G4S: Securing whose world?

In a privatised children's prison, a care worker restrained a boy who died; G4S promoted him. After guards killed an asylum-seeker on a plane, G4S was handed a public contract to provide housing for asylum-seekers — they've made a mess of that. In a prison van in Australia they baked a man to death.

Welcome to OurKingdom's investigation into G4S, the security and surveillance people who see democratic uprisings as a business opportunity. They're running privatised public services worldwide.

This work, led by award-winning reporter Clare Sambrook, followed by the BBC, The Times, The Guardian and the New York Times, is part of the

Five lessons Britain must learn from the botched privatisation of asylum housing

A Parliamentary watchdog reports on the dangerous consequences of an ill-conceived, badly planned and poorly executed rush to privatise

One life in investigative journalism

A Q&A with Clare Sambrook, OurKingdom co-editor and co-founder of the End Child Detention Now campaign. Interviewer: Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, writer-in-residence at Lacuna.

Man loses job. What next? (He's G4S's Nick Buckles, by the way)

What happens after a government outsourcer fails shareholders and the public, and the boss loses his job? Nick Buckles gets £1,200,000 — and a pension of more than £400,000 a year.

How to use housing to hurt people: Britain's hostile environment for asylum seekers

The hidden injuries of asylum housing — inflicted by G4S.

Why the Jimmy Mubenga trial matters. By ex-Chief Inspector of Prisons Lord Ramsbotham

On Thursday the Crown Prosecution Service announced that three former G4S guards, Stuart Tribelnig, Terry Hughes and Colin Kaler, would stand trial for the manslaughter of Jimmy Mubenga on a BA plane in October 2010. Long before Mubenga's death, Lord Ramsbotham was among those who warned repeatedly that Home Office contractors used dangerous methods of restraint.

This market isn't working. UK government contractors exploit secrecy and weak competition

The government keeps taxpayers in the dark about billions paid to private contractors. A Parliamentary watchdog demands transparency and proof that competition exists.

Fail and prosper: how privatisation really works

Want to make £10 million and more? Become an accountant. Learn how to make austerity pay. 

Secret government contracts undermine our democracies. Let's stop them

How do we know that the money we collectively give to our governments is being properly spent? We don't. A new campaign seeks to change that.

UK watchdog takes another bite out of failing outsourcer G4S

Commercial outsourcers fail and fail again. Privatisation hurtles on. The Public Accounts Committee has been interrogating executives and civil servants about the degradation of asylum housing in England.

Is the Death of a Detainee a BBC story? It depends where they're from

The horrible death of Canadian Alois Dvorzac in UK immigration detention was big news. What if he'd been from Eritrea or Zaire?

Gambling with public safety: privatising probation

In England and Wales the probation service works. The Coalition government is privatising it anyway, at speed. A former probation officer assesses an oversight committee's anxious report on government plans. 

Man, 84, dies handcuffed in hospital: UK border control by the GEO Group

A shocking report on Harmondsworth, the British immigration lock-up run by GEO, America's second biggest prisons contractor. Who are the GEO Group and what do they stand for?

Britain's botched privatisation of asylum housing

UK spending watchdog confirms mismanagement in outsourcing to G4S and Serco. Report casts doubt on public servants' ability to scrutinise powerful contractors.

G4S & Serco fraud: Oops, we couldn't tell the difference between right and wrong

British outsourcers cheated taxpayers out of tens of millions of pounds. Yesterday they said sorry. So that's all right, then.

G4S and Serco overcharging scandal just got worse

Two outsourcing giants who tagged and monitored ex-offenders charged British taxpayers tens of millions of pounds for doing nothing. A new report reveals flagrant and systematic abuses, ahead of executives' interrogation by Members of Parliament today.

G4S owes thousands of pounds on energy bills

It's Britain's leading meter-reader. But in the homes it provides for asylum seekers, outsourcing giant G4S leaves energy bills unpaid.

Living with rats. Landlord G4S

While a company executive assured the UK Parliament there was nothing to worry about, a child in a G4S house counted rats.

Crime victims' personal data will be handed to outsourcing companies

'Putting victims first' — that's the government line. The UK's largest civil service union interrogates justice privatisation.

I believe the word you want is 'rape'

Guards, we are told, have "engaged in sexual activity with a detainee" at Yarl's Wood, the Home Office immigration jail in Bedfordshire. (Trigger warning: includes account of an incident of rape. The link from ‘taxi ads’ contains a potentially distressing image.)

G4S guard bludgeoned woman to death

  • •  Glasgow murder conviction raises fresh doubts about government outsourcer's competence and integrity.
  • •  Guard's "instability only became apparent after the murder," says G4S, who claim expertise in "robust employee screening".

The truth about sexual abuse at Yarl's Wood detention centre

What is the British government really doing to protect immigration detainees from their guards?

Does Grayling respect nothing but the market?

The UK justice minister gave evidence to the Justice Select Committee today. Members of Parliament yet again attacked the government's assault on Legal Aid, something that has allowed access to justice, regardless of wealth, since 1949. 

Jimmy Mubenga and the shame of British Airways

Three years after the unlawful killing of a passenger in its care, why hasn't British Airways held an inquiry into what went wrong? What are the consequences of its inaction?

Inspector "very concerned" by G4S prison praised by Grayling

Chris Grayling discribed G4S run prison HMP Oakwood as an "excellent model for the future of the prison service". But a report from the Chief Inspector of Prisons this week tells a very different story...

G4S: A tale of two troubled prisons

Privatisation's flagship African jail is beset by kidnap, rape and stabbings. In Oakwood Prison, England, hooch, drugs and violence thrive. What's the problem? For-profit prisons? Or G4S?

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