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Adam Bychawski

Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Freedom is claimed, not granted

Today’s actions by Central Americans and Palestinians show a historic convergence of resistance to borders.

Why I am an anti-Zionist Jew

The Israeli government deliberately invokes terrorist attacks, rockets, and scary brown men in headscarfs to stoke the population's fear, but I am scared of the racism Zionists use to justify the occupation. Originally published August 2014.

Direct action is useless without the masses

Marches may not always bring visible results, but they are crucial for political change. Direct action can't be the work of a small, devoted group. A response to "When marches aren't news, and media stunts fail".

Collective memory, collective trauma, collective hatred

Trauma runs through the narratives of both Israelis and Palestinians in the form of the Holocaust and the Nakba. But in order to rationalize their moral superiority, both sides actively deny the other’s suffering.

When marches aren't news, and media stunts fail

The strategic step to convert people and energy on the streets into material gains for Palestinians is never taken, replaced with the easier 'raise even more awareness'.

I know why I’m obsessed with Jews, but why are you?

Can we care for people who don't look, speak and think like us? Only greater knowledge of our own responsibility for the catastrophe in Gaza will make us act to end the killing. 

We are all complicit in the bombardment of Gaza

"We always wonder if we killed the right people, if we endangered the wrong people, if we destroyed an innocent civilian's life all because of a bad image or angle."

Art for the sake of life: the history of Palestine's Freedom Theatre

Over 900 Palestinians and 40 Israelis have been killed in Operation Protective Edge. Despite the violence, The Palestinian Freedom Theatre continues its project of cultural resistance.

Israel's wall: 10 years justice denied

"Operation Protective Edge" is under way, with air strikes in Gaza, 22 Palestinians killed and rockets fired at Israel. 10 years ago the International Court of Justice declared the Israeli separation wall illegal under international law. Has anything changed?

6 amazing photos that show Palestinian hopes for the end of occupation

Imagine waking up to see the bodies of your teenage children on your TV screen. Following the kidnapping and murders of three Israeli teenagers and the killing of more than six Palestinians, last night violent clashes took place across the West Bank and Gaza. Series: Palestine. 

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