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About Denys Gorbach

Denys Gorbach is a leftist activist and researcher working on the Ukrainian labour movement. 

Articles by Denys Gorbach

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Entrepreneurs of political violence: the varied interests and strategies of the far-right in Ukraine

For Ukraine's far right, violence has become a source of influence and power. 

Dreams of Europe: refugees and xenophobia in Russia and Ukraine

Europe’s refugee crisis has affected Russia and Ukraine in different ways — solidifying local hatreds, local hierarchies and varying views of European identity. RU

Coup talk in Ukraine

The war in the east, the rise of paramilitaries and polarised public opinion are feeding fears of a violent seizure of power in Kyiv. Could Ukraine follow in Turkey’s footsteps? 

Fear and loathing in Ukraine: a very “European” protest


A new type of mass mobilisation on the streets of Ukraine shows how society is being divided along lines all too familiar to EU citizens.


The rise of Azov


War in the east, political and economic crisis in Kyiv — these are ideal conditions for Ukraine’s far right to capitalise on their frontline successes. RU 


After the ban: a short history of Ukraine’s Communist Party

You can ban Ukraine’s communists, but you can’t beat them.

#DontFuckWithUs: labour reforms and the progressive agenda in Ukraine

Ukrainian society’s extreme desire for reforms is mixing with conservative populism. The result is a dangerous cocktail. Русский

Anarchism in Makhno’s homeland: adventures of the red-and-black flag


Anarchism may be a popular political brand in Ukraine today, but it’s not anarchism as we know it. Русский


Ukraine’s left: between a swamp and a hard place


With a new-found reputation for radicalism, Ukrainian politics is in flux. The left, however, are nowhere to be seen.


The struggle for progressive politics in Ukraine

The conflict over Kyiv's LGBT Pride march reveals the risks of conservative populism in Ukraine. 


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