Juncker, the European Commission and the marginality of UK politicians

David Cameron, his deputy and even the leader of the opposition Labour Party, all find support for someone you disagree with bewildering.

Networks defeat hierarchies; a new constitution (40 reasons to support Scottish independence, 30 & 31)

As technology makes the world flat, centralised unions are too cumbersome, while the prospect of the chance to write a new constitution in this new world is too important to reject.

The Blairites were to blame for the NHS's biggest disgrace - why should we listen to them now?

The latest ex-Blair advisor to lambast the NHS for being 'slow' to adopt privatisation is Paul Corrigan. But his past hastiness had a little-noted role in the NHS's darkest episode.

Common Ground

An introduction to Common Ground: Democracy and Collectivity in an Age of Individualism. 

A call to action in memory of the woman I never knew

At least 20 people have died in immigration detention in the UK: how many more must die before the UK changes its detention policy? The public must shout louder, says Eiri Ohtani. 

Personal Health Budgets lead to individualism and isolation

A Thatcherite 'voucher' system is being imposed on England's NHS is the worst way to deliver 'personalisation'.

Manifesto for documentary filmmakers

Don’t demand a taster tape early in the process. Trust the filmmakers.

Indefinite strike at Lambeth College as the Cinderella sector is squeezed out again

A rolling strike at a London college is part of the defence against a broader attack on a vital but much ignored part of Britain's education system.

Death by corporate indifference

Who failed Brian Dalrymple, the American tourist who ended up dead in an immigration detention centre six weeks after landing in Britain? A report from Day One of the Inquest

Five reasons why Ed Miliband’s flirtation with the Sun was a disaster

Ed Miliband's decision to pose with the Sun was a strategic blunder.

The path to independence is well trodden; the union of 1707 has been replaced (40 reasons to support Scottish independence: 28 & 29)

Many countries have become independent in the last 100 years, few of their citizens regret it; and the union of 1707 has been replaced by larger collaborations as technology has brought the world closer together.

Biodiversity offsetting – nature’s consolation prize

Environmentalists in Scotland and the UK should demand more than the chance to offset biodiversity destruction.

So, who should run Europe?

European citizens through a democratic process or national governments and lobbies? Will Europe integrate and renew democratic legitimization, or remain a loose economic association of neoliberal experimentation?

The Kaiser’s tailor and the naked invisible nudists

The real agenda: some proposals (eventually).

Why the Nazis and 1930s are alive and kicking in the independence debate

Ever more attempts to link the SNP to fascism and Nazism are a ludicrous sign of desperation.

We want our Rights not Magna Bollocks

Today is Magna Carta Day. The great charter was sealed on 15 June 799 years ago. As preparations begin for the 800th anniversary the people of England need to claim their rights and liberties not be subject to a self-congratulatory celebration. 

Passports vs ESA assessments - guess which one matters

The current furore over passport delays brings into sharp focus the almost total disregard for ESA claimants from the political and media class.

No, hunger isn't about 'bad life choices'

A growing chorus is blaming poverty and hunger on the lifestyle choices of the poor and the hungry. This belief is ignorant of the basic facts, and must be challenged.

Disarming our culture

There are lots of things you can expect to see at the London Transport Museum. It has a great range of vintage trains, buses and merchandise. However, not everything is so innocent.

Podcast: 2014 Matters: independence and global poverty

A discussion in Edinburgh of what Scottish independence will mean for international development.

Saving NHS money - or a bonanza for Big Pharma and Big Tech?

Are big NHS changes in England including local closures and more ‘care at home’ driven by the need to save money - or something else? The second of our View from the Grassroots series.

Review: The politics of English nationhood

Michael Kenny's new book, The Politics of English Nationhood, is a vital read and charts much new ground, but its overriding analysis is constrained by its focus on identity and belonging at the expense of democracy.

Can you afford to fall in love with a migrant?

How the UK's immigration rules deprive couples of their right to family life

Activists call upon Angelina Jolie to meet rape survivors in a UK detention centre

In London, at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, rape survivors protest against the UK government's treatment of women fleeing sexual violence

Whither Europe? The Modest Camp vs the Federalist Austerians

Proposals are multiplying – especially as evidence mounts that the crisis is continuing, despite all the official announcements of its end. Why not save Europe today, so that we can consider, in due course, how best to proceed with deeper, more difficult measures later on? 

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