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Thomas Rowley

Tom Rowley edits oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Por un Pacto internacional sobre Información y Democracia

Ante los ataques continuos que sufren periodistas y medios de comunicación, publicamos esta Declaración encaminada a establecer garantías democráticas relativas a la información y la libertad de opinión en un momento histórico crucial.

Meme warfare in the Swedish context

The alt-right mobilised online to back far-right parties at Sweden's general election – but are their tactics no longer effective?

Opposing labour market Uberculosis

Uber is appealing the ruling that its drivers deserve workers’ rights. Meanwhile its drivers show strike action is possible against ‘platform capitalism’.

Mark Zuckerberg’s dilemma – what to do with the monster he has created?

Facebook seems surprised that its monopolistic platform has been weaponised by political actors. So who's going to tackle the perfect storm, asks John Naughton?

Agora Europe disembarks in the UK

It is a paradoxical time in which it is possible to create a transnational, European anti-Europe league, but seemingly impossible to create a pro-European one. Time to talk.

The EU call it copyright, but it is massive Internet censorship and must be stopped

We citizens battling for civil rights on the Internet will meet our obligation and fight the good fight. We’ll stop this attack on the Internet and democracy sooner or later.

¿Y ahora qué? De la innovación política a la resiliencia democrática en América Latina

Con la elección de Bolsonaro, y la consolidación del nuevo paradigma, la acción política necesita de nuevas estrategias y perspectivas que se enfoquen en la resiliencia democrática. English

Polarização e desinformação online no Brasil

As “notícias falsas” circulam pelas redes sociais impulsionados pela paixão daqueles que se identificam em um ou outro polo.

O Brasil, sequestrado pela pós-verdade

A pós-verdade transforma a democracia em uma massa inerte nas mãos de quem a domina. Ideias não são discutidas. Verdades são confrontadas e interlocutores são deslegitimados. Español English

Brazil, hijacked by post-truth

The post-truth turns democracy into an inert mass in the hands of those who dominate it. Ideas are not discussed. Truths are confronted and interlocutors are delegitimized. Español  Português

La post-verdad secuestra Brasil

La post-verdad convierte a la democracia en una masa inerte en manos de quienes la dominan. Las ideas no se discuten. Las verdades son rebatidas y los interlocutores son deslegitimados. Português English

Social media: unchecked foreign facts confuse the most respected Italian journos

How can you explain the fact that respected Italian reporters believe it was basically The Guardian who provoked Brexit? Was Brexit just lost in translation?

Race, porn, and education: will the UK’s 2020 sex education update rise to the challenge?

The state must abandon all prudery in the interest of rectifying the time-lag leaving a whole generation of young people open to the unfettered excesses of the porn industry.

Creativity must operate across borders

DiEMVoice took to the stage at Central Saint Martins in London this October, to share its creative vision for Europe in a time of culture war. Short speech.

Time for the BBC to be brave, bold and courageous – developing a manifesto for change

“My aim is to take the debate about the BBC beyond the need for platform prominence and to address how it can add value to British life and British interests overseas in the twenty-first century.”

The Chomsky paradox: the responsibility of intellectuals, revisited

Locating Chomsky’s linguistics and politics ‘in their historical perspective’ sharpens many issues for their wider relevance today, including that of the responsibility of intellectuals.

Explaining Chomsky’s strange science: a reply to Randy Allen Harris

“I am attempting to explain Chomsky’s part in the postwar overthrow of behaviourism and the dramatic triumph of the so-called ‘cognitive revolution’.”

Techlash: why Facebook’s approach to #FakeNews ultimately fails

Zuckerberg needs to take a step back and allow institutions to flourish. There are only bigger waves looming ahead.

Understanding the mainstreaming of the far right

It is essential to move beyond electoral politics to understand the way the far right is being mainstreamed. It involves asking, “ is there any such thing as public opinion” ?

Facebook and journalism. Part two

Facebook has fundamentally changed the news ecosystem and has, in fact, jeopardised press freedom and plurality – whether willingly or not.

US evangelicals targeted LGBT young people with ‘dehumanising’ Facebook and YouTube ads

Social media giants acknowledge that Anchored North video ads violated their rules to protect users – but not before millions of people see them.

Subverting democracy without vote-rigging

Recent events in some prominent democratic nations have highlighted the internal threats that are hard to see and even harder to counter. A military dictator can be identified.

Facebook and journalism. Part one

How Facebook turned into the world’s biggest news platform, with newsrooms and journalists paving the way.

A democracia digital melhora a democracia?

As inovações digitais podem mudar a qualidade da participação e a natureza da democracia. Mas como? Español, English

MPs criticise Facebook’s “not fit for purpose” foreign ad ban as Ireland votes on abortion

British and Irish parliamentarians call for major changes to unregulated social media campaigning following openDemocracy revelations – but too late for Friday’s historic vote.

Six ways Ireland’s abortion referendum could be hacked this week

Anti-abortion money, Facebook ads and boots-on-the-ground volunteers have piled in from across the world to try and swing Friday’s historic vote. Will they succeed?

The eyes of Iran and its children: ordinary lives, Iranian sanctions and Donald Trump’s rejection of the nuclear deal

On Tuesday night before the announcement, one ex-blogger wrote on Telegram how it seemed that Iran was engaged in early preparations for another New Year – everyone super alert.

How Irish anti-abortion activists are drawing on Brexit and Trump campaigns to influence referendum

Backlash against Irish abortion rights enlists some of the same technologies, companies, and individuals involved in controversial Trump and Brexit campaigns.

Doing anti-surveillance activism differently

Recent campaigns waged in two Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries provide some interesting lessons about challenging excessive state security power. 

Madrid as a place of democratic innovation

An exuberant ecosystem of citizen practices and self-managed spaces has turned Madrid into an international reference of the urban commons. Español, Português

Madrid, o lugar da inovação política

O ecossistema exuberante de práticas de cidadania e espaços autogeridos transformou Madrid em uma referência internacional dos chamados comuns urbanos. English, Español

Descontento político y evolución tecnológica en América Latina

Existe un demos, la sociedad políticamente organizada, que se encuentra en transformación en América Latina y en el mundo. English, Português

Political discontent and technological evolution in Latin America

We are in the presence of a demos, a politically organized society which has been undergoing changes in Latin America and the world, while politics has remained stagnant. Español, Português

Descontentamento político e evolução tecnológica na América Latina

Estamos na presença de um demos, a sociedade politicamente organizada, que se encontra em transformação na América Latina e no mundo, enquanto que a política manteve-se estagnada. English, Español

In this age of populism, it’s not ‘Cyber’ that’s being Balkanised – it’s people

The Balkans, already facing charges of bringing the world the First World War and the term ‘ethnic cleansing’, are now being blamed with a new offence: ‘Cyber-Balkanisation’.

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