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Was that the last World Cup as we knew it?

Problematic decisions by FIFA mean Qatar could be bad – and North America 2026 could be even worse, fears Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman.

Was that the last World Cup as we knew it?

Problematic decisions by FIFA mean Qatar could be bad – and North America 2026 could be even worse, fears Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

The Global Integration and Individual Potential Index: a viable alternative to GDP?

Scores of countries are being left behind by GDP – it's time to replace it with a new indicator of progress. 

Nicaragua ante el horror de la represión desenfrenada

La explosión popular frente a la represión encuentra a la población desarticulada y desorganizada. Reconstruir el tejido social, pulverizado por las políticas neoliberales y la persecución del gobierno, es absolutamente necesario. English

Nicaragua facing the horror of unbridled repression

The popular outburst against repression has created a Nicaragua that is disjointed and disorganized. Restoring the social fabric, torn apart by neoliberal policies and government persecution, is an absolute necessity. Español

Calls to ‘make Britain great again’ draw on pseudo-intellectual defences of Empire

Are white academics and politicians finding the space in Brexit Britain to rehabilitate colonialism, even as they claim victim status themselves?

Why turning to Jewish exceptionalism to fight antisemitism is a failing project

The furore over the new Labour NEC Code of Conduct on Antisemitism.

Do we need a (legal) definition of anti-Semitism?

Drawing on the IHRA definition without the problematic examples, the new code of conduct adopted by the Labour party is a step in the right direction.

Challenges of fieldwork in Egypt: changing/challenging theoretical leanings

How can we ethnographically ground postmodern interest in human-animal relations?

The last World Cup as we know it

Problematic decisions by FIFA mean Qatar could be bad – and North America 2026 could be even worse, fears Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman.

Georgia’s growing cultural divide: a sign of far-right populism?

One year on since Georgia’s far right publicly announced themselves, how has their agenda developed?

Trumpism in Europe's mainstream

European elites criticise Trump yet echo his extremist agenda. As well as hypocritical, this is perilous to democracy.

The struggle for freedom of speech in Tajikistan: Khayrullo Mirsaidov and the question of international responsibility

The conviction of a well-known journalist once again raises the question of the international community’s attitude to repressive regimes – and how foreign aid and human rights have been decoupled.

Khayrullo Mirsaidov: the journalist from Tajikistan who received 12 years in prison for his honesty and courage

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 22.38.10.pngThe west cannot preach democracy and free media in Tajikistan while leaving the locals who implement these principles to fend for themselves.

Does Donald Trump’s foreign policy actually make sense?

It’s entirely logical for narcissists to seek alliances with authoritarian leaders.

The drift towards a brutal dictatorship in Nicaragua

Resorting to extreme violence has caused the Ortega/Murillo regime, which operates like an old dictatorship, to lose support from the entrepreneurial class that until now sustained it. Español

Video: Trump's anti-immigrant policies aren’t all that different from our own

The state-sanctioned backlash against migrant rights is transatlantic. At a protest against Trump in London, we asked people about the parallels between US and UK policies.

Greece & Macedonia: negotiating history doesn’t make it true

Geopolitical expediency has forced a people to bargain with the only name history has left them. Reflect on this, before again dismissing them as mere instruments of NATO policy. 

Nato, and a thinking gap

If the west's military alliance is adrift, it's not because of Putin or Trump.

Trump's visit marks the start of shock doctrine Brexit

The radical right want a no-deal Brexit so they can force Britain into a disaster capitalist trade deal with the USA.

The Turkish election as a warning against the irresistible charms of populism

We urgently need a constructive and open dialogue between different strands of thought within the populism theoretical oeuvre, if we are to develop progressive political strategies.

Boris Johnson’s resignation letter is the halitosis of a rotting body politic

The UK is in the midst of a multi-layered political and constitutional breakdown.

The attack on the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala

Interview: Colombian lawyer Iván Velásquez Gómez has been the international commissioner against impunity in Guatemala since 2013. Español

Why global justice must lie at the heart of the debate about Britain’s economic future

Capitalism is an imperialistic economic system, but too often the left assumes that our economy operates in isolation.

Theresa May won the Chequers game – now Remainers must face reality

It’s time for rational Remainers to start planning for the possibility that Britain could be out the EU before the end of 2018.

When workers lead on enforcing labour standards: a case study of Electronics Watch

Electronics Watch is pioneering a way to safeguard workers’ rights in the electronics industry by working with workers, buyers and brands. 

Remembering Dorothy Cotton, freedom educator

We need to believe ourselves capable of something greater than the dehumanizing roles our society has given us.

How social media users in Kyrgyzstan are turned into “extremists”

In Kyrgyzstan, social media users are persecuted for sharing their opinions online. It’s easy to find “incitement to hatred” where there is none. RU

The pre-history of post-democracy

Amidst the currently contested conceptions of democracy, a review of Michael Schudson’s The Rise of the Right to Know: Politics and the Culture of Transparency. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press (2015).