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A battleground on which the future of Europe and Britain rests

Yanis Varoufakis discusses reinventing European democracy, and the threat and challenge of Brexit, with openDemocracy founder Anthony Barnett.

A battleground on which the future of Europe and Britain rests

Yanis Varoufakis discusses reinventing European democracy, and the threat and challenge of Brexit, with openDemocracy founder Anthony Barnett.

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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

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Post-conflict in Colombia (13). Post-war on drugs

The Havana agreements offer an opportunity to put an end to the war on drugs through an approach from a territorial development perspective to what has been, until now, a security problem. Español

Let's scrap the impartiality rules holding back British broadcasters

The EU referendum is fast approaching, and British TV is failing to engage the public. It's time to look again at ‘impartiality’ rules that prevent broadcasters from fulfilling their democratic remit. 

Fighting corruption: What should political parties do?

openDemocracy asked an anti-corruption campaigner, a former ambassador and a youth activist what parliaments and political parties can do to fight the abuse of power.

Waiving the rules again

The British armed forces have quietly turned to their traditional methods of finding “manpower” when they see themselves running short.

No middle ground: the risks of being a human rights defender in India

Volunteers in India are banding together to form a network that protects human rights defenders. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on closing space for civil society.

Global supply chains: what does labour want?

For the workers of the world, global supply chains are not and cannot be sustainable unless they are based on the principles of decent work.

Husbandry: a feminist reclamation of men’s responsibility to care

To stop the economy’s advance towards greed and destruction, we need new metaphors and images that inspire a radically different alternative.

Anthony Barnett in conversation with Yanis Varoufakis

openDemocracy founder Anthony Barnett discusses DiEM25, Brexit and European democracy with Yanis Varoufakis. Recorded at the Another Europe is Possible event in London, 28 May 2016.

We are gaining ground on the evil of authoritarianism

If we take into account that the Universal Declaration dates from 1948, and that subsequent legislative instruments are relatively new, then we can see that the rate of progress is very rapid. Español Português

Choosing the next UN Secretary-General: real change ahead?

For the first time in the UN’s history, the global public is having the chance to hear about the individual agendas and the visions of all the nominees for next UN Secretary-General.

In Estonia, we should be careful not to overstate the impact of the information war

The Baltic States are now seen as the next frontline in Russia’s hybrid war. But the political preferences of ethnic Russian communities are more complicated than meets the eye. 

A treaty to protect the rights of older people is long overdue!

As the world’s population ages, now is the time to begin work on a treaty to give explicit protection to the rights of the elderly.  Français

Concentric cages: the hotspots of Lesvos after the EU-Turkey agreement

Hotspots used to be mainly areas for registration, but now they are used to sort and detain people in preparation for their deportation.

BTS explainer: what is the International Labour Conference?

This will be the 105th session of the International Labour Conference, but how many people know what it is and why it’s important?

DiEM25 in London

A video of the DiEM25 breakout session at the Another Europe is Possible Event in London.

Making supply chains work for workers? The 2016 International Labour Conference and beyond

Employers, worker’s organisations and politicians are gathering to discuss decent work in global supply chains. BTS launches three months of multimedia analysis asking how – if at all – we can guarantee it.

The ILO report on ‘decent work in global supply chains’ - much ado about nothing?

The background report for the International Labour Conference 2016 raises important questions about supply chain responsibility, but does not provide enough answers about the way forward.

Carry on flying: why activists should take to the skies

Protesting against air travel might displace attention away from the actions required to reduce carbon emissions at the necessary scale.

"More and better mandarins!": lessons from my adventures as a government minister

Government is weird. And other thoughts after stepping down as Scotland's minister for local government and community empowerment.

Will Brexit impact on borders and the control of immigration?

There is now an ever-growing need for immigration and border criminologists to focus on the harms inflicted by racist state policies and practices, and strengthen strategies of resistance.

Iran’s military objectives in Syria and Russia’s contradictory positions

As the US and Russia speak of a mutual agreement over Syria, Iran and Assad are continuing their ruthless slaughtering of the Syrian people.

ISIS and Israel on the Golan Heights

The Yarmouk Valley is run by ISIS – and left alone by Israel. This is a testament to the complex, cynical and calculated machinations of the actors in this conflict.

Constitutionalizing peace in South Sudan

The constitution-making process must remain wedded to the public interest in the peace process, and not simply the narrow interests of political elites.

The role of the EU in the Syrian conflict

As a new round of Geneva talks is under way, the EU should ensure that the outcome is not merely the result of US and Russian talks.

Cybersecurity: the case for a European approach

The EU objective of developing a cyber ‘soft’ power privileging defence, resilience and civil society, sharply contrasts with national cybersecurity policies developed both inside and outside Europe.

Brazil crisis: On heroes and coups

Rejecting the language of an elite coup against a national-popular government is key to understand the Brazilian crisis and strategize what to do from the left. Español Português

Canada, a welcoming country? The unaddressed issue of labour trafficking

A sharp increase in temporary workers in Canada has made workers disposable, precarious and vulnerable to exploitation, and temporary foreign workers programmes do not do enough to protect migrant workers’ rights.

Inquest jury finds failures in detainee healthcare

An MRI brain scan that was wrongly cancelled might have led to life-saving treatment for Bruno Dos Santos, who died aged 25 in the care of UK immigration authorities.

“When you buy coal, you have a moral right to ask where it came from”

A new report highlights a stark truth: the UK’s dependence on international coal not only devastates the environment, but disenfranchises local communities.