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Can transformation at local level deliver answers to systemic global crises?

Transformative Cities is an opportunity for citizens, progressive local governments, municipalist coalitions, social movements and civil society to popularize and share their experiences of tackling and finding solutions to our planet’s systemic economic, social, political and ecological crisis.

Launched by the Transnational Institute in 2017, 32 amazing stories of transformation were featured in an Atlas of Utopias. TNI then worked with local journalists and Open Democracy to investigate and write about nine of these transformative experiences.


How a neighbourhood tackled the pollution crisis in the River Rocha in Bolivia


Bolivia Water Crisis

“We never imagined building this waste water treatment plant would have such a social impact”

How Lagos waged a war against water privatisation - and turned the tide


Lagos water protest

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink: how the Environmental Rights Action group campaigned against water privatisation in Lagos.

How did Grenoble start a French water revolution? It made its water management public


Grenoble water

In Grenoble, a city tucked away in the French alps, where the water has been so pure for years you can put it in baby bottles. Why? Because water is managed by the public sector.


From oil company town to progressive beacon - the story of Richmond


Richmond Progressive Alliance

How did this California city challenge the reign of fossil-fuel giant Chevron and start a progressive revolution?

Fighting energy poverty in Cádiz


Cádiz energy povery.png

Winds of hope: in the south of Spain, a radical mayor tackles unemployment and energy poverty at the same time.

In Mauritius, the fight for clean energy is a battle against inequality


Port Louis Energy Transition

And whoever controls the production of energy, controls the orientation of the economy.


Barcelona en Comú: an unstoppable transformative tide



Barcelona en Comú continues to make waves and has transformed the water, energy and public housing sectors in Spain’s second largest city.

How women beedi workers set up Asia’s largest housing cooperative


Lagos water protest

Mass housing projects in Solapur, India, prove that the sheer strength of workers’ sustained movements, with the cooperation of governments, can deliver results.

How did 300 people whose homes had been demolished in Tanzania find a way to rebuild?


When the homes of 36,000 people are demolished to expand Tanzania’s Dar Es Salaam port, the community swing into action together to build new homes.

What lessons can we learn from these particular projects? Have you been involved in something similar that you could tell us about? Do you know someone who has? Do please join us in comments space in the articles above, and help us build and network the knowledge.

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