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Media freedom in the age of terror

At the core of our liberty is freedom of expression, freedom to associate, freedom to collaborate, freedom to innovate. Powerful people and institutions, notably governments and corporations, are attacking these core values in the Digital Age, typically in the name of protecting us or giving us more convenience, and there's some truth in both. But in the process, these powerful entities are locking down more and more of our computing and communications, and creating a system of control over what we say and do.

In an age of terror, how do we protect the journalists, activists and whistleblowers who have inspired a brave fightback? How do we continue to tell truth to the rich and powerful, and uncover things that the rich and powerful would prefer to keep secret? With the World Forum for Democracy, we ask, can we continue to be thorough, accurate, fair, independent and transparent, despite the collusion between governments and big companies to keep track of what we are doing? Can we serve newly-informed and diverse publics in a way that combats the politics of fear?

Tragedies of the fourth estate

The recent crises must be understood in light of systemic pressures on the BBC's resources and the wider struggle to maintain  healthy and well funded investigative journalism - an essential part of democratic accountability.

Murdoch and the Big Lie

The Murdoch affair is demonstrating not only that Rupert and James are not 'fit and proper' people to run a media empire in Britain, but that David Cameron and George Osborne are ill-suited to running a government.

Is Murdoch still corrupting Parliament's Select Committee?

Is the British parliamentary investigation of the Murdoch press proceeding with collusion between the Murdochs and members of the Committee investigating their behaviour and its influence? We should be given the evidence to allow us to decide.

Why let facts ruin the story? Norwegian comments on US coverage of the Norway terror

Instead of getting the facts, the US media seemed most concerned making reality fit their pre-fabricated narrative.

After Murdoch

A potentially awesome shift in the UK’s power structure is taking place if the role and influence of Murdoch’s newspapers is really undermined. This is because the mess that Jeremy Hunt wishes to see sorted out is the very fusion of politicians, journalists and media owners that govern us - the political class.

The pro-Israel lobby in Britain: full text

The authors ask for transparency in Britain's policy towards Israel

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