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Turning a protest into someone else’s metaphysics

Most accounts of Ukraine’s Euromaidan revolution focus on the spirit of revolution and identity as a driving factor. We need to dissect events as they emerged. - free thinking for the world
CC BY-ND 2.0 / Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Turning a protest into someone else’s metaphysics

Most accounts of Ukraine’s Euromaidan revolution focus on the spirit of revolution and identity as a driving factor. We need to dissect events as they emerged. - free thinking for the world
CC BY-ND 2.0 / Flickr. Some rights reserved.

This week’s editor

Tom Rowley is editor of oDR, covering the progressive agenda in Eurasia.

Call for participants: Middle East Forum

يبحث موقع openDemocracy عن مشاركين لمنتدى الشرق الأوسط.

openDemocracy is looking for participants for the Middle East Forum.

Apply for a 50.50 women’s rights and corporate power reporting fellowship

We need your help to investigate women’s rights and corporate power around the world. Apply for a 50.50 reporting fellowship.

On a wretched third anniversary of the international intervention in Yemen, is the rise of the Huthis irresistible? Part 1

Only the Huthis would ‘celebrate’ three years of war with a theatrical performance including singing, dancing and poetry against a background of war films.

The UK’s National Security Capabilities Review – another missed opportunity?

Will the Cabinet Office's publication next week of the report on the UK’s National Security Capabilities Review grasp the nettle? Regrettably, the signs are not good – ambiguous, short-term, overweeningly aggressive.

Cambridge Analytica hacked our social lives to win elections - but more is at stake than votes

Like all good propagandists, CA’s currency is emotion: not only hopes and dreams, but fear and loathing.

Russia: six more years of repression

Vladimir Putin may have been elected, but threats to freedom of assembly and asssociation aren't going anywhere. 

‘Cambridge Analytica’: surveillance is the DNA of the Platform Economy

The current social mobilization against Facebook resembles the actions of activists who, in opposition to neoliberal globalization, smash a McDonald’s window during a demonstration.

Of Sheffield tree protests, corporate power, and South Yorkshire Police

As the policing of Sheffield tree protests gets even more heavy-handed – with one woman arrested this week for ‘blowing a horn’ – it’s time to ask serious questions about South Yorkshire Police. Again.

Building firms can live with the newts - but the pro-Brexit hedge funders can't

It seems building firms are quite happy with business as usual - it's the hedge funders who want a deregulation bonanza. The third in a three piece series on EU environmental regulations and Brexit.

Is there a link between Cambridge Analytica and the DUP’s secret Brexit donors?

Today we reveal the close relationship between a key Cambridge Analytica backer and a senior pro-Brexit Northern Irish PR man – who has Russian friends in high places

People before party: having "actual conversations" in the digital era

Two members of the Obama Rapid Response core team in the groundbreaking US presidential campaign in 2008, on the influence campaigns that saw the start of what by 2016 had "become a science." 

Turning a protest into (someone else’s) metaphysics

A new account of Ukraine’s Euromaidan focuses on the spirit of revolution rather than dissecting events as they emerged.

Is toxic masculinity a mask for anxiety?

What is it that makes so many boys grow up to believe that sex is theirs for the taking?

Hidden in plain sight: forced labour constructing China

Invisible coercion through withheld wages, lack of employment contracts, and discrimi-nation of migrant workers is widespread in China's construction sector.

Britain's other nuclear weapons

Behind the UK's nuclear-armed submarines are lesser known tactical warheads primed for battle.

The return of the Ultras Ahlawy?

Are communities that are not directly political more effective today? More capable of resisting repression and able to maneuver and challenge the state’s iron fist?

Feminist legal mobilization for abortion rights in Latin America

Legal mobilization for abortion rights, or the use of the law and the courts by feminist actors in their pursuit of abortion legalization, is a recent development in Latin America. Spanish

Resisting the gig economy: the emergence of cooperative food delivery platforms

Examples from Spain, France and Germany show how the power of unions and cooperatives can be combined to fight back against gig employers.

DRC mining industry is a prime example of how corporate power threatens women’s rights

This is why feminist activists are mobilising behind a proposed international treaty to regulate the impacts of transnational corporations.

Council of Europe: don't compromise on human rights in Russia!

After congratulating Vladimir Putin on re-election, the COE must hold Russia accountable and require the same respect for fundamental freedoms as it does from other countries.

Spycop victims walk out of Undercover Policing Inquiry, demanding Mitting step down or appoint an expert panel

Campaigners and victims of political policing withdrew en masse from the Mitting Inquiry today, frustrated at the judge's insistence on protecting the identity of police officers involved in deceptive relationships and infiltration of the Lawrence campaign.

Of red tape and Brexit red herrings in the war between business and the environment

We shouldn’t be demonising regulations that are there to protect our future, as “red tape”. Part two of a three part series.

Marielle Franco and Brazil's future: hope or barbarity

Marielle's legacy and the repercussions of her death symbolize both the best and the worst of Brazilian society today. The building of a real clash of narratives is under way. Español

An atlas of real utopias?

TNI today presents its Atlas of Utopiaspart of the Transformative Cities initiative, sharing 32 stories of radical transformation that demonstrate that another world is possible, and already exists.

Climate (in)justice in Argentina

Like a tailor fitting a suit, the Argentine government is ready to alter basic environmental laws to adjust them to corporate interests. Español

Not just a job: supporting refugees into sustainable employment

Persistent barriers to work are creating brain waste, serving as a loss for employers, society and refugees themselves.

“Everyone is crying” - it is time for a limit on immigration detention

The Yarl’s Wood hunger strike has now lasted 28 days. Uniquely in the EU, the UK imposes no time limit on immigration detention. Why?

Another dangerous ‘National Us’: you can’t have a more integrated society in a hostile environment

The UK Government’s strategy is not for an integrated society, focusing on what government and society could and should do, but for integrated 'communities', code word for everyone else.