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From sharing economy to gift ecology

The highest potential of sharing comes from the transformative spirit of generosity.

How should we remember Auschwitz?

On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, whose stories are told and whose are marginalized? 

The Holocaust's lessons remain deeply contested

This year's commemoration marks a turning point in Holocaust remembrance. What we want is to honor the dead and empower the living, but often we end doing neither.

The people’s state of the union: re-imagining U.S. politics

Could the U.S. President’s annual address be reconfigured as a playful, reflective and connective civic ritual? Here’s how.

Can clients become citizens? Evaluating the new democracy in Indonesia

Political transformation means more than a few new institutions. It’s a deeply cultural process that lives in the history of every community.

America’s holy alliance is ripping apart at the seams

Liberals and progressives may feel besieged by the religious right, but they should breathe easy: they are winning.

Can you imagine a city where trees and swings matter more than cars?

As we reimagine our future cities, we can make room for nature and humanity.

What makes nonviolent movements explode?

The emergence of social movements is a product of two powerful forces working in tandem: disruption and sacrifice.

Imagine if we used renewable energy to build a safer world

The UK government spends £37 billion on the arms industry every year. What if it invested in green energy instead?

Why is there so little action on climate change?

Are there new ways to engage the public in mass action to reduce global warming, or should we focus on adapting to the inevitable?

Charlie Hebdo: is nothing sacred?

Until we know what we would die for, we don't know why we're alive. But what, if anything, would you be willing to kill for?

Another Politics—from anti-colonial to Occupy

Chris Dixon’s new book identifies four principles that underpin the success of transformative social movements.

Why the fight against HIV starts within us

We may no longer herd people with HIV/AIDS into colonies, but economic policy still leads to destitution and despair. That's why activist group ACT UP UK have reformed.

Challenging patriarchy in Kyrgyzstan

A post-Soviet generation of feminists is struggling to transform society through a mix of personal and political action. 

Welcome to Transformation

Can the world be reconstructed through the fusion of personal and social change? We say yes. Here's to another year of Transformation.

Science fiction and the post-Ferguson world

Radical science fiction and fantasy are remedies for the belief that there is no alternative to the violence and inequality that surrounds us.

Irresistibly biased? The blind spots of social innovation

Social innovation has an irresistible global appeal, but is it biased towards protecting the status quo? 

From Weather Underground activist to life in prison

Even in a just war we need to feel the pain and tragedy of losses on the other side. And in the Brink's robbery our own mistakes and failings led to unnecessary casualties. An extract from Love and Struggle: my life in SDS, the Weather Underground and Beyond.

How I will prepare my white son for the interactions he won't have with police

Seamus’ whiteness means that I don’t have to teach him how to prepare for humiliation. That is white privilege in a nutshell.

How Florida farm-workers won fairer pay from America's biggest food companies

"This is not a film about oppression. It's actually about transformation." 

Restoring justice to America

The United States is a violent nation. The police are part of this problem. They have to be part of the solution.

Why I want to burn everything down right now—and why I’m not going to

What I learned from James Baldwin’s writing about race, in a moment of great anger.

Exile Nation: The Plastic People

The need for a despised underclass of darker-skinned cheap labor has underpinned American prosperity since slavery. A new film looks at the lives of the latest class of disposable “plastic people.” 

The political emotions of Martha Nussbaum

Why does love matter for democracy? A conversation with one of the world’s leading philosophers. 

The transformation of a warrior behind bars

I’m sick of seeing people die, I’m tired of losing loved ones. I don’t want to die on the streets, I don’t want to get shot over some nonsense and I don’t want to shoot anyone.

Public art in Detroit builds safer, stronger neighborhoods

Forget your ideas about giant sculptures on museum lawns. In Detroit, public art is an essential part of community life.

Can Facebook damage your mental health?

Studies are starting to reveal how social media are changing our lives—for better and for worse.

Remembering Leslie Feinberg: a queer and trans fighter for justice

Author and activist Leslie Feinberg died this week, just before Transgender Day of Remembrance. As the opposite of a single-issue activist, ze showed what it was to resist, and to stand in solidarity with others.

The ordinary, extraordinary life of David Hartsough

Nonviolent action is a seamless part of the rhythm of life. A review of Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist.

Seven practical ideas for compassionate communities

It's not hard to bring more equality into each other’s lives. Here are seven concrete ideas and experiments.

The extinction of quiet

As the world’s silent places disappear, are we forgetting how to listen?

Facing up to the capitalist within

It’s easy to blame the economic system for causing social and environmental problems, but what is that system built on? Isn’t it us?

Lea's story: my days as a mad girl

In immaculate clinics people are segregated, held down, drugged, often with no other purpose than to control them and get them out of the way. Content warning: eating disorders, self harm, medical abuse.

An unexpected cloud of witnesses: Sister Rice replies

Collective recognition is more important than the raising up of icons: there is no mastermind in the transformation of society.

What I learned about living from dying of cancer

What makes for a good death in a just and sustainable world? A lifelong activist reflects.

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