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Claudia Ciobanu is a Romanian freelance reporter, contributing regularly to global news agency Inter Press Service. 

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Romania's 1989 revolution redux

This 21 December, around 4,000 people took to the streets of Bucharest to commemorate the 1989 revolution. Protesters were in the streets out of a sense of responsibility for those who died in 1989 to establish a democratic system in Romania. That mission is not yet accomplished.

Conservative culture and the far right in Poland

Most Poles agree that far right attacks are on the rise in their country, but the government and police are unable, or unwilling, to challenge it.

"The Revolution begins with Rosia Montana"

A new law going through the Romanian parliament allowing a Canadian mining company to forcefully expropriate the homes of citizens in order to construct Europe's biggest gold mine is inspiring some of the country's most significant protests since the fall of communism.

Romanian media in crisis

Romanian media is in a sad state, with newspapers losing stamina by the day and television channels shamelessly blasting the political messages favored by their owners. Independent journalism still exists, but can it reach beyond the more educated and resourceful?

CIA prison will haunt Poland

Poland's role in hosting a CIA "black site" is now certain. Whether the government will voluntarily admit it is another matter. 

After the elections, an alarming audit of Romanian democracy

A motley alliance of socialists, liberals and conservatives won the 9 December Romanian parliamentary elections. What they clearly share is profound dislike for the country's once-powerful president, Traian Basescu, whose five-year mandate continues into 2014. What is less obvious is how they will govern the country.

Latin America in a post-development era: an interview with Arturo Escobar

Colombian-American anthropologist Arturo Escobar is one of Latin America's leading voices on post-development theory and political ecology. In this interview, he outlines development paths for the continent to follow, somewhere between modernisation, decolonisation and economic growth.

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