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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Penal populism and the BDS movement after Security Council Res. 2334

Despite a backdrop of symbolic mislabelling, campaigns such as BDS seem to have formulated new horizons of civil and political practice (in opposition to the mere declamation) of human rights.

Anti-indigenismo brasileño

La cooptación del Estado por parte de grandes empresas constructoras y corporaciones del sector minero-energético acelera la agonía de los pueblos indígenas, desposeídos de sus territorios ancestrales por resoluciones gubernamentales. English Português

Trump is creating a real threat to security by trumpeting a false one

The order is not only morally reprehensible and legally problematic; it is also strategically irresponsible and will create real security risks for the United States.

Broken politics: from 9/11 to the present

The years since 9/11 have cast a dark shadow over global politics in many respects. But we have the option of recalling where the pursuit of authoritarianism leads.

A word about Trump from the American republic's founders

And a warning to Republicans who claim to revere them.

An inside-outside strategy for defending the US Republic

Both the administrative pillar of resistance and the ‘Indivisible’ legislative pillar will be bolstered if linked to a grassroots strategy of cross-issue mobilizing and direct action – the core strategy.

Persecution and the threat to the refugee system

We need to accept that for millions of refugees persecution is the principal reason for flight today as it was before, during and after the Holocaust.

The media–technology–military industrial complex

In a world of so-called fake news and post-truth politics, the influence of largely invisible qualities of concentrated power over media, public and policy agendas, warrants renewed and urgent scrutiny.

The battle for minds, and role of human behaviour in generating plutocracies

The control or influence of information is diffused through education, politics, culture, media and the process of socialization.

El perverso populismo de Trump

Cómo la plataforma "America First" (América, primero) de Trump distorsiona el populismo para proteger a los poderosos. English

Recuperemos nuestros medios

Periódicos racistas, noticias falsas - ¿ya has tenido suficiente? openDemocracy se enfrenta a los déspotas del mundo, da voz a los más débiles y promueve un debate sensible e inteligente. Únete a nosotros hoy.

La amenaza a la que se enfrentan las activistas en Brasil

A pesar del Zika, Brasil no ha cambiado su política restrictiva sobre el aborto y ha recortado los servicios de información, prevención y atención. La situación es alarmante. English

Retos y riesgos del monitoreo y la verificación del fin del conflicto en Colombia

Hoy existe suficiente voluntad política del Gobierno y de las FARC, así como apoyo de la sociedad, para que el Mecanismo de Vigilancia y Verificación sea eficaz. English

Challenges and risks for monitoring and verification of the end of the conflict in Colombia

Currently, there is sufficient political will from the Government and the FARC, as well as support from society, that the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism has the capabilities to be effective. Español

Our common ground: a salute to the Young Global Collective

The renowned Egyptian novelist and beacon of the Arab uprisings in conversation with the Transnational Institute, speaks of inequality, global conferring, cultures in resistance, solidarity, democracy and justice today.

The failed Trident missile test is emblematic of a wider malaise

The UK Government insists that it is in favour of multilateral disarmament but this pretence has been laid bare by its vehement opposition to the forthcoming Nuclear Ban Treaty.

Mexico: no development without human rights

As a society, our actions – the indiscriminate exploitation of resources, whatever - have violated human rights in a savagely violent way for the sake of development. Interview. Español Português

México: sin derechos humanos, no hay desarrollo

Nuestras acciones, como sociedad, han violentado los derechos humanos de una manera brutal, han explotado indiscriminadamente los recursos naturales, cualquier cosa, en nombre del desarrollo. Entrevista. Português English

Disidencia reprimida: Cómo una multinacional italiana está persiguiendo a defensores ambientales en Colombia

Las prácticas de una multinacional italiana en Huila, Colombiaejemplifican cómo se utiliza cada vez más la criminalización de los activistas para acabar con la disidencia y la participación democrática real. English

Damming dissent: how an Italian multinational is persecuting environmental defenders In Colombia

The practices of an Italian multinational in Huila, Colombia, exemplify how the criminalization of activists is increasingly used to end dissent and real democratic participation in Latin America. Español

A filantropia comunitária e a invisibilidade

“Não tem por que se sentar à espera que alguém te peça. É preciso sair e criar as redes”, diz Maria Amália Souza, em Joanesburgo. Entrevista English Español 

The die is cast: why Trump can’t help but try dictatorship

America’s founding fathers read intently Gibbon's account of how Augustus eviscerated the Roman republic’s remaining premises even while persuading them that he was restoring their freedoms. Now we know why.

Brazil’s locomotive has stopped

Oil production has been crucial in fostering not only economic but social growth in Brazil, but now the country is gripped by economic crisis and political instability. Español

A whistleblowing platform against corruption for the City Council of Barcelona

Corruption can’t be eliminated by institutions scrutinising themselves. Civil society must play a central, continuous role.

Community philanthropy is about invisibility

“You do not have to sit here waiting for someone to ask. You need to go out there and create the networks”, says Maria Amália Souza in Johannesburg. Interview. Português Español

La filantropía comunitaria trata de la invisibilidad

"No tienes que sentarte aquí esperando a que alguien te lo pida. Necesitas salir y crear las redes", dice Maria Amália Souza en Johannesburgo. Entrevista. Português English

Donald Trump: the wrong man

Uncertainty surrounds the US president-elect. Europe and Latin America must learn to defend the republican ideals of the French revolution, the associated liberties and cosmopolitanism in general, by themselves. Español Português

From Ramallah to Paris: the Middle East’s forgotten conflict

There are issues the international community should consider in the wake of the Paris talks if it is serious about its responsibilities under the United Nations Charter. 

Donald Trump: o homem errado

O presidente eleito Trump traz com ele a incerteza. A Europa e a América Latina devem aprender a defender, por elas mesmas, os ideais republicanos da revolução francesa, as liberdades e o cosmopolitismo. English Español

Donald Trump: el hombre equivocado

El presidente electo Trump es todo incertidumbre. Europa y América Latina deben aprender a defender, por sí solas, los ideales republicanos de la revolución francesa, las libertades y el cosmopolitismo. Português English

Bajo la noche de Buenos Aires

“Aunque con la poesía no podamos tomar el poder, no podamos hacer la revolución, la poesía en sí es una gran guerrera contra la alienación de la que habla el Che Guevara”. Entrevista. English

Late night in Buenos Aires

"Although with poetry we cannot take power, we cannot make the revolution, poetry itself is a great warrior against the alienation that Che Guevara speaks about." Interview. Español

Fatah’s seventh party congress: a masterstroke by Abbas?

The Fatah leadership, with the tacit support of its international backers, has chosen small gains at the cost of an uncertain future. 

Guatemala: el reto democrático

Tras haber logrado, con movilizaciones sin precedentes, derrocar a un presidente y una vicepresidenta corruptos, Guatemala tiene ahora ante sí un reto que comparte con las democracias en el mundo. English  

A small picture in the big picture of Erdogan’s Turkey

The judicial arm of the Erdogan leadership has decided to make an example of Istar Gözaydin: even the most moderate critics will not be tolerated.

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