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About Guy Shrubsole

Guy Shrubsole is climate campaigner at Friends of the Earth. Previously he worked for the Public Interest Research Centre and the Department of the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Articles by Guy Shrubsole

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Meet the think tank shaping the future of Britain's food and countryside

Why you should be worried that Legatum is lobbying the government about farm subsidies and a UK-US free trade deal.

This year, let’s keep 10 million tonnes of British coal in the ground

‘Keep fossil fuels in the ground’ was the soundbite of climate campaigners in 2015. This year, it’s time to put that into practice in the UK. 

Here’s what David Cameron’s Flood Resilience Review must do

As flooding batters the UK, here's what the government must do.

As Wales rejects an opencast mine, is the end of coal nigh?

In a country famous for its coal, a totemic decision has just been made.

Mercury rising: three crunch points on climate change this summer

There are major battles ahead for the climate movement. They can be fought – and won.

Britain started the fossil fuel age. Now it’s our chance to end it

The Welsh Assembly is due to vote on a cross-party motion which, if it passes, will cease all new fossil fuel extraction in the country.

Meet Malcolm, the man defending his town from the rising seas

As the seas rise, the government is doing little to help those whose homes are being engulfed beneath the waves.

We shall defend our island - if the cost-benefit analysis stacks up

Britain's flood defenses aren't getting nearly the funding they need to respond to climate change: particularly if you live in a poorer area.

No, Minister - you are not spending what is needed on flood defences

Last night, Owen Paterson, the UK Secretary of State for the Environment, claimed that he has not cut funding for flood defences. The House of Commons Library disagrees.

Green growth or steady state? Rival visions of a green economy

For the UK and beyond, the tensions between ‘green growth’ and the ‘steady state’ continue to battle it out as the main models of an environmentally responsible economy. As the UN's Rio summit approaches, the question of whether economic growth can be reconciled with environmental constraints remains an open one. 

Consumers outstrip Citizens in the British media

We knew it was true that Brits went from being subjects to consumers without ever being citizens but this is an attempt to measure it.

Think of Me as Evil?: advertisers, ethics, and social engineering

Advertising doesn't just change our buying habits; it transforms our value systems. The British advertising industry has a duty to engage with ethics: an argument that surely applies elsewhere.

The UK isn't reducing emissions; we’re outsourcing them

We British are proud of having reduced our emissions over the past 20 years. But the big picture tells a different story. Real UK emissions, taking account of the goods we consume from overseas, continues to rise.
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