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Why I am not a Liberal and how we need to fight bin Trump and Brexit

Trumpism cannot be defeated by seeing it as merely irrational - nor by withdrawing from Europe. - free thinking for the world

Epsom & Ewell: a battle between collaborative community and competitive loneliness on London’s fringe

On a clear day, you can see the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf from the top of Epsom Down. But the six hundred or so participants in the weekly Epsom Park Run don’t live in the capital: Epsom & Ewe...

Division and unity in Sunderland

As the British economy has moved away from manufacturing and toward financial services, growing numbers in the city are unemployed, underemployed or in precarious employment, and the use of food banks is on the rise.

How to contain the hard right

The question is, why do even the most enlightened liberals such as Fawcett and Barnett not really try to offer a set of specific policies to forge a liberal comeback?

Public libraries are vital to local communities – Labour must fight to defend them

Libraries are being decimated by cuts, privatisation, de-skilling and a shift to ‘volunteerism’ and 'generalism'. But those working in them are being told to deny there’s a crisis.

Decolonising migrant resistance: from #Refugeeswelcome to ‘These Walls Must Fall’

The discourse of #Refugeeswelcome is built on the Euro-centric dichotomy of ‘good migrant’ and ‘bad migrant’, whose uncritical adoption leads directly to the ‘unwelcoming’ environment intact throughout Europe.

First they ignore you… How the media is playing catch up on land reform

There is now cross-party consensus on the issue of land value capture, but newspapers are still stuck in the past.

From the industrial revolution to the internet: putting power in people’s hands

Civil society?  We may not use this phrase every day, but it’s at the heart of our everyday lives - from churches to charities, social media to social enterprise, it’s so often where we find comm...

Foreign and 'alt-right' activists target Irish voters on Facebook ahead of abortion referendum

New data shows how social media has become a battleground in a transatlantic backlash against abortion rights for Irish women.

UBI: balancing progress and protection

Why we need to be able to think in terms of a brave new world.

Labour must become the party of people who want to change the world, not just Britain

‘Networked individuals’ have replaced the industrial working class as the key agent for overhauling capitalism in the digital age. To win power, Labour must represent their values, culture, aspirations and political priorities.

Democratising pensions: where next after the USS strikes?

We need an alternative to Britain’s highly financialised and marketized pensions system. 

An 'NHS tax' is perfect for a 'new centrist party'—stale, regressive and technocratic

National Insurance is regressive. Hypothecating taxes tends to encourage ideas of opt outs & top ups. So why is Liz Kendall promoting these as the 'new consensus' for NHS funding?

Scotland in Union held talks with Cambridge Analytica

The vice-chair of the campaign against Scottish independence met with the controversial data firm months after revelations about their involvement in Trump’s campaign came out.

An inconvenient book? Read Miles Goslett on the death of David Kelly – not Aaronovitch's caricature

The case for a full coroner’s inquest to find out the truth regarding the tragic death of a government scientist in the wake of the Iraq war has been trashed for no good reason. Why?

Storm warnings

The test of science is its ability to predict. Economics manifestly fails this test.

An alternative to QE: was Billy Bragg right after all?

How the renowned songwriter, musician and campaigner is helping the UK prepare for the next recession.

The Queen rules the Commonwealth!

Many epithets have been used to run down the Commonwealth. The London summit may even be called the Commonwealth Games II…

The ‘Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention’: and how it exposes the absence of any serious intention to help Syrians

Diplomacy should focus on the humanitarian situation and the need for civilian protection rather than or as well as finding a political solution.

VIDEO: How to create a democratic energy system

An interview with Tim Crook from Regen.  

Amnesty, not apology

In a free and fair society, amnesty for all migrants stuck within yet excluded from our dysfunctional system, is the only workable reparation for the government’s hostile environment immigration policies. 

Darkest Hour: another film about 1940

Is this film any better at history than Dunkirk? Does it matter when you have such a multi-faceted central character as this ‘real war leader ’? Review.

No appetite for a deregulatory post-Brexit Britain: new findings on public attitudes

The transformation of the aims of Brexit emerged during the early days of the referendum campaign, when the cross-party campaign for leave realised where the route to broad-based success lay.

Enoch Powell’s ghost and bigotry still haunt modern Britain

We are better than Enoch Powell – but, as recent events show, not by as much as we think.

Why the problem is economics, not economists

To avoid hitting an intellectual dead end, economics must embrace a wider diversity of views and focus less on the derivation of abstract models. 

The UK government must stop detaining LGBTQI+ people fleeing persecution

“Here in detention it is the same as where I came from. I was so scared”.

We need to talk about where Brexit funder Arron Banks gets his money

openDemocracy investigations raise fresh questions about Arron Banks's wealth and the real source of the Brexit campaign's largest donations.

The Windrush generation and the long history of not being quite ‘British’ enough

Britain has an ignoble history of exploiting Caribbean people when they were ‘useful’, then casting them aside as insufficiently ‘British’ when they were not.

Syria: stop asking questions!

Who gets to decide who is involved in pseudoscience and misdirection? Who asks the questions and who gets bamboozled? What role should the media play?

That’s all-white then – an all-white panel on ‘minorities and justice'

White people need to get better at seeing race, addressing it, and addressing our own complicity. Taking part in all-white panels – especially on a subject where race is central – simply isn't good enough.

The Commonwealth gets extra attention

Some 5,000 participants from government, business and civil society have arrived for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). The central theme of the deliberations is ‘Towards a Common Future’.

“First past the post” is failing the Labour movement – it's time to mend our voting system

The inherent bias towards Tory seats in our voting system is set to get worse, and the arguments for reforming it have never been stronger, finds a new report out today. 

Antisemitism, cosmopolitanism and the politics of Labour’s ‘old’ and ‘new’ right-wings

The determination of the Labour Right to focus on ‘left antisemitism’ reveals as much about the Labour Right’s divisions, history and current existential crises, as it does about the left.

Whatever the USS vote, can we maintain inter-generational unity and restore our universities?

The unprecedented university strike has highlighted deeper issues about how casualisation and commercialisation damages the experience of all staff and students. What now?

All-out war or economic war: why Chilcot’s playbook needs to be given a chance

The Iraq Inquiry warned that we must exhaust all peaceful options before dropping bombs – and that hasn’t happened.

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