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About Jane Fae

Jane Fae is journalist and campaigner on IT, the law and sexuality. She writes extensively on  individual privacy in the face of creeping state intrusion, for Register (the leading IT industry website), the Guardian and the Independent.

Articles by Jane Fae

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The political censorship of Britain's streets

How unaccountable organisations called 'Business Improvement Districts' are just one of a number of attempts to shut down democratic debate in our towns.

The future of hangs in the balance

Government amendments on have done little to reassure critics of the project - could an alternative amendment still buy some time to sort out the mess?

Can anyone patch up, or is it too late?

Every government reassurance about just brings more questions. The bottom line - in whose interests is the government acting when handling England's medical records - just won't go away.

Is selling our medical data to insurers a crime - or not?

As more revelations emerge about the sale of our hospital data to the insurance industry, misleading claims that a massive expansion in data collection is totally safe, are failing to convince.

NHS IT boss Kelsey wrongly claims leaflet sent to 100% of homes

Tim Kelsey just keeps getting it wrong.

NHS England delays share of personal data

Mounting criticism and legal challenges force 6 month pause in system that would allow sale of GP medical records. questions mount - just who'll get our medical data?

Official attempts to inform patients about what will happen to their data when the new database is implemented are inadequate and, on the latest evidence, seriously misleading.

Sleepwalking into an information grab by private health?

NHS England has still not done enough to inform patients of the privacy-busting implications of the new '' scheme, former home secretary David Davies tells openDemocracy.

Your medical data in their hands - concerns mount over new NHS IT project

What was once a simple data warehouse for producing statistical information on patient care is to be transformed into a whole life system of universal health surveillance.

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