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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

My thoughts on BREXIT: History is written by the victors

Brexit has revealed a culture war, which the left has been quietly losing.

Duro aterrizaje en Venezuela

Venezuela está al borde del precipicio. La acción concertada puede aún evitar su caída. Pero cuanto más se retrase, más venezolanos morirán por falta de medicinas, por malnutrición o por violencia. Português English

Venezuela’s hard landing

Venezuela is on the edge of the precipice. Concerted action may yet pull it back. But the longer it is delayed, the more Venezuelans will die from lack of medicines, malnutrition or violence. Português Español

Chilcot: all peaceful options were not exhausted

Tony Blair told Chilcot Saddam Hussein was, “a man to whom a last chance to do right is just a further opportunity to do wrong. He is blind to reason.” 

Abu Dhabi announces launch of Israeli-installed mass surveillance system

The Internet of Things applies unique identifiers to objects, including people to be followed, and provides large amounts of data on all aspects of an individual’s movements and activities.

Brexit: a dismantling moment

We have reached a turning point with an uncertain outcome, in which the British and European dimensions are two sides of the same coin.

Can fact-checking save democracy – and journalism as we know it?

The Global Fact-Checking Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina (#GlobalFact3, June 9-10) made it clear that fact-checking is a public service, benefiting both journalists and the public. Português Español

¿Puede la comprobación de datos salvar la democracia – y el periodismo?

La comprobación de datos es un servicio público que beneficia tanto al público como a los periodistas, como dejó claro la Cumbre Mundial celebrada en Buenos Aires (#GlobalFact3, 9-10 de junio). Português English

China and Latin America: strategic relations in times of change

Anxiety over economic and political crises and changes in Latin America is palpable in China. Español Português

China e América Latina: relações estratégias em tempos de mudança

É palpável a preocupação na China pelas incertezas que geram as crises económicas e políticas, assim como as alterações na América Latina. English Español

China y América Latina: relaciones estratégicas en tiempos de cambio

Es palpable la preocupación en China por la incertidumbre que generan las crisis económicas y políticas y los cambios en América Latina. English Português

DemocraciaAberta: primeiro ano

Selecionámos 10 artigos de entre os mais exitosos para os nossos leitores durante este primeiro ano. São bons exemplos do que a DemocraciaAberta está a construir. Español English

The UN had to go, but is Liberia really prepared for peace?

Liberia’s peace will continue to be fragile if it focuses exclusively on security while neglecting the rule of law, poverty, unemployment, health and the youth bulge.

Zimbabwe in turmoil: from the trenches

Despite constant harassment and brutal repression, one by one all sectors of society are expressing their discontent publicly.

Paris after Orlando: gay prisoners of racial prejudice

This erasure by journalists and politicians has highlighted the lasting homophobia of French society. It served also as a reminder of how fragile the tenuous progress made for gay rights is.

From funerals to freedom for Kashmir: undoing the Great Indian Democracy

Indian desperation to possess the territory of Kashmir in its entirety, even if it means sacrificing all Kashmiri, and many Indian, lives, is a blot on Indian democracy.

DemocraciaAbierta: primer año

Hemos seleccionado 10 artículos de entre los más exitosos para nuestros lectores en este primer año. Son buenos ejemplos de lo que DemocraciaAbierta está construyendo. Português English

Ideología: una interpretación económica del voto latino en Estados Unidos

Los hogares latinos perdieron el 42 % de su riqueza entre 2007 y 2013, los afroamericanos el 43 %y los hogares blancos el 26 %. Esto explicaría, en parte, su comportamiento electoral. English

Ideología: an economic interpretation of the latino vote in the US

Latino households lost 42 percent of their wealth between 2007 and 2013, African Americans 43 percent, and white households 26 percent. This could explain, to a certain extent, their electoral behaviour. Español

The covert drone war in Yemen

The United States’ covert drone war in Yemen - at least 15 years old now – continues. European countries are directly and indirectly involved.

Looking back at DemocraciaAbierta, one year on

openDemocracy's Latin section is an independent space to foster debate in the region. As it celebrates a year of existence, 10 articles that best capture its spirit. Português Español

The end of post-neoliberalism

In response to the crisis, "progressive" governments adopted increasingly market-friendly measures. The "conservative restoration" that they regularly denounce was in fact surreptitiously introduced from within. Español

El final del post-neoliberalismo

En respuesta a la crisis, los gobiernos “progresistas” adoptaron medidas cada vez más favorables a los mercados. La “restauración conservadora” que denuncian con regularidad la introdujeron subrepticiamente ellos mismos. English

Chilcot tells us what we already knew – how do we implement?

Decisions to go to war don’t just analyze whether we can win. That is the easy part: the superiority of the western military machine makes this an absolute.

The assault on Tiempo Argentino

The attack on the Argentinian cooperative newspaper happens at a time of profound communicational asymmetry: most of the media are aligned with President Macri and his program of neoliberal restoration. Español

Asalto a Tiempo Argentino

Los sucesos de Tiempo Argentino tienen lugar en momentos de profunda asimetría comunicacional: la mayoría de los medios se ha alineado con el presidente Macri y su programa de restauración neoliberal. English

Will Chilcot mention the real reasons for the Iraq War and the hundreds of thousands who have died since March 2003?

As all sides are protecting their interests, who counts the lost lives alongside their own economic and political benefits?

Violent attack to press freedom in Argentina

The cooperative weekly newspaper Tiempo Argentino, was attacked in the early hours of Monday. July 4. Links between the paper's previous owners and the Argentine secret services paint a dark picture. Español

Violento ataque a la libertad de expresión en la Argentina

El diario auto-gestionado por los trabajadores, Tiempo Argentino, sufrió en la madrugada del lunes un ataque a sus instalaciones. Vínculos entre los antiguos dueños y los servicios de inteligencia locales agravan el panorama. English

Death, Rocard and the demise of European social democracy

The Big Tent model has given way to a fight to the finish between ideologues and pragmatists, both further and further away from the “People” they are supposed to represent. 

The similarities between Suez in 1956 and Iraq in 2003 are uncanny

The Chilcot report will, at long last, draw lessons from the Iraq war of 2003 – which many experts have concluded was Britain’s worst strategic blunder since the Suez débâcle of 1956.

The dilemma of the European Left

We must, without ceding to the old myths of totalitarianism, restore meaning to the ideal of sovereignty.

Opting out: why my decision to not vote has everything to do with the attacks at Atatürk Airport

By choosing not to vote, I am opting out of choosing whose life, whose community, I view as expendable. I cannot stop the next attack, or the one after that.

The Libyan GNA: the rise and impending fall of the Libyan political agreement

A viable Libyan state that will restore normalcy and security to the daily lives of its citizens must be given the same priority as the international community’s immediate desire to combat Daesh. 

Giving up control: where are we and what next?

The public as a whole – not just those who voted for Leave – have every right to have a say on what they would like to come next.

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