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About Imogen Tyler

Imogen Tyler is professor of sociology at Lancaster University, and is the author of Revolting Subjects: Social Abjection and Resistance (Zed, 2013). She tweets: @DrImogenTyler

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Connor Sparrowhawk: the erosion of accountability in the NHS

Jeremy Hunt's apologies for the failures at Southern Health ring hollow, given that he believes markets and not ministers should be accountable for our healthcare. 

In a world of commonplace horrors, how do we talk about the refugee crisis?

All summer, the news has broadcast images of overloaded boats, discarded life-jackets, and dead children on Mediterranean beaches. When the violence of inequality becomes ordinary, we no longer imagine alternatives.

From Tottenham to Baltimore, policing crisis starts race to the bottom for justice

What is it about the police and urban black populations in the US and the UK? The explanation starts with two of the most stretched social hierarchies in the developed world.

Wasted lives in UK immigration detention

Yarl’s Wood, the UK Border Agency’s notorious Bedfordshire detention centre, is once again mired in scandal. How to make the inhuman absurdity of immigration detention freshly visible?

The kids are revolting. But why?

Reflections on the Summer 2011 English Riots one year on: the 'Underclass', welfare retrenchment and workfare regimes.



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