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Fairness, respect and community should be the driving forces behind immigration policy

Leading immigration campaigners call on UK government to take values-based approach to immigration post-Brexit - free thinking for the world

Fairness, respect and community should be the driving forces behind immigration policy

Leading immigration campaigners call on UK government to take values-based approach to immigration post-Brexit - free thinking for the world

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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy's mainsite editor.

When are we In the UK at war?

While a hard and fast definition may prove elusive as the line between war and peace becomes increasingly blurred, lack of clear guidance risks the decision becoming politicised.

Venezuela in the abyss

Why is such a wealthy country experiencing such a catastrophic financial crisis? And why, in the light of this crisis, have certain measures been introduced that lead nowhere? Interview. Español

The European Court of Justice as a bastion of democracy and rule of law

The crucial role of the ECJ appears even more important in present times, when things taken forgranted, such as democracy, individual freedom and the rule of law, are in danger.

Political books round-up - 2018 Labour Conference special

Analyses of Corbynism, Trumpism and the legacy of 68, guides to action, cookbooks and childrens books, Mark Perryman welcomes the variety of thinking on offer from Left authors new and old.

Тихоокеанский рубеж Владимира Путина

Отмена результатов губернаторских выборов Приморье и все, что предшествовало этому непростому решению, стало главным скандалом сентября во внутрироссийской политике. 

Corbyn’s Labour Party, can it win?

The 1960s–70s send a warning to Britain's next left-wing government.

Fear and loathing in Kyrgyzstan: how the LGBTQI community is fighting back against rising discrimination

LGBTQI people remain easy targets in Kyrgyzstan, with nowhere to turn for recourse. But activists are fighting back.

Red sky at morning: no recourse for migrant farmworkers during and after hurricane florence

Highly vulnerable immigrant farm workers caught in the hurricane have nowhere to go. Fear of family separation, imprisonment and deportation is preventing them from approaching the shelters.

The World Transformed represents radical new territory for British Labour

Momentum’s fringe will be much more interesting than the official party conference

Faultlines in India's parliamentary democracy

The executive is hardly accountable to the legislature, legislators lack tangible power, so notions of the consent of the governed and the will of the people are a farce.

On Brexit, there’s no doubt that UK negotiators have adopted a hard bargaining strategy

But is this the best strategy for advancing British interests? Here is the argument based on the findings of a recent Dahrendorf Forum working paper.

NHS bosses call "pause" on controversial "SubCo" NHS privatisations - for now

NHS workers and communities are uniting to fight back against the dangerous creation of NHS ‘wholly owned subsidiaries.

Refugees banned, tourists welcome: a journey through Hungary's rural west

Hungary’s hinterlands shed light on the rise of Orban's populist nationalism.

Labour won’t support Brexit, their critics are ignoring all the clues

Corbyn’s strategy is to let the Tories fail on their own terms before plunging in the knife. And Remainers should support him.

‘The Last Guardians’ Film: indigenous people’s fight in Ecuador

In their resistance to foreign oil consortiums, Ecuador's indigenous communities are not only fighting for themselves, but for indigenous peoples in every part of the world.

What happens when mental health professionals also get sick?

It’s no wonder that almost half of all psychotherapists in the National Health Service say they feel depressed.

Fairness, respect and community should be the driving forces behind immigration policy

Leading immigration campaigners call on UK government to take values-based approach to immigration post-Brexit

Who decides over Janaina’s body? A case of forced sterilization in Brazil

Forced sterilization is not an issue from the past. As recently as 2018 a judge in Mococa, a small town in São Paulo, Brazil, ordered that Ms. Janaina Quirino be compulsorily sterilized. Español

The High Court case which could reveal the DUP's secret Brexit donors

The Good Law Project is taking the Electoral Commission to court to find out who was behind a huge donation that paid for Leave campaigning.

Catalan National Day: free speech under threat

Otherwise mainstream politicians have stacked the deck against any possibility of negotiating over legitimate political demands. The Spanish judiciary meanwhile turns the law on its head to quench dissent.

Major Scottish Tory funders fined over illegal donation

The Irvine Unionist Club donation funded 10% of Ruth Davidson’s campaign spending in 2016

Free eBook: New Thinking for the British Economy

openDemocracy publishes a new eBook outlining a new vision for Britain's economy.

Two kinds of justice in Spain

The recent conviction of several Basque youths with heavy sentences and the charges against Catalan politicians reveal the political nature of justice in Spain.

Thirty thousand cyclists at RideLondon and I saw three women of colour

As the suffragettes knew, cycling can empower. But it’s still too dominated by middle-class white men.

Exception in Catalonia one year after the referendum

What is Catalonian cooperativism’s contribution to independentism? Activists are promoting practical and concrete independence from all hegemonic powers, by building a parallel economic system.

Brazil against its future

Most Brazilians are not happy with their democracy. But democracy must prevail if the country is to prevent future generations from growing up in darkness and repeating the mistakes of the past. Español, Português

There is an alternative to neoliberalism – in Britain and beyond

Laurie Macfarlane introduces 'New Thinking for the British Economy' – openDemocracy's new eBook outlining a new economic agenda for Britain.

Basic income: a progressive road out of austerity

If we accept private inherited wealth then we should also accept the principle of ‘social dividends’ on inherited public wealth, created by past generations.

We simply said ‘enough’: the story of Spain’s ‘Las Kellys’ hotel cleaners

From gruelling working conditions to more limited access to healthcare, austerity policies have hit women hardest. But they are fighting back.

The constitutional turn: liberty and the co-operative state

The Anglo-American left needs to start taking constitutional change seriously.