Socialism should trump Nationalism in the Scots debate

Those on the left should recognise that there is much to be lost from independence, and should be particularly wary of the ugly nationalism the debate is fostering.

Immigration is a human right

Not only should we all have the right to move, but other vital rights are dependent upon it.

Parliament must tackle commercial interests to save public health data

The controversial care data programme - debated in parliament today - must be amended to ensure public, not private interests come first, and restore public trust.

The Scottish side of history

The world is moving towards more, smaller states. That's a good thing: the Scottish referendum as seen from Tuscany, half a century after Tom Nairn's visit to Pisa.

Truth, opinion, value, and the BBC

"We live in an age suspicious of generosity and optimism. The attitude is for realism, for the unadorned fact of a living without illusions. It would be a sparse, plain world were it not for the glitz of abundance. It is a world of simplicities..."

England’s mean unpleasant land

Life on the streets and in squats in London, and the relentless nightmare of petty officialdom.

Hospital closure clause - last chance to amend it this Wednesday

38 Degrees are working with Baroness Finlay to amend the hospital closure clause in its final Lords debate to give some power back to local commissioners.

“The worst thing a UK government has done to its people in my lifetime”

Marcus Chown explains why, in the European elections, he is standing for the National Health Action Party in London.

Denizens and the Precariat

An extract from Guy Standing's new book, A Precariat Charter, from Bloomsbury, and available here.

Regarding the arrest of Gerry Adams

In Northern Ireland, the the arrest of Gerry Adams highlights the tensions between justice and peace.

A tale of two Jeremys - the boys' club at the BBC

Jeremy Paxman and Jeremy Clarkson have nothing in common - apart from being from the same tiny minority of white public school educated men who dominate the BBC.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence: reason 16: the flotilla effect and why smaller countries are richer

Small European countries tend to be more prosperous than big ones. Their governments can use economic policy more subtly, and they can adapt faster to changing circumstances.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence: reason 15: austerity

A no vote isn't a vote for stability. It's a vote to be part of the new, brutal Britain Osborne is building.

Holding BAE accountable for its deadly actions

Next week anti arms trade activists will be heading to Farnborough to attend the BAE Systems AGM and put new Chair, Sir Roger Carr, on the spot with questions about his company's associations with human rights abusers.

The BBC’s Great War: a response by David Elstein

David Elstein responds to Adrian van Klaveren and Mark Hayhurst's defence of their WW1 programming.

Can Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and Labour save the union?

The intervention of Gordon Brown into the independence debate raises important questions for the Labour party.

Trojan Horse – conjuring the slave, the witch and the grand inquisitor

Stories of allegations of the Islamification and radicalisation in Muslim-majority schools in Birmingham play on classic Islamophobic tropes.

Three crucial safeguards for medical records proposed by leading voices on

Public health professor Allyson Pollock has called on parliament to pass three crucial amendments in next week's debate to ensure public health, not commercial interest, is at the heart of the new NHS IT system. 

Gilt by association

Is there a case for re-examining the collapse of 2008 in light of Thomas Piketty's new book?

How the Internet defeated Seymour Hersh

New technologies and open source approaches are rendering established and distinguished journalists prone to being undermined by bedroom analysts.

Outside the jobcentre: talking with jobseekers

Interviews with unemployed and underemployed people reveal the exacting impact of dealing with jobcentres and workfare programmes. The UK government's new 'Help to Work' scheme, with daily jobcentre visits, compulsory workfare and sanctions, looks set to do anything but 'help' jobseekers.

40 reasons to support Scottish independence: 12, 13, 14: the coming British crash

Remaining in the union doesn't mean a stable future, it means shackling Scotland to an economy that's heading rapidly towards the edge of a cliff: Reasons 12, 13 and 14 to support Scottish independence.

Why I disagree with Positive Money and Martin Wolf

Outlandish proposals granting huge powers to control the money supply to a committee of men would above all ensure things stay just as they are. Positive Money are wrong to call for the abolition of credit creation.

Yes - the radical case for independence: introduction

Here, we publish the introduction to the new book "Yes - the radical case for Scottish independence".

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