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Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

The Glorious Referendum on the EU – Why it doesn’t represent the will of the people

With millions from Remain voting demographics excluded from the vote, and the result narrow, there's no reason for the government to see the Brexit result as final.

Seven things Momentum should do now

As Momentum celebrates its first birthday, it can boast of significant victories. But to win the country, it needs an ambitious plan for what next...

Why Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party should reach out to non-voters

Non-voters aren't apathetic, but alienated. Corbyn needs to mobilise them to win.

Why we protested at Heathrow

Aviation expansion must be stopped.

Forward Wales: five ways Welsh progressives need to take back control

The fallout from Brexit is an existential crisis for the future of devolution and Wales’ so-called ‘progressive’ identity.

The Daily Mail takes power

Where does Theresa May's ideology come from? The Daily Mail, says Anthony Barnett in a taster from his forthcoming book The Lure of Greatness: England's Brexit and America's Trump.

Leave may have lied, but it was Bush, Blair and Cameron who killed political honesty

From Machiavelli to Cameron, there is a sad decline of truth in the age of Brexit.

The familiar axes of politics are changing, with momentous consequences

Political identities have changed significantly, and politics has shifted with them.

Deeper into democracy: the legitimacy of challenging Brexit’s majoritarian mandate

Would a second European referendum be democratic?

Why should we care that Exxon is lobbying the UK Government on electric vehicles?

We shouldn't ignore the oil giant lobbying to stop the electric car revolution in Britain.

Media attacks on Corbyn show he’s a threat, not an irrelevance

Recent Panorama and Dispatches episodes confirm: the media has never been so biased against a Labour leader.

What the Labour leadership candidates think about democratic reform

The Electoral Reform Society quizzed the Labour leadership candidates on electoral reform...

It’s time to think about how we do referendums in the UK

Referendums are now a thing in Britain. So we need to get better at them.

The Welsh Interregnum (or reasons not to be cheerful)

Worried thoughts on Wales and what is to be done.

As A-level results come out, it's time to look again at our education system

Jeremy Corbyn is right – England needs to repurpose its education system.

Proportional representation can offer democracy to all, not just to the majority

Proportional representation can better reflect the messy, complex reality of collective self-rule.

Time for a UK agricultural policy that doesn’t subsidise the rich

Now that the UK is leaving the disastrous Common Agricultural Policy, let's transform our farming for good.

Brexit Britain and the political economy of undemocracy: part 2 – the left

While the right acts decisively to restore the established order, the Corbyn experiment eschews both democracy and state power, and thus Labour’s best hope of transforming capitalism – part two of two.

Brexit Britain and the political economy of undemocracy: part 1 – the right

The aftermath of economic crisis, followed by Brexit, has seen the dismantling of democratic norms in Britain. The right benefits, while the left stands by. Part one of two.

Video: Black lives matter: shutdown

"1,562 deaths in police custody in my lifetime. 0 convictions". As Black Lives Matter protesters set up blockades in London, Birmingham and Nottingham, here's their video explaining why it's time for a shutdown.

Don't make crude assumptions about young people's attitudes to the EU

Until recently, young people were one of Britain's most Eurosceptic demographics.

Labour needs a programme of political education

The Labour party membership has grown hugely. To mobilise this membership, it needs to invest in educating it.

Popular delusions: Corbynism constructs its people

Team Corbyn conjures a people, but fails to do the hard work of building one.

We need to reach out

Activists and organisers across the UK need to find a better way to do politics.

We must abandon the idea of legal protest

The laws governing the legality of civil dissent narrow the parameters of political possibility.

Don't forget the role of the press in Brexit

The lies of Britain's papers have been key to shaping the country's current predicament

Why a second independence referendum is not inevitable in Scotland

In the complexity of post-Brexit Britain, a second independence referendum in Scotland isn't the dead-cert some think.

Welsh football, Brexit and the future of British national identity

Wales' performance in the European Cup helped build a cross-racial national identity. But more must be done if everyone from Wales is to feel accepted as Welsh.

Using technology to inject the demos back into democracy

Online deliberation allows us to take a leap towards much deeper democracy.

It's time to disband the 'Tribe of the 48%'

We cannot ground an effective political movement on the 48% who voted Remain. Instead, we must look for solutions to the political divisions that created this tribe.

Labour can only win with Jeremy Corbyn

Labour's long decline can only be ended by an insurgent movement. And Corbyn is the candidate of that movement.

After Cameron: How can you mend a broken country?

In seeking a One Party Britain, David Cameron sowed the seeds not for a united nation, but a divided one. A sign that Britain’s ‘Left Behind’ are now beginning to have their voices heard.

An industrial strategy for energy

Britain should abandon Hinkley Point and invest in storage.

After Brexit: the received ideas of racism and nationalism

It's time to challenge 'common sense' on immigration.

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