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About Aftab Alexander Mughal

Aftab Alexander Mughal is the editor of the Minority Concern of Pakistan and former National Executive Secretary of theJustice and Peace Commission of Pakistan. As a journalist he has written extensively on minority rights, democracy, peace, and immigration issues. In 2013, he won an International Award for Women's Issues by ICOM, Geneva. In 2015, he contributed to a report of the European Parliament Intergroup on Freedom of Religion or Belief and Religious Tolerance. 

He is a public speaker and highly skilled facilitator. He has conducted several awareness sessions and training workshops for young people and adults at various schools, colleges, faith groups, and charity settings, on human rights, peace issue, religious freedom and tolerance and on immigration issues. He was a guest speaker for the Lancashire Asylum and Refugee Conference in Preston in July 2017.

Articles by Aftab Alexander Mughal

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On the catalogue of injuries faced by religious minorities in Pakistan

Religious minorities have been living in Pakistan for centuries, but still they are not considered equal citizens. They are persecuted by both state and society. Why?

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