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Famine in Yemen: long announced, now on our screens

What are world leaders doing? Where is the ‘international community’ Yemenis so often appeal to? - free thinking for the world

Famine in Yemen: long announced, now on our screens

What are world leaders doing? Where is the ‘international community’ Yemenis so often appeal to? - free thinking for the world

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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is a main site editor of openDemocracy.

Brazil, hijacked by post-truth

The post-truth turns democracy into an inert mass in the hands of those who dominate it. Ideas are not discussed. Truths are confronted and interlocutors are delegitimized. Español  Português

Why the United Nations security council must let women speak freely

Women’s civil society advocates were long excluded from the security council. This is changing, but they must be allowed to speak freely.

#ConsultasPopulares in crisis in Colombia

The case of ‘consultas populares’ (public consultations) in Colombia demonstrates the existing tension between local communities and multinational extraction giants. Español

After all, Iraq’s ethno-sectarian quota remains

So long as the ethno-sectarian quota exists, a political class that serves foreign interests will continue to determine Iraq’s political and economic destiny.

We need an ecological civilization before it’s too late

Promises of green growth are magical thinking. We have to restructure the fundamentals of our cultural and economic systems.

Ethiopia: climbing Mount Uncertainty

Abiy Ahmed has already gone down in history for addressing the pressing demands of the vast majority of Ethiopians. But Abiy Ahmed made three mammoth strategic errors.

“Genocide cards”: Rohingya refugees on why they risked their lives to refuse ID cards

Wary of the past, Rohingya have frustrated the UN’s attempts to provide them with documentation.

Famine in Yemen: long announced, now on our screens

What are world leaders doing? Where is the ‘international community’ Yemenis so often appeal to?

إعادة تدوير البشر! ... هل فكرتَ في أن تصبحَ شجرة؟

علبة صغيرة بمائة دولار فقط تضمن لكَ حياة أخرى على الأرض لكن بهيئة شجرة

Revealed: Met Police ignored Brexit campaign evidence for months

Scotland Yard claimed it didn’t receive key evidence about Leave campaigns until September. But the evidence was ready from May. They just didn’t bother to collect it.

‘Handicapped sovereignty’: escalating costs of Sri Lanka’s post-war development vision

As capital elbows its way in and remakes the world according to its own designs, the need to democratise this polity is more urgent than ever.

Social media: unchecked foreign facts confuse the most respected Italian journos

How can you explain the fact that respected Italian reporters believe it was basically The Guardian who provoked Brexit? Was Brexit just lost in translation?

Mr. Gay Syria أين أنت يا حبّي؟ أنا هنا يا حبّي

يشكّل الفيلم توثيقاً مهمّاً لعالم شخصيّات سوريّة تتقاطع مصائرها مع الكثير من الأسئلة السياسيّة والاجتماعيّة

Catalonia and Spanish nationalism

Our only answer to self-serving nationalisms of every kind is a popular sovereignty that empowers everyone, collectively, to take control of matters of state, whatever its name.

Policing Islamism: a fatal disconnect

Britain needs to broaden its thinking about the appeal of "the west vs Islam" message.

Proscribing National Action: has it been effective?

The first British ban on membership of a far right group appears to be working – but the danger is other far right groups are learning to adapt.

Moscow is solving its waste problem – by sending it to Russia's regions

Waste disposal has become a political problem for Russia’s capital, and the authorities are now looking to transfer it to the regions. RU

Fascism and Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro and his volunteers envision a state of war for Brazil: that is the experiment they are hoping to deliver to the world. Português

#MeToo in a country that worships God as woman

During a festival celebrating the Goddess who kills a demon menacing Gods, scores of educated Indian women have unmasked their tormentors and sparked a mini-revolution.

Why UK trans rights debates are so frustrating, but I won’t give up hope

Proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act have led to a vile backlash in the media. But we all deserve freedom.

Brazil at a climate crossroads

Brazil’s bid to host international climate talks in 2019 (COP25) made significant progress, just as the country seems poised to elect extreme right-wing climate change sceptic Jair Bolsonaro. Español

The Bolsonaro effect

It sounds like a distasteful joke, but Brazilians are on the verge of electing a far-right president (Jair Messias Bolsonaro) and it is difficult to estimate what this means to progressive forces in Brazil. Español Português

What came before #MeToo? The ‘himpathy’ that shaped misogyny

Kate Manne’s “Down Girl” describes the origins of a punitive social system that keeps women in their place by rewarding compliance and punishing resistance.

Christian right and some UK feminists ‘unlikely allies’ against trans rights

New analysis shows that groups that traditionally disagree are now on the same side – against reforming the Gender Recognition Act.

Agenda 2030 marred by MDG mindsets on steroids

Business as usual is bad news for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, arguably the greatest human endeavour ever attempted to create just, equal and sustainable societies.

It’s time to talk about what a lack of access to safe abortion means

This year, something has changed about the way we talk about abortion. You can feel it on the street, on Twitter, in the media.... Something has changed, and there’s no turning back. Español

Iranian pseudo anti-imperialism

The first prerequisite of fighting imperialism is to fight the imperialist relations at home.

Meet the editors of a new journal challenging prejudices about eastern Europe

The Bucharest-based Kajet journal was founded to challenge cliches about eastern Europe — a region that can be “more than a sheer pile of debris awaiting reconstruction.”