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About Deborah Grayson and Ben Little

Ben Little is a lecturer in media and cultural studies at Middlesex University. He writes for, and is on the editorial board of, Soundings. He edited the ebook Radical Future: Politics for the next generation and is working on a follow up with the Intergenerational Foundation. His PhD looked at the relationship between politics and comic books in the 1980s.

Deborah Grayson is an activist and ghost writer of popular books on politics. Her most recent accomplishment is surviving the Yes to Fairer Votes AV referendum campaign. She has previously been an organizer for Climate Rush and the Spartans, founded The Cuts Won’t Work and is on the False Economy working group. She also directs opera.  

Articles by Deborah Grayson and Ben Little

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The far right are the masters of network politics, not the 'internationalist' left

While the left presume they are the internationalists, it is the far right who have mastered network politics, by scaling seamlessly from the local to the national to the civilisational
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