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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Turkish elections: the struggle within

Turkish politics has long been a site of antagonistic struggles between different republican ideologies. Today, a new ideological competition has resurfaced which has its roots in the past. 

Why I'm leaving London

“My family is moving to Los Angeles in two weeks. Many Londoners understand intuitively why we're going.”

A 12 step guide to the EU’s crisis of political responsibility

Why are European institutions incapable of implementing values that honour fraternity, solidarity, and a dignified life?

Varoufakis’s dogma

Europe was not, and still is not, ready for the level of consolidation that the Greek Finance Minister suggested. On the other hand, Varoufakis was not ready to compromise his ideas either.

Yanis Varoufakis, James Dean of the European left

According to the distinction made by Max Weber, Varoufakis answers to his convictions while Tsipras holds the future of Greece in his hands for Greece and Europe.

Book review: Enemy on the Euphrates

Ian Rutledge’s book, Enemy on the Euphrates: The British Occupation of Iraq and the Great Arab Revolt, 1914–1921 (Saqi Books, 2014), is a story of imperial arrogance and plunder and the inevitable reaction it generates.

In bad faith

Debt relief must happen now—more than the IMF suggests—to prevent the need for even more debt relief later. This is as much in the creditors’ interest as it is in the Greeks'.

From Gezi Park to Turkey’s transformed political landscape

The sociological transformation made manifest in these election results will continue to profoundly affect the political sphere in Turkey for the foreseeable future. 

Los daños por los que la petrolera Chevron no ha indemnizado a sus víctimas en Ecuador

Campesinos e indígenas luchan desde hace 20 años para que la multinacional Chevron-Texaco reconozca el perjuicio causado en la Amazonia ecuatoriana. En noviembre de 2013 un tribunal ecuatoriano condenó a la multinacional a pagar 9.500 millones de dólares, un pago que se resiste a abonar. English

Eradicating violent extremism from Tunisia? Dry up the sources

It will be important to empower young people, to train them to exercise critical thought, and to make them conscious of the importance of their participation in society. A call to civil society.  

The damage for which Chevron has failed to compensate its victims in Ecuador

For 20 years, farmers and indigenous people have been fighting the Chevron-Texaco corporation for recognition of the damage it has caused in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Español

Ethiopia after its electoral drama: second “renewal” imminent ?

The history of this country is one of eternal recurrence. The ‘national question” re-emerges where it has always been, with varying degrees of visibility: at the heart of Ethiopian political life. 

Chile: el agotamiento de la democracia representativa

Hoy, con una democracia representativa fallida, no podemos restringir la voluntad ciudadana a una expresión pasiva de consentimiento. English

Nothing in politics is an accident

“More cynically (or realistically) the Hellenes must be kept in the NATO orbit and timely aid is the best guarantor of it.”

SYRIZA crash-lands against the euro

Tsipras’ room for manoeuvre is completely circumscribed by the euro.

The last couple of days in Athens and in solidarity

Tribute to the Greek left from a fellow European who won’t forget the run-up to the historic Greek referendum.

In surprisingly fine fettle: the Turkish election

Grassroots social movements of the style seen at Occupy can be converted into actions that will force their relevance upon established political structures.

Iran’s nuclear programme and the battle of the oligarchies

A contest of domestic elites with differing interests and strategic visions is a crucial, neglected element pervading Tehran's nuclear diplomacy.

¿A tres minutos del apocalipsis?

El "Reloj del Fin del Mundo", medida acreditada de lo cerca que está el mundo de la catástrofe, se ha puesto de nuevo en marcha. English

¿Se acaban los socialismos del siglo XXI?

Hay indicios que los gobiernos latinoamericanos llamados del “socialismo del siglo XXI” en Venezuela, Bolivia y Ecuador conocen pérdidas de reconocimiento y sus presidentes están perdiendo la aceptación que tuvieron. English

Is this the end of the Latin American 21st century socialisms?

Public support for the Latin American governments of so-called “21st century Socialism” in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador is waning, and their broadly popular presidents are losing the remarkable acceptance they have enjoyed in previous years. Español

Why I will be voting YES in Sunday’s Greek referendum

I would vote yes as I do not want my objections to the way the crisis has been managed at home and in Brussels to be usurped by politicians that dream that they can give the Union a bloody nose by destroying the Eurozone.

Tunisia's dangerous drift

The massacre of foreign tourists in the coastal resort of Sousse highlights the mismatch between perception and reality in Tunisia.

Three minutes from apocalypse?

The "doomsday clock", a respected measure of the world's nearness to catastrophe, is again on the move.

Spain’s hologram protests

Millions of Spaniards have engaged in protests over the past four years. As of July 1 they can be subject to disproportionate fines and even jail for exercising their democratic rights to freedom of expression, assembly, protest and information. Interview. 

Moving beyond the squares: anticipating the debate

On July 3-4, the LSE will jointly host a seminar with openDemocracy on the impact of the movements in the squares from 2011 onwards. Do they contribute to the democratic renewal of our democracies and if so how? A conversation.

La resistencia de la sociedad civil y la geopolítica de la impunidad

El jurista español que persiguió a Pinochet reflexiona sobre la batalla para derrocar a la impunidad en Chile, Argentina, y en España para sacudirse la amnesia colectiva. Publicado previamente en openSecurity. English

A força da sociedade civil e a geopolítica da impunidade

O jurista espanhol que perseguiu Pinochet reflete sobre a batalha para derrubar a impunidade no Chile e na Argentina e oferece-nos a sua visão sobre os esforços em curso em Espanha para combater a amnésia coletiva. Publicado previamente em openSecurity. English

Civil resistance and the geopolitics of impunity

The Spanish jurist who went after Pinochet reflects on the battle to unseat impunity in Chile and Argentina, and looks ahead to Spain's continued efforts to shake off its collective amnesia. Español

The citizen revolutions in Latin America

The countries of the ‘citizen revolution’ in Latin America are post-neoliberal, but not post-capitalist.

Las revoluciones ciudadanas en Latinoamérica

Los países de la 'Revolución Ciudadana' en Latinoamérica son postneoliberales, pero no postcapitalistas.Publicado previamente en openDemocracy  English

Turkey’s election and the Kurdish peace process: what now?

The post-election landscape in Turkey raises new challenges in the search for a lasting settlement of the conflict between Turks and Kurds.

The utter failure of the international community to protect civilians in Syria

The Syrian people need an immediate no-fly zone, and for the alternatives to IS/Da'esh and Assad to be taken seriously.

From the squares to power in four years, 10 days

How Spain’s skilful activists have transformed politics during the crisis years and how the full effects of 15-M are still emerging. Español.

Os correios eletrónicos de Blesa: o fim de uma era

Espanha, Dezembro 2013: a filtração de 8000 correios eletrónicos enviados desde contas de correio eletrónico oficiais da “Caixa Madrid” entre 2000 e 2009, nos quais se reflete a conduta do seu antigo presidente, Miguel Blesa, foram essenciais para levar perante a Justiça a mais de 100 banqueiros e políticos. Apresentamos portanto a história por detrás dos correios de Blesa, republicados hoje. English Español

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