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About Jason von Meding

Jason von Meding is a researcher, educator and author in disaster studies, currently on faculty at the University of Florida. He tweets @vonmeding. Djair Sergio de Freitas Junior is a PhD candidate in Environmental Sciences at UNEMAT, Brazil and a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Florida. Maíra Irigaray is a Human Rights and Environmental Lawyer, an Indigenous Rights Activist and a PhD candidate at the University of Florida.

Articles by Jason von Meding

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

No hay desastres naturales

¿Debemos considerar el colapso de la presa de Brumadinho como un caso de incompetencia empresarial o como un crimen contra las personas y la naturaleza? English

No disaster is natural

Should the Brumadinho dam collapse be framed as corporate incompetence or a crime against people and nature? Español

Why natural disasters aren't all that natural

Disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes result from a combination of natural hazards and social and human vulnerability. Calling them 'natural disasters' artificially naturalises the harms they cause.

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