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“The power of Fannie Lou Hamer compels you!” Resisting Donald Trump

To deal with Trump we must first face the Trump inside ourselves. - free thinking for the world
Credit: CC0 Public Domain.

“The power of Fannie Lou Hamer compels you!” Resisting Donald Trump

To deal with Trump we must first face the Trump inside ourselves. - free thinking for the world
Credit: CC0 Public Domain.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Call for submissions: Listening to Libya - Intervention and its aftermath

NAWA seeks to provide a deeper look into Libya by inviting Libyan writers, and readers to submit their thoughts, articles and pitches but also their reading recommendations to us.

Populism matters beyond just Europe and the US. Here’s why

Our key finding is that the international structure and the regional context are decisive in determining the exact content of populist ruptures around the world.

Arts, participation, exchange: who are 'we' in a moving world?

Can politics be more artful and art be more political? Here, we ask if art and digital communication can create new ways to talk about belonging, exclusion and responsibility.

‘We need to talk’ about Sisi’s twisted take on human rights

No one is keeping the Egyptian government from “fighting terrorism.” But Sisi’s rhetoric on the “right to combat” terrorism underlies his belief of an “Egyptian exceptionalism.” 

Women’s rights in the EU: a privilege for some women?

The European Commission’s annual colloquium on fundamental rights calls for reflection on ‘intersectionality’. A trendy buzzword for policy makers, but can it lead to equality in practice for all women?

Ellecer “Budit” Carlos: We are going through a revival of the Marcos dictatorship

What appeared to have been a people's revolution was in fact a revolution of the bourgeois, hijacked by élites. Another elite simply took the place of Marcos and his cronies.

Understanding arms trafficking in Colombia

In Colombia, more than 70% of the homicides are committed with firearms coming from at least twenty countries. Their main recipients are drug traffickers and criminal gangs. Español

The citizenshop

Freedom of movement means no such thing. Movement is a marketplace – how much does it cost?

Solidarities outside the box

Can the expression of conviviality act as a reminder of everyday acts of kindness?

Fifty rooms

As the body moves and migrates, it holds memories, it breaks and repairs, ages and becomes ‘infected’ – with new thoughts, utopian dreams. It arrives in a space already claimed by others.

Stealing stories for art: migration, voyeurism and the appropriation of injustice

In On a Wing and a Prayer, we cross London's Rotherhithe tunnel by foot, mirroring the journey of people like Abdul Haroun – arrested on arrival. Why are some rewarded for making such a journey, others incarcerated?

Unequal journeys: exploring the contradictions of citizenship and asylum regimes

While governments tighten asylum and citizenship for the poor and persecuted, they sell it at ever higher costs for the rich.

A New Union Flag

How can the Union Jack be made more open, more participatory, more held in common?

Mashing up the Union Jack

Can Gil Doron’s intriguing proposals to remix different heritages in a national flag aid processes of cultural syncretism?

The rebirth of the East India Company: buy who you want to be

Intrigued by East India Company shops appearing in contemporary London, artist Laura Malacart shows that an Indian businessman buying the East India Company doesn’t yet constitute a final victory over empire.

Making things visible at Tate Exchange

What is the role of the gallery or museum in responding to the most urgent and pressing social and political crises of our time? 

Art and migration: who are 'we'?

“In the nightmare of the dark  / All the dogs of Europe bark, / And the living nations wait, / Each sequestered in its hate”.

Beyond the babble: social broadcasting and digital citizenship

The expression of emotion is key to the spread of declarations online. But can online identities really address the difficult political realities of migration?

We are all displaced

It is our sedentary bias, our belief that mobility and migration are the exception rather than the rule, which fuels this distrust of the mobile – but anyone can experience displacement.

Reimagining government data through the digital arts

Citizens have a right to actively participate in making knowledge about the societies of which they are a part and opening them to democratic contestation, intervention and reinvention.

From a distance

Fearing war, a mother of twin infants journeyed to a safer place. During the journey, a tragedy occurred. Behjat explores these events through a series of drawings, evoking subtle – almost invisible – hints of violence. 

A manifesto for unlearning

How can we use participatory photography as a tool for emancipation, unlearning assumed hierarchies between artists, subjects, and audiences?

Artivism: charging activism with the wild imaginings of art

Diverse groups came together to regenerate an arguably exhausted political language. At a fraught moment, the project repeatedly asks: who are ‘we'? Who gets to decide? What does it mean to belong? Review.

Bearing witness

How can the stories we tell about tragic experiences connect people and create cultures of bearing witness and responsibility rather than encouraging voyeurism or indifference?

I'm a trans teenager in Northern Ireland, where bigotry is taught at school

While LGBTQ+ rights groups are deemed “inappropriate” for educational environments, abusive and anti-choice activists are currently welcomed with open arms.

“The power of Fannie Lou Hamer compels you!” Resisting Donald Trump

To deal with Trump we must first face the Trump inside ourselves.

All ‘hail’ the real king

The Saudi Monarch’s 4 November purge threatens the kingdom’s longstanding policy on dynastic rule, and paves the way for Salman’s abdication of power to his son Mohammed.

The Brazilian paradox

The putschist Brazilian administration is not addressing the previous policy shortcomings constructively. Here’s the Foreword of Lena Lavinas' new book: The Takeover of Social Policy by Financialization – the Brazilian Paradox. Español Português

German-Turkish tensions in a collapsing Jamaica coalition

While the Turkish narrative in the close-alliance-cum-uneasy-stand-off between Germany and Turkey remained constant over the past decade, momentous changes have now occurred to the German political system.

“Is Populism a Problem”? – a story for the World Forum for Democracy 2017

If you’ve ever shared a room with an elephant… you know what matters isn’t the presence of an unpredictable beast – what matters is the fragility of that room.