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The role of money

Is money a curse or a cure in relation to injustice and inequality? This series of articles investigates the role of money in the transformation of society.

How democracy vouchers could combat big money in politics

Across the USA, voters are pushing for public-matching systems to replace the influence of wealthy bankrollers in elections.

Why should Bill Gates decide how our children should be educated?

Billionaire philanthropists are imposing their views on the rest of society with little accountability for their actions.

Wildlife conservationists need to break out of their Stockholm syndrome

Instead of fighting a destructive economic system, international conservation NGOs are bonding with its brutality.

In the fight for our genes, could we lose what makes us human?

There’s more to human beings than biology and physiology—and it shouldn’t be for sale.

Is social justice fundraising an oxymoron?

Raising money is part of the struggle for social change, not something that rich people do on behalf of the poor.

Husbandry: a feminist reclamation of men’s responsibility to care

To stop the economy’s advance towards greed and destruction, we need new metaphors and images that inspire a radically different alternative.

Does a fear of death lie at the heart of capitalism?

True wealth and power are found in collectives of people working together to radiate out justice and equality.

Transforming finance can help to tackle the biggest problems of society

The current financial system is part of the problem, not part of the solution. So what’s to be done?

Who gets to be an artist? An interview with cultural theorist Hans Abbing

Just why are artists so poor? Hans Abbing explains. 

The erotic economy: it’s not what you think

If we stopped imprisoning our emotions in industrially manufactured profit centers, desire could become an engine of social transformation.

Can ‘effective altruism’ change the world? It already has.

How to achieve the most good in the world is a question that should occupy all our imaginations: a response to Lisa Herzog.

Can ‘effective altruism’ really change the world?

We must transform the world, not simply make choices that appear to be rational within the current global order.

The Pipeline Strikes Back: the audacity of TransCanada's $15b suit against the U.S.

The political saga of the Keystone XL pipeline is like a real-life version of The Force Awakens. So why are we giving the Dark Side even more power?

Could giving circles rebuild philanthropy from the bottom up?

Grassroots giving could provide a healthier way of funding social change, but it also has its limitations.

Work less, play more

The 40-hour work week is an ingrained part of our culture, but it does very little to enrich our lives. Here's how to do away with the nine-to-five.

Welcome to another year of transformation

Can the world be reconstructed through the fusion of personal and social change? We say yes, and here's what we're learning.

Five ways to make your Christmas truly meaningful

If you don’t spend loads of money on presents and parties, what’s left? Here are tips for alternative gifts and traditions to close 2015.

Why slower money is the key to a real economic recovery

An exciting crop of organizations are financing businesses in ways that create real and lasting wealth. 

They cut, we bleed: activists are fighting cuts to domestic violence services

Intimate partner violence kills two women a week, while around the UK refuges are forced to close. Sisters Uncut have had enough.

Why it’s time to say goodbye to ‘doing good and doing well’

Being simultaneously rich and radical is certainly seductive, but the conflicts that have animated history can’t be wished away.

Trans ™: how the trans movement got sold out

From Zoolander 2 to Brewdog, now being transgender is cool, corporations are co-opting the sexy bits to turn a profit. 

Is social enterprise becoming a reactionary force?

It's highly unlikely that capitalism will be transformed from within (originally published May 13 2015 and republished as part of our tribute to Rick Cohen who died this week).

In memory of Rick Cohen

Civil society in America has lost one of its staunchest defenders

Carers of the world unite

Women carers are still fighting for the right to not be impoverished, overworked, isolated, or exploited in their work.

Public Private Partnerships? They’re as old as Christopher Columbus

Private companies are encouraged to latch onto every potentially-profitable public investment. What’s new or good about that?

Why South Africa's gold miners are suing their bosses

Tens of thousands of gold miners are suffering with diseases like silicosis, tuberculosis and HIV. In the mines, Apartheid lives on.

If the MacArthur Foundation wants a low carbon economy, why is it investing in fossil fuels and ignoring grassroots action?

Too many foundations fail to practice what they preach on climate change. It’s time to close the gap. 

For these borrowers and lenders, debt is a relationship based on love

Transforming the financial system could allow debt to become a source of freedom instead of servitude. 

Barbarians at the philanthropic gate: are foundation grants to corporations defensible?

Companies shouldn’t be on the philanthropic take: they should foot their own bills for expansion in new markets. 

Seven everyday things poor people worry about that rich people never do

It isn’t just poor people’s lives which differ from rich people’s lives – it's poor people's thoughts that differ from everyone else's.

Exposing the false prophets of social transformation

A growing group of elite storytellers present radical solutions to global problems, but their ideas actually inhibit real change and strengthen the status quo.

Can philanthropy ever reduce inequality?

The Ford Foundation’s new mission is to eradicate inequality. Will they learn from past mistakes?

Ursula K Le Guin calls on fantasy and sci fi writers to envision alternatives to capitalism

This award-winning author explains how fantasy and science fiction writers can stand up to the corporate system.

Five reasons why you never want to be rich

If you’re suffering from ‘affluenza’ it’s time to recognize that you’re sick.

Re-capturing the civic heart of social enterprise

Commercialisation is flooding the social economy. Here’s how to reverse the tide.

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