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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

We got this covered!

Our perspective on the freedom to wear a headscarf, especially at work, in the context of an upcoming ruling by the EU Court of Justice on prohibiting wearing a headscarf in the workplace (on 14 March).

A year after Berta Cáceres’ murder, protecting the planet is just as deadly

Just two weeks before the anniversary of Berta Cáceres’ bloody killing, community leader José Santos Sevilla died amid a rising of tide of murders and intimidations in Honduras and elsewhere. Español Português

Um ano depois do assassinato de Berta Cáceres, proteger o planeta continua a ser uma actividade mortal

Apenas duas semanas antes do aniversário do assassinato de Berta Cáceres, o líder comunitário José Santos Sevilla morria nas Honduras no meio duma sucessão de assassinatos e intimidações. English Español 

Solution for Syria en route: ‘Democratic Federation of North Syria’

Hediye Yûsîf, Co-Chair of the council of the new political structure, renamed ‘Democratic Federation of North Syria’, explains the thinking and the process behind the initiative.

Doing it the Malaysian way

Ever since the wake-up call of 2008, and with more and more Malaysians online, the ruling coalition is well aware that cyberspace is an important battleground, but chooses its battles.

Os Jogos Olímpicos do Rio e a injustiça socio-espacial

Os Jogos Olímpicos revelaram as profundas contradições socioeconómicas e políticas do Brasil, e ajudaram a legitimar um discurso segundo o qual é licito transferir recursos desde os interesses públicos aos privados. English Español 

The Rio Olympic Games and Socio-spatial Injustice

Rio helped to legitimate a discourse that states that in during extraordinary circumstances, it is fair to make huge transfers of wealth from public to private interests, from lower to upper classes, from the poor to the rich. Português Español

Time is running out for Ibrahim Halawa

One of thousands of protesters imprisoned in Egypt over the last few years, Ibrahim Halawa’s mass trial along with four hundred and ninety-three other defendants has been adjourned for the 19th time while his health continues to deteriorate. 

Responding to Brexit: returning to a social market model on migration

In the second part of the series on key inter-related aspects of the upheaval facing European countries and their citizens: how should the EU tackle the issue of internal migration?

Two and two do make four

We may be facing an existential crisis, and the odds may be against us. But we are not keeping our mouths shut. With democracy at stake, journalists cannot shy away from this fight. Español Português

Dos y dos son efectivamente cuatro

Puede que estemos enfrentando una crisis existencial y que los pronósticos no sean muy buenos. Pero no vamos a quedarnos callados. La democracia está en juego. English Português

Dois e dois são efectivamente quatro

Pode ser verdade que nos enfrentamos a uma crise existencial e que os prognósticos não são os melhores. Mas não vamos ficar calados. A democracia está em jogo. English Español

Responding to Brexit: taking the political initiative

This three part series considers key inter-related aspects of the current political upheaval facing the citizens and countries of Europe. This first article examines how the European political class should respond.

Syrian civil society

The third annual meeting of the Syrian Civil Coalition was held in Beirut on January 27-30 2017. Could a new understanding have come too late?

Human nature as victim in Colombia

"We are part of nature – human and non-human. The relationship between both and in permanent interaction creates ‘the territory’." Interview.

Does digital democracy improve democracy?

Digital innovations may change the quality of participation and the nature of democracy. How? Español 

The Kiron family

We revisit the social start-up that gives refugees access to higher education, meeting a 24 yr.old Syrian beneficiary and a Kiron co-founder, both of whom’s future plans build on this ingenious scheme. Interview. 

Jobs above all else

Neither the MENA governments nor the international community can afford to let the region’s young down. It is time to effect change to give MENA youth what they really need to succeed: jobs above all else.


Wikipolítica is a Mexican political organization with no party affiliation experimenting with new ways of doing politics. Its #SinVotoNoHayDinero initiative aims at modifying party incentives within the current system. Español Português


A Wikipolítica é uma organização política mexicana sem filiação partidária que experimenta com novas formas de fazer política. A sua iniciativa #SinVotoNoHayDinero pretende alterar os incentivos dos partidos dentro do sistema actual. Español English


Wikipolítica es una organización política mexicana sin filiaciones partidistas que experimenta con nuevas formas de hacer política. Su iniciativa #SinVotoNoHayDinero busca modificar los incentivos de los partidos dentro del sistema actual. English Português

The cold heart of ICE

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is arresting immigrants in a number of US states. The agency insists that it is only targeting dangerous criminals, but many have no criminal records. Español

El despiadado Servicio de Inmigración de los Estados Unidos

El Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas de los Estados Unidos (ICE) está arrestando a inmigrantes en varios estados. Insisten en que se trata de criminales peligrosos, pero muchos carecen de antecedentes penales. English

‘Corrupcionario’ mexicano

Activistas mexicanos han creado el primer "corrupcionario" del mundo, una recopilación satírica del léxico relacionado con la corrupción, que indica el arraigo que ésta ha alcanzado en la sociedad mexicana. English Português

O “Corrupcionário” Mexicano: uma guia de vocabulário sobre a corrupção no México

O corrupcionário mexicano é um compêndio de frases que explica o que é a corrupção, como funciona e porque é tão comum no México. English Español

Silent lunches: how do we get to educational reform in the US?

“As you well know, there is a lot of inequality in American schools and schooling…  and a whole emphasis on standardised tests, especially in schools of the kids of the poor.”

Democracy education under siege and now Trump

“Build the Wall! Build the Wall! BUILD THE WALL!” Update from the US professor of the philosophy of education who was president of the John Dewey Society 2009 - 2011.

Back to the future: the rebirth of a classical approach to democracy and education in a post-modern society

Education – combined with technologies  – seems to have triggered a sea-change in the contract between government and those who are governed.

The failures of Holland’s pro-immigrant party 

Was it inevitable that Think became a negative force for liberalism? One Dutch citizen tries to hold onto the middle ground in a polarizing world.

The mystery of ‘populism’ finally unveiled

The philosopher of post-Fascism enters the populism fray with his own candidate for post-truth – Left betrayal. Czech.

Surviving sociology in Egypt and elsewhere

Strangely, although nationalism is a pervasive social phenomenon with immense effects everywhere in the world, it’s not a central preoccupation of sociology or any of the dominant social science disciplines. Interview.

The bail out industry finds its new crisis opportunity: Brexit

But there seems to be a remarkable level of amnesia about the role many of these same firms played recently in the financial crisis.

Marine Le Pen in Lebanon: mission accomplished?

Where to start in discussing Marine Le Pen’s visit to Lebanon? The French “Trump without the crazy” got her first meeting with a head of state and performed a successful media stunt.

O México na encruzilhada de 2018

Em 2018, o México celebrará eleições presidenciais num contexto de profunda crise de legitimidade, no qual a urgência de reagir perante as mudanças necessárias dever ser uma prioridade absoluta. Español English

México ante la encrucijada del 2018

En 2018 México celebrará elecciones presidenciales en un contexto de profunda crisis de legitimidad, en el que la urgencia de hacer frente a los cambios necesarios debe ser prioridad absoluta. Português English

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