achieve what he set out to do? Was it what we needed him to do? And what about human rights?

Whose data is it anyway?

Collection, categorisation, and experimentation on people’s data are presented as legitimate because online advertising is funding the free internet. But what about privacy, free expression, and autonomy?

Mobilisation for digital rights

Post-ACTA, decision-making has been adapted to avoid decision-moments. Of course, individual grassroots campaigns are still hugely valuable. But we need long-term advocacy.

We must understand threats in the technology we use every day

Like everyone else, human rights activists use mobile phones, email and social networks to connect. Unlike most people, they criticise states, challenging their actions. As such, they attract their attention.

Internet governance as seen from the Right to Development

Participatory democracy has been hijacked by business-led multistakeholderism, and 'presence and power' are replaced as tokens of people's political involvement.

Gaza: a city no one wants

The Gazans have been abandoned and left in the hands of Hamas to do with them as they please. This policy is transforming Gaza slowly but steadily into a hotbed of radicals.

Deconstructing nuclear deterrence

Military and political leaders who might seriously threaten the UK are simply unlikely to be deterred by the threat to destroy their cities.

Grexit to Brexit: “Be careful what you wish for!”

There is an ironic parallel in the methodology of emotion and national dignity employed by both the left-wing Syriza in Greece and the right wing leave camp in Britain.

BREXIT: the R is for Racism

B in Brexit stands for Boris and his overweening ambition. But R is for Racism, the method through which Vote Leave aims to achieve the political upset of the century.

The Great British higher education sell-off

If these proposals become law, then, over time, the fee-paying student will become the human equivalent of black gold.

Times of pests: a first-hand account of Venezuela today

The official propaganda dissolves into the harsh reality: the rich get richer, the poor stay poor, but they face ever longer queues. Español

After the Swiss basic income vote – learning political lessons is key!

Basic income support is growing as more people become familiar with the idea, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Tiempos de plaga en Venezuela: un relato de primera mano

La propaganda oficial se disuelve en la cruda realidad: los ricos viven cada vez mejor y los pobres siguen pobres como siempre, pero hacen colas cada vez más largas. English

Novas eleições em Espanha: um pacto à Portuguesa no horizonte?

Depois de seis meses com um governo em funções, Espanha celebrará novas eleições no dia 26 de junho com uma única novidade: a coligação de Podemos com os ex-comunistas. Começa a campanha. Español English

Nuevas elecciones en España: ¿un "pacto a la portuguesa"?

Tras seis meses de gobierno en funciones, España celebrará nuevas elecciones el 26 de junio con una única novedad: la coalición de Podemos con los ex comunistas. Empieza la campaña.  English Português

New elections in Spain: towards a “Portuguese pact”?

After six months of a caretaker government, Spain is holding new elections on June, 26. The campaign starts with only one new element at play: the coalition of Podemos with the former Communists. Español Português

Can Poland’s opposition mount an effective challenge?

The divided opposition will struggle to mount such a challenge unless it can also address Poles’ broader concerns, recognising that they do not simply want a return to the pre-election status quo.

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