The European Parliament must not condone human rights abuses in the United Arab Emirates

On Thursday, the European Parliament will vote on whether to add the United Arab Emirates to the short list of countries eligible for visa waivers in Europe, despite the country's shocking human rights record.

Don’t go there: the ongoing undermining of PSB in New Zealand

In the sorry book on Public Service Broadcasting’s travails world-wide in the age of neo-Liberalism, New Zealand occupies chapter one. There the undermining of the BBC look-alike NZBC began early. The attack really got underway with a wave of reform in 1988-1991. And it ain’t over yet.

Refugee women in the UK: fighting back from behind bars

The experience of female asylum seekers is distinct to their gender, particularly when survivors of rape and torture, perpetrated by male state officials, are imprisoned and guarded by men here in the UK. Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi reports on the campaign to set them free.

Republicanism and revolutions: a tradition of theory and practice

Based on her keynote lecture at the 2013 ASEN conference at the LSE, Karma Nabulsi argues that republicanism needs to be understood as the tradition of revolutionary practice rooted in a fundamental commitment to the value of popular sovereignty.

We can end the despotism of finance, at a price

To mark the publication of Ann Pettifor's e-book, Just Money: How Society Can Break the Despotic Power of Finance, OurKingdom are running a series of articles that explore the nature of money and the politics of the financial system. Here Pettifor launches the series and introduces some of its key themes.

The land of the living dead: Jeremy Paxman and Max Hasting’s Britain

Britain's elite is telling misleading stories about its noble history because for the majority of British people there is little hope for the future.

Interview: BBC bias, bullying, and the Scottish referendum

Following the recent publication of his report, Dr John Robertson speaks to OurKingdom about his findings, his methodology, and an unusually fierce response - "bullying" - from the BBC itself.

BBC bias and the Scots referendum - new report

Dr John Robertson from University of West Scotland has just published research on bias and fairness in news reporting on the issue of the Scottish referendum, covering both ITV (STV) and BBC. Here's what he found.

In response to Martin Kettle

Accusations that the SNP are failing to engage in serious debate betray double standards at the heart of Britain.

Castaway: Stuart Hall in his own words

Listening again to the leading cultural theorist on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. (podcast here)

Why Stuart Hall was music to my ears

One Black boy's journey through music and ideas.

From alienation to empowerment via the writings of Stuart Hall

A young woman from a poor London home was ready to give up on university

Sir Nicholas Macpherson and a very British state

When civil servants hit the headlines, Whitehall breaks protocol: the Eton and Oxbridge British state closes ranks as the polls tighten in Scotland.

The spirit of Stuart Hall

Remembering the power of being and thought of one of the most inspiring theorists of the postwar left, Stuart Hall.

NHS England delays share of personal data

Mounting criticism and legal challenges force 6 month pause in system that would allow sale of GP medical records.

Life is bleak for the 'lost generation'

A new generation of British graduates are now living back at home, unemployed, and losing any hope of having a 'proper job'. It's not easy.

Autoasphyxiation - Who’ll stop the market suffocating the NHS?

The toxic burden of the market is dooming the NHS to disintegration and depersonalisation - yet GPs coralled into Clinical Commissioning Groups aren’t even allowed to question it.

Podcast: What's happening in Scotland and why the rest of the UK should care

What's going on in Scotland, why the English should care about it: this week's NovaraMedia podcast was a discussion with current and former OurKingdom co-editors.

Reshuffling the cultural pack: the link between Naples and cultural studies

Two comrades share recollections that begin with the days of the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, in their tributes to Stuart Hall.

A letter to my daughter and son-in-law in Scotland

David Cameron encouraged the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland to contact their loved ones in Scotland about the independence referendum. Here a father in the north of England writes to his daughter and son in law in Scotland.

Speaking through Scotland

The debate over Scotland’s EU entry is being snarled up in the agendas of international actors. The consequences will be bad for all.

Diasporic walking sticks

In the cultural realm, we rarely talk about failing bodies, dialysis and dependency. Stuart Hall is one of those who did. Following him, what might it take to create new cultural resources from which to bring post-colonial debility and its histories into the cultural imagination? 

Why we need to 'Big Up the NHS'

Endless media criticism risks making patients scared of the NHS - and actually worsening their outcomes. One tweeting medic is seeking out the good news stories, instead.

On Brighton beach: austerity, alienation and the battle for democracy

The neo-liberal project has purged democracy from almost every corner of our lives. In doing so, it has changed our understanding of the world, and so who we are. A council tax referendum in Brighton would be a signal that England's democratic soul is still alive.

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