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About Hilary Wainwright

Hilary Wainwright is co-editor of Red Pepper and Fellow of the Transnational Institute. She is the author of 'A New Politics From the Left', Polity Press, February, 2018.

Articles by Hilary Wainwright

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The spirit of 1968 is inextinguishable – even 50 years later

This rebellious era shaped radical activists – and aggressive capitalists. What can we learn from 1968, for democratic change today?

The new economics of Labour

Tory-supporting media, unchallenged by a supposedly liberal press, portray Corbyn as a Soviet fellow-traveller, while unnoticed the shadow chancellor sets out a vision which breaks with the bureaucratic model of 1945.

On the life of Robin Murray, visionary economist

Robin Murray who died late on Sunday exuded vigour and hope. And he inspired those around him with his spirit. Maybe as a resuIt I find myself resisting the sadness which threatens to overwhelm me now...

When the workers nearly took control: five lessons from the Lucas Plan

Back in the 1970s, with unemployment rising and British industry contracting, workers at the arms company Lucas Aerospace came up with a pioneering plan to retain jobs by proposing alternative, social...

A question of leadership

The ‘new politics’ Jeremy Corbyn proclaims must be an explicit agenda of institutional change, not simply a change of style at the dispatch box.

A new politics from the left?

Can it be achieved from within existing political institutions, or does it require new sources of power to be built in society and the economy as a base for new political institutions?

"How we will miss that chuckle": my friend, Doreen Massey

On the life, theory, activism and humour of Doreen Massey, the great feminist geographer, who has died.

More than equality: reasons to be a feminist socialist

Equality? Feminist socialism has something better in mind: using power to transform hierarchies.

Independence without borders: foreword to "42 reasons to support Scottish independence"

Adam Ramsay's e-book, 42 reasons to support Scottish independence, is now available from Commonwealth Publishing. This is the foreword, by Hilary Wainwright.

Can the birthplace of democracy provide the seeds of its renewal?

When popular opposition was stirred up to the building of Athens' first mosque in the neighbourhood of Votanikos, Syriza defended the rights of Muslims to a public place of worship. A distinct politics then: power to the people, but on the basis of explicit principles publicly explained and argued for.

Tony Benn really was ‘dangerous’ – to the establishment

Hilary Wainwright looks back at how Benn's frustrations in government spurred him to spend his life fighting for real democracy.

The spirit of Stuart Hall

Remembering the power of being and thought of one of the most inspiring theorists of the postwar left, Stuart Hall.

The closure of the Greek broadcasting corporation

Hilary Wainwright reports from Thessaloniki on what happened when the state ordered Greece’s state broadcaster to shut down

Something rotten in the ANC state

The palaces of President Zuma and the massacre of miners symbolise how the gulf between rich and poor has widened in the eighteen years since the African National Congress came to power in South Africa. On the eve of the ANC conference, a report on growing disillusionment among former supporters.

Greece: Syriza shines a light

Like a swan moving forward with relaxed confidence while paddling furiously beneath the surface, Syriza, the radical left coalition that could become the next government of Greece, is facing enormous challenges calmly but with intensifed activity.

'An excess of democracy'

Occupy and the direct action movements of today have much in common with the radical movements of the 1960s/70s. Can the new generation move beyond the successes and failures of the past, to develop an alternative political economy?

Workers are agents of economic change: so why isn't Labour listening to the unions?

Ed Miliband is following in New Labour's footsteps and keeping distance from the unions. But within the labour movement lie the skills, know-how and creativity needed to discover economic alternatives and make change happen

From Ward 25: personal notes on the destruction of the NHS

Joyce Wainwright died aged 88 in a lively and friendly acute admission ward on 4 February, surrounded by her family. Here, her daughter Hilary reports on her encounter with the NHS, and reflects on the planned reforms.

No end: the crisis of Brazil's Workers' Party

The success of Brazil's Workers' Party acted as a beacon to the left worldwide. The web of "money-for-votes" corruption that helped it govern has now been revealed. Hilary Wainwright reports from Brazil on how the long quest for power perverted Lula's party and corroded the country's democracy. 
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