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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Biological annihilation and the sixth mass extinction

The sixth mass extinction is already here and the window for effective action is very short.

Team Syntegrity, a comprehensive method of hope

Collaborating, competing, contradicting, negotiating, accommodating and compromising, all took place to different degrees in one symbiotic process. Our first participant report-back.

Of sacred cows and profane men

The cow has highlighted religious, regional, social and cultural differences. Some humans have been killed in the name of the cow.

Reimagining India in Britain

The Great India Show covers even science in India. It has been blessed by the two governments. Britain is out on a mission to rediscover India.   

The Kiron family

We revisit the social start-up that gives refugees access to higher education, meeting a 24 yr.old Syrian beneficiary and a Kiron co-founder, both of whom’s future plans build on this ingenious scheme. Interview. 

The current and future challenges of Middle Eastern studies

In the wake of Trump's victory, what are the challenges for Middle Eastern studies in the US? And what should be the role of academics in the field?

A learning experience

Making a few people obscenely rich is no reason for the USA not to have a health system something like Israel’s. There is no free lunch. But the system works.

War, peace and the technological revolution

Technology is forcing through a new form of conversation — even in conflicts. How will the next generation of tools transform the construction of peace?

The future of education: Georges Haddad and Yaacov Hecht at the World Forum for Democracy 2016

The two keynote speakers come from very different worlds. But both agree that a revolution in education is required, with the self-determination of the individual – all individuals – at its centre. Video.

Not going gentle into the night: on climate, trade, Brexit and Trump

TTIP, TPP, CETA et al. are bad for the climate, equality, democracy and social justice. So is Trump.

Laboratórios livres para ativistas

A criação de tecnologias combina o saber político com a cultura hacker para democratizar e qualificar o desenvolvimento no Brasil. English

Hidden Warfare 2: Drones

In an attempt to give them a better image, the British MoD has renamed them Protector rather than Predator.

Hidden Warfare 1. Cyber

The UK agency would like to be known as on the front line defending UK interests from cyber attacks, rather than as an eavesdropping agency collecting data on individuals en masse.

7 steps to education for democracy for all

Education should be an engine for democracy and not just for business, argues Democracy Matters participant in the World Forum for Democracy 2016 in Strasbourg this November.

Is statistics the prize weapon in the Zika arms race?

International political wrangling is stymieing progress in fighting Zika at the cost of a swelling number of infected pregnant women. With no vaccine or medicine to treat the virus, do statisticians hold the answer?

Sweet poison: why our brains need a sugar tax

Sugar may not just be harming your waistline, but also your brain.

Surveillance, power and communication

Coalitions of actors – scholars, activists, some politicians, and even some captains of industry, will need to collaborate if the pathway we pursue to a calculated, unequal future is to change.

Can fact-checking save democracy – and journalism as we know it?

The Global Fact-Checking Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina (#GlobalFact3, June 9-10) made it clear that fact-checking is a public service, benefiting both journalists and the public. Português Español

¿Puede la comprobación de datos salvar la democracia – y el periodismo?

La comprobación de datos es un servicio público que beneficia tanto al público como a los periodistas, como dejó claro la Cumbre Mundial celebrada en Buenos Aires (#GlobalFact3, 9-10 de junio). Português English

Tecnopolítica ou os novos territórios da ação política

Assistimos à emergência do poder relacional, da transversalidade, da participação. Quem compreenda esta realidade tem possibilidades de legitimação política. Entrevista. English Español

The truth about algorithms

Algorithms are not working for you and me – they are working for corporate interests, and their aim is to mould us into receptive customers. 

Ending HIV: ideology vs evidence at the UN

This week’s negotiations over the UN’s Political Declaration Ending AIDS are rife with circular debates, and sex, gender and sexuality are flashpoints of polarization. 

The dawn and delusions of the ‘Nerd Reich’: BlockBusters #1

It is both possible and necessary to think politically about the blockchain: delegation, transmutation and complexity.

Eliminar la malaria, de una vez por todas

Muy extendida en África, Asia y América Latina, la malaria tiene importantes efectos negativos para el desarrollo económico. El 25 de abril es el Día Mundial de la Malaria. English

Eliminating malaria for good

Malaria is widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It is commonly associated with poverty and has major negative effects on economic development. April, 25 is World Malaria Day. Español

"Nobody wants to live in a drug-free world": an interview with Carl Hart

"There has never been a drug-free world, and there never will be one." In this exclusive video-interview, professor Carl Hart discusses the sensationalism and race panic behind the war on drugs in the United States. (17:25 minutes).

Zika: when will they ever learn?

Compare the thousands of babies affected in the Americas with the lack of options for those who hear that women from the north are being told not to travel there. Español Português

Zika: ¿cuándo aprenderán?

Comparemos los miles de bebés afectados en el continente americano con la falta de opciones para aquellos que escuchan que a las mujeres del norte se les dice que no viajen allí. English Português

Zika: quando vão aprender a lição?

Comparemos os milhares de bebés afetados nas Américas com a falta de opções para aqueles que ouvem que às mulheres do norte lhes é recomendado não viajar para lá. Español English

Brasil: el mayor desastre minero del mundo

El mes de noviembre del año 2015 ha quedado marcado en Brasil por la mayor tragedia ambiental ocurrida en los últimos tiempos. Fue también el mayor desastre minero en el mundo. Português. English

The confinement of Eve: resolving Ebola, Zika and HIV with women’s bodies?

There are parallels between three major newsworthy viruses, Ebola, HIV and Zika, in relation to the global public health response and persistent and often toxic gender stereotypes. Español

Poppi Worthington: back to the future of child protection politics

The Cumbrian police dismissed her alerts. The pathologist had ‘jumped to conclusions’, she was ‘rash,’ they said.  

Pós-conflicto na Colômbia (5): TIC´s e participação cidadã

É chave incentivar a participação cidadã no processo de implementação dos acordos da Havana. As TIC são uma via importante. Español English

Postconflicto en Colombia (5). TICs y participación ciudadana

Es clave incentivar la participación ciudadana en el proceso de implementación de los acuerdos de La Habana. Las TIC son una vía importante. English Português

As mudanças climáticas aumentam o risco do vírus Zika

22 países latino-americanos relataram vários casos de Zika. À medida que a temperatura global sobe e as regiões do planeta aquecem, a emergência toma uma dimensão internacional. English Español

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