Nuffield Trust report exposes Tory lies on Welsh NHS

David Cameron claimed last week that the Welsh border was "the dividing line between life and death". A new Nuffield Trust report shows such rhetoric is dishonest. 

Response from NHS Confederation

The CEO of NHS Confederation responds to our recent article by Gary Walker, Kings Funds suggests NHS fees - but is it really 'independent'?

NHS Foundation Trusts - a democratic failure?

10 years ago Alan Milburn launched the first Foundation Trusts. But despite his rhetoric of 'greater local control' the reality is apathy and powerlessness. Is it time for a different approach?

Nuffield Trust report exposes Tory lies on Welsh NHS

David Cameron claimed last week that the Welsh border was "the dividing line between life and death". A new Nuffield Trust report shows such rhetoric is dishonest. 

NHS racism: You can’t tackle a problem if you deny it exists, Earl Howe

Discrimination against ethnic minority NHS staff is rife - and it’s bad for patient care too. The author of a major new report here reveals how the government is misleading parliament by claiming the problem is being addressed.

Kings Fund suggests NHS fees - but is it really 'independent'?

The question of NHS 'affordability' is used by think tanks and politicians to browbeat us into accepting regressive changes that suit the few, not the many. Better options to save money are ignored.

The World Bank, the PFI hospital and the destruction of a nation's healthcare system

The World Bank promised Lesotho that its PFI-style hospital - the first in any low-income country - would cost the same as its old public hospital. Instead it is eating up half the entire nation's health budget, while paying 25% returns to the private partner.

Don't believe Cameron's hype - the Welsh NHS has much to teach the English

Cameron this week labelled the Welsh NHS 'a scandal', and some Blairites have echoed him. But Wales is 'doing more with less' more effectively than the English NHS - and without privatisation.   

Mental health: why we're all sick under neoliberalism

We don't understand mental health, allocating the label only to those who are struggling. So good mental health, and its political causes, become invisible. An introduction to Transformation's new series on the politics of mental health. Content warning: anxiety, suicidal thoughts.

Who is behind Reform's call for NHS charges?

The private health insurance industry has been trying to get think tanks to help it make money in Britain for the last 10 years. Is today's report by Reform calling for NHS charges the result?

Politicians should have a "duty of candour" about the NHS too

Jeremy Hunt insists the NHS should be more open when things go wrong. Laudable - but why does the same openness not apply to decisions to close A&Es and outsource ambulances, being made in the shadows?

Shock U-turn as sell-off of George Eliot hospital cancelled

The planned sell-off of George Elliott hospital has been cancelled, hailed as a "victory for common sense" by unions and campaigners.

Tory links of health agencies exposed as Hunt lines up next NHS sell-off in England

Whilst understaffed wards and surgeries turn to well-connected private sector agencies to fill the gaps created by Cameron's health 'reforms', the NHS's own in-house recruitment agency is to be sold off, it has emerged.

Skewed NHS stats are big business

Increasingly commercialised NHS data collection is being inappropriately used in ways that could jeopardise hospitals' futures. Is it any wonder staff might feel under pressure to skew the stats?

Without tax justice, England's health services will crumble

The budget's failure to clamp down on tax avoidance - centred on the City of London - starves both our own and overseas health systems of desperately needed cash.

London's NHS at the crossroads

A duty of candour for NHS managers and ending cash-driven closures - those are amongst the recommendations of the People's Inquiry into London's NHS which raises serious concerns of creaking services in the capital. 

Treat your own dementia, Essex patients told

As Essex council closes the only daycare centre for dementia patients in the South of the county, its councillors cause a storm by suggesting a one-day 'dementia cube' workshop is a suitable alternative.

The future of hangs in the balance

Government amendments on have done little to reassure critics of the project - could an alternative amendment still buy some time to sort out the mess?

Key NHS recommendation to "put patients first" rejected by government advisors

Government advisors today rejected the main recommendation of the QC who investigated failings of care at NHS hospitals - to re-write the NHS Constitution to make clear "patients come first". 

The third big NHS deception

The public will not fall for the government's deception over the hospital closure clause - even if MPs have.

Bad science, health risks, and the EU/US trade treaty

Whether on GM foods, pesticides, or pharmaceuticals, the EU/US trade treaty aims to strip away higher European regulations that protect public health but hinder corporate profits.

Coalition MPs vote through sweeping hospital closure powers

Attempts by Labour to strike out the controversial Hospital Closure Clause have been defeated by Conservative and Lib Dem MPs. 

Outsourcing cancer care - the biggest and most reckless NHS privatisation yet?

Outsourcing over a billion pounds of cancer and end-of-life services is reckless and shows just how threadbare government promises of ‘no NHS privatisation’ have become.

Privacy campaigners team up with leading public health professor to fix Hunt's 'complete nonsense' on

Hunt's fix for the troubled '' project - debated by MPs today - is "complete nonsense" according to medConfidential. They have teamed up with public health professor Allyson Pollock to propose an alternative fix to the troubled project.

The NHS, the LibDems & the "Undesirable Contact Man"

The Lib Dems’s biggest donor isn’t just an alleged arms dealer - he’s also owner of an expanding private sector NHS business providing substandard care to vulnerable patients.

Former Minister Burstow proposes changes to the "Hospital Closure Clause"

Administration isn't the way to make hospital changes that may be neccessary - do Paul Burstow's new amendments to the Hospital Closure Clause go far enough to restore power to local people?

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