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About Gérard Prunier

Gérard Prunier is research professor at the University of Paris, and senior fellow of the Atlantic Council. He is the author of The Rwanda Crisis: History of a Genocide (C Hurst, 1998), Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide (C Hurst, revised edition, 2007), and From Genocide to Continental War: The Congolese Conflict and the Crisis of Contemporary Africa (C Hurst, 2006)

Articles by Gérard Prunier

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

South Sudan’s civil war: towards a progressive analysis

The world's newest state exploded into violence at the end of 2013. The reasons are varied and defy the common, simplistic portrait of a "tribal war", says Gérard Prunier.

Somalia: beyond the quagmire

A new alignment of forces is a moment both of opportunity and danger in the shattered east African country. Gérard Prunier maps the political landscape and assesses what is likely to - and should - happen.


"The Kenya we want"

The post-election violence in Kenya in January 2008 has left a bitter legacy. But the official inquiry into the mayhem is an opportunity for civil society to advance the case for justice and accountability, says Gérard Prunier.

The eastern DR Congo: dynamics of conflict

An eruption of war and displacement in east-central Africa is rooted in the complex recent politics of an unsettled region, explains Gérard Prunier.

(This article was first published on 17 November 2008)

Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir: a useful war criminal

The controversy over the International Criminal Court's possible indictment of Sudan's president centres on a judgment of the character of his regime, says Gérard Prunier.

(This article was first published on 15 October 2008)

Sudan in a fix

A rooted conflict and a blocked peace spell political stalemate in Khartoum and its region, says Gérard Prunier.

Kenya: histories of hidden war

The systemic realities of political violence in Kenya need to be dissected if the post-election crisis is to be understood, says Gérard Prunier.

Chad: between Sudan’s blitzkrieg and Darfur’s war

The wars provoked or cultivated by Sudan's revolutionary Islamist regime are failing to deliver the regional control Khartoum seeks, says Gérard Prunier.

Kenya: roots of crisis

The post-election violence in Kenya can be explained by reference to the evolution of its ethno-political mosaic since independence, says Gérard Prunier.

Khartoum’s calculated fever

There is cold political logic behind the Sudan's regime's febrile rhetoric, says Gérard Prunier.

Sudan between war and peace

The north-south settlement is fraying and Darfur's violence is heightening. All roads in Sudan's nightmare lead to Khartoum, says Gérard Prunier.

Chad's tragedy

The implosion of landlocked Chad has become part of a wider regional conflict that can be called the "Darfur-Chad civil wars", says Gérard Prunier.

Chad, the CAR and Darfur: dynamics of conflict

A spreading arc of African conflict is rooted in a toxic mix of colonialism, poverty, oil and political ambition. Gérard Prunier dissects the Chadian crisis.

The DR Congo's political opportunity

The giant of central Africa has surmounted a difficult election and is coping with a painful aftermath. But the political and security challenges remain immense, says Gérard Prunier.

Darfur's Sudan problem

A route out of bloodshed requires clear understanding of a complex history, says Gérard Prunier, author of "Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide".
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